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Vikes add QB John David Booty

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Minnesota just selected USC's John David Booty in the fifth round with the 137th overall pick, the second selection of the fifth round.

The Vikings now have a quarterback to challenge Tarvaris Jackson, and Saturday the Green Bay Packers picked up Brian Brohm to go with Aaron Rodgers.

And the Bears will get?

The Bears are the only team in the league with only two quarterbacks on the roster.

The Bears' fifth-round pick is coming now.

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What is this love for Booty all in the sudden. I don't get it. He does not have a big arm and he played in agreat systme. He reminds me of Matt Cassell eventhough Booty started.

Please people do not get your panties ina bubdle over this guy.

Well at least the Vikes still don't have a good QB, it will really be bad if he turns out to be good.

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