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Bears hammer out a contract with Rosenhaus

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Drew Rosenhaus came to town for the second time in two months and this time he left with a deal in hand.

No, defensive tackle Tommie Harris has not signed a contract extension, but you can bet that was one of the issues the sides discussed.

Tight end Kellen Davis, the fifth-round draft pick from Michigan State, has agreed to a four-year contract. The news was first reported in, and Rosenhaus confirmed it.

Davis is the first of 12 Bears’ draft picks to come to terms, and now things should start rolling for Cliff Stein and the club. Stein had nearly half the team’s picks under contract by this time last year. Davis is the first fifth-round pick to do a deal, and the Bears are just the third team to sign a draft pick joining the aggressive Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons, who signed quarterback Matt Ryan.

“We have some other things [we’re working on with the Bears] but [Davis’ deal] was one of the reasons we came to town,” Rosenhaus said.

Asked if any progress was made toward an agreement with Harris, Rosenhaus declined to get into specifics. Rosenhaus and his brother Jason Rosenhaus came to town in early April with hopes of finalizing a contract for Harris at that time.

“You know my position on that,” he responded. “I don’t have any comment.”

Reaching an agreement with Harris is a priority before training camp and things could be slowly falling into place for the Bears. With middle linebacker Brian Urlacher reporting for minicamp, it could provide momentum for progress to be made there quickly. Harris obviously is a greater priority than receiver/returner Devin Hester at this point because Hester is signed for two more years and Harris will become an unrestricted free agent after this season.

Davis was the 158th overall pick. Rookies do not need to be under contract to participate in minicamp, which gets underway this afternoon at Halas Hall.

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I wonder if Drew being in town, and maybe having some "working" parameter on a deal for harris, and url showing up, inter-related? that bears, because know the money needed for tommie could have more upfront $$ for urlacher- so he showed after bears told him may be more upfront? I hope we can put all these contract issues to bed soon

Has eugene parker( hester's agent) been around? or bryce karger- url's agent?

That is great news Kellen is going to be the biggest suprise of the draft!!! That is if they throw the ball to him, as a M.S.U. fan we all know that, before cooach "D" took over he was under utilized but shined as a 2-way player his senior year, & thats why the Bears got him so late

Good thing that the 06 draft prodused a few TEs in rounds 1 -4. I can understand that this guy is a working project. One that has potential to be a very valuable #2 TE in the NFL. I say gives Davis 3 years. Let Dez Clard mentor him into being the best utalized #2 TE in Bears history.

Doug Collins making his second stint in Chicago as a Bulls head coach? Well its not set in stone but the ball is rolling.

If the Bears can lock up Tommie Harris and get things straight with Urlacher, they will basically have the entire core of their defense locked up. Last off season they got Tillman and Vasher under contracts, and recently Lance Briggs. This is very exciting, and shows what a good job Jerry Angelo is doing in drafting and developing his own players.
Believe it or not, I also like what Angelo is doing on the other side of the ball. The Bears seem to be getting younger on the o-line with players like Chris Williams at left tackle, and Metcalf or Beekman at left guard. I can't wait to check out rookie running back Matt Forte, he looked like the real deal in the senior bowl. I think tight end Greg Olsen is getting ready for a break out season. And at receiver Booker should be solid, and if healthy Mark Bradley, I think, can be the real deal. As far as QB, I'm good with who ever wins the derby, and if the Bears get improved play from the line and running back's, I think either Orton or Grossman will be fine GO BEARS!!

why was kellen davis sighned befor forte and williams?

Forte and Williams are big money draft picks, same as the 3rd round DT. In time the Bears will get an idea on what they ( Williams and Forte) are worth as soon as a couple of other drafted player get signed at their ( Williams (tackle) Foerte ( Running Back) possitions.

Confidense as the Bears are natorious for signing their rookie's early to get them into camp. Benson being an exception.

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