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Urlacher tells pal Glazer "I don't know everything that is being said in (negotiations)"

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If the agent said it, is it coming out of the client’s mouth?

Brian Urlacher’s good friend Jay Glazer (he attended the man’s wedding) chimed in on the latest turn of events in the middle linebacker’s bid for more dough Friday.

Glazer, the Fox Sports reporter who wrote a blog with Urlacher last season when he was boycotting media, has a two-minute update over the phone that can be found here. Glazer refutes the Sun-Times report that “Urlacher’s agents have asked the team if they could explore a trade’’ and “Urlacher is threatening to retire because of beck and back problems.”

The Sun-Times is standing behind Mike Mulligan’s published report, and if you listen to Glazer’s report, he certainly leaves the window open that these tactics have, indeed, been a part of negotiations.

``He did say though, `Look, when my agents (Pay Dye Jr. and Bill Johnson) go and meet with the Bears, I’m sure they say things in negotiations,’’’ Glazer said, speaking about Urlacher. ``I don’t know what’s being said in there. And I don’t want to know everything that is being said in there. They fight it out with the Bears. The Bears, I’m sure they some things about me. I don’t want to know what they say about me half the time. That’s just negotiations. The one thing I do know is I’m not looking to retire.’

``As far as a trade, he said, `Look, things happen in negotiations. Brett Favre, his agent said it last year, Michael Strahan, he said it to the Giants in the past.’ He said I don’t want to leave Chicago, I don’t want a trade. I want to stay here. Do I want a new contract? Absolutely, I want a new contract. I want to be paid especially considering where the market has gone.’’

Urlacher is threatening to skip out on the mandatory veteran minicamp next month and has already missed the first two weeks of the voluntary offseason program, forfeiting a $50,000 workout bonus in his contract. The former defensive player of the year signed a $56.65 million, nine-year extension in 2003. His contention is he has outperformed his contract in the five years since. While he had a banner year in winning the top award in 2005, and helped lead the Bears to Super Bowl XLI in 2006, he missed seven games in 2004 because of injuries and was inconsistent at times last season when he missed the Pro Bowl for the only time other than after the ’04 season.

The most interesting tidbits from Glazer?

*** “He doesn’t know whether the situation will resolve itself or not,” Glazer said.

*** “It has gotten ugly at times,’’ Glazer said. “Again, Brian said, `Despite how ugly it’s getting, I don’t want out of Chicago,’”

It’s just not good when the U word is being thrown around ... ugly.

See Saturday’s edition of the Sun-Times for more coverage of Urlacher’s contract situation.

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A few months ago lance briggs was in this same situation. fans couldn't wait to come on here and bash the guy. but mr. urlacher starts crying for more money and no has anything to say. you so called fans are a joke. This blog has been up for quite some time and no one has anything to say because it's urlacher. well guess what i could careless what urlacher wants to do. just like you fans said we didn't need lance it wont' stop there because we don't need urlacher either.

let's be honest all you die hard fans can say what you want but urlacher was pathetic last yr. at least lance briggs played among the top lb's in the nfl and should be played like a top wlb. urlacher wants more money because he's the face of this organization. well being the face of any organization don't win games period. oh and just to update you the franchise players are the one with big contracts urlacher is a has been and i wouldn't put a dime of new money on his existing contract. Note to all the urlacher fans Tommie Harris and especially Devin Hester will be the face of this team. Urlacher days are numbered.

Jerseyboy, I remember telling you how there are people in the military or the police force who risk more than professional athletes, but get paid less. And then you responded with some incoherent rabble about how the Iraq war is unjust or something like that and that I need to learn my history. Much like that post, I have no idea where you're coming from (or where you're headed for that matter) with this one. Urlacher's numbers this year are consistent with his numbers the years before and damn are they impressive. He's not the face of the franchise because he won a popularity contest, no, he earned it by what he accomplished on the field. And there's a difference between saying, "I'm leaving, bye." (Lance) to "I've been here a long time, I've done a lot of good things and I would simply like my contract reworked because I've earned it and I want to stay here." (Brian)

Jerseygirl is a moron. Not only does she show no intelligence through her writing, she also seems to have absolutely no idea of what she is talking about. Lance Briggs is a good player but is just another linebacker to benefit greatly from playing along side Urlacher(Rosie Colvin). Urlacher on the other hand is the heart and soul of the team and the defence. There were more than a dozen higher paid players at his position last year which is a huge injustice. He is at least top 3 at the linebacker position. Give him his money he deserves. Also check the stats Jerseygirl, Urlacher lead Briggs in almost every stat. Wow, next time you have an opinion just slam your head against a wall. It will make more sense for all of us.

Mike please don't tell me the stench from Jersey was disrespecting the Military and the Police. I thought someone struck a match and the stench from Jersey was gone. Go watch your lousy Jets take it in the backside from the Pats. Ha even the Jets won't admit there from Jersey. "Honor Corps God Country" you Jersey Rat. No one is blogging here because it is Friday and we all got things to do. Go back to Jersey with the rest of the Garbage.

Disrespecting The Military, disrespecting the Police, and disrespecting Brian Urlacher on a Chicago board. How many All pro LB's you got on the Jets there Jersey boy?? What Brian and Briggs got what 6 All Pro and 9 Pro Bowls you got what zero. Yeah the B Lach is a real let down Defensive Rookie of the year Defensive Player of the Year, 4x All Pro, 6x Pro Bowl. How does he live with himself what a complete and total falure as a football player. I got news for you Jersey most NFL players have Arthritis, Farve had it most of his career. The Big Bad Bear in the middle has at least 3 solid years left in him. He is gonna be bringing the pain next year.

All I know is Jersey has no honor disrespecting people who put there life on the line everyday to protect you.

If you are the focal point for a team.. then you lead by example. You dont skip OTA's and you dont play games in the media. Urlacher was given a huge deal. He should honor it. What if the tables were turned. What if Urlacher went down hill after he signed his deal. Shouldnt the owners have a right to say, "Lets re-work that deal." These guys are a joke. They have been pampered their whole life. BMOC in college to primadona NFL'er. What Urlacher should be doing is this.. Working out with the team and leading by example to help get the ship turned around. These players want it both ways... Um no. Act like a man and you will be treated like one. Act like the child he is being right now.. and find yourself heading to Cincy or Houston or some other NFL hole on a draft day trade.. Then you can enjoy your millions Brian.... on a 4-12 team!!!!!!!!!!

What a Big Baby! You signed a deal live up to it! Why should the Bears give this guy anymore money, he has bad back.

Trade this clown. Let's get a WR which would be nice addition to our revamped O-line.

To me this is a very delicate matter and should not be tooking lightly. Brian Urlacher is the best player on the Bears roster hands down. I say give Urlacher his money, a raise, I think he deserves it. Any one who does not think Urlacher is that good answer me this one question, how come with the bad back and whatever else, Urlacher still managed to lead the Bears in tackles and get the five int's and sacks, how is this possible? I'll tell you how, Urlacher is one if not the best linebacker in the league right now. Also if you think about it now with the retirement of Farve, Urlacher is now the face of the NFC north division. Guys dont kid yourself, the NFL is a sports league, and the best one in my opinion, but it is also part entertainment. Think about it, most fans watch it on the tube, so basically what I am getting at is with not only Urlacher great play, but the commercials and the jersey sales and what not #54 makes a lot of money for this league, so in this sense he does deserve more money. I know Urlacher had the injuries last season but I feel he is still young enough to give the Bears the four more years he has left on his deal, so I say up the guys pay and lets get back to getting ready for the 2008 season GO BEARS!!

lmao at brad briggs!!! dude you need to go and check stats before you come on here running your mouth, because you dont know jack!!! first off urlacher was one of the top linebackers in the nfc, duh. he had better numbers than the linebackers picked to go to the pro bowl!!! i personally think its amazing that BU has been in this league for this many years and hes only missed about half a year, hes only had minor surgery. i dont hear ya crying about all the other players that are hurt. there are rookies who get hurt in training camp and are on ir for the year. the bears organization would be fools to get rid of BU!!! btw the way brad, i would really like to see you go in there and play his position, your career would be over in the first series, period!!!

Jon, numbers aren't everything in showing how good someone is or isn't. I say why suck up cap space with a linebacker on the downside of his career? I'd trade him right now for Chad Johnson. Put Jamar Williams in Briggs' spot at OLB and move Briggs to the middle. Being "the man", Briggs would play like a beast. Then draft a LT with the 1st pick, RB in the 2nd and a LB and QB in the 3rd. Maybe our defense suffers a litte, not that they were so awesome last year, but our team as a whole would be much improved.

Did you mean "deep fried" Jay Glazer? Or "half baked" Jay Glazer? Or was that supposed to say "good friend" Jay Glazer? Spell check is o.k. but nothing beats proof reading.

Trade Urlacher for McNabb or another franchise QB. It's much easier to replace a MLB than to find a franchise QB. Or trade him to Miami and grab the #1 pick. Do something now. I love Urlacher, but his best days are over with. He's one big hit away from his career being over. Get some value for him while you can and spend the extra money resigning Harris and Hester. Start treating this team as a business. The Patriots are the perfect example to follow, minus Spygate of course.

I as a fan am bitter, and I cling on to my prayers, hopes, and jerseys (instead of guns). Okay now to the real items on deck. The media on these situations should be taken by the grain of sand because what their job is is to stir up attention be it good or ill and see where the pinball rolls. We as fans are getting riled up over something that quite frankly should not be riling us up. Urlacher IS the face of this franchise, and if in fact he said what the media claims to have said, that he doesn't wish to leave Chicago, then we as fans should appreciate the fact that an NFL player wants to die where he was born. If we let this entire issue blow out of proportion then it in fact turns into a blood bath and nothing positive comes out of it. I admire the media, for the most part, but I simply wish there were a number of times where they would not blow stories out of proportion. Then again that's just me talking.

I am just taken back on how selfish Urlacher is being, he knows that this team has alot of holes to fill with only so much under the cap. Guys like Tommy and Devin also need extentions, and all hes worried about is staying ahead of the market. Did he not know that the market would change over a nine year period? Why sign such a long contract if you knew you were money hungry and would want to get back to the negotiation table sooner than later? Sounds to me like Urlacher made a big mistake signing that long contract and now wants to tear it up and sign another one, keeping in mind he is about to turn 30 and has a back condition that can not be fixed. Forget about it, ride out your not so shabby 7mill a year and stop looking in other players pockets, play ball and help turn this team around.

He's on the wrong side of 30. If he wants more money, go elsewhere. Urlacher has got 1 maybe 2 good years left in him and the Bears should stand pat in their position.

I am just taken back on how selfish Urlacher is being, he knows that this team has alot of holes to fill with only so much under the cap. Guys like Tommy and Devin also need extentions, and all hes worried about is staying ahead of the market. Did he not know that the market would change over a nine year period? Why sign such a long contract if you knew you were money hungry and would want to get back to the negotiation table sooner than later? Sounds to me like Urlacher made a big mistake signing that long contract and now wants to tear it up and sign another one, keeping in mind he is about to turn 30 and has a back condition that can not be fixed. Forget about it, ride out your not so shabby 7mill a year and stop looking in other players pockets, play ball and help turn this team around.

Mc Bear, You would want to trade Urlacher for Mc Nabb? What are you talking about, Mc Nabb is not all that.

I am mad at Urlacher but to say the Bears should trade him straight up for Mc Nabb is insane.

Also to all you Bear fans who think Hester is the second coming of Jerry Rice, you people are crazy. I am not crazy about putting him at Wide Receiver. I think Hester is a wonderful athlete but the man is not very smart. Look at how many times he had to be pointed to a spot were he needed to lineup. Also look at the Giants game where he dropped that Bomb that would have put the Giants away.

Also do the Bears have another Return Specialist who is as talented as Hester? All the Bears need is for Hester to seperate a shoulder or better yet break a bone in his leg. All that field position will be gone.

Typical of the Bears in that they try to turn players into something they are not.

Jason I like Chad too but I don't think the Bungles will do that. Not to mention as much as I like Chad, if he is not on an elite offense he will loose it. That guy gets mad at Carson Palmer for not getting him the ball enough. What do you think he will do to Rex or Kyle. Carson is one of the best QB's in football and Chad throws him under the bus, Chad would loose his mind with this offense. I would love to have the guy but I am not giving up Lach or Hester on him. I would trade a third round this year and a second round next year for him but that is it. He is 28 and he will not improve the Bears Oline, running game or are QB problems and he definatly will not help the D by trading Lach for him. Guys like lach don't grow on trees you know. Briggs is good but he is not a MIC, and Williams is not Briggs, that would be a big hit on the D. Brian fits the Tampa 2 perfect in the middle, he is the best coverage LB that has ever played the game believe it or not his problems last year where not his back or neck, it was the DT position on the Bears, it's just the way the defense works if we had a decent 2 tech tackle next to Harris everyone would have looked better. Instead we couldn't stop the run which caused the defensive scheme to break down. It's not actually Lachs job to stop the run, it's the DT's job Lach is the second line. Thats why his best years have been whenever the Bears have a good run stuffing DT like Tank in there. If Dusty could stay healthy that would really help a lot.

I'd trade him and a lower pick to Cincy for Ocho Cinco. Urlacher should be ashamed of himself for the way he's acting. It's rediculous to think he's demanding more money in a contract full of it! Why didn't his agent put in some kind of escalator clause in his contract?

Kevin- as much as i like Urlacher, he didn't have a great year. his stats were acquired when the team was already out of playoff contention. Which makes me skeptical about his motivation during the final 5 games where he excelled.

Jon- Would it be a wise investment for a construction company to give a raise to an employee who was hurt on the job, or a financial advisor was diagnosed with Alzheimer's? A hurt back in football is a serious concern for any football player. Please get a clue.

urlacher is selfish period and the truth was going to come out one way or the other. Now i know why he was very layed about having Briggs coming back next season. sounds to me like he wante the money himself. well guess what mr. urlacher you can't have it.
Magic trick "poof be gone". I agree with jasons post i'd trade his 54 butt right out of town and bring in some real fire power for the offense, and defense.

Oh yea Mike, Brendan, and chreighton. why include my name in your post i could careless what you think. you urlacher activist's.. urlacher "SUcked" this year and you know it. Keep telling yourself that urlacher made briggs. seems to me urlacher need to worry about his own affairs because briggs made it to his 3rd consecutive pro bowl. The truth hurts but you urlacher fans are pathetic. for years his play has always been questioned by other players and coaches around the league. "why does he make the pro bowl". I'll tell you why he sells jerseys. urlacher is nothing more than the "great white hope".. this team needs to move on either this year or next but very soon. Look what happens when your offensive line gets old. bad things happen. not too mention his plays on defense in the middle so chances of him being one and one are greater...


prophet, the fact that Urlacher came on and played well when the Bears had nothing to play for actually shows me that Urlacher is legit, because even though the Bears had nothing to play for Urlacher was still trying to win. Urlacher wasn't makeing all them tackles, int's, and sacks for his stats, what would be the point he was already not in the pro bowl at that point? I think Urlacher was doing it to help the Bears win and go out on a strong note which they did. Also if you guys thought that are run defense was bad last season, I can't imagine what it would be like without Urlacher? Back in the 2004 season when Urlacher had the calf problems and was out a few games the Bears defense was horrible without #54, I really could notice the difference without him.

I agree a healthy Dusty Dvoracek at that nose position will go a long way in helping the Bears run defense and Urlacher. Urlacher, Briggs, and Hillenmeyer have a chance to become one of the best linebacking crews in the history of the game. I would hate to see the Bears lose Urlacher and mess up something that could be special. I say pay Urlacher the Bears have the money to do so, the fact that they are even in negotiations also shows me this. So I say pay Urlacher he deserves it and with a healthy d-line and secondary this defense should be back to elite form GO BEARS!!

This is a touchy subject.Ulacher may not be in his prime but unless we can get a star player or the first pick in the draft,as trade dont trade him! Give him an incentive contract and keep him. His knowledge is unbeatable!Look at Teddy Bruski,or Junior Seau or any of them. They are still good.They are alot older than Urlacher and play with injuries too.Worse injuries!So if he wants too much money trade him sure, but if u can make him aggree,keep him.Also keep in mind we'll still have to pay Tommie and Devon!TOLD YA IT WAS TOUCHY!!!!

Relax! I understand da bears made a modest offer which brians camp turned down and this buisness desicion( probably at his agents request) to ask for more money from the mccheapkies is being taken personaly by the fans. At some point urlacher need to look at tommie harris to see how to negotiate with class.He needs to skip the detractions he causes by talking to the media with one word grunts becouse they printed he was'nt playing at his best when hurt. The NFL commisioner needs to tell him that the media is part of the job and what contributes to the mystique and hype that makes us want to pay to watch, and advetisers to advertise. I question Lovies coaching becouse bear "veterans" seem to believe theyre above working in the trenches with the rookies and rehab their way with their trainers then get hurt. could you imagine players doing this to Bilecheck or parcells or #1 DITKA??? Chad johnson for a pick is a winning Idea but hester & brian mean to much to da bears. Im too tired to spell check or proofread so suck it.


Actually clown you just showed how much you know about football. The Bears play the Tampa 2 D in that defensive scheme you almost never blitz your LB's. The LB's are used as coverage guys thats why most of them are undersized in a Tampa 2. If you don't know what coverage is I'll explain it to you but being that you don't know anyhting about football it would probably not help. In the Tampa 2 the pressure is to applied by the front 4, most of the blitzing is done by the Safties. I believe Urlacher was first in sakcs among the MIC's, so that actually tells you he applied some pressure to the QB. The Tampa 2 was designed to beat the Walsh WCO and it does a good job of it. It's weakness is that you can run on it because the LB's are back in coverage thats why the corners come up in support. It's a zone scheme, but you probably don't get that either. You have no clue about football let alone the Bears.

He makes the Pro Bowl because he sells Jersey's. Yes thats how all pro bowl palyers are selected. Well he didn't go to the pro bowl last year and he still sold more Jerseys than anyone. Must be a break down in your system. Maybe you could explain the All Pro voting, you know the ones the players do. He is a 4 time all pro, I guess the players like his jersey too.

I believe you called him the great white hope. I guess you have a problem with his skin color cause it sounds like your saying he can't be good cause he is white. You would be shocked to find out that some white guys have finally learned how to jump. It's an amazing world.

Hey Kevin A, I agree I could see Lach getting a small raise, it's not like tyhe guy is making chicken scratch though. He has a fat contract already, but a performance bonus could be in order. Here is the problem with the money though.

Take a look at the Bears allocation of the money. Chad Johnson makes twice as much in a years as the Bears whole WR core. In fact if you look at money most of it is on defense. The Bears sit 16 mil under the cap right now, they still have to sign Harris, that will be a big chunk of that money, Hester and Gould, so most of that money is gone. I personally want to know how the Bears plan to afford any sort of offensive talent in the near future. Angelo has always allocated a certain amount of money to each position and he usually sicks with it. The QB position has between 3-5 mil, WR has about 8-10 mil, oline has 20 mil. RB has about 10mil, the Bears need a QB, LT, OG, RB, WR, all those positions cost a lot of money for good players, lets say the Bears find a stud LT, RB, QB, how are they gowing to pay them. Is everyone we draft and sign going to work for league min. The money right now is poorly allocated. Unless in the next two years they plan on ditching a lot of Defensive talent they just signed. Im sure Benson will be gone along with so really bad Oline guys who make way to much to sit on the bench. There are some really bad contracts on the books that need to go.


Urlacher didn't have a typical "Urlacher" season, but he was still better then 80% of the other MLB's out there. He has set the bar so high for himself that if he isn't one of the top 3 MLB's a given year, then it's considered a down year. Urlacher may be the best coverage LB in the game right now. How many 6'4" 250 pound men do you see run down the middle of the field every play and jump out of the building to deflect a pass. Urlacher deserves more money. He was the 8th highest paid player on the Bears this year. Don't extend him, but its a necessity to give this guy more money. He deserves that much.

wow hey Urlacher is worth the money the guy plays Hard every snap i dont want a Touble making reciever on this roster thats all we need Brian is the Heart of are defense and the face of are Franchise so i think they got to find a way to give him some money Hester and Harris a good but Hester is still unproven as a big play receiver and Harris has had injury problems but i dont think we have anything to wrry abour Ulacher will be back in 08 he still has a long time left and can still play at a high level so they shouldnt trade him for Chad Johson or anyone else because we dont have a consistent Qb to trow to him

Correction from my last post. Urlacher was the 6th highest paid Bear this year.

If you sign your name to a contract, then you have given your word. If you break your word then you have no integrity.
Urlacher has no honor and no integrity. With any luck the bears will trade him to the raiders then he can be with others of his ilk.

With two years left on his rookie contract he signed a great deal, a contract that he is only half way through. That contract paid him a lot of up front money that he should have been able to invest and make even more money. Now he is complaining that he only makes $4M a year.. He's a punk.

I would like to see us get a 1st and a 3rd for him but I would be happy if we got a bent trash-can for him just as long as he leaves.

Why does Urlacher want a contract beyond the number of years he desires to play in this league???

What would make him happy? A lifetime personal services contract? It sounds like that is what he truly is after if you read these stories and put 2 and 2 together, or 12 plus 2 together as I did.

Urlacher says in the Chicago Tribune “When I first came into the league, I said I wanted to play 10 years. Now, I think I can play 12 or 13. Then we will reassess.”

Let’s do the math. Urlacher is currently signed through 2011. He was drafted in 2000. That’s 12 seasons.

The Bears have offered an extension of one year through 2012 according to the Chicago Tribune. That’s 13 seasons.

The Chicago Tribune also reports Urlacher wants “at least a two-year extension with more money up front.”

Forget the money for now because as Brian said, it’s not all about the money. A two-year extension would take him to 2013 and a 14th NFL season.

But Brian, you said you can play 12 or 13 before reassessing. Can the Bears reassess the thought of that 14th season at that point too?

Or should you do some new math right about now, Brian?

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