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Bears bid Archuleta farewell

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The reclamation plan with Adam Archuleta is over.

ESPN’s John Clayton reported that the Bears will release the veteran safety and the team is in the process of putting together a fax to announce the move.

Archuleta was acquired a year ago from the Washington Redskins for a sixth-round draft pick. He started 10 of the first 11 games last season, missing one with a broken hand, before losing his job. Archuleta was a star with the St. Louis Rams, flourishing in coach Lovie Smith’s cover two scheme. He earned the largest contract ever for a safety when he went to the Redskins in one of Daniel Snyder’s spending sprees. The Bears had been bidding for Archuleta’s services in the spring of 2006 also.

With the Redskins, Archuleta was almost an instant failure. He was going to start the 2006 season on the bench before Pierson Prioleau was injured on the opening kickoff of the season. He spent he second half of that year contributing on special teams, just how he ended up last year with the Bears. Achuleta had earned the big money in his contract and was on the books for the minimum with a cap figure of $2.55 million this season.

The Bears ran into trouble with depth at safety last season after trading Chris Harris in training camp. Veteran Mike Brown has returned from a torn ACL, although if the last four seasons are any indication, counting on him for all of 2008 could be a risky proposition. Brandon McGowan is tops on the depth chart right now at strong safety next to Brown. In reserve are Danieal Manning, Kevin Payne and rookie fourth-round pick Craig Steltz.

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Payne is ready to play and Steltz is ready for beast mode

I won't lie, I was excited when the Bears brought in Adam Archuleta and I thought it was a great move. In St. Louis with Lovie Archuleta was a head hunter, and I was hopeing for the same results this time around with Lovie....afraid not. Oh well this is the chance you take with free agency and the draft. The player im gonna keep an eye on this season is Kevin Payne, if not for the injury I think he would be starting right now, well see this summer GO BEARS!!

Don't be surprised to see the other likely Washington bust following on his heels: Brandon Lloyd.

Why waiste cap space and release Brandon Lloyd. I know he was signed to a 1 years deal for a bargain but it is unrealistic to sign a guy and cut him before the season starts. Come on now Dave you should know football better then that!

If I was Metcalf and Ricky Manning, Jr., I wouldn't buy a house...they're the next to go

Cap space ain't a priority right now. We've got plenty. I was in favor of signing Lloyd at first, but look at the roster now. Assuming Booker's at least as good as Muhammed was last year, him and Hester will probably start. Then Davis and Bennett are locks to make the team. Bradley could get cut because due to his injuries but I doubt it. And all I keep hearing is how good Monk is. So where's Lloyd's spot. He doesn't have one.

Travis your thinking is how???? Dave your thinking is how???

I can only be amazed by what other people think. I can include myself at times.

Maybe I wasnt that clear I dont know?

Sign Lloyd to a contract and before he has a chance to display his talent on the field you 2 Travis and Dave Parks both from Washington, I dont know that I just thought it was funny, Want to cut him. Do you to know anything about buisness?? I may not be able to spell it Heck I dont know But I do Know that it would be a very very very very very very very very bad P.R. move, and a GM move.

They didnt just sign Brandon Lloyd to a contract, they signed him before the Draft. Maybe Im wrong Heck Im not a GM by any means, but dont you think that Brandon Lloyd would be in some kind of plans for the Bears this year???

Think before you speak or write. Think about the whole perspective of the Chicago Bears plan. They sign a guy before the Draft in most cases they make the 53 man roster.

I could see Daves and Travis's point if Brandon Lloyd signed a contract after the draft after being a free agent since it started, but he wasnt !

Dream on dreamers on that situation.

Brando, it appears you're as incompetent a reader as you are a speller. I wasn't suggesting anything, nor predicting something would necessarily happen immediately. You should be able to have basic reasoning powers better than that.

Feel kinda bad for him. He seems to be over the hill. At least his wife is smoking hot.

Adios Adam! Please take Juan Uribe, Greg Walker, T Metcalf and anybody else who stinks with you. Remember with gas being at $4.00 bucks a gallon, please do your part in taking all the bad Chicago athletes along for the ride out of town.

Adam, this miht be the best thing you have done since you arrived in this town.

Well it's a good thing Angelo had AA's contract front loaded so he got most of his money last year. Nice move Jerry.

Paul, Walker is already gone.

Metcalf is not going anyplace anytime this year, there just to thin at the line. Besides Lovie already penciled him in but he could be replaced by St. Clare at guard. Niether move thrills me.

Lloyd probably won't make the team. He was brought in in case they lost Davis there are currently 3 players on the team in line to play the slot. Davis, Lloyd and Bennett. I doubt they don't sign Bennett and we do not need 3 slot guys on the team.

As for Hester the Bears as in Lovie and Angelo have both said he is not ready to be a full time starter and that he will pretty much play the same role he did last year. Which means I doubt he is the new number 1. The only guys they have that fit the mold of a number 1 are Bradley and all his issues and Monk. Every one else is a slot or possession guy.


Creighton, So when did Greg Walker play for the Bears? Mr Bears expert. Maybe you should hitch a ride with Adam along with rest of the suckwinded players in Chicago.

Angelo is batting a 1000 with all those terrible Free Agent picks and trades from 2007.

Hey Paul I will go as far to say Creighton see's the future as the Bears expert.

You know the 2 players he choosed to be the #1 WR have yet to be a #1 in the NFL. Heck one is a rookie and one has been on the field how many times?

On most teams Creighton you know the #1 WR is the most polished WR on the Team. Now Bradly or Monk is not that. One that has proved that he can be a #1 and has been a #1 is Booker. He also is the most polished WR on this team.

Im not saying I like Lloyd or I dislike Lloyd havent seem him enough to determine that. I wouldnt count him out of the equation just yet.

Dave yes you did post a prediction. When you posted that for us fans not to be surprised in seeing another Washington bust leave on Adams heals is a prediction. Then to make it more of a prediction you had proceeded to name the Player: Brandon Lloyd

Dave, Travis and Creightdumb cant you guy understand the buisness side of football??? It is not a wise buisness disition to sign a player to a NFL contract. Both Lloyd and the Bears are binded to this contract. Thats why they call it a CONTRACT.

I could see cutting him if Lloyd was getting paid by the hour, then there is no loss.

Just because you dont like a player for one reason or another doesnt mean the guy shouldnt have a chance to prove himself.

JA took a chance on a guy that played pretty good in STL but struck out here. AA couldn't tackle any more so it was time to move on.

You guys spend an awful lot of time downing each other and acting like you know it all. Paul, Creighton probably thought you meant Darwin Walker. You guys are sometimes very knowledgable but then again some of you guys beat the hell out of a dead horse. Creighton you do know a lot about football but you have a tendency to repeat the same things over and over about Angelo. I think that's why you get so many haters. It's like you feel you are the only one who knows that he's lacking in the offensive side of things but we all know that. It just seem like you don't have too many good things to say about the team as a whole and true fans try to see the glass half full. You see an empt glass all the way around and fellow fans are irritated by that. Back the team sometimes my friend. We all want them to do well or at least we should act like it. In your defense I understand that you feel that the most talented WRs should be the first option and you're right. We here in Chicago love those possession WRs because that's all we've ever had and we wouldn't know what to do with a great all-around WR. Guys stop hating and more debating.

William, lightin up Billy! I made a joke about Adam. Do you have a hard time reading between the lines. Some of the suggestions Creighton makes about our Wide outs are crazy. Devin Hestor is not a Number 1 wide out .

As I said before the Bears are trying to force somebody to do something they are not capable off. Who will return punts and kickoffs for us if Hestor gets hurt? Will they be able to do this with the same ability as Hestor?

I like our D and I am looking forward to seeing it. I hope they come out with the same tenacity like they had the last 3-4 games of the year. I do not want to see them letting the opposing Offense take it to them. Bring it on!

In closing, Laugh a little and have fun and yes I agree with William about debating.

DID the Bears sign another free agent rookie name Hestor????

Biggs why havent you listed Hestors name as the next new Bear?

Brando, Hester or Hestor makes no sense whatever he is called. He will be terminated if the Bears have the notion of playing him Wide Receiver.

All of you Bears fans will be crying when he catches a meaningless 3 yard pass and gets a seperated shoulder or whatever.

Paul I understood that. I just added that I think he meant Walker as in Darwin. I'm not talking about you mainly. I'm talking about Brando constantly baiting the guy and the constant attacks that they exhibit. I like when guys debate without the name calling. Even though no one called me out of my name it's silly how we constantly have to be so thick headed about things. No one on this blog is anything other than what people pay them to do. If you're not getting paid to advise Angelo on how to be a G.M. or Lovie on how to be a coach, just get over yourself already. Stop being redundant and add to something and be more constructive is all I ask. I know it's my choice to read whatever you guys write but make it worth reading sometimes. Too many times fans in Chicago have an image of being dullards and retarded when it come to sports knowledge. Don't make the world right about you. Every time I read some of you guy's blogs I get this image of those Saturday Night Live acting out a sketch. Believe me it's not a pretty sight.

William, You are right about debating. Also you are right about Jerry A because he does not give a flips about what we the fans care.

As far as Brando or whatever, this guy argues with everybody but I am not going to critize his knowledge. There are have been times when I thought this man was crazy in some of his statements about the O-Line.

For me the 3 biggest areas that I would like to see the Bears improve upon are: The Running Game, 3rd down efficiency both Offensively and Defensively and Tackling. I like the Defense if everybody stays healthy but there were too many times when tackling was a problem last year.

The Running Game was terrible. The blame can be pointed at everybody from the line to the backs.

3rd down efficiency was terrible as well. Another area I forgot to say was points in the Red Zone but as long as Lovie is coach this will never improve. Lovie does not believe in taking chances in the Red Zone. I know that if we had a better run game last year our Red Zone efficiency would have been better.

So lets think about that.

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