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Take 3: Bears indeed work out WR Thomas

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Just when you thought the smoke had cleared ...

The Bears indeed have worked out Michigan State wide receiver Devin Thomas today.

Wide receivers coach Darryl Drake did not make the trip as initially reported would happen on Thursday.

The Bears sent offensive quality control coach Charles London. London worked out Thomas for an hour. It’s a curious development given that position coaches are usually in on the process. It’s a last-minute move but not the only one going on. The Redskins have been flying across the country looking at prospects Phillip Merling and Malcolm Kelly as well.

General manager Jerry Angelo said earlier this week he wanted to possibly expand the list of players he’s looking at with the No. 14 pick from three to four or five. Kansas City is rumored to want to move up in a trade with Buffalo at No. 11 to perhaps draft an offensive tackle. The Chiefs also hold the No. 5 pick where they can get a replacement for defensive end Jared Allen. The Bills are reported to have heavy interest in Thomas, and could potentially land him at No. 17.

Obviously, it behooves the Bears to make them believe they will not be able to get their guy. The Bears also like Thomas, a Drew Rosenhaus client, a great deal but selecting a wide receiver with an unsettled quarterback position and gaping hole on the line would be a roll of the dice by Angelo.

Is London’s trip legitimate or is it another of the many pre-draft machinations teams go through to warn off other teams? As we clear the smoke out of our home office, we’ll let you decide for yourself.

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Well this could be a couple things. First off this draft is way up in the air right now and nobody really knows who is going wear. Angelo may be worried that the top 4 remaining oline guys will be gone when the Bears pick so he is looking at the next two offensive needs RB and WR, he may just want a choice between Stewart, Mendenhall, and Thomas, sort of a second emergeny draft board in case the first one goes down the hole.

It could still just be a smoke screen maybe the Bears don't want teams trading up for a OT so they are trying to scare Buffalo by looking at him.

Angelo may be doing a favor for Drew Rosenhaus, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Last, Angelo has finally lost his mind. He has draft day over dose.

No way BEARS draft Thomas in 1st round, if they looked at him its with a trade in mind. Key positions to get this year are o-line (2) at least 1 starter, a RB that can come right in and play for two back system, then maybe a QB to develop incase Kyle does not take over the job this year. The key to this mystery is who are they looking to trade with, and what picks would come back in return for 14, any ideas on this Brad?

Or could it be our favorite trading partner, the Buffalo Bills, are looking to move back to 14 instead of 17, so they can get Thomas ahead of Arizona or someone who might bounce up into the top 15 to take Thomas (Tampa Bay perhaps?)

Buffalo is probably exploring several landing spots to move back from 11, and when they called the Bears, Jerry figured he ought to see how good the kid is so he can work the price down for the move. I find it rather unimpressive that London was the guy they sent to work him out. An offensive quality control coach? Why not the strength and conditioning coach?

I can't see us moving up to 11 unless there is a player there that we could see drafting, like a Mendenhall or Stewart. I don't think we would be wise to give up picks to move up 3 spaces for an OT, especially since at least one other one will be gone before the top 10 is done...

Please JA, don't pick a WR in the first. Wait until rounds 2-4 and look at guys like Jerome Simpson, Donnie Avery, Earl Bennett or Lavelle Hawkins.

If Daryl Drake was in person to see this guy workout then we are in trouble. This guy is a terrible receivers coach. He is the Greg Walker of the Bears. Drake is probably one of the worst coaches in Chicago. If Drake got paid paid based upon how many passes his receivers dropped then he would be poor.

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