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Tuesday tidbits: Tackling the tackles and another visit

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It will be awfully interesting if something unexpected happens when the draft begins and USC defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis slides.

There is always a twist or two at the top half of the first round that surprises, and the Bears would be hard-pressed to pass on Ellis if he fell into their laps no matter how pressing the need is for help on offense. It’s just how they landed Tommie Harris from Oklahoma back in 2004 when some teams took him off their draft boards because of concerns about his knees.

For the sake of this entry, let’s assume Ellis is long gone before the Bears go on the clock at No. 14. (For the record, I don’t see any way Ellis makes it out of the top 10).

Bears coach Lovie Smith met with Arkansas’ Marcus Harrison last week at the pro day in Fayetteville, Ark. He’s a potential first-day pick who is athletic and moves well.

The club met with Florida State’s Andre Fluellen at the Senior Bowl and again at the combine. He’s undersized and disruptive and would be a good match for what the Bears seek. The Lions are bringing him in for a visit next week, so obviously Detroit coach Rod Marinelli figures him to be a good fit for his Motown version of the Tampa Two.

Arizona’s Lionel Dotson and Virginia Tech’s Barry Booker could also fit. Dotson is a little bigger at 6-4, 296, and has quick feet and pursues the ball well. He lacks long arms but would be an ideal fit for the nose tackle in the Bears’ scheme. Booker is agile at 6-4, 288, and ran the 40 in 5.06 seconds with a time of 1.69 in the first 10 yards. He’s a durable performer who started the last 26 games for the Hokies.

*** Georgia offensive lineman Chester Adams will make a pre-draft visit to Halas Hall next week.

Adams started at right tackle last season for the Bulldogs after playing guard for his first three seasons. Most scouts project him as an interior lineman on the pro level. Adams was not invited to the combine, so the Bears need to gather medical information on him. At 6-4, 331, he’s pretty athletic. He played in the Texas vs. The Nation all-star game and worked at guard during the practices.

*** Count ESPN’s Skip Bayless among those questioning how the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys were left off the prime-time television schedule for Kickoff Weekend. The Bears will help the Indianapolis Colts open Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday, Sept. 7, in a ``Sunday Night Football’’ game on NBC.

``Are you kidding me?’’ Bayless said this morning on ESPN2’s 1st and Ten. ``The Bears might well be the worst team in the NFC North.’’

As it stands, the Detroit Lions are the only team left out of prime time from the division that weekend. Minnesota will travel to Green Bay for the first tilt in an ESPN ``Monday Night Football’’ doubleheader Sept. 8.

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If you're looking for surprises it will probably be Ryan or Dorsey. I think Ryan is going to drop because of his average arm strength and lack of mobility. Brohm might go in the 1st in front of him since he ran a 4.6 40 on his pro day. Dorsey is a big question because of his knees. He will probably go in the top 12 but I doubt he will go in the top 5.

The problem for the Bears is if these two players start dropping the teams that probably would have taken them will probably pick O-Line instead.

Also read that Lane Kiffin said the Raiders aren't interested in McFadden. Smoke screen or is he dropping?

Rich Bayless is worthless. Everytime I hear something come out of his mouth it sounds retarded.

I believe Ellis is the best tackle after watching the senior bowl and seeing how productive he is I'd say he's #1.a and dorsey is #1.b He wo'nt fall to 14 but if he did it would be tempting to have the best d-line in the game.we could score on defense like in 85 and have depth with davorick and bauzine returning. I'd then cut Adams who we reached for. and pray somebody cuts a o-lineman from training camp who still has a year left in him. or maybe trade back up into a late first round pick.Angelo painted himmself in a corner with needs over best athlete available.

whoever gets Ellis is getting the steal of the draft.

Skip Bayless a.k.a. Dip Clueless: Bears are the worst in the NFC North? Does he prefer the Favre-less Packers? The Tarvaris led Vikqueens? Or maybe the I'll-take-a-receiver-in-the-first-round-though-our-QB-dearly-needs-protection-Lions? How can Dip make any predictions on the state of the Bears in '08? Barring injuries, our defense is looking good, our ST under Toub will be tops. The only ? mark is if we can have a decent draft, and at least get some help on the O-line. I have no problem with Rex or Orton at QB, I have no problem with Booker, Bradley, Hester and hopefully Davis at WR, and I have no problem with our RBs (though it would be nice to get a good one.) The line is everything. We get a good draft out of the line, we will be a very good team.

Oh yeah, and at least Da Bears have recently won playoff games unlike the Cowgirlz.

How did we get prime opener with Indianapolis? I've seen the new stadium on NFL network and was very impressed. especially with the world largest opening window that gave an impressive view of downtown skyscraper's. We should be honored to get such a historic opener and I hope we get a "w" but the cowboys must be pissed for getting left off. Go Bears!!!

Mike you just basically wrote you don't have a problem with the Bears offense. Given that time of posetion relates directly to a good defense, you should probably be worried. The Bears offensive system is not designed to control the clock. Also the Oline is only part of the problem, believe it or not you can have a great oline but not go any place. The Bears have holes left in right, every expert thinks there the worst team in the north. Could you explaine to me how these players fit in the Bears WCO system and why they will be good for the first time in there careers, ever. There career numbers are bad. Has something changed with all these players, that I have not heared of.

I think the Bears are good at defensive tackle and should concentrate on offense, that being said the Bears defensive tackles are injury prone and maybe drafting one might not be a bad idea. One that I'm intrigued with is Notre Dames Trevor Laws. At 6-1 297lbs he would fit the three technique position at defensive tackle. Laws led Notre Dame with 112 tackle at defensive tackle, are you kidding me 112 tackle at DT!? Scouts say he has a non stop motor and good initial quickness off the snap to generate an instant advantage. The Bears could nab him in the third round. But the Bears need a big run stopping nose tackle more than the three technique and besides we have the best in the business in Tommie Harris and I'm assuming the Bears have him in there long term plans. So it might be a better idea to spend a later round draft pick on a player like Maurice Murrray of New Mexico state, at 6-3 334lbs would make ideal fit at the nose position and help the Bears run defense another one to consider is Iowa States Ahtyba Rubin who the scouts say is a run-stuffing force at 6-3 320lbs he also could man the nose position for the Bears and the Bears could get both of these players on the second day GO BEARS!!

Good picks Kevin, Law could back up Harris, but Murray and Rubin don't fit the Bears system. Undersized DT who are fast fit the system best, thats how we get are pressure on the QB, 4 man rush. The Cover two will never be great at stopping the run and the Tampa two drops the MIC back even further than a stadard cover two opening up the middle for a run. It's the weakness of the system. Also Angelo loves undersized DT's. Murray and Rubin are two big run stuffers. SPEED SPEED SPEED, Thats the Defense.

You are correct in that the o-line is only part of the problem. The wideouts, running backs, QB's and tight ends are also only part of the problem. But the root of the problem stems from the fact that no one in the Bears organization (coaches to management) has ever understood what it took to assemble a respectable offense. We need a offensive orientated GM that complements our defensive minded head coach or a offensive minded head coach to complement our GM. Ron Turner has less of a clue how to manage an offense than ever, as evidenced by his desire to bring in a wideout that every other team considers used goods simply because he coached him in college. The problems with offense begin at the top of the organization and trickle down to every coordinator, coach, and player. Until we clean house oragnizationally the best we can ever hope for on offense will be to live in the past with the glory days of Walter Payton and pray for another such miracle on offense to come our way. And in case the McCaskeys have forgotten, miracles don't happen every day.

Creighton, I know the defense relies on speed and undersized defensive tackles with speed to penetrate. I also realize Angelo won't go near the players I mentioned above. I should explain myself better. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to get some bigger players with the size to stop the run and man the nose position for the Bears defense. Keeping the speed thing in mind both players I mentioned are quick, take Murray the scouts say he has rare straight-line speed for a player of his size, also has good initial quickness. Murray was an end in New Mexico states 3-4 alignment so he is a big man with athletic ability to work in the Bears speed front four, plus has the size to stop the run. Angelo must also be thinking the same way because Marcus Harrison the player mentioned above that the Bears are takeing a close look at ain't exactly small at 6-3 315lbs and not as fast as you would like but has size and strength to play the run from the nose position like I said. I would advise Angelo not to spend a day one pick on Harrison for two reasons, number one: we got bigger needs than DT, number two: Harrison has been arrested a year ago and suffered a torn ACL. Jerry please stay away from him go offense early and often and take a DT on the second day with size to play the run like Harrison, maybe someone like Maurice Murray who is similar to Harrison but you could get on day two and address more pressing needs on offense GO BEARS!!

Creighton, I have learned another thing about you.Havent you ever heard of evaluation.Dick Jauron liked big run stuffing tackles. Lovie likes the best of both worlds.A pass rusher in one and a run stoper in another, with a 4- 5 man DT tackle rotation.Angelo is simply drafting player that will fit in Lovies version of the Cover 2 Defense.
I would only hope that if Angelo has a Coach that has a base 4-3 system or a 3-4 system that he will draft a player that fits in the system that the coach is implementing.
As said its not so much what Angelo wants it more in waht fits in the coaches system.

I can't believe I am saying this but ....I agree with Mike, I would like to see what Bradley/Hester/Booker Orton/Grossman/Benson etc.. can do, they might be a real threat IF we get a couple of top OL in the draft.
Yeop Urlacher did great with the 2 big boys up front a few years back but Coach likes the quicker front line, I hope Dvorcek (sp?) stays healthy as I feel he can be a Mean M Machine.
Sorry guy's but I agree - Da could be worst without serious OL help fast. We can't be any better.

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