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UPDATED: WR Davis to sign 1-year contract this afternoon

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Rashied Davis will sign the one-year tender offer the Bears made him this afternoon.

Agent Wynn Silberman confirmed the wide receiver will return to the team this season. Davis had been shopping himself as a restricted free agent. The deadline for RFA’s to sign offer sheets is tonight at 11, and Davis doesn’t have anything brewing so he will put his signature to a contract that will pay him $927,000 in 2008.

The slot receiver emerged as a valuable member of the offense in 2006, winning the game at Minnesota with a touchdown catch, and making a critical third-down reception in the overtime victory over Seattle in the playoffs. But he struggled to get involved last season as the offense broke down. Davis made only 17 catches for 165 yards, although he did establish himself more on special teams.

Kansas City was one of the teams that expressed interest in him, but it came down to the fact that it was going to be difficult for another club to put together a reasonable offer for him that the Bears would not match.

“That was the pivotal issue for us,’’ Silberman said. “Teams did not feel comfortable moving forward on terms we were considering because they felt like the Bears would pretty much match the contract. That was the deterrent. We’re excited Rashied is coming back to the Bears and are looking forward to free agency next year. At the same time, we haven’t ruled out the possibility Chicago will extend him. He really likes playing there.”

With Davis returning, the Bears will be down to roughly $15 million in available cap room.

Only four RFA’s have changed teams this offseason. It’s a difficult way to acquire players, although it is how the Bears brought in cornerback Ricky Manning Jr. in 2006.

UPDATED: 4:16 P.M. Davis has officially signed his one-year contract at Halas Hall.

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Good! We need all the WR help we can get. Hopefully we'll sure up the QB situation to get these guys the ball. Sure would be nice to grab Tim Tebow next year. Looks like a rebuilding phase for us for the next couple of years. Any comments or thoughts on that?

Well, amidst the news of contract disputes and unhappy Bears players, here's some good news as a change of pace. I could get used to this. Question now is, will Davis be used??? Biggs mentioned a few of his cluth playmaking moments. I'm sure he could produce more if the coaches simply put him in there.

Mike- He has to be used cause the Bears don't have great depth at WR, or real talent for that matter. His play diminshed last year when Hester took over. Bradley, Hester, Olsen/Clark will have to compensate for the mediocrity of Booker and Lloyd.

solid receiver.
valuable special teamer.
reasonable contract.
Hard worker.
Good Character.

Excellent signing.

Why not give him a few more years?

I`m glad they brought Rashied back, he will help with our third down plays, special teams, and should provide much needed chemistry with Booker, and Lloyd. I wouldn`t call Marty Booker mediocre either, he was a Pro Bowler when the Bears traded him for Wale`, and he went to a Miami team that hasn`t had a clue on offense since Marino left, he will be a great addition to this team. I really think the wild card here is Brandon Lloyd, if he can step his game up, and keep a positive attitude, he will be a steal, and the rest of the league that feels we have an average receiving corp, will find out that they are above average. You will be able to tell what the other teams think about the Norht division, and the Bears in particular by the way they draft next week, I have seen mocks with the Packers drafting more defensive backs, which means if they do that, they are assuming that our division is going to be a pass first run second division, outside of maybe Minnesota, and they will find out that you have to pass to win in this league sooner or later. I just can`t wait to play the Vikings, so I can watch our d-backs lite Berrians skinny little butt up, it will be a beautiful thing.

They probably won't keep him this year barring injuries. They have Hester, Bradley, Booker, Lloyd, Hess, Rideau, plus they will drfat at least one WR. They carried 6 WR's last year, but will probably carry 5 this year and keep an extra O-Lineman. If he doesn't have a sensational camp he's probably gone.

It seems that more and more, restricted free agents are not getting offers from other teams. Teams seem to be tiring of the prospect of writing the contracts for other teams' players. If what the team is saying is true, with Hester being used less on returns, and more as a WR, then Davis back in the fold is a god move for us. Danieal Manning and and Rashied Davis will be our returners when Hester is not on the field, and having someone with Davis' hands out there in front of Hester is a good thing.

I am not sure how much he will see the field as a WR, but as a special teamer, he is a big boost to the unit. Now all we need is a blocking TE who can play on special teams, and a replacement for Ayanbadejo.

Here's an out of the box thought...Why not play Mannelly as the third tight end in goal line packages and short yardage? Doesn't hurt his long snapping game, and he has proven to be a valuable contributor in every aspect of special teams. He is also 6'5", 270, and a converted OL, so his blocking skills have to be pretty good. We can use an extra OL on the outside on field goals, so that won't be as big of an issue. Anyway, just a thought as far as filling holes on the roster.

J A Jr. I don't think Davis wanted a few more years. The Bears let him test the water of FA, but Davis is looking for more playing time and a real shot at starting. So the Bears gave him a 1 year contract and hopefully he will get to display his talent. However I don't think the Bears will use him much, as they often commit to people no matter how bad they perform. One thing that I am curious about is WR payroll, we all know each team alocates a certain amount of money to each position, Angelo is known for being very stringent with this rule. Looking at WR payroll it seems to be almost nothing. Davis, Booker, Lloyd, Hester, Bradley all make about league min per year. Chad Johnson makes more then all of them combined easily. The Same could be said for QB we have what 2-4 million allocated, we have not signed Hestrer to a new deal, Harris is still waiting and Lach wants more cash, oh and Gould. The Bears sit 16 mil under the cap, but after Harris, Hester and Gould, most of that money will be gone. Yet we are desperate for Oline help and are oline does not make a lot of money outside of Olin, also we need a legit RB but Benson takes up most of that cap space. Looking at the Bears right now most of the money is on the defensive side of the ball. Right now the Bears could not afford a top notch QB, RB, OT or WR. None of those positions come cheap.

Davis is a baller. good signing.

He is a real football player. Welcome back Rasheid!

Yeah, Johnson makes more than all of them combined and he caught more passes and TDs than all of them combined. One guy is worth more than all our guys combined. Now that's scary. I don't know how we would've made up those 17 CATCHES that Rashied made last year if we didn't get him back. I bet Lloyd would've gotten at least 17 in his place. In the first 5 games.

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