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Seventh round excitement about to begin

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Three picks before the Bears go on the clock with the first of their five seventh-round selections.



General manager Jerry Angelo has gotten production from two seventh rounders so far in his tenure with the Bears, cornerback Trumaine McBride last year and linebacker Rod Wilson in 2005.

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Young from Tenn is still on the board

i usually try and say 'no' to the bashing, but i'm hoping JA knows something that we don't. i cant wait to hear his reasoning for waiting until pick 222 to draft another lineman.

although not too exciting name-wise, i liked the way the draft began w/ our first four picks. we fulfilled needs w/ the OT, RB and WR....and at least got a value pick (albeit one w/ character issues) with the DT from Arkansas. but drafting two straight DBs in mind-boggling to me, especially when 1) the greater need was OL, and 2) when there were reasonably good QB prospects in round 5 in Booty/Ainge/Woodson. why not draft the bigger need? why not take the value pick at QB like we did earlier w/ the DT? to rub salt in the wound Minn trades up to take Booty after GB picked up Brohm, so we'll get to see the prospects up close and personal.

bottom line is this: i think that most of us here could stomach JA's faith in Rex and Orton for this season AND his decision to pass the higher ranked player in Mendenhall for the o-lineman as long as we were going to solve our o-line problem moving forward. Regardless of how Beekman turns out we'll be in the same position two years from now when Tait and Kruetz will be in sharp decline. Barring an unexpected offseason trade or restricted free agent pickup i'm not seeing that problem- let alone out QB problem- solved.

however its not all negative, we now have ridiculous depth on D and special teams so i am optimistic that we should dominate in those two phases of the game.

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