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UPDATED 3:23: Benson absent from voluntary workout program Tuesday

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The TV crews camped out at Halas Hall awaiting the return of Cedric Benson, but the Bears’ running back did not meet his stated goal of rejoining the club’s offseason program today.

Benson was absent for the voluntary workout program, a teammate said, missing for a second day after his arrest Saturday night on Lake Travis near Austin, Texas. Benson told the Sun-Times Sunday night that he expected to return to work Tuesday after tending to matters Monday in Texas.

His participation in the workout program thus far has been spot on, the player said, and it’s expected Benson will return soon. Ever since signing, Benson has never been a problem when it comes to attendance.

There are two more workout dates this week and Benson could use Friday as a make-up day if he chooses. Benson can miss only six days in the 40-day offseason program before forfeiting money.

A clause in his contract stipulates that $400,000 of his signing bonus, which was $4 million, is workout pay. That $400,000 is spread out over four offseasons, so if he fails to meet the 85 percent required attendance (34 of 40 days) he has to repay the club $100,000.

UPDATED: A team official said Benson did show up at Halas Hall today and has met with club officials. Whether or not it counts as participating for the day, we don't know.

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Fabulous!!!! Even more layers to the reasons needed to release the guy. Poetry!!!

Humph, how do I start this comment? Cedric Benson RB for the Chicago Bears. Trouble down in Texas. Now its offical lets get rid of him? You people...I really mean you people...You media people really tells it like it ain't. You want to get rid of this man who essentially played behind an aging line, poor offensive schemes, and just bad coaching. You are ready to anoint an unproven player who has not played a down over him. With the shape of that offensive line and wide receiver situation you better try to keep 6 RB's because by the end of the season you might have Pee Wee from the stands lining up to play. In defense of Cedric Benson you people...mean you people of without colors don't even understand what it means to get pulled over for nothing but having too much for someone with color. Mr. Benson did say they pull him over ever time he takes his boat out. The police isn't going to say that. They are not going to say that he "Wasn't drunk" and he "Wasn't combative" and that is why we sprayed pepper spray in this millionaire's face. Or are they? No they are going to say everything they can to put this man in a bad light to make him seem like he was the "Heavy". You people...Meaning you people without brains need to grow some brains and cultivate some good sense and stop judging people from one side. B4 US People...meaning us people with understanding knowing that we all want the opportunity to either prove or disprove whatever is stacked up against us. So lets give Mr. Benson a chance to keep his job. Thank you

They're not cutting Benson. There is no way they would get rid of a #4 pick for a drunken boating incident. And let's be honest, cops are (in general) d0@chebags. Especially to non-whites. It is just a fact, supported by a variety of statistics that I would be happy to point anyone to. Benson may be a prima donna, but police brutality has gone a bit far in this country. TASERS, pepper spray, rubber bullets, etc., are violent tools that cause serious physical and mental harm. There should never be a reason to harm a citizen unless that person is attacking someone. Never. "Acting aggressively" is not attacking. Fine Benson, give him a ticket, don't let him drive the boat, etc., but don't handcuff and pepper spray him unless he is a legitimate and immediate threat to someone's safety (i.e. he is attacking someone).

Okay,,,I am insulted now. Being a cop in Spokane, WA,,, I can tell you from experience that had Benson "cooperated", nothing would have happened. Hes an indiot. A 100% "I love myself Idiot". I deal with minorities all the time. Never have a problem. Its the white trash in the area that gives us the problems. Back to football....Benson does not have the desire to do whats right. He got away with it in college on talent alone. Now in the big boy league it requires a hear and soul deal to get it done. He has not shown it in 3 years. What makes anybody think that he is gonna start now??????????????

Eric Houston you made zero sense, put your race card back in the deck and reshuffle big man. That trick doesnt work in America anymore, this isnt the 1960's. And no, just because a white person doesnt like you, doesnt mean hes racist and is out to pre judge you and keep you from advancing in life. Cedric's problem is simply that, his problem, in which he created and ultimately will be responsible for. I agree to let the situation resolve itself before we pass judgement. Cedric was beginning to come on before he got hurt, just look at the Seattle game for proof. The entire TEAM was bad last year. Cedric is enigma and most people dont support what they dont understand. Clearly Cedric marches to his own beat. I hope it works out for him and he comes back and his success on the field. Being drunk on a boat is no reason to cut ties with a player when far, far worse is taking place in the league. Atleast he isnt Marvin Harrison.

Bottom Line:

If Ced was "innocent" then why not take the breath test and prove he wasn't drunk? What's that? What? As to Ish, yeah none of his problems were Benson's fault. The line wasn't his fault. Thomas Jones wasn't his fault. Boo hoo for Benson. Please. Wake up and smell what you are shovelling. WE (real fans) pay 100% of THEIR (atheletes) salaries. I am sick of THEIR bs and you can put Urlacher and all his crap in that group.

Eric Houston I understand that you are saying not jump to conclusions, however, you should also take your advice and not assume it's a race issue. We are at a time where we have a legitimate chance of having a black president, so we should make the decision to move beyond this old way of thinking and believing. BTW, I am black. And yes, I agree we need to wait and see the outcome. As far as getting rid of Benson, I think it's a bad idea. He has shown that with a decent O-Line he can play. He just needs to work on his blocking and catching.

You, I mean (you people aka Eric)

(A) Learn how to type in English.
(B) Take the race card and shove it up your backwoods buttocks...

I am sick to death of all the (you people/Eric) playing that stupid, tired old schtick..... Get over it already, I'm sure the white officer targeted the black Benson because of the color of his skin....right ;) please, if you were a boat owner you'd know that just being on the water means you will probably get a safety check from the authorities from time to time, I have, (3) times last year alone and I'm a Honky, bro !!!

What I did and doubt Cedric did was follow the instructions given to me without being a cocky, smartA$$ which kept me out of trouble, nothing wrong with giving respect where it is due, yes sir and no sir goes a long way my friend...

You come off like that buttclown Rev. Jessie Jackson, leave the race theme out of it, geese !!! If it looks like crap, smells like crap then yeah, it's probably CRAP..

Until more facts are released ie... video footage, cell phone pictures, eyewitness accounts from people (not) on Benson's boat of course, we really can't come to a judgement either way. But, dang dude, playing the race card already is rediculous and quite outdated.

Oh, and Benson has rushed for less the 1500 yards in (3) seasons for the Bears all three which ended in injury so his body of work alone merits his departure from the Bears. $17 million gauranteed dollars wasted, he should be let go just so the Bears can close this awful, emBEARassing chapter of futility and have the roster spot opened for a younger back willing to put the work in for his due.

Worse, Benson likely will be even slower with his surgicaly repaired ankle then ever before (if that is even possible)!! If the Bears were desperate enough, they could always convert Ced into a FB but Mr. Glass would probably break something else by mid-season.


I hate when people say they hate when people use the race card and then use deragatory words like that H word that you used. Then bringing Jesse Jackson up seals the deal. If you are tired of race being brought up, ignore it and don't give it fuel for the fire. Not all people who defend what black people do are black so you aren't insulting someone by bringing up other black people who you feel are racist. Never think that just because you did something that everyone would get the same results. I won't defend the cop's actions or Benson's actions because I wasn't there. I've never been a rich athlete but I've been pulled over for trumped up crap and I did tell the cop that he needed to be arresting all these drug dealers on the street and he shouldn't be harrassing taxpayers who pay his salary. You can say that I was being cocky but that man pulled me over for passing him doing 35 in a 35 zone while he was doing 30. If you know you're not a criminal why act like one? Did I get a ticket? No because everything was valid on my person. I'm a former MP who worked with plenty of jerks who used their badges to harrass a lot of people. It didn't matter what color they were. If people want to question if the cops actions are not on the up and up they are allowed to because they are entitled to their opinion. If he's sitting in his livingroom with aluminum foil on his head wearing women's undies and pasties, blogging, that's his business to do so. If he's not hurting anyone let him type away. You telling him what you are tired of isn't going to shut him up. Bullies aren't scary hiding behind key-pads of a computer.

Surprise, surprise CB not working out. He's a bum and there's no other way to describe his situation.

Spokane- I hate cops. I never had that much disdain for them, but when I went to the airport to pick up my Mom recently I didn't go all the way up to the curb. She walked up to my car before I could. Needless to say, a cop stopped me and started to yell at me through my window while i was opening the door for the aforementioned...MOM! When I noticed him, he was completely hostile towards me and said I was ignoring him. After my Mom got in I started to pull away. That's when he jumped in front of my car and threatened me with arrest. WTF!!! The majority of you guys are testosterone laden leftovers from your high school days of pushing around less fortunate. I live in Denver and I'm white.

Jem right away when I read your post I had to just post my thoughts on you spicific comment.

" but police brutality has gone a bit to far. TAZERS, pepper spray, rubber bullets exc.. , are violent tool that cause serious phycical and mental harm.

Just want to comment on that and that only.

Jem you had listed all the weapons that are NON leathal !

Now Im not any kind of law enforcement but I have a utmost respect of any officer weather it be a city cop, Sheriff, or a State Trooper. The weapons you listed above are a very effective tool with out having to draw a leathal weapon that not only can lead to Physical, mental, harm but DEATH. I for one am a big supporter of useing NON leathal weapons and in time do with out Gun. Yeah the U.S.A. with out the right to bear arm, I dont see that happening. The tecnoligy has brought us this far, so who knows what the future holds........

Did anybody catch this.

Post by Eric Bandezewski:

" I agree to let the situation resolve itself before we pass judgement."

O.K. Totaly see your point at this point in your post Eric.

Posted by Eric Bandezwski in the last sentense's of the same blog:

"Being drunk on a boat is no reason to cut ties with a player when far, far worse is taking place in the league. At least he isnt Marvin Harrison."

O.K. the last things said that I quoted on.......

Eric you have no creditbility!!! Cant spell it but you should figure it out.

You wont pass judgement on Benson situation but you sure will on Marvin Harrison.

You sicken me!!!!!

Thats crazy because Creighton doesnt even do that.

And the 2008 Lance Briggs Award goes to...

(drum roll)

Cedric Bensen!

hate when people say they hate when people use the race card and then use deragatory words like that H word that you used. Then bringing Jesse Jackson up seals the deal.

Yeah, I see your point but I was being a wee bit sarcastic towards Eric/Houston... Especially since Eric kept calling us everyone "You People" and "you people without color"...

Anyway, Benon and Jessie are still Buttclowns in my book


My main point was not to defend Benson. I could care less if he's drunk boating. My point is that we are desensitized to the violence that we allow our law enforcements officials to have access to. Now, of course I can't deny that in certain situations it is permissible to use force to stop someone from harming others. That is the spirit of maintaining a police force: to maintain the peace while doing the least amount of harm. But in practice, we have granted police far too much leeway to bully, intimidate, coerce, or brutalize people for doing things that doing warrant that sort of response. It happens all the time. Anyway, enough about this...

Matt Forte will be the starter by week 4. And he will average more than 4 yards per carry (and will probably see at least 3-4 receptions per game).

I don't care about Benson as a football person because I don't think he has the potential to be one in the NFL. However, I ran into the 10 % of all people who think they have one up on you. I usually try and be respectful however, if they give me the hardass routine like they are better then me and use their intimidation routine I look down at them from my 6'4" 350 lb frame and tell them THE TRUTH. Its boils me when you get a weekend warrior county deputy or sheiffs officer trying to be John Wayne. Also, the smaller they are the more they try and use their Nepolleon complex. Long live the Rebels.

Houston... you have a problem.

Those cops probably kept someone from getting killed. Benson was probably looking like a disaster waiting to happen. How many times have you heard of someone getting killed and then everyone complaining that the police didn't prevent it? Lots of times. Good job Texas police!

Hey Brando,what i failed to state more clearly was that atleast Bensons situation isnt the Marvin Harrison situation,i.e, potentially involved in a shooting. Benson is involved in drinking on a boat and alleged resisting of arrest. To say that i have no "credibility" (youre welcome) is far from the truth. im not here to establish credibility in your eyes,im stating my opinion. And yes, atleast Benson isnt Marvin Harrison right now. whos situation would you want to be in right now if you were them? that is all.

I wouldnt put myself in any of those situations. Im responisble with my actions.

According to a new story Benson's friend has a video/or pictures to back Benson's story and she says she will testify that the Cops roughed him up and he was not drunk.
This will be good before it's all over.

Did I miss something? Was Benson convicted already?

Wait till someone PUTS you in that situation then tell me how you controlled it from the start by not....

Did I miss something? Was Benson convicted already?

Wait till someone PUTS you in that situation then tell me how you controlled it from the start by not....
It's not always about what you do Sometimes it's what someone else does.
Car Jackings for instance have no relation to what the person getting Jacked did or did not do, Someone else put them in that situation.

This will be a good one to see who is lying - Just like the Duke Rape situation.

Yes Anonymouth... you've missed a lot.

Benson was bullied by some cops who think that because they have a badge that they can abuse people. These cops give policemen a bad name. They should have their badges taken away.

I would rather `miss alot' than miss our rights by the Constitution that my forefathers died for.
The Lynch Mob is forming please step to the rear!
This is America and your innocent untill proven guilty in a court of law. That part I did not miss as you seem to have.

How many of you have been drinking on a boat? What did he really do? The Court will decide that and by what Benson's friend is saying it may be a rude awakening for the River Patrol (or not)

Eric Houston:
I agree with your post but hey dude, racism works both ways, my girlfriend is black and I run into racism from all colors.
No People it's not 1960's anymore but yes Racism still exists, but it works in many different ways.
Can we all just get along - No I mean `Get the F Along!'

Brando again and again you use my name, I think you are a closet Creighton fanboy? Also why are you talking smack about Benson, you have always been a big supporter of his. In fact you stated that Bears don't need to draft a running back they have Benson who is going to be awsome and how much you trust in Angelo's picks.

As for people talking about his case, I see a lot of people saying that all he did was get drunk on a boat. Well thats not why he is in trouble, he is trouble for resisting arrest. Also if you know anything about the lake he got busted on you would know that everyone gets stopped all the time. It is a small lake and it is filled with party boats, it also has a high rate of fatalities related to drunken boating so the police do saftie checks all day on lake Travis in party town Austin. As for the race card being played by some people, it is what it is. It's not about color it's about crime. It's really hard to prove anyone guilty of anything they haven't done, it is also a lot work. You know nobody ever admits when they have been driving drunk, or even speeding. How many people here have gotten pulled over for speeding and been like gosh officer I didn't know I was going that fast. While sometimes yes it does happen, but most of the time we know when we are speeding. You can tell because you keep passing everyone else. People who hate the police only hate them when they get caught. But boy you sure love them when they run into the World Trade center to save lives and die in the process. Or we sure hate being stopped but there are a lot of people out there that are real glad the boys in blue get as many drunk drivers off the roads and water as they do, or should I post the amount of deaths caused by drunken idiots every year. You know what I think I will in 2006 there were 710 deaths realted to drunken boating, you would think with all that water and space that this would be difficult to do. As for drunk drivers in 2006 it was over 16,000 deaths, almost 2000 of those deaths were little kids. So if you feel bad that you got a speeding ticket from the police or that maybe you think you are one of those people who can drive while hammered, you may want to re-think what you are saying. Personally I think just about every cop does more good than bad. Not to say there are not bad cops out there. There are, but to assume all are bad and that all police are race motivated is to assume in error. They do a lot of good but unlike the fire department well they see little thanks and a lot of BS from people just like Ced.

I saw the pic and I'm mad too
That I aint on that Boat!

His Momma was on the Boat People - now I KNOW she helped him stay clean through school to get to the NFL and she was on the Boat.
I am not sure I would have my Momma on the Boat with all those pretty girls. In fact My Momma would be told I was `out of town' for the weekend.
How many of you would have your Mom on the d.. boat?

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