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UPDATED 11:35: Benson busted for drunk boating, resisting arrest

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It will be interesting to see if general manager Jerry Angelo makes himself available to media today following the final rookie minicamp practice.

He’s got a veteran who was already entering 2008 in a sink or swim situation and now Cedric Benson faces charges of drunk boating and resisting arrest stemming from his arrest Saturday night on Lake Travis, near Austin, Texas. Both charges are misdemeanors. He is free on $14,500 bail. KVUE-TV first reported that Benson failed a float test, which is a scaled down field sobriety test, and then argued with officers from the Lower Colorado River Association and refused to put on a life jacket. Ultimately, Benson was reportedly pepper sprayed.

According to Roger Wade, the public information officer for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, where Benson was taken, the Class B misdemeanors he was charged with are punishable by six months in jail and a $2,000 fine each. Benson posted $10,000 bond on the boating charge and $4,500 on the resisting arrest charge and was released at 3:30 a.m.

His situation will certainly be reviewed by the league for discipline under the personal conduct policy.

This comes 11 months after the team released defensive tackle Tank Johnson following repeated run-ins with the law and a stay in the Cook County Jail. Benson has been rehabilitating his way back from a broken leg that required a plate and screws be inserted into his leg and ankle, and is expected to be ready for OTA’s by the end of the month. The Bears’ best-case scenario is to have a 1-2 punch at running back with Benson and second-round draft pick Matt Forte.

Stay tuned for reaction coming out of the practice.

UPDATED 11:35:

We won't have any reaction from Angelo today. The boss is out of town and is not at practice this morning. So we'll rely on coach Lovie Smith to speak for the team.

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Cedric Benson arrest is just another example of the Bears organization turning into the Portland Jail Blazers of the NFL. Though, Da' "Dum" Bears rank third in stupidity in the NFL behind the Cincinnati Bengals and Minnesota Vikings.

If the Bears do release Benson, all of their players should be put on notice (especially draftee Marcus Harrsion) that this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated by the Bears organization. And, if the Bears choose to continue allow to this to go on, then start passing out 'bond' cards and '2-for-1' rehab coupons to their players.

This guy is a mental case. Just as bad Lawernce Phillips from the St.Louis Rams. Theres 2 big 1st round #4 pick bust with unstable brains.

This is beautiful!!!! This could give the team incentive and elligible reason to fire the guy in which can help not only the team but certainly us fans who want to see him off the team. It would help the team in regards to finances so that some of that money can go to Hester and possibly Urlacher and Gould!!! A Godsend if you ask me.

The Bears have to be quietly hoping Benson gets a 4-game suspension as this would allow them to barely use him in camp and pre-season as the #1 back. And, then release him after the 4th game if there aren't any injuries.

another vindication of the "fabled brain power" of the mighty triumvirate of mccasket-phillips-angelo..bear down chicago bums!!!


Cut Benson and get Dominic Rhodes. I can just imagine it... a starting backfield that includes Dominic Rhodes and Matt Forte. This line up is surely going to take pressure off Rex and Orton. Go Bears!

ish, the nfl doesn't work that way. unless there is some provision in benson's contract about conduct, if the bears cut/trade/release him they have to pay all remaining bonus money owed in full. i know that benson is on the hook for $5.5M in bonus money this year, so i'm not quite sure if the bears can afford to just eat that money with looming contract extensions for tommie, devin, robbie and potentially urlacher.

regarding benson: hated the pick from the beginning, i thought he was damaged goods (1100 carries in college is a huge number), he only performed well against bad teams and just generally seemed like a loner & a mope. all fears have been realized during his very forgettable tenure in chicago.

They already paid Benson his 2 million dollar bonus for the 08 year. That 2 mill is NOT a cap hit.
The 5.5 Million Dan is not the total bonus its the total money paid and there are insentives in his contract. If he gos on the I.R. it would releave the Bears a little more cap but they still have to pay Benson's base pay.
I dont know his insentives and I dont know his base pay. I do know now that the Bears had paid him a little over 2 million in Bonuses.So Benson can account for 3.something million on the cap this year. Thats if he earns his insentives. Now if he gets put on the I.R. (this is a made up number) lets say the cap hit is only 2.45 million dollars, then that would put ( lets say the 3.something is 3.5) back 1.05 million on the 08 cap. So...

If they cut Benson they lose the 2 million and still have to pay his base pay. Now if they put him on the I.R. the Bears could have a mill or so put back on their cap and they can use that million or so bucks on any free agent in the NFL. Hey it also takes him off the 53 man roster!

Reports are that he tried to run away, but that he only got 3.4 yards before a overweight 46 cop tackled him.

I genuinely believe that the Bears should release him for better or worse on the financial aspect, but mainly for the sake of setting an example of how these players should behave themselves and that their actions outside the stadium can affect them inside as well. Too many of these guys genuinely feel that they are untouchable and they need to be brought back to reality. I think that they should let him go just like they did with Tank and save everyone the aneurisms to come.

My god you people are either stupid or perfect.

I really hope they cut this scrub from the team. Whatever financial penalties they might incur doesn't outweigh the need to get rid of this horse#### excuse of a halfback who gets tackled by yard stripes on a regular basis. I'm sure Angelo can find one of about 40 other guys who can suck like benson does at a fraction of the cost. I wish this fool tried to run away from the cops because that would have made for some great joke material. In any case I really, really hope the Bears cut this deadweight; I hated this pick back in '05 and I hate it more now that character issues are piling up on the lack of on-field production.

Thanks Jerry & Lovie! You guys sure know how to pick 'em.

Mike why are people stupid? There not the ones who resisted arrest and broke the law. No one has to be perfect but most people actually go through there lives without getting arrested. It's dumb ones who get busted.

Brando I see you have jumped off your Benson Bandwagon you were on a month ago. Now say it with me, "boy Angelo sure can pick emm".

Another wasted first round pick and a number 4 no less.

Now what Angelo would like to do is bring Benson back, trade Peanut for Pac Man and sign Vick when he gets out of prison. Then he will have his dream team.

Again, I'm waiting for someone to legitimately suggest who they should have taken with that pick BEFORE they saw how players developed in the league.

Fact is, Thomas Jones didn't do well the year before. Benson was a solid running back.

And by most draft board, the other people on the Bears radar that day were Carnell Williams and Mike Williams.

I didn't want Benson, but I sure wanted Mike Williams.

As far as cutting him, I don't see the point. They would be better off keeping him and leaving him deactivated than eating that salary.

If they can sign a vet, that makes it different. If they can trade him, that makes it differnt.

But cutting is a bad option right now.

Thank You IDC for clearing that up. Coming out of college Benson was a top 10 draft pick.

I agree with idc, who else would the bears have taken with the fourth pick in 2005? they were looking for a running back that year and benson fit into the offense they wanted to run. it's easy to say you don't like benson now but if you take a look at his scouting reports he was a baller. he had almost all of the measurables you look for in a running back. his only negatives were in the personality department, being selfish and at times lacking a "fire in his belly", ohh yeah he didn't like blocking either. the top three backs that year were all busts, brown, benson, and williams.
only two backs from the draft class didn't bust frank gore and marion barber, i would include brandon jacobs but he's injury prone. should the bears have taken frank gore than? he was probably a bigger perceived risk coming off of two knee surgeries who knew he would pan out.

the 1st round that year basically sucked, shawne merriman and demarcus ware are pro bowlers but they are 3-4 guys. o-line men logan mankins and jamal brown are both pro bowlers but the bears addressed the offense line in free agency. i don't know maybe the bears should have selected troy williamson, mike williams, alex smith, or even pacman jones. i'm sure all of them would have worked out just fine. ronnie brown would have easily fit the same roll as benson but he already gone by 4, but look what happened to him.

maybe goodell will come down hard on benson, he's not a very likable guy. i don't care whether he stay or goes because its not like he's going to play with forte around. forte is basically the type of back they expected benson to be. benson is dead weight right now but whatever they do i doubt it will effect the team much, come one everybody knows forte is the guy and he hasn't even done anything yet.

well actually at the time I kind of was hoping Angelo woulda traded out of that #4 pick and picked up an OT or a safety to groom for the future. I can see the logic of deactivating Benson versus cutting deadweight but for someone who wasn't special at all BEFORE sustaining a serious leg injury and subsequently piling on character issues is almost begging to get the boot from the league. I'm sure Dallas or Oakland has a use for him; maybe he can be traded for a 4th round pick? That wouldn't be so bad. Joe's right though, Forte is gonna be the man.

I guess in Mike's world down by his double-wide, resisting arrest and/or fighting with the cops is a Saturday night ritual. Most citizens tend to look down on this sort of behavior however.

It is time for the Bears to cut and run on Benson as we all know that Benson certainly can't cut nor run. They stilll might be able to trade him to Dallas for the last pick in the 7th round of 2009.

Benson always looks like he's under the influence to me, That's just the way he looks. Perhaps the cops mistook his normal looks as being under the influence?

I whould have rather the bears take caddilac williams than benson also while TJ was a bear he was are best offencive weapon so i think the Bears made a mistake in cutting him

Carnell Williams has had his own share of health problems -- arguably worse than Benson's.

And in case you didn't bother to look, Jones had a mediocre season. Two touchdowns, 3.6 average.

Behind the line we had, he probably would have done worse.

Jay : Do you still think Angelo should have drafted Brohm now instead Forte ? He saw this coming with benson. yes ! he screwed up drafting him at 4 but, give him credit for taking Forte in the 2nd round.

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