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WR Davis signs three-year contract

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Rashied Davis did not have to go elsewhere to get the multi-year deal he was seeking.

The wide receiver, who signed his one-year tender as a restricted free agent last Friday, agreed to a three-year contract Wednesday. Terms of the deal are not yet available, but it’s believed he received a little more than $1 million to sign.

Davis had hoped to land an offer sheet but no teams stepped up before the deadline last week. It was a situation where clubs liked him but didn’t believe they would be able to construct a contract that the Bears would not step up and match. Davis proved valuable as a slot receiver in 2006 and stepped forward to be a key member on special teams last season. This would seem to secure his position on the roster.

``We both knew this is where Rashied wanted to be,’’ agent Wynn Silberman said. ``It was a question of whether or not we could get there financially. Both sides dug in and we discovered maybe there was a zone for an agreement. Rashied gets some security and we’re all happy.’’

It’s the first positive contract news the Bears have had in a while as they’re in a public staredown with Brian Urlacher and work on and off to negotiate deals for return man Devin Hester, tackle Tommie Harris and kicker Robbie Gould.

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Lets see,

Davis, Booker, Lloyd, Bradley, Hester. Why are we supposedly seeking a WR if we have all these guys. Maybe it's just me, but are we appearing like the Bucs with their QBs and us with our WR's? I'm also tired of hearing about the rumors of Urlacher being traded. It took this long to simply sign Davis, I cannot fathom the amount of time it will take to sign an important player like Hester, as well as Harris, and to satisfy Urlacher and silence the rumors of him going to the Cowboys or the Patriots.

Great, great news. I'll say it everytime there is a blog entry on Davis: This guy is really good. He makes important catches, keeps his feet moving after he gets the ball, and is tough. This would seem to mean that Davis is in fact in their plans for the future. If there's any doubts on Davis' ability, watch his footage.

I'm happy. Davis is a dependable guy in the slot. I guess this spells the end for Haas though. I always wanted to see that guy on the field.

He is average at best

I like Davis I'm glad we signed him. I feel our WR are set and we will look at OL/RB/QB in the draft.

Finally Rex has some weapons that are tough, talented and reliable. Let's see what he can do

Smitty, really, look at this guy on tape. Don't evaluate him by what he's rated in Madden, LOL!

I'm always going to come back to 17 catches for under 10 yards a catch. Ho-hum. His highlights wouldn't even match those for guys drafted in the 5th round. If ordinary is the future I don't know what to say. Will you cut it out acting like he's the 2nd coming of Ken Margerum or Tom Waddle. I don't know what you expect from a wide out if you think that his stats are anything special. Even Bobby Wade's numbers were better. So was Justin Gage's. And if a guy is a highlight reel because of tackles on special teams it's no wonder that our offenses usually stink. C'mon , please defend 17 catches being a superstar. We had a guy catch 20 passes against us before in one game. All that feet moving after the catch amounted to under 10 yards per catch. 170 yards for the season. Real good....?

game winning catch against minnesota and countless third down cathes in the superbowl season

Have to look at the superbowl year, he was phased out last year because they thought they might lose him as an RFA ... stood up olson in the slot and tried devin more. Rashied good ... real good.

What was countless in the Super bowl? Other than Thomas Jones' 100 yard S.B. no one else on offense did anything of significants. Anyone can catch a game winner. Green Bay once had a PK run his blocked kick in for a TD against us. Did they make him a RB or a WR after that? What good are countless receptions if you don't get 100 yards or a TD. Did his numbers outshine anyone else's? C'mon, he's a decent player,but no game breaker by any stretch. Why act like his numbers are on par with potential for greatness. If anything he's just going to continue to put up run-of-the-mill numbers and since fans aren't demanding better he's that limit. When will we go out and get the real goods that other teams get on occasion? No great QB and no great WRs and that's just fine with the faithfuls. We need to pull the trigger on something that will help our team get over the hump. Rashied Davis isn't that answer. He wasn't and he won't be. The guy knows it and accepted a contract worse than Booker's who is questionable at best. Just because we let Berrian go doesn't mean that Davis will make up for his loss. He did nothing to earn a raise.

I'm happy the Bears signed him. He's been a good receiver "when called upon" and good with PR/KO's. With Hester playing more on offense we can use somebody reliable fielding kicks. And he's made some pretty impressive tackles on kick coverage.

Sir William R. Donald III, Davis' stats may not be up there with the best receivers, but you can't blame him for that. The coaches decide how long a guy is in for, where he stands on the depth chart and what position he takes. All we're saying is when Davis is in the game, he can shine.

Oooookkkaaayyyy. You believe what you want and I will believe what I want. He's a cut below ordinary in my eyes. I still say he is no where as good as someof the WRs we've lost over the past 5 years. He's the only one who came back with his tail between his legs. A mutt will never be a pedigree.

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