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Bears add four more from rookie minicamp tryout bunch

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Four more tryout players from the rookie minicamp weekend have been signed to deals.

The Bears have added Boston College guard Ryan Poles, who projected as a mid-round draft pick before he tore an Achilles tendon against Notre Dame in the middle of last season. The team had told him he’d be inked to a deal provided his injury checked out OK and he performed well.

Also signed were Lindenwood punter Zacrey Atterbery, Oregon State defensive end Gerard Lee and North Carolina State tight end Marcus Stone.

The Bears signed UMass running back Matt Lawrence from the tryout weekend on Monday.

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Im intrigued with this Ryan Poles kid. The fact the Bears gave him a deal must mean his injury checked out. If Poles was a potential mid round pick and I remember reading that he was, this could be a steal in the makeings for the Bears. I've said many a times that I would like to see the Bears go with Josh Beekman at one of the guard positions this season, but if the Bears are dead set at makeing Beekman a center, go for it. I would just like to see the Bears get younger on the offensive line, because if the Bears can put together a young core and keep them together, this my friend is how you make a great line. Anyone who knows anything about football knows that continuity is the key to a great line, and to achieve this its best to start young on the line, so the players can develope together and get used to playing next to each other. If the Bears go with John St. Clair at the left guard position the Bears will still have to eventually replace him and there goes the continuity, and the Bears would also be out a great swing tackle. But if St. Clair gets the spot maybe he can hold it down for a season long enough for Chester Adams or maybe this Ryan Poles kid to come in in 2009 and be the new left guard. Also it might not be a bad idea to have a guard with some experience by our new top pick Chris Williams. But who knows maybe Josh Beekman will come to play in camp and win the position out right, either way I think the Bears are setting them selves up to develope some young talent on the o-line which is a good thing GO BEARS!!

Kevin good points.This O-Line might not be ready this year. I hope the Bears can establish the QB possition this year. I do believe that the QB possition has to go one way this year. Then the line like you said Kevin has to build continuity. Now I never did beleive that Bull dung about this isnt a rebuilding year, It is on offence!! The line, the WR and the RB with Forte. The only consistence this year was the only consistence this year. The Tight End possition. Thats the only 2 place on offence that the Bears do not have to restucture is the QB and the TE spots. Thats rebuilding.
I can see this year being alot like 2005. Healthy Defence with a whole new offence! 11-5 looks good, but this isnt 2005.
Im going to leave on a high note. DEVIN HESTER.

This really stinks but weve had an old O-line for a few years. Why werent angelo and the bears doing somthing a long time ago? And i dont think rex is the answer too short and not Flutie!lol.ortons our only hope! Hopefully Hallas hall is think ahead this yr for a QB next yr. Also a RB and or OT or WR!next year.

That's great. Boston College is known as an offensive/defensive line factory. Ryan Poles is an undrafted free agent that probably has one of the better chances to make the team given his BC lineage.
Great pickup by Jerry Angelo.

My Bear friends. The plan is to put an experienced RT (Tait) next to a rather inexperienced RG and an experienced LG (maybe St Clair) next to an inexperienced LT (Williams). BC has developed quite a list of NFL caliber lineman, both offensive and defensive, and hopefully the recent Bear signings will work for our ailing O-line.

Good Comments Kevin,
The 85 Oline worked together great, and we do need a couple young guards to come out of this draft/signings to grow toegther. The guys need to know what the man next to him can do.

Good that the Bears signed a couple of try-outs. And good for the try-outs that made it. But don't get too crazy over this yet. I know we are deprived of football right now, but don't create the illusion that anything that happens between now and camp is any predictor of how these guys will do in the season.

Let them put the pads on against our veterans for a few weeks, and get hit. The first preseason game will show whether or not that any of them can physically get the job done. Between now and then, they better have that playbook memorized. I am in doctorate school, and I guarentee you that it cannot be as hard to memorize a playbook.

The best case scenario is for the BEars to stay healthy. The defense is a "great" defense if they have all their weapons. The O-line cannot be any worse than last year, and is "physically on paper" better than last year. If their defense stays healthy, then they will be good in the giveaway/takeaway ratio, and have a decent year. The health of the defense also depends on the offense at least getting 30 minutes TOP per game.


Does anybody know anything about Matt Lawrence? I haven't heard of him.

I am intrigued by Poles. I know they said they had been scouting him up until he injured his achilles. BC guards seem to translate better than BC tackles into the NFL, so maybe this will be one of those sneaky success stories. I would love to see some better depth at guard. I guess Mike Jones being released is a pretty strong indication that Poles is pretty solid.

sporting news had Matt Lawrence ranked 28 out of 40 of the best RB in the draft. Matt Forte was ranked 9th.

Watch out for the Punter! my brother goes to school their and i watched him kick 60 yard bombs like its nothing!

This is more like a question then a comment. Do the chicago bears do walk on tryouts. I want to try out and im coming from indiana.

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