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"We've got a plan and we're following the plan"

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College scouting director Greg Gabriel just said, "We've got a plan and we're following the plan," when asked about drafting a quarterback.

Right now, the Bears do not own a sixth-round pick and we'll either take one with one of their five seventh-round picks or, as Gabriel just said, sign one as an undrafted free agent.

That would make Colorado State's Caleb Hanie and Southern Illinois' Nick Hill possibilities. The Bears brought both in on visits to Halas Hall. Illinois State's Luke Drone is also on the board.

Stay tuned.

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you have got to be kidding me. right now your plan SUCKS greg. The bears DID NOT address needs in free agency and are doing the same in the draft. can anyone tell me just what in the hell they are thinking up at hallas hall?

Ok I guess the plan is to:
1. Fail to draft a QB and let Brohm fall to our rival.
2. Draft a CB when we have bigger needs
3. Draft a TE when TE is our deepest position
4. Fail to draft further depth on O-Line
5. Start another season with hearing "Rex is our Quarterback"

What plan? This looks stupid instead of injured reaches you could have gotten offensive linemen who are healthy. So the plan must be to draft a M.A.S.H. unit next will we be drafting Doctors?

Everyone has a plan until they get hit. I would love to see 4 starters come out of the pile of garbage tha has been getting drafted by JA. Draft grade F minus.

"We've got a plan and we're following the plan" This statement is exactly why Bears fans are frustrated, JA is set in some "plan" and is not flexible enough to adjust to draft day trends, he was not flexible enough to trade back up and draft a QB. Their lack of aggressiveness will hurt them. The Packers had a plan entering the draft, which I'm sure did not include drafting a QB in round two but they had to adjust once Brohm fell to them. "following the plan" is a statement of a team that hasn't been able to move in the draft and has settled for who has fallen to them.

What a plan. Bring in a QB no one else in the league thought enough of to draft. Teams that need a QB go out and get a good one. If that's a solid enough plan for every other team in the league, why not the Bears? I'll tell you, Angelo has severe risk aversion and it's killing the Bears.

I've watched Hanie the last 4 years in person, and if he's our answer as the "developmental qb", we're in trouble.

"We are following a plan" that means you have no clue. Nicks just went to the Saints take another OL of the board, Josh Johnson goes to Tampa and Ainge to the Jets, but we are looking at Haine, Hill and Drone hoping to accidently find another QB in Div.II like Dallas did, how original is that? Gabriel and Angelo what a pair Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb.

Why have we drafted more defensive players than offensive?? Davis the TE is actually going to be a DE. He sucks at blocking so he will not be a blocking TE, he is a below average reciever, however he is a good special team player and he plays DE better than he plays TE. He is a special team or defensive pick, bur he will not play on offense.

you have got to be kidding me. right now your plan SUCKS greg. The bears DID NOT address needs in free agency and are doing the same in the draft. can anyone tell me just what in the hell they are thinking up at hallas hall?

I really liked our first 4 picks and actually like the safety except we had to have 2 OL out of this draft and a QB would have been nice. WTF happened after Harrison?? I like Harrison.
Plan?? We needed 2 OL!!

Apparently the plan is to ensure a high draft pick for next year and pick a QB then.

WAY TO GO JERRY!!!! im with these guys, your plan sucks a big one!!! why the hell would you draft a TE over a QB? i thought we were actually doing good with the first few picks but its went down hill from disappointing!!! heres what we should do for next year though.....lets get rid of JA, lets boot LS since he doesnt have the balls to demand some good players, get a defensive cord. that knows what hes doing, and for gods sake, get ron turner the hell out of here....its the 2nd time hes been here and hes sucked both times!!! get a GM in here that actually will spend the money on good players!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 2008 Chicago Bears draft plan...

1. Double up on all strengths and ignore all needs during the draft.

2. Sit on our hands during Free-Agency and do nothing but count CAP ROOM.

3. Allow great players to slip to Rival Vikings, Packers, and even the Lions to dig the largest hole possible for the '08 season.

Please tell us loyal fans that there is more than a plan in place, hopefully a proposed trade to the Browns for B Quin is in the works???

I think angelo must have found a big bottle of that cheap mexican swill, mezcal(with the worm in it), and drank it down to the worm late last night. now the mescaline is kicking in and affecting his draft.HOW ELSE CAN YOU EXPLAIN SUCH AN INEPT THOUGHTLESS DRAFT??!!

Of course, they have a plan. And, of course, they're following it. But that doesn't mean it's a GOOD plan or that they're RIGHT to follow it.

How can a franchise with an embarrassing history at the QB position and, frankly, an embarrassing QB currently at the position NOT want to have at least one competent possibility behind center.

It's a miracle that they made the Super Bowl with Grossman — a QB who either physically could not handle the snap OR flat-out refused to focus on handling the snap. There's no way that any team could get that far again with that type of quarterback.

The fact that every other team in the league has more than two QBs under contract and the fact that the Bears' main competition in the division has targeted QBs only makes this an even bigger joke.

As a wise man once said, "Total murder!"

I think the Bears are ignoring the QB position hoping it goes away. They figure maybe the rest of the league will stop using QB's and then the Bears will be ahead of the game.

What a stupid, stupid comment. "We've got a plan". Hmmm. I guess no other team had a plan??? All that needs to be said is that you would not improvise from your plan despite there being players there for the taking. What will define this draft is that the Bears will not draft a quarterback to compete with Grossman. Wether all these other reaches make it or not does not matter. When you don't improve on the most important skill player on the offensive side, when you had a chance to, you will not improve. Their plan is to stink even more next year so they can draft higher and get a project quarterback. Great plan. Jerry has got to go.

Okay, here's a plan. Boycot the 1st game of the season. Don't sell your tickets or give them away, just don't go. LET'S PUT UP SOME EMPTY SEATS. JA is McCasky's perfect lacky, meaning he lacks walnuts. This is coming from the top (McCasky) don't spend any money on the draft & free agency. Plan for the draft- get as many 7th round picks as you can, because you don't need to pay them. These people KNOW how passionate Chicago is about football and they are counting on that. Why else would someone screw the pooch SO BAD, because they know the seats will be filled NO MATTER what they do.

Someone needs to teach JA some concepts such as "taking best player available" and "trading up is a possibility" (trading up for RM in 1st round after slipping to 23).

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