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Waiting on a QB ... one more SEC pick?

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Saw general manager Jerry Angelo in the hallway earlier and asked him if he had any more SEC players up his sleeve.

The Bears have taken four players from the power conference already.

"One more," Angelo said with a chuckle.

Kentucky quarterback Andre Woodson is still available.

How about LSU's Matt Flynn?

Tennessee's Erik Ainge is available also.

Flynn could be the man in the seventh round. He's a smart player and spent some time behind JaMarcus Russell. He's athletic and the Bears seem content in going with a developmental player.

Two more picks until the Bears are on the board at No. 158.

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The Bears took a TE, what the heck is going on in Halas hall??? Davis I would think was being brought in as a blocking TE, but he sucks at blocking. He has shown the ability to play defense though. He has been tried at DE. I guess a special teamer and a defensive conversion.

angelo will most likely take Ainge, stick with Rex for another year, waste another solid defensive effort, and release Kyle Orton in the offseason. when people get tired of Rex unleashing the dragon, Ainge steps in and lasts four games before people realize he's Jonathan Quinn Redux.

I like Orton but with no OL he will run for his life. An upper QB would have been nice but no OG is worse

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