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28 players on list of minicamp tryouts

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Twenty-eight players are listed on the roster of tryout invitees for the rookie minicamp. With four punters on the list, you get the idea special teams coordinator Dave Toub wants to get a look at what is out there. He's already got veteran Brad Maynard and Glenn Pakulak on the roster.

The tryout list:

Zacrey Atterberry, P, Lindenwood
Willie Cooper, S, Miami
Ashton Gronewold, WR, Missouri-Rolla
Marc Hull, LB, San Diego State
Drew Kelson, S, Texas
Robert Killebrew, LB, Txas
Robert Lane, TE, Ole Miss
Nick Larkin, DE, Boston College
Andrew Larson, P, Cal
Matt Lawrence, RB, UMass
Gerard Lee, DE, Oregon State
Antonio Lewis, DB, West Virginia
Chris Markey, RB, UCLA
Mike Martinez, G, New Mexico State
Darren Mustin, LB, Alabama
Damon Nickson, S, Middle Tennessee State
Chris Parker, DB, Texas Tech
Ryan Poles, G, Boston College
Geoff Price, P, Notre Dame
Matt Purvis, LS, Iowa State
Tim Reyer, P, Kansas State
Josiah Sears, FB, Indiana
Adam Shada, DB, Iowa
Marcus Stone, TE, NC State
Joey Thomas, TE, Texas A&M
James Townsend, WR, Rutgers
Mike Ware, DT, Illinois
Nick Watkins, LB, Clemson

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I follow the draft pretty closely, and no one jumped out on that list.

IOW, a bunch of camp bodies.

Then again, McGowan was one, and he stuck on the team.

Not that I'm happy about that, but you never know.

Actually, you should check out Matt Lawrence, the RB from UMass. This guy just smashes through everyone. His speed is solid and his size is good for a RB. Considering UMass had absolutely nothing else on offense, the guy did pretty well. He can turn on a dime and doesnt do the Thomas Jones hop. Just keep on eye on this guy, you never know.

I am most interested in hearing how Purvis does. We will need to start compiling options for a long snapper if and when Mannelly decides to hang it up, which will probably be after his contract expires in 2010.

Next on the list for me are the TEs. Davis is not a blocking TE, and we need someone who can block in line. None of the TEs on the list have the type of size for blocking. Did anyone bring Darrell Strong in for a tryout?

Third on the list is the project OL. We need to get some youth onto the roster and onto the practice squad. Maybe one or two of these guys will stick long enough to be worth keeping around.

Fourth on the list is improving our LB depth. I am not overly impressed with Rod Wilson or Darrell McClover. We need a new Ayanbadejo, and some improved depth beyond Jamar Williams.

Outside of that, let's just hope we don't lose any draft picks in the minicamp.

Matt Lawrence is a beast. That was a good move to pick him up...Once he get his chance everyone will see.

I wacthed the drafts very closly and I thought that a few people were ready to make it to the next level namely Chris Markey. Markey is a great palyer with great vision.

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