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Source: Bears get together with Kevin Smith

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Fresh off the Bears’ meeting with Illinois running back Rashard Mendenhall on Thursday, word is the club recently got together with Central Florida’s Kevin Smith. General manager Jerry Angelo was present, our source tells us.

With two weeks to go until the draft, clubs are working as diligently to put out smokescreens as they are to polish off final preparations.

“Jerry invented the smokescreen,” one prominent agent said in a conversation Thursday.

That’s what interest in Mendenhall would appear to be. The need at offensive tackle is alarming and it’s much easier to find serviceable backs than it is serviceable tackles. Interest in Smith could be more genuine.

Smith is an interesting prospect and he revealed in Thursday’s South Florida Sun-Sentinel that he’s had a couple private workouts lately but has been told to keep a wrap on the identities of the clubs.

``If I could tell you, I would,’’ Smith told the Sun-Sentinel. ``But I don’t want to mess up their promises to me by breaking my promise to them.’’

Agent Drew Rosenhaus did not respond to a message seeking confirmation on the Bears’ meeting with Smith.

Smith visited the Miami Dolphins for a workout today as a local prospect.

The 6-1, 217-pounder ran a 4.53-second 40-yard dash at the combine and improved the figure to 4.47 at his pro day March 20 (that the Bears attended). He’s added nine pounds of muscle since his college season ended and figures to be selected somewhere in the first three rounds. The Bears have already looked over some backs who might be available when they select at No. 44 in the second round—Texas’ Jamaal Charles, Tulane’s Matt Forte and Arkansas’ Felix Jones. Jones has a chance to be selected in the back end of the first round.

Smith ran for 2,567 yards, tops in the NCAA, and 29 touchdowns last season and here are some highlights.

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matt forte is from Tulane

BRAD SAYS: Error corrected. Thanks.

I like Kevin Smith. I am not sure if he could be an every down back in the NFL.

Not sure why you feel that way Paul. He's 6-1 and about 220, which seems like more than good enough size for an every down back. I think he caught the ball pretty well the times I saw him too. I like him because despite the fact he doesn't have great speed, he's fast enough and has the ability to make a guy miss which neither Benson or Peterson has.

I agree, I think the Mendenhall workout was a smoke screen, but I also think the Bears were a little curious. It is a little obvious the Bears have been working out all the 2-3rd round backs and Clady, Williams, and Otah all 1st round tackles. I like Kevin Smith he has good size at 6-1 212lbs and runs a 4.5 which is good for his size. Also, like I said about Matt Forte, any one who runs for 2000 plus is worth a look, especially 2500 plus!! When ever I read a scouting report about Smith they usually mention his excellent vision which goes a long way in helping your o-line, I wouldn't mind the Bears taking Smith in the 2nd-3rd round. Miami is currently in negotiations with Jake Long, this might also be a smoke screen but it also might be legit. If so then the next team that might take a tackle Kansas City will go with Matt Ryan. Then Baltimore could land one of the top corners they also might take a tackle but I think they go corner because it is a bigger need and of more value at this point than a tackle. the next team that could take a tackle is Denver and it is looking more and more like they are going wide receiver maybe Michigan st star Devin Thomas, especially with the recent arm cutting incident and QB Jay Cutler calling out of Brandon Marshall. As for Carolina they will take Mendenhall over a tackle like I said before the Panthers have a lot of money wraped up in the current tackles and are weak at running back so this pick makes the most sense. What I am trying to say is Ryan Clady might fall to #14 and I guarantee Chris Williams should also be available then the Bears will get a tackle and upgrade the o-line GO BEARS!!

This is the RB I want the Bears to draft. He reminds me so much of Frank Gore coming out of college(minus the injuries)--ability, size, knocks on his speed, etc. You can't ignore his production, and I think he's going to do well in the NFL, depending on the system of the team who drafts him. On second thought, I wouldn't want Turner to ruin his career.

Kevin Smith:
Good size...A very good athlete...Plays faster than he times..A natural runner with excellent vision and instincts..Strong, tough and powerful...Runs hard and doesn't go down easily...Great feet...Terrific balance and agility...Soft hands and can catch the ball out of the backfield...An adequate blocker..Was extraordinarily productive.

Doesn't have great speed and lacks a burst...May have trouble turning the corner in the pros...Isn't a big play threat...Runs too tall...Has a lot of mileage on his tires and durability might be an issue...May have some minor character concerns...Has a thin frame and may need to bulk up..Didn't always play against top competition.

Not much else to say about him. If the Bears like him there will be trouoble.

Mendenhall a smoke screen, really you think. Hey do you think Jerry is hoping Mendenhall falls to them and then someone like Dallas might trade up for him? Maybe Angelo wants to trade down. Wow shock and awww. Then he can draft Dicks, Collins or Gosder instead of paying for Otah at 14 to play RT. Remember it's not just about Talent, it's about the money.

Agreed Creighton.

I've thought for a while that if Mendenhall is still around at 14, the 'Boys will come calling, unless they think Felix Jones will be around at 22.

If Mendenhall is available at 14 the bears better draft him.

The LT Williams is going to the Eagles in a draft day trade with the Bills, so both left tackles will be off the board before 14, Mendenhall will be heading to Carolina , the Panthers have spent the off-season re-building the O-Line, and they seem to be excited about the chance to draft Mendenhall. The latest mocks have none of the wide receivers being taken before the 20th pick, so all indicators are pointing towards the Bears moving down. I really am at a loss when I try to think of "that one player", that Angelo will want above all others, at pick 14, outside of another Greg Olsen like drop out of the top 10, by one of the so-called blue chip picks, I just don`t see him being that sold on any of the players to warrant the money that it will require to get him into camp, when he can move down and get 2 players for the price of 1. It sounds like doing business on the cheap all the time, but it seems to be a sound way to do things.

Prediction: Matt Ryan will be this years Brady Quinn, and will be available at 14!!(seriously)

Why do people like Mendenhall so much?

Frankly, I see little difference between Mendenhall, Smith and Forte. They are about the same size, are all decent receivers and have similar running-styles and 40 times.

Fact is, the running back position is far deeper than the OL. A guy like Forte or Smith may be available with the third round pick, but there is no way they get a comparable tackle in later rounds.

Mendenhall doesn't make sense given the team's needs and the talent available.

It's a tough draft to trade down in, if you want an elite player in this class you have to go RB, DT, and maybe DE, at Oline it's deep but has no elite players, some are better than other for sure but there are a lot of projects that project to being really good if developeed properly. Long and Gosder and maybe Clady are the only sure fire starters at OT and that would be at RT, other guys project as guards to start and develop, like Otah and Williams, both are expected to start at LG maybe Otah at RT but he is a major project.

For the Bears to trade down they really need Mendenhall to be there or maybe Williams then the Boys or the Eagles will make a move, but word is the Eagles will trade with the Bills, and Mendenhall will be gone to the Panthers. The Boys might make a move for Stewart though. There are other teams who may target a player but I think the trade down will be a tough move. I still would go with Gosder. The bears were 15th in passing last year which is not bad, but 30th in the run. Gosder is the best run blocker in the draft. Not to mention remember where a lot of sacks came from last year, it was the right side that was the disaster area. You put Gosder in there and I bet you drop ten sacks this year. If Tait is healthy this year he will be decent on the left side until we get a stud LT in next years draft, next years oline draft class looks to be better than this one, it's not as deep but there are at least two elite players at LT. The Bears also really need a OG but this years class sucks outside of Albert. I do like Roy Schuening out of Oregon St. I think he could start at RG for the bears he is great at run blocking. But I would not grab him in round 2 if he fell to round 3 I would take him with the first pick the bears have.

Some of you guys are kind of jumping the gun on this Philadelphia trade with Buffalo that I don't see happening. First off the Eagles have a much bigger need at free safety than tackle so it would make more sense for the Eagles to stay at #19 and take Kenny Phillips of Miami. Phillips would be an ideal replacement for 35 year old Brian Dawkins. One more fact to think about, the Eagles were in attendance for Jeff Otahs pro day the other day. Philadelphia is in bigger need of a right tackle for the simple fact that there current right tackle Jon Runyan is a young 35 years old and there left tackle Tra Thomas is only 33 so it would make more sense to trade up and take Otah vs Williams but the Eagles could probably stay at #19 and get Otah, also coach Andy Reid likes them big mauler types like Otah. So if the Eagles trade up I see them takeing Otah but I don't think the Eagles will because they can address the right tackle position in the 2nd-3rd round and fill the much needed safety position just staying put and not have to unload any draft picks doing so, to me this just makes more sense oh well GO BEARS!!

I would tend to agree that there are virtually no elite players in this draft. Chris Long is being touted as the highest rated DE ever coming out of college by a couple of different scouting services, Dorsey is being labeled the next Warren Sapp (I thought that was already Tommie Harris), and after that, there seems to be a ton of debate about every other pick. Jake Long is a RT, but could go #1 overall and be placed at LT in Miami. Matt Ryan would have gone third in Eli Manning's draft class among QBs, and some think Brohm will be a better pro because of his intelligence and awareness. McFadden has a skinny lower body, but "could" be among the most explosive running backs in the league.

That is what is great about the draft. Logan Mankins was rated by a ton of scouts as a solid tackle that would have to move to guard. Most had him going in the 3rd-4th round. Pats took him late in round 1, and he is a Pro Bowler. Mark Anderson went in the 5th round, and racked up 12 sacks as a rookie. One man's trash....

I think our entire draft strategy hinges on what Shanahan does at 12. If he goes OT, then we either have to take a running back, or trade back. If he takes Mendenhall, we will have our choice of a couple of the tackle prospects or Albert. Carolina is probably going to take a defensive end, like Harvey or Campbell, so they can help out Peppers on the line (if Mendenhall is gone). They can get their bruiser back in the second round. If Shanahan takes a defensive player, the phone will start ringing in Chicago. Arizona, Houston, Philly, Tampa, Dallas, and possibly Pittsburgh and Seattle could be interested in moving up, either for a tackle or running back. If we were to move back for Cherilus, which is not a bad prospect in my opinion, we could probably get him as low as 20-23 (only if we trade with the Steelers, or they will take him there). We could get at least another third rounder out of the mix, and either draft with all those picks, or use the 44 and 90 to move up to the #32 spot with Miami and get another top line guy who slips out of the first round. We would still have the 70th pick, and any extra ammo we get out of the trade down. The Bears are blatantly cheap, and will be more inclined to trade down than up. But I agree that one of the premier prospects has to be there at 14 for us to be able to move (Mendenhall, Williams, Otah, Clady, or possibly Harvey if teams think the Lions want a pass rusher)

Looking at the draft board, how many teams have Williams, Clady, or Otah rated significantly better than Cherilus? Or Albert? After Jake Long, who I would put closer to the rest than most scouting services, I don't see much variance. Clady has physical upside, but is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Williams is polished, but not physical enough. Otah has great upside, but is raw all the way around, and not sound fundamentally. Cherilus is a superb run blocker, but struggles with speed rushers. Baker is smooth, agile, but not physical. Every one of these guys is good, not great. If I had my choice, it would be Williams, because we can make a guy stronger. I have less confidence in our ability to make guys better, or smarter, or more technically sound.

The other spot in the round that could generate movement is the 5-8 range. The Chiefs, Jets, Pats, and Ravens could all be interested in moving around. If McFadden is there at 5 or 6, then expect the phones to ring for those teams. If Ryan is there at 5, you could also see a pretty aggressive push by Baltimore to get KC not to take him. New England would love to be able to trade their 7 pick for the 22 and 28th from Dallas, just to stick it to Goodell, but Jones says he isn't trading up (wink, wink). If everyone in that group stands pat and makes their picks, the movement will start happening right around the Broncos, Panthers, and Bears.

We would all love for our starting LT to come out of this draft, and he might, but it might not be this year. We need 2 tackles, and at least one guard out of this draft class, and I would not mind at all putting Cherilus at RT, and drafting Duane Brown of Va Tech at 70 or 90 to groom to replace Tait on the left. I do believe that with a decent weight program Williams can man the left side this year (improved to 25 reps on his pro day from 21 at the Combine), but am I willing to bet on it? Probably not. I would much rather bet on Cherilus being a huge improvement over Fred Miller on the right...or Albert being a big improvement over Metcalf or Garza....

Kevin Thomas and Runyan are ancient, and they have Asante Samuel and Lito Sheppard in there secondary. Phillips isn't even first round talent. Not to mention the Eagles list there number one need as Oline help. They could get Morgan or Smith in round 2 or 3 to play saftie. You could also get Lee in round 2 and convert him to saftie or leave him at CB and trade Lito, who it has been reported is on the block it has also been reported that the Eagles are in talks with the Bills. As for big mauler types, Williams is 6-6 and was 315 pounds and all the scouts say he has the frame to add weight and that he should. As for Otah he is a major project, but I hear the Chiefs like him a lot and they are good at developing Oline. Also the Ravens need a Corner in a bad way they could trade picks with the Eagles for Lito and a first rounder as well. Kevin you know it's the Bears, I want Mendenhall, you want Williams, and Angelo wants to trade down.

Hey Kevin it's not our fault the Bears won a couple of meaningless games at the end of the year that took them out of the top 10 in the draft. They always do that in there loosing seasons. Well the season is over and we are out of it so lets play good now.

There is a good chance that Williams, Otah and Albert are all gone when the Bears pick. If tit makes you feel better the last time Angelo drafted a LT at 14 it was Kenyata Walker, he was supposed to be real good too. He rated even higher than Williams. What happened to him again?

man, i dont know about the rest of you, but i am so ready for this draft to happen!!! i know its not going to happen, but i would love to see the bears take mendenhall. the only reason why is i cant stand benson!!! the only good running back (besides walter) the bears have had that was any good is jones, and the bears were fools and dumped him...idiots!!! ive been telling my friends aand family for 2 years now that the bears need some young fresh i hope we get some good players to replace the old farts on the junk line we have now. i dont think grossman would have had nearly so many mistakes if he had an extra second or 2. i also think if we got rid of our biggest problem on offense...ron turner...orton wouldnt be that great for anyone else, which he wasnt really for RT. the only thing orton can do is the little pooch passes which only get about a yard or 2...BFD!!! i also know the price was right for booker and lloyd, but what do they really bring to the table? not much!!!
so, in my opinion get some quility player, whatever position it may be. quit trading down to get extra picks that youre just gonna get rid of later on anyway....shheeeessshhhh!!!

None of you know how wll Mendenhall will be he has not played one single game in the league and comes from one of the slowest conferences in college football. To say Jones was the best back since Payton lets me know theres some fans on here that doesn't know BEAR football hello wake up can you say Neal Anderson dude. Check Benson and Jones numbers in the Super Bowl year Both had 4.1 yds per carry and 6 TD's that year behind a aging but still blocking line. Fast forward one year later can't block anyone both 1st and 2nd string backs yds per carry fall to 3.4 yds. Get Mendenhall and we suck on offense another year get line help and we're contenders again please a back without a line does not work it's not the 80's lineman run 4.5 40yd dashes now you need beef up front

jae, thank you I agree 100% with your blog. Some of you guys act like just because Jerry Angelo never drafted an all pro o-lineman that it is impossible to think that Angelo ever could, I disagree. Some of you guys think the Bears can't develope offensive linemen, I also disagree. First off it is Angelo's job to bring in the players, it is then the job of the coaching staff to develope the players not Angelo, so cutting down Angelo for never drafting a all pro o-lineman is a little of course. Yes I agree Angelo messed up by bringing in some over the hill players to be stop gaps for the o-line, but other than this past season the Bears did have a pretty good o-line thanks in part to Angelo in putting this line together and also in part to o-line coach Harry Hiestand for coaching them. Before this season the Bears with Hiestand had a 1000yd rusher and under 20 sacks per season, then there was the 2007 nightmare with no 1000yd rusher and 20 to 30 plus sacks this was not Hiestand fault, its hard to coach o-line in the NFL let alone when you have a one armed guard, an over the hill right tackle, and a left tackle who was playing hurt most of the season, yes this was Angelo's fault but this does not mean Angelo cannot draft offensive linemen or that the Bears can't develope them. Take Mark LeVoir, I think he could have eventually been the Bears right tackle, the Rams must have seen something in him to take Levoir off the Bears practice squad, there were 31 other practice squads with tackles out there and the Rams chose LeVoir, so Hiestand must have done something right in LeVoirs developement for the Rams to choose him. Also Mark Colombo Angelo drafted him and he turned out pretty good, Angelo should have kept him for the right tackle position but decided to go with Fred Miller and it worked out for a couple of seasons. Also its not fair to say the Bears can't develope o-linemen because how does anyone know? This is Harry Hiestands job and Hiestands only been in the league for going on four seasons and while he was here he never had a chance to develope any one so why are some fans so certain that the Bears can't develope offensive linemen when he has never been given anyone other than LeVoir, Metcalf [bad example], and Beekman who we have yet to see. I say give Hiestand a chance to work with some first day talent like the Bears have a chance to get out of this years draft before passing judgement on the Bears and thinking just because this past year the o-line was bad that it is sit in stone that the Bears cannot draft or develope o-line talent and I also say GO BEARS!!

I recently watched a YouTube video of Kevin Smith.Can anyone say Cedric Benson.Iwas totally underwhelmed.The clip showed his vast skills of easily being brought down from behind as well as an equally unimpressive 3yard scamper into the end zone.I saw no 40 yard bursts for a score.No amazing displays of agility or balance.In other words if angelo wants a replica of Benson this video clip provides enough evidence to warrant his selection.

Now if this is the standard angelo wants to set for this team than he may as well never bother to draft another RB or QB for that matter.We can find an ample supply of this type of quality in the undrafted free agents section of your local grocer.

I know I'm repeating myself but we can count on somebody unexpected dropping down to 14 - a Ryan, Dorsey, Clady, etc. There's only one guarentee - it won't be Jake Long. I do find it amusing how as the draft gets closer some of the alleged experts act like he's got some blemishes. He doesn't and nfl personnel guys know it. Don't forget Jake is the guy who as a junior made all big ten and all american ahead of Joe Thomas in his senior year. Thomas was 2nd team all big ten behind Jake prior to the draft.

Depending on who's available I still think the Bears first best option is to trade down if say Dallas gave them 2 firsts. I'd rather give Jerry two shots at success than roll dice on one guy at 14. What the heck, we'll get Gosder in the early 20's and is he that much worse than Otah or Williams?

Only exception to trading down is if Matt Ryan miraculously fell to 14. I know it's a gamble but I believe he will make the pro bowl someday if healthy. But if they somehow got him, let him carry the clipboard for a year because it will mean our line will stink again. Let Rex take a pounding in his final year as a bear, not Matt.

Mendenhall at 14 is fine but I just caution all that other than QB, drafting 1st round RB's has the most risk to it. Mendenhall like any RB could be a bust or take a career ending injury in the first 24 months.

Kevin I think you make some great points. We are to quick to forget that JA patched the O-Line together because we had the opportunity to be a championship team. He recognized the time was NOW. Rex didn't develop and Benson got hurt again, but we got to the SB. Now it's rebuild the team time.

I disagree on Williams mainly because of the strength issue. The reps of 225 is a good measure of strength, but it's an even better measure of work ethic. I agree you can make someone stronger, but can you instill a work ethic? I don't think so.

Coming out of this draft I really want to see two O-Linemen and one of them a future bookend at OT. I think you try to grab the OLT first, but if none are there and no trades can be made go for the ORT. The 3rd rd is where they look for the guy who can start in a year or two. I'm convinced that Albert will be the OLT if he's there at 14, and who knows Clady may fall because of his 18 on the wonderlic.

A RB can be found in the 2nd or 3rd rds. However, if NIcks falls to the Bears in the 2nd I would jump all over that.

While i do agree that someone is going to drop, it can only help us if a)we want the guy who drops, or b)someone else does. There are reasons these guys drop, as every team is looking for something different, except for the Pats and Jets, as Mangini is playing copycat with Pioli and Belichick in every move he makes. Jake Long is the best lineman rated by everyone for a reason, but make no mistake about it...he does have his faults. He is not a fluid tackle in pass protection, and he misses a lot of blocks at the second level. He will be a solid player in the NFL, either a potential Pro Bowler at RT, or a solid LT for many years. But he is not the athlete Joe Thomas is, nor is he as polished on the edge to keep up with the speed and quickness he will face on the left side.

There is no way we will get Dallas' first two picks. If they trade up, we can get 22 and a third rounder, but the 22 and 28 are equivalent of between the 6th and 7th overall selection, so why would they give that up to only get to 14? We would be lucky to get a third with the other team's first pick for teams who want to move up into our spot. In my opinion, Mendenhall, Mayo, Clady, Williams, and Otah are the only guys who would generate buzz at 14. Detroit could take any one of those guys, or a CB if the right guy is still there (Cromartie perhaps). If none of those guys are there, we are pretty well hosed, and will have to make a selection. Matt Ryan, if he fell past 8 to Baltimore, would probably go to Carolina at 13 before he ever got to us. If by some miracle he drops, we can either make the pick, or use the leverage to get more out of someone else that may want him later in the round (Tampa, Minnesota, San Diego, Green Bay). But I would say the odds are about as good of Rex Grossman setting the single season TD record this year as Ryan being there when we are on the clock.

If the Bears draft Mendenhall,first I'm gonna puke ,then I'm going out to get a Romo-TO ,valentine heart-shaped ,full length tattoo on my back.Seriously, Besides Brady,Brees,& maybe Randle-El, can anyone name a skill-position player from the Big-Ten that made an impact at the next level?If you have to take more than 10 seconds,I've made my point!!!The over-rated Big Ten is only good for lineman & linebackers.Take your regional blinders off!!!

am i the only one that thinks the bears can trade up to get McFadden???

All right before someone blogs me and calls me an idiot I admit I was wrong on the sack total for Hiestands first two seasons. The official count was 2005 31 sacks allowed and 2006 25 allowed still not bad. In my defense I was just making an educated guess to prove a point. As far as rushing the ball under Hiestands watch, the Bears have had at least 100yds in 25 of the first 32 games under Hiestand, 13 in 2005 and 12 in 2006. Keep in mind I bring up only 2005-06 because this is the period in which Hiestand had a healthy o-line to work with. You got to give Hiestand a pass for 2007 because of all the injuries. Like I said earlier through these first 3 seasons Hiestand has never really had a chance to develope a lot of young talent, now we should give the guy a chance to do so before saying the Bears can't develope o-line talent. Here is one small example of how Hiestand is in developing offensive linemen. During his tenure at Illinois, Hiestand tutored 12 all-Big Ten selections on the offensive line. Every senior starting offensive linemen in Hiestand's first seven years with the Illini was signed to an NFL contract for at least one season. After 2002 season, seniors Tony Pashos and Dave Diehl were fifth-round draft picks in the 2003 NFL draft. So Hiestand can develope offensive linemen if given a chance. I think if the Bears bring in a first round tackle and a 2nd-3rd roung guard along with Josh Beekman Hiestand could mold a good offensive line for the Bears. So like I said give Hiestand a chance before assumeing the Bears can't develope offensive line talent because this Bear fan thinks they can GO BEARS!!

texasjim, you forgot Larry Johnson,Chris Carter,Anthony Carter,Terry Glenn,David Boston,Amani Toomer,Plaxico Burress,Andre Rison,Brian Griese he did make a pro bowl,Jim Harbaugh also made a pro bowl,Elvis Grbac made a pro bowl also,Muhammad he made two pro bowls,Joey Galloway,Lee Evans,Chris Chambers,Laurence Maroney,Derrick Mason,Braylon Edwards,Joe Jurecvicius,Dallas Clark,Ben Utecht,Mike Alstott, and i guarentee I'm forgetting a bunch more get my point. I agree I don't want Mendenhall either but I don't think its far to judge a player from what conference he played in oh ya the BIG TEN is the best GO BEARS!!


I agree that Ryan falling that low has low odds. But so did Greg Olsen and Aaron Rogers. I'm just saying someone solid will fall and either be a candidate at we aren't expecting and either trade bait or temptation for us. Williams and Otah won't generate any trade buzz at 14. It will have to be a big gun who falls or Rashard.

Also know we'd have to throw in something to get Dallas's two firsts. Point is I'd rather trade down and have 3 picks in top 50 instead of two for Jerry.

Careful on Nicks - he's got some bad apple in him and many believe he'll be a Cedric. Sign up for his $$ and quit on his team.

On Jake, I read the same stuff you are on line and my point is don't be fooled. I went to UW and followed Joe on TV when I had the chance from my home in Michigan. My kids went to UM and so I saw Jake play many times. He is quick as well as strong as heck. He has more upside and will lift his skills to the level of his competition. Extremely coachable and will be a pro bowl LT as capable as anyone in the league at handling speedy DE's.

Does anyone know of a good live blog that will be active and good to participate in on draft day? It isn't this one because there's too long of a lag.

I believe I remember the Bears taking 2 Michigan WR/RB players early and both were HUGE busts! Maybe it's just the Bears lol.
I feel we can still get a decent RB in the 3rd like Smith (needs to turn the corner with the good hands though) and get our 2 OL in 1st 2nd. WR? Damn how many do we need to draft before we get 1? We have WR set this year and believe it or not we have RB/QB set this year. Just look at the contracts and FA additions people, NO OL PICKED UP IN FA! 2 OL DROPPED! That alone should tell you who the Bears are gonna draft - OL/RB. Get off the RM BS. If the Bears draft RM it means they are giving up on a 4th pick. That means it's time for JA to go, he won't be that stupid to put the nail in his own coffin. But Jones/Benson SB run was nice. It would be nice to see RM/Benson but we would have to have a good OL to do that and the only way is to use our 1st on OL. and the McCaskey's paying 2 RB's? Hmmm can you say Jones/Benson?
Nope it's OL/RB word

Jerry Jones wants McFadden big time, but the Jets are going to take him at #6, so when they do that we offer the 14th pick to the Cowboys so they can take Mendenhall, and we can have the 22nd, and 28th picks in the first round, so we can draft Cherilus, and Flacco!! Da Bears!!!

Sorry to inform you guys that the tackles the bloggers covet the most are really guards according to nfl draft bible they are saying Collins, Cherilus, Albert would be better off at guard due to technic, laterall movement and mirror blocking ability. Baker and Otah are maulers and project as right tackles and the only true technician is Williams who needs strength, Nicks is the next best thing and he is a brute but would still be better served at guard. Someone said Shuering from Ore.St would start they say he has a footwork problem and is pushed backwards too often. There are no saviors in this draft but a lot of versatile big players.

Kevin I agree the 5th round is a great time to get Linemen. I also agree given time to develop the Bears may develop a lineman. Given time.

Keven he didn't develop any of the players on the 05-06 team. The where all here when he got here and they were all vets. So what talent has he developed. Last I checked Beekman is backing up Metcalf and Metcalf still sucks. The last olineman the Bears developed was Olin. Angelo didn't draft him and Hiestand had nothing to do with his development. I don't give anyone a pass for 2007. The Colts had just as many major injuries as the Bears and they made the playoffs. Pitt had a ton of injuries as well. I don't blame the guy for all the problems on the team, but he has been here two years and Metcalf still sucks, Beekman didn't see the field, and St.Clair is still bad. In the last 10 years no Rookie offensive linmen from the Bears has made an impact. Angelo has ignored the issue of offensive line help, somehow he thought ignoring the position in the draft would make the line better and that linemen in his world somehow improve after 12 years.

I agree the Bears need oline help but sayint that will fix the problem would be false. Every position on offense is a big question mark, except TE. Saying a stud QB or RB wouldn't help is bull. Look at New England they had a very good Oline but until Brady got there they stank. Also a lot of teams New England, Denver fell it's better to wait until later rounds to draft Oline. The have a much better history of finding prospects at the line than we do.

Anyone saying there is a chance that Mendenhall will be a bust is right, but you got the same chance with anyone taken in the first round. Not one expert has come out and said any Olinemen in this class is special, but a lot have come out and said Mendenhall is special. So have a lot of college coaches, and so have a lot of players. A lot of experts feel he is the best back in the draft. A lot of people are saying the bears are gonna draft a stud LT in this class. The chances of that happening are only like 10%, most first round offensive linemen make it in the league one way or another but very few become pro bowl calibur talents that you can build around. 90 % of them will make it the league but most bounce around from team to team. Williams, Gallery, Walker, Thomas, Davis, all sure fire can't miss LT talent. Davis is a pro bowl OG and it took him years to find a position. I said it before and I will say it again if it is so easy to build a stud offensive line in the nfl, every team would have a stud line and teams would not always be looking for help there. You cannot name one team in this draft that does not need some help at oline. I don't think there is any chance the bears draft a guy who starts at LT and is good next year if ever. I don't think there is a single chance they fix there line this year or next year. Tait(33), Olin(11 year vet), Garza (Bad), Beekman(cannot even get on the field), Metcalf(real bad), St.Clair(revolving door). But enter a LT who needs to be developed and suddenly everyone is young and good. We didn't develop Beekman enough last year to even get on the field with a decimated oline. As of today he is still behind Metcalf on the depth chart. He is a guard and a center, that position is a lot easier to develop than LT. Finding a franchise LT is like finding a Franchise QB. It's not easy and they just don't fall from the sky.

Kevin good post about the BIG TEN you forgot Bob Sanders(Pro Bowl), Joe Thomas(Pro Bowl), Levi Brown, Tom Brady(I hear this guy is good), Orlando Pace(decent), Adewale Ogunleye(he's a bear), Anthony Adams, Simeon Rice(not to shabby), LaVar Arrington, Ty Law, Charles Woodson. Yep no good talent in the Big Ten.

There are not guarantees in any draft, RB, OT, QB, but given the Bears history of drafting LT or RB over the last 20 years, there is a really good chance we are in for a long long year. Maybe we should just draft a CB and play it safe or an undersized DT.

Creighton, that was my whole point that the offensive line was already in tact when Hiestand got to Chicago in 2005 so he never really got a chance to develope any offensive linemen. But Hiestand did do a good job with these over the hill players and gave the Bears a good line. You are saying it was fair that Hiestand had all these injuried offensive linemen to work with and deserves no pass, that is not fair or being very realistic about the 2007 season. I was just saying that certain fans should lay off the whole the Bears can't develope offensive linemen thing because I think if given a chance Hiestand will, and his tract record in college shows he can.

Oh ya thanks on the complement on my Big Ten blog but texasjim was saying the Big Ten does not produce any skilled players not defense or o-linemen so I didn't forget Bob Sanders or Ogunleye or Adams. But thanks anyways. Oh ya New England wasn't bad with Drew Bledsoe before Brady. And I strongly disagree about New England and Denver having a better past in finding o-linemen, did you forget Jim Covert,Jay Hilgenberg,Big Cat Williams,Olin Kreutz,Mark Bortz,Tom Thayer,Marc Columbo, and there are some I am probably forgetting, its just of lately the Bears have been takeing the free agent route to get linemen so it might seem like they cannot bring in talent on the offensive line by the draft but they can and will GO BEARS!!

We can go back and forth from now to the 27th but one thing will be evident recent history makes the draft a close your eyes clinch your teeth thing in this town and the success rate is not good, how does teams like New England do it? how did the Packers do it last year? how did the Giants do it? and we had them on the ropes. The core was the trenches those teams made concerted efforts to control the line of scrimmage and they won. Not rocket science the Bears have ignored the o-line for five years it will take at least half that to fix but with these guys in charge Bear fans could be some cold winter Sundays cussing at the televison, but at least you won't use up your disk space recording the game you will wait for the shortened replay on NFL Network.

With only 2 weeks away, I am going to sit back and read Biggs post and see what ya'll have to say.

Im not realy going to elabrate on the draft untill I can see what the players can do. I just hope at the end of December we all can celabrate a NFC North division title.

Also don't forget that the Big Ten produced Marion Barber and Laurence Maroney. I'd sure as heck take either one of them for us.

I do think some of us fans are overreacting on ripping Garza and Tait. Let's not forget they were on our super bowl team 15 mos ago. If we can get two of Albert, Gosder, Baker, Chico or possibly Clady if he falls, we'd be ok adding them to Garza, Olin, and Tait. Agreed though Tait won't last more than 2-3 years.

dssr - huh? You're speaking about the Packers drafts? Thompson's getting WAY more credit than he deserves. He hired McCarthy who got Brett under control more than anyone but Holmgren and drafted Jennings who is great. And Mason Crosby and james jones will be decent

Other than that Thompson is over rated on pics. The only difference I see between the 4-12 team and the 13-3 team is Brett Favre reversing from 30 INT's to having the best season of his career. All of these pics he made are either busts or will never be impact players: Collins, Terrence Murphy, Marviel Underwood, Michael Hawkins, Mike Montgomery, Craig Bragg, Abdul Hodge, cory rogers, will blackmon, ingle martin, justin harrel,brandon jackson, aaron rouse,allen barbre,kory hall, desmond bishop. Coston, Colledge, and Spitz are mediocre and Rogers will prove to be decently talented but easily hurt. AJ Hawk frankly is a dissapointment. Yes he is a legitimate full time player but A 5 pic is expected to be a pro bowler. Hawk doesn't even play third down. No better than Hunter except he's got a cool name and hair Ernie Simms, Cutler, Leinert, and Cromartie all would have been better pics.

Kevin I said 20 years Kevin with the Bears oline picks. that leaves Olin and Williams, we didn't develop Columbo, Dallas did, here he was a train wreck. Don't forget Tucker, and Thomas. Through the last 15 years Denver has been very consistant with there offensive line. The last 2 years have been there only problems, and I believe they have a couple more Super Bowl wins and playoff apperances than the Bears in that time. Under Angelo we have developed zero Oline prospects. Your boy didn't do anything with Miller or Brown they where good when they got here. They just got old. That is how it goes at the line, one year there fine the next it's pretty much over. Remember D Dawson in Pitt, one year a pro bowler the next he was done. Kevin for real take a look at the guys you put up, the best ones where all drafted in the 80's except for Olin who I did mention. Name the last franchise LT the bears drafted, Kevin. Here is a clue you already named him in your list. That is not a good thing. Also if your guy is so good and developing players, where is Beekman, last year he was a steal in the 4th round, most people thought he could start at LG or even RG last year, we where a train wreck on the line and he didn't see the field.

Im softening on Williams a bit but Otah is way to raw. Williams is not even close to being Joe Thomas, and will not start right away. Even Levi Brown who graded out a little better than Williams and is a RT did not start to begin with and only played in 11 games. That was at RT starting at LT is whole different game. Williams can not start at RT, the position does not fit him.

You can disagree all you want about finding Oline guys but Denver and New England have been solid at it. Denver is famous for there Oline and the Pats have been too the superbowl how many times behind that line? We have not drafted jack and squat. Did you put Jimbo and Thayer and Hilly up. Thats not a good thing, they where awsome in the 80's. It's 2008. Like I said in the last 20 years name all our Oline studs, it's a small list.

Ceaser Rentie T, Joel Porter G

Dave Zawatson, Jerry Fontenot, Chris Dyko,
Bill Anderson C

Stan Thomas,

Troy Auzenne, Mirko Jurkovic
Todd Perry,

Marcus Spears,


Chris Villarrial
Bob Sapp

Olin, Chad Overhauser

Rex Tucker, Jerry Wisne


Mike Gandy, Bernard Robertson

Marc Columbo, Metcalf,

Bryan Anderson,



Tyler Reed,

Josh Beekman, Aaron Brant

I probably missed some, Big Cat as undrafted. It's not a very impressive list for 20 years is it.

Ok I agree OT in the first round. Williams, Otah or Gosder, I'll shut my mouth about Mendehall. Oh and Next year OT in the first round as well, I will point out that next years LT's look much better than this classes. Just saying.

Creighton, to answer you about Beekman he will be in the running for a starting job in 2008 much like Olin got a starting nod for 1999 his second season after sitting his rookie season also. Like I said you can't throw in the towl for Beekman just yet give him till the end of this season before calling him a bust. Also give offensive line coach Harry Hiestand another year with Beekman also before saying he did not develope Beekman. And Creighton Hiestand aint just my boy he should be yours also if you are gonna go for the Bears. Like I was saying and the only point I'm trying to make is give Hiestand, Angelo, at least till next season to put together an o-line by the draft, I don't care about the Pats and the Broncos line and the Bears line the past 20 years I'm talking about the now. As far as Beekman wait till he is on the field or the end of his second season at least to call him a bust. In the end Angelo messed up by putting together a o-line with some over the hill players and it now appears he is going to do it the right way by the draft, so give Angelo and Hiestand and the young talent a season or two and they will have a good line for the Bears. I know Chris Williams won't be a pro bowler right off the bat nor have I ever said this but I do think he can come in his rookie season and man the left tackle position with Tait on the right side, Olin at center with Garza and Beekman at guards and this should be a good line for the Bears. This is just what I hope happens there are no guarantees but as a Bears fan all you can do is hope so GO BERAS!!

I never called Beekman a bust I said where is he and asked why he didn't play, the season was over last year why was he not in there the last two games. Garza at guard??? No, no, no, no. Hiestand I will give a shot because he has nothing to work with. Angelo is done in my book, he has had since 2002 to get some oline guys through the draft, and has done nothing. It's a great Point about Olin and Beekman and a point I have been trying to make to you. Beekman was highly rated, and Olin was the number one rated Center in the draft. Both sat a year. Williams or Otah will both sit a year or play guard or RT in Otah's case but niether will start at LT, which means Tait will not move over. If the bears can develop oline talent, well I'll believe it when I see it. If angelo can draft oline talent I'll believe it when I see it. His last 2 first round LT picks where busts. Maybe Beekman will work out but the Bears have said they are in the market for a starting guard. As for why I don't think Beekman will start. Lovie already said Metcalf is penciled in and that Josh will get some playing time. Lovie tends to stick by his vets even if they suck.

The reasons I don't like Williams and Otah at that pick are simple. Otah and Williams both have a knock against them about being lazy or unmotivated, that niether likes to hit the gym. There strength numbers at the combine enforce this, and lazy guys who get big paydays don't usually pan out. I will say this though the more I see Williams play in clips, the more I like him. Otah on the other hand the more I see of him the worse he looks. Both are really hard to judge because they didn't face the best compitition and there just clips, however you can see a difference between Williams and Otah and an even bigger difference between Clady and Williams. The other problem I have is if Williams and Otah are so good why do they only grade out as Middle of the first round LT's. A top notch LT is usually considered a top 5 pick. These guys are graded 15-20th best prospects. To me that makes no sense for a LT. A RT graded in there makes sense but not a LT. The other thing is that at Williams Pro Day he decided not to lift again to try and improve his number benching 225. That has been a big knock on him, if he had improved just a couple of reps it would have showed he was working on his strength, instead he chose not to bench at all. Which hints he was affraid he would do worse. Which means he has not been working at it or maybe he has hit his wall maybe that is as strong as he will get.

But we will see.

An interesting note, the Detroit free press had an article about the Bears and Mendenhall in it.

"The Lions need a running back and Illinois' Rashard Mendenhall could be their pick with the No. 15 selection in the NFL draft this month".

"But NBC5-TV in Chicago reports the Bears might be interested in Mendenhall with the 14th overall pick".

"The station reports: Teams typically spend three, maybe four, hours with a potential draft pick on these visits, but Mendenhall's visit turned into a seven-hour affair capped off by dinner with head coach Lovie Smith, offensive coordinator Ron Turner and running backs coach Tim Spencer".

"Turner recruited Mendenhall to play at Illinois when he was the head coach in Champaign. Mendenhall's stock is rising three weeks before the NFL draft, showing off a chiseled body at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, scoring high in one-on-one interviews with teams, and oh yes the mileage -- or lack thereof -- on his wheels in college".

Good overview of the Oline prospects and running back prospects.

And the Running backs

This pretty much sums up why I like Gosder and Brown and not Williams or Otah, and also why I like Mendenhall. I also like Grecco as a back up.

Kevin you asked me before where I had seen Albert listed above Otah and Williams at LT. This is the place also football weekly has it too and Williams and Otah are starting to fall on most boards. There Pro days where not great and the more film people see suggest what I have been saying is true. I think if Williams put his heart into it he would very good and Otah is probably a RT and still a project. Gosder has been rising again and so has brown, Albert cannot get any higher. Also Scott Wright's has Albert above Otah and Williams. Kiper also has Albert above them. I have been saying this stuff for awhile now and it's starting to look like I may be right. Either that or I am spending way to much time on the net and am ruining the demographic.

Thanks for your list...Yes, tHere are some good players listed. LJ,Moose,ALstott, C Carter,Clark(hugely benefits from Polian's ability to identify a Team's need),&Utecht(I'll adress him in a minute).I'll eat some crow,but only a small portion, and here's why:
If you look back over your list ,here's what stands out to me: An alarmingly high percentage of those guys didn't really become producers UNTIL they Found their 2nd or even 3rd team.C Carter=his lust for weed overshadowed his achievements in Philly,A Carter=started as a Lion,right?,Plax=Pitt couldn't wait to get rid of him & wasn't he real close to being booted out of NY prior to last year?,My personal favorite=Harbaugh.I remember having to listen to Steve Dahl(in my defense,my employers were older!!) after Harbaugh's Bears debut,and all he talked about was this brown stain on the backside off his pants.IMPACT or just perfect foreshadowing of his Bears career?
So , with this being said,I don't think the Big Ten produces NFL-ready position players. I think the other major conferences have a tremendous amount of more competition,thus making their players an easier,more productive, & Imediate transistion at the next level. Since you've mentioned the Carter's, the theory of this trend is at about 25 years.Have some fun checking it out.
For all you Mendenhall backers ,would I consider looking at Mendenhall to be my teams' savior with this theory in place? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I wish him the best,but I think he is just a complimentary back.I do like the talk about a Dallas trade scenario, and this is a perfect fit.
for those that mentioned Maroney & Barber, keep in mind that both are going into the EXACT same situation that Benson had this year,being upgraded to starter.The boys & Pats have better systems in place, and we do know that Barber is going to get help via the draft. So the jury is still out on those 2.
Utecht= my personal choice as "Best free-agent signing" this offseason.This guy is going to turn into an elite player in Cincy's offense.
And finally outta respect to you ,Kevin....GO BEARS!!!

Mendenhall in the 1st (the Bears know the Lions would take him with the next pick)

Sam Baker from USC in the 2nd round, and sign Shane Olivea as inshurance. Olivea once played well enough to be among the best paid tackles in the game...sign him at the right price with incentives to light a fire.

Ouch! on the last OL drafts Ouch!
But it doesn't hide the fact we need OL more than RB. JA didn't pick up a OL/RB in the FA so he will draft a OL/RB. Why OL 1st? Cause he dropped 2 OL and kept all RB. Obvious (to me anyway) he is drafting OL first. Although I admit it would be easy to eat my words on JA drafting RM, it just seems likely to draft OL. I sure would hate giving up on a 4th pick without 1 more year of seeing what happens.If we give up Benson and someone else picks him up and goes with's all over
Does anyone remember Jackson/Sorey etc....

The NFL draft links strengthen my position that we can get a decent RB in the 3rd, I mean look who's `supposed' to be there, although by those numbers it looks as if the Great OL (not LT) will be gone by 2-3.
I am not disagreeing that we can get a great LT next year but we need a great OL now. I have always been surprised (usually bad) by JA draft day picks so I probably will be this year as well.
I am beginning to feel that RM will NOT be there by 14, cmon, the 2nd RB is never there by 14. Is there supposed to be a miracle happen this draft day? 2nd RB still on the board by 14 would never happen (never say never)

This is a make or break season for turner the bears are going for a tackle in the first round if any of the good ones r still there if not look for them to grab one of those backs honestly they may suprise us all and go after a QB because honestly i dont think rex is the answer kyle has a chance to take the starting job but we need a true play caller or we can try to hire bret favre as the QB coach but thats just jumping off the cliff to think about but yeah we need to fill the hole at tackle then go after a back and let everything else fall in place

Here`s my first round mock: Dolphins-Gholston
Rams- Jake Long
Falcons- Dorsey
Raiders- Chris Long (Howie`s kid)
Chiefs- Albert
Jets- S. Ellis
Ravens- McFadden
Bengals- D. Harvey
Saints- Rodgers-Cromartie
Bills- TRADE with Eagles or M.Kelly
Broncos- Clady or Mendenhall
Panthers- Mendenhall or Williams
Bears- TRADE or G. Cherilus
Lions- Mendenhall or J. Stewart
Cards- J. Stewart or F. Jones
Vikings- Merling
Texans- Talib
Eagles- TRADE or Otah
Bucs- Jackson WR
Skins- Sweed WR
Cowboys- King CB
Steelers- Nicks
Titans- Campbell DE
Seahawks- Thomas WR
Jags- Rivers LB
Chargers- Flowers CB
Cowboys- F. Jones RB or Hardy WR
49ers- Hardy WR or Baker OT
Packers- Brohm QB
Giants- Mayo LB

There ya go boys, let the fun begin.

We need to draft the most talented players that will fit in our system, which is scary because our system sucks. Even if all picks are on the mark we still have a shaky predictable system and it's gonna be interesting to see how the next 2-3 years will break down. I wonder where we will be and what we will be talking about 3 years from now..

Philbeart reading is fundamental and you did not read my blog for you own enrichment I will re-write the statement:We can go back and forth from now to the 27th but one thing will be evident recent history makes the draft a close your eyes clinch your teeth thing in this town and the success rate is not good, how does teams like New England do it? how did the Packers do it last year? how did the Giants do it? and we had them on the ropes. The core was the trenches those teams made concerted efforts to control the line of scrimmage and they won. Not rocket science the Bears have ignored the o-line for five years it will take at least half that to fix but with these guys in charge Bear fans could be some cold winter Sundays cussing at the televison, Don't comment if you haven't read it.

In 3 years we will be talking about how we took some failure Guard and the Lions fell into Pro Bowl RB Mendenhall. With Mendenhall and Peterson in our division not only can we count on having one of the worst run defenses each year but we can count on it being extremely hard to win our division. JJ and Dallas do not look to be interested in trading up when they should just be able to grab Felix Jones at 22. JA is setting us up for failure. AGAIN.

Kevo the system doesn't suck, it's one of the best there is, we just have never had the talent on offense to run the system. Air Coryell just happens to require a ton of offensive talent to run properly and we currently have no talent on offense thats all.

Texasjim, I don't look at any one player as being a saviour but I disagree that you Believe Mendenhall is not an every down back, in fact most pros feel he is just that. Several Major College coaches feel he is the best back they have seen all year. I not ice you would not mind him being traded to the Boys, how starnge Texas Jim. Besides outside of Long and maybe Albert there is not a OT in this class you could build you line around. Otah is a project and everyone says so, Williams is soft, Gosder is a good RT and Clady looks like a Boom or bust player. But there is no Thomas, Pace, Ogden types in this class. Just good players, most of the guys are rated high because they are so big and Athletic but that does not make them good offensive line players or good LT. Also I notice you did not Mention Brees or Brady, I heare these guys are pretty good players that came out of the big 10. Oh and tex you mentioned when was the last time a Number two RB feel to 14, well here is a better question when was the last time a stud LT fell to 14 in the first round. When was the last time you saw a RB or OT class this deep? Most experts say never.

DJ, I agree that champions are built in the trenches, but who in this draft that will be there when the Bears pick. You usually don't anchor a line from the right side Otah the project and Gosder, and on the left side does anyone really jump out as a pro bowl type as an anchor, Williams is soft and would you take Collins, Brown or Nicks that high when you can get at least one of them in the second round. Williams has talent but he is soft there is a reason a OG named Albert who has only played LT twice is rated above Otah, Williams and Clady as a LT prospect. Think about it, what does that tell you Otah, Williams and Clady are all slipping. None of them has played against much talent and the reason all three are rated this high is because they are all big and Athletic, but all three are considered projects at LT with most feeling Otah will be a RT when he develops.

If the Bears are not gonna take Mendenhall, then they should keep hyping him up and act like they will. Get Dallas to trade up they good get the number 22 and there second rounder for number 14, grab Gosder at 22, Mendenhall goes to Dallas thus keeping him out of the North and away from Detroit, the Bears get a very good RT and a extra second round pick, they can Grab Brown a 1 year project for LT but can play any place on the line like LG his first year and I think he will be a better pro than Williams or Otah. All he needs to do is put on about 10 pounds, scouts love him and so do coaches, plus he loves to play and unlike Otah and Williams he can run and Pass block, his only knock is his height, 6.4 1/2. At worst he is a stud guard. Then they can grab a RB with there other second round pick. Dallas already offered Miami both first round picks and Miami said no, they want more, the Raiders will not trade down and Carolina needs Oline more than they need a RB.

Maybe the stud USC defensive tackle falls unexpectedly to #14, the Bears pick the DT and then the Bears defense outscores the offense in 2008 and wins the Superbowl 6 to 3 over the Patriots.
P.S. And Cedric Benson rushes for at least 500 yards in 2008, with the Bears passing for almost 10 td's.

I say take the best player at #14 which would be Mendenhall not an OL guy you can get later in the draft or trade down to Dallas etc. If you trade down maybe a very good RB and OL could be taken.

The more I think about it the more I realize a trade with Dallas in round 1 is a pipe dream. Miami is negotiating to see what they can do better, but I believe Dallas will trade a couple of their first 2 round picks with someone prior to 14.

djssr - I still don't think the packers are a good example of dominating the line of scrimmage. Both Dallas and the NYG totally dominated both sides of the line for 4 quarters against them. Brett made all elements of their game look better than they were. Can't wait to watch Ryan Grant with a team that opponents don't see as pass first. Also can't wait for their D to see what it's like when you're offense doesn't control the ball for 35+ minutes every game. Ball control makes mediocre D's look good.

I think all the GM's are gonna get cold feet and draft for flashiness and skill players rather than meaty offensive lineman.
So Williams, Otah, et al will be available.
Now wouldn't it be something if Angelo trades up to get McFadden.

I know... I'm crazy:(

texasjim, your blog said can anyone name a Big Ten skill-position player who made an impact at the next level, and I did. Now you are talking about it took awhile for some of these guys to develope?....huh? I don't care where you play college ball at most players don't come into the NFL ready to play especially skill-position guys, except maybe running backs. Rashard Mendenhall is a running back, I also would like to see the Bears go offensive tackle with the #14 pick but I do however think that if Mendenhall lands on a team with a legit o-line he will be good his rookie year, because it does not matter where you play just as long as you can play. See texasjim that is my only point, don't judge a guy by where he played, just as long as he can play GO BEARS!!

Now my old buddy Creighton, I still think the Bears should take Chris Williams at #14 if they do they do if not I don't care I'm confident that Angelo has a plan in mind. If Angelo goes Mendenhall at #14 I'm not gonna cry about it because the Bears can land a offensive tackle in the second round like Sam Baker, Anthony Collins, or maybe Duane Brown. Now Creighton think about something you just said, you said and I quote [Lovie tends to stick with his veterans even if they suck] think about it Creighton, think about the money the Bears are already paying Benson, now do you think they are gonna ink out another high dollar contract to a first round runner like Mendenhall? I don't think so, because if that were the case they would of paid Thomas Jones. Also I've heard you say and I've said the same thing because everyone knows this, Angelo does not give up on his draft picks especially Benson add on the fact Benson last two games before the injury were strong remember the long td runs vs the Seahawks I guarentee Angelo does. I use Rex Grossman as another example he also finished the year strong and what does Angelo do...... he gives him another shot. So creighton don't set yourself up for a draft day let down GO BEARS!!

Creighton couple more things before I forget, I checked out some draft sites about Branden Albert and I think I know why he has a higher draft grade than Williams or Otah. First thing is he had better workout numbers, but the main reason is because of his versatility. The fact that Albert is the highest rated guard and that he could be a fill in tackle gives him a higher draft grade than Williams or Otah, but it does not mean he will be a better tackle, it just means he can come in and do more than one job thus giving Albert more value. And Creighton I never said that Chris Williams was a stud left tackle, but I do however think in time he can become one. Fact is you are taking just as big of a chance on Williams as you are Mendenhall, so this is why I like the Bears to draft Chris Williams not because I think Chris Williams will be a All Pro right from day one because he won't, but I do think Williams will be solid and eventually good. And Creighton you keep brining up all these bad o-linemen that Angelo and the Bears have drafted what about all the bad runners they brought in, whats the difference? Like I said you are takeing just as much of a chance with Williams as you would be Mendenhall. Fact is the Bears would be takeing a bigger chance on Mendenhall because they would be asking him to learn a pro playbook and try and run behind a bad offensive line, not very smart, and this my friend is why I am so big on the Bears building that offensive line than I am worrying about skilled guys. Also creighton just because Williams did only 21 rep does not mean he is lazy, it just means he does not have great endurance, so if I was to go to your job and pick out a couple guys with more muscle endurance than you that would make them automatically harder workers than you, come on that is ridiculous to even think that. And Creighton how do you know Williams has not been in the gym? As far as Otah, he probably has not because of the bum ankle. Speaking of the ankle the fact that Otah went and worked out at the combine doing everything that he could, shows he is not lazy because a lazy player would not have even showed up, think about it. This also shows me that Otah would play hurt, also not the attributes of a lazy player. Also just because Chris Williams chose to stick with his combine numbers does not make him lazy, a lot of players did this, it does not mean they are all lazy, it means they stand to make a lot of money and they don't want to take a chance to mess it up. So you see guy I still say draft Chris Williams and go running back in the second I think the Bears would be better off to do so GO BEARS!!

Please tell me who will open those truck holes for RM like the Vikes did for Peterson? Do you really believe the RB's do it all by themselves? We have no offensive line, the guys we have that are worth a manhole/nickle :) are old as sin. Now I like RM but I saw the big holes that the premier RB's in the league use to start their runs and we don't have that. Maybe beat the hell out of the RB till we get a line.
What will JA do if we draft RM? Throw away the 4th pick in the draft and JA's credibility? not enough to pay RM and Benson that's for sure. RM shoulda been drafted this year and we shoulda went after OL help instead of Benson and kept Jones but that's all in the past (sadly)now we have Benson and need OL. If Da draft RM I will love to see what they do with Benson.

Although I loved your comments and it would be way too hard to pass on the best player RM (if there), please tell me who will open those truck holes for RM like the Vikes did for Peterson? Do you really believe the RB's do it all by themselves? We have no offensive line, the guys we have that are worth a manhole/nickle :) are old as sin. Now I like RM but I saw the big holes that the premier RB's in the league use to start their runs and we don't have that. Maybe beat the hell out of the RB till we get a line.
What will JA do if we draft RM? Throw away the 4th pick in the draft and JA's credibility? not enough to pay RM and Benson that's for sure. RM shoulda been drafted this year and we shoulda went after OL help instead of Benson and kept Jones but that's all in the past (sadly)now we have Benson and need OL. If Da draft RM I will love to see what they do with Benson.

Kevin I didn't say Williams had not been in the gym. I gave some facts and said it sounds like he has not been working at it. Also he has gained some soft weight sense the season ended, just look at him. Otah ran at the Combine but his Ankle should not have effect his bench or his film. He did run but he is working on a big pay day. The point I maid is that lazy guys get that payday and it is usually not good. I never said they where anything, I clearly stated it was my opinion and gave some exaples why. As for who si more versitile Williams, Otah or Albert. All can play guard and Otah is the only one who could play RT. The two sites I gave you do not just rate Albert higher, but rate him as a better OT than either Willams or Otah.

I also never said Mendenhall would not be a bust in fact several times in conversations with you I have said he could be just as big a bust. I have said time and again it is the draft and everyone is a gamble. How I feel about any player is not important I like Mendenhall and other oline prospects better than William or Otah, thats all. Not a big deal. I told you before if I am wrong I will be eating crow. Look I like Long to and if he was there at 14 I would say grab him over Mendenhall. I just like some different players than you, Williams and Otah look like Busts to me thats all. Some people think Mendenhall is a bust cause he played in the big 10, they may be right. I just don't like them Kevin, they will have to prove me wrong, and if they do I will cheer for them, which is usually the kiss of Doom which means they will suck if I do so I will have to boo them forever if you want them to be good. So either way I am not gonna say a good thing about them.

I have alos made several points in most of my posts that the draft is not just about round one. I posted on one of Biggs new bloggs and talked about oline and offense in general and what it takes to build a contender and a strong offense, you should read it, it's very fair and not about any current or past bears prospects but about winners and how they got there, most people seem to have liked it and it does make sense.

It's in "It's a mock draft world, we just live in it"

My vote.

Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois..

Yes ,I did mention how these Big Ten guys take a while to develope into productive players,Usually when they reach their 2nd team.I thought that I would stick to theme that this IS a draft blog!!! Not a "Pick a guy and groom him for HIS next team".Just putting a theory out there Without having to even mention the history the Big Ten has of producing 1st round bust at the skill position.
2things=(A)I just moved to Houston last year.I spent my first 37 years in the Northern suburbs right smack dab next to Halas Hall. I Even painted at Da Coach's house in the early 90's.( just for the record...Houstonians HATE the Cowboys!!It's pretty cool since I can't stand them myself!)
(B)A little courtesy in reading the my ORIGINAL post(takes about 3 seconds) . Brady,Brees,& Randle-El were mentioned.

Now back to projections:

Bears 1st rd: Available No trade; Williams OLT, Cherilus ORT, Mendenhall RB. BEARS PICK Cherilus ORT. He's a better run blocker, Tait has a couple years in him.

Bears 2nd rd: Available No trade; Brown OLT, Nicks OLT, Charles RB, Forte RB. BEARS PICK Brown OLT. He has doesn't have the weight issue and can develop behind Tait for 2 years.

Bears 3rd rd: Available Smith RB, Choice RB, Woodson QB, Johnson QB. BEARS PICK Smith RB & Woodson QB.

4th rd is a DT

5-7 is WR, FS, OG.

The 2nd rd OL guys are available because the teams in front of the Bears took Albert, Otah, Clady in the 1st rd. If those teams don't take OL then the Bears might get Albert and if so will draft a ORT in the 3rd or 4th rds.

Windy City - not bad and generally agree. But would adjust on round 3. I wouldn't take Woodson at QB. Take another lineman or RB and use 4 or 5 round to take the San Diego St QB. Better gamble and he comes cheaper pickwise.

Another angle to look at is the KC Chiefs, they have proven time and time again, that they don`t have a clue, when it comes to the draft, so it looks like they will be taking calls for that 5th overall pick. I would like to at least see Angelo call Rod Graves, formerly of the Bears, to see what it would take to get that 5th pick? Ya never know, I don`t know what everyone thinks of McFadden, but hey. Also, does anyone see Chris Johnson the RB from East Carolina, being converted to a WR? I look at this guy and his blazing speed, and can`t help but see him flying down the sidelines of Soldier Field, with the Packers Al Harris trying to catch him, but not being able to, as the Bears run the score up on their sorry ass-s!!

I was figuring if they do take 2 OL in rds 1&2 they probably won't grab anymore. They would have Tait, Beekman, Kreutz, Garcia, St. Clair, Oakley, Reed and Cherilus, Brown (9) they probably would cut Reed. I'm already figuring Metcalf is gone. If they draft an OL in the 3rd they have to keep him on the active roster and there's no room.

I was thinking about O'Connell. He has size and mobility, but avg. arm and not always accurate. I think they might look for him in the 4th or 5th rds. If they take a DT in the 3rd, or a WR in the 3rd.

I like Mendenhall, but would be shocked if they took him. They need OL more and that's a lot of money at one position. The guy I really like is Albert OLT/OG. If he doesn't work at OLT slide him in and draft a nasty RT in the 3rd rd Grecco, or Zuttah.

It looks like things are good in the areas the Bears need help. OL, RB, WR and maybe QB. I just hope they learned from last year. They reached on all their picks except for Olsen.

CREIGHTON- u like hearing urself talk or something nobody reads ur blogs dude, u write frickin novels. Our system doesnt suck . It's terrible! and like i said predictable on both sides!go head write a few more pages and im still right...

Creighton you are trippin a little now and guesstimating way ahead from season to season the pro bowl is a popularity contest and not always a measure of a good player so being pro bowl is not all it's cracked up to be, how many players have outstanding years and don't make the pro bowl? In a draft you want pieces to the puzzle that work and fit and if you get some pro bowlers then great but there are only a certain amount of pro bowlers on each team most teams are just good players doing their jobs well. And thats all they need to win. Geez Creighton lighten up.

I think it is a good thing that they know about Smith. It means the Bears are doing their homework. WE expect the Bears to pick up some gems in the later rounds.

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