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Steltz could project as special teams standout

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The Bears couldn’t get Notre Dame’s Tommy Zbikowski after the Notre Dame safety went in the third round to the Baltimore Ravens, but were able to get a player with similar traits in Craig Steltz in the fourth round.

He’s a hard-nosed player who says he is fully recovered after fracturing his right shoulder in the national championship game, and figures to step in on special teams immediately. If he truly is fine medically, he could challenge Adam Archuleta for a roster spot.

Have you noticed a trend, by the way?

Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt. Arkansas. LSU.

The Bears love the Southeastern Conference.

Yes, the Bears still need to draft a guard. They're 11 picks away. USC's Drew Radovich, Oregon State's Roy Schuening and Tennessee's Eric Young. If they want to roll the dice on another character issue ... Nebraska's Carl Nicks remains on the board in a freefall.

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Yeah Jerry real slick lets pass on a QB or a OL and pick a special teams player, when can we get this jerk out of here?

Wow challenge Adam Archuleta for a roster spot. Dear to dream, this guy must be real special if he a chance to beat out DOUBLE A. I guess he can walk and breath at the same time. Imagine if he can't beat him out, how bad does that make him??

Nicks please. It'd be nice to get some beef up front

The Packers are really sticking it to the Bears they just drafted Booty and they drafted Brohm yesterday. Take that Jerry you idiot.

The Vikings via the Packers just got Booty, this is a update still the Central stuck it to Jerry


You were the guy who on other boards kept screaming lineman yet know you are screaming QB.

Paul before you type you need to know what you are talking about. All the defensive players this idiot got I am against. After the reciever it should have been offensive line. Booty or a QB should have been the 4th round. So Angelo lied the offense was dissed for injured maybe's this is crap. Paul one blog does not make the whole thought but if you were consistantly reading you would know that.


I do not know what you did during the fall on your Saturday's. I watched a ton of SEC football and before you give me your bull about the Safety and Harrison who the Bears picked then keep your mouth closed. The LSU safety is a player and so is Harrison. I would rather the Beras had taken Doucet instead of Bennett but Bennett is still a player.

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