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Scheduling tidbits and nuggets

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Some predictions are already trickling in as to how the Bears’ 2008 campaign will finish. Before we get to the completely haphazard business of projecting things ourselves, we’ll review some notes about the upcoming slate of games.

*** With the preseason opening Aug. 7 against Kansas City, you can project that the club’s seventh training camp at Olivet Nazarene University will open in Bourbonnais, Ill., just prior to the weekend of July 26-27. Chances are it will be the 24th, but the team has yet to make an announcement.

*** The Bears were slated to play five prime-time games last season but had the Nov. 18 game at Seattle (originally scheduled to be on NBC) bumped in flex scheduling after their poor start. The Nov. 30 game at Minnesota is subject to flex scheduling. It’s set to be a prime-time appearance on NBC also.

*** The Bears could play six games in domes this season. They’ll have four—Atlanta, Detroit, Minnesota and St. Louis—and Indianapolis and Houston each have retractable roofs.

*** The “Monday Night Football” appearance against Green Bay on Dec. 22 will be just the second time in 12 years the Bears have hosted an “MNF” game. The last time was when they re-opened Soldier Field in 2003 against the same Packers.

*** There are two stretches in the schedule where the Bears have three consecutive home games, including the first three games in December.

*** This marks the seventh time in nine seasons the Bears will open the season on the road.

*** Only two road opponents had winning records in 2007—Indianapolis and Green Bay.

*** Coach Lovie Smith on the schedule:

“Everyone looks forward to receiving the schedule. We liked the advance notice of our season opener in Indianapolis, but now we have the rest of the blanks filled in. Every year has challenging stretches, and this season is no different. We are excited to have five prime time appearances. Most important, three of those games will be at home in front of our fans. Our national games have been on the road the past few seasons.’’

*** The bye is in Week 8, a good time for a team that stays healthy through the first half of the season. The bye last season fell in Week 9.

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At this rate, the Bears are on tap 2 win 5 games. If they are lucky. Ron Turner and Babich need 2 be UNEMPLOYED. The have ZERO offense. No qb, no line, no receivers, and no rb.

im a little more positive, i think they have a good chance of winning alot more than 5 games. i think the bears will draft a couple of linemen who will end up starting this year. if they do that and they are any good, or better than the line from last year, then thatll give the QB more time to pass. i also think grossman should start he has more upside than orton. plus grossman is more exciting to watch than orton. the only thing that really worries me about the bears is the runningback position. we need to get someone in there with fire in there eyes!!! someone whos excited about playing in the NFL. and that sure isnt benson!!! as for the recievers, i think we should be ok, we some guys who can be really good given a chance, and i think they will work out better than people expect them to this year.

The offense gets the attention but I predict that 08 will be shaped by the play of the defense. We don't need superstars on offense if the defense returns to championship ways and the way I see it only injuries will be between the Bears and a dominant defense.

Offense needs to move the ball and not make turnovers. Orton can do it and I predict that Benson will be "born again"!

I agree that the outcome of this season will be in the hands of the defense. All we need is for the offense or Devin to put up 21 points & we should be okay. The O-line play will decide how things shape up on offense. I believe Grossman will be fine this year throwing to Clark & Olsen. He does not have to win the game but manage it. As much as I would like to think Benson will be "born again", I do not see that happening. I sure hope we draft a good RB to push Benson in becoming what he use to be at Texas.

I say we go 10-6

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