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Sam's club: Signing in KC could cross Davis off Chiefs' list

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Given his injury history he’s no sure fix for the return woes of Kansas City, but he might be enough to scratch Rashied Davis off the list of possible targets for the Chiefs.

Free-agent B.J. Sams signed a one-year contract with the Chiefs today, filling a need they have been looking to solve this offseason after Eddie Drummond fizzled in the role trying to replace Dante Hall. It’s a job Kansas City could have used Davis in if it pursued the wide receiver in free agency. As it stands, Davis is now nine days away from the deadline for restricted free agents to sign an offer sheet with another club.

Davis was tendered by the Bears at the low level of $927,000, and would not require compensation if he was signed away because he was not drafted by the club. But the chances of someone stepping up and writing a contract for the slot receiver that the Bears will not match seem remote. He’s simply not going to command big bucks and no club wants to do the heavy lifting of wooing a player and writing a contract only to have another team say ``thank you very much’’ and match the deal. Safety Brandon McGowan signed his RFA tender from the Bears last week.

Because Davis is an RFA he is eligible to participate in the Bears’ voluntary offseason conditioning program, which began Monday, and he is expected to be involved soon. It’s likely he will go to the April 18 deadline to sign an offer sheet before putting his name on a contract with the Bears. When he does, the $16 million in available salary cap room the team has will essentially be reduced to $15 million.

The Chiefs are in need of help at receiver even after signing Devard Darling to a deal last month. Sams is a defensive back but the Chiefs have been angling for a boost in the return game and he’s excelled in the past although the former Baltimore Raven missed all but the opener last season after suffering a torn ACL. Sams had a fractured leg in a gruesome play in 2006.

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Yawn! Jerry get a leigit #1 WR. Devin Hester fits the slot. I love Rashied Davis on special teams, but we need another playmaker on offense.

What is missing here??

Why would JA seem to care less about this guy?
-He is VERY clutch. He dosn't drop passes. He's the guy making catches during the bears two-minute drill.
-He's reported as very hard worker.
-He's only 28
-He dosn't cause any trouble, and is married
-He's a very solid returnman. He's the one returning all the poochkicks

What gives?

Jack, I think Jerry is actually being very good to Rashied. He's basically given the WR a chance to set the market for himself--"Go out and get the best contract you can from another team."

Like Biggs said, I'm thinking Jerry would match just about any reasonable contract. But this way he's allowing Rashied to find out how much money is on the table, instead of making an offer and saying, "Take it or leave it."

Agreed - RD is a pretty good WR at this point and I feel JA is doing the right thing for all involved - we don't want to lose him though.
I loved how Hester did the cross field routes last year ala the Moss/Owens crossing routes, get a speedster on that short cross route and it's tough to defend and Hester showed good hands catching that route pass as well. Hester is our Berrian now as well. Hester/Bradley/Booker/Davis

It is Lovie who treated Rashied bad. Why didn't he get more playing time? The guy has great character and everyone loves him. Other teams are glad to see Bradley instead of Rasheid.
I think playing Hester too much is a bad idea. He can score more quickly on kickoff returns than sitting on the bench because he got hurt on a 7-yard square out pass. Don't give other teams a chance to deliver a big hit. Send Rashied over the middle (good idea).

Where does RD fit in if the Bears draft a WR in the 1st 4 rds? This draft has a lot of sub 4.4 WR's who are 6' or better. They are committed to Hester, Bradley, Booker in the mix is Lloyd, Haas, Rideau. I don't think they will keep more than 5 WR's.

I like Davis, but I don't see the spot on the roster.

Where does RD fit in if the Bears draft a WR in the 1st 4 rds? This draft has a lot of sub 4.4 WR's who are 6' or better. They are committed to Hester, Bradley, Booker in the mix is Lloyd, Haas, Rideau. I don't think they will keep more than 5 WR's.

I like Davis, but I don't see the spot on the roster.

It's not like there are any gaurantees that Lloyd, Rideau, Hass or even Bradley will remain healthy or show that the are hands down better then Davis as a WR so I say bring in all these guy's and draft one or two also, then let training camp and the preseaon games shake out the good and the bad.

We probably keep six on the Roster since Hester still will be categorized as a KR. Early favorites are Booker, Hester, Bradley, Davis, Lloyd and the last spot will probably go to best performer between Hass, Rideau or any rookie draft pick we bring in to compete....

If any of these guy's show promise then their will be a hard decision or two that will need to be made during the roster cut downs but it is a good problme to have, certainly better then not having any good WR's to choose from.

Bradley showed when healthy that he can be a solid #1 WR, He is that good. The only question is health, I feel Bradley will bust out this year (given OL/QB protection) I forgot about Loyd, but then SO DID most teams when he was available as FA. RD can be a solid #3, (slot) but with Booker we will use both in spots. I really don't see the Bears drafting a WR early as they want to develop Hester as #1 and They need OL/RB more. Maybe Booker will be ahead of Bradley but not for long.

I don`t think that the Bears should even be breathing Devin Hester as a #1 receiver, for the simple fact that his natural God given ability, is as a return man. I feel you can use Hester as your deep threat receiver, or decoy, on a given play, but to use him as a #1 would simply open him up to the most ferocious defenders on the field, the D-backs, and they will eventually light him him up to the tune of a 4-6 week injury, or worse, the season ending one, which would then mean that you had just lost 30% of your scoring capabilities, both on offense and special teams, and the Bears cannot afford to do that. This has got to be Mark Bradley`s year, or he should be gone, with the time, and money invested in him, he should be bringing more to the team than what he has to this point, and the Bears should address receiver in the draft to insure that if he has a horrible training camp, and pre-season, then they have someone else that can step in and contribute. I also see people mentioning Bradley as a #1, but I don`t think Marty Booker came here to be a #2, so either management is talking out the side of their mouth, or we as fans aren`t getting the message. So, here it is: Booker is your #1, #2 is open between Bradley, Lloyd, Rideau, Hass, and #3 is open between maybe Rashied Davis, and any rookie that the Bears decide to draft.

heres my take on it: we need to keep RD, hes a for sure thing! get booker and bradley in as our no. 1 and 2 WR's. get hester involved alot more, (no screen plays for him please!!!) that way by next year hester can possibly be our no.1. i wouldnt have even picked up Lloyd, so dump him. now heres my sleeper.....USE HASS...that guys doesnt miss a thing, unlike our no.1 wr from last year;o)~ why draft these players if your not going to give them a shot?

Who said that Davis was very good? In Chicago a guy can make a catch now and then and we consider him very good. His numbers are not very good when you put them against WRs on the bottom of other rosters. WRs aren't a dime a dozen but guys like Davis are. And I knew someone was bound to bring Rideau and Haas up as potential starters or contributors. I just don't see it. Guys on the practice squad can be scooped up by any team but teams never sign guys on our PS who are WRs. We've only lost one that amounted to anything and his name escapes me right now. You can say that Lovie and the BEARS don't develope guys on this roster but I don't care how much they play you when the season is lost if you have no talent, throwing a guy out there won't develope him. Rashied Davis is an okay WR who does a few good things on special team but no one wants him because he isn't worth dangling a contract to when you know he's not going to help your team. I will say that he is a victim of collusion because he would only use another team as potenial to get a better contract with the BEARS that he wouldn't get otherwise. And all those other teams know it and won't budge. Yeah, he's married and keeps his nose clean but he's not a playmaker and when are you guys going to get tired of having all these model citizens who fit in well with more talented players? You guys so readily accept these blase players and the honchos on the BEARS will keep trotting them out because you accept them like they are stars. 28 and a former Arena player. He's not the success story of Kurt Warner so let that go.

Booker #1??? WTF did he do in Miami??? Booker is a #2/3 if wer'e lucky. I passed on Booker no matter what in my fantasy teams every single year after he went from Da Bears. If he can't even stack up as my #5 Fantasy Receiver what will he do as our #1?
Sports Caster on ESPN said the McCaskey's were handcuffing the Bears management, and we should have kept Berrian and went into FA. (See ESPN Bears site Draft Video) The McCaskey's want ALL their money and MAYBE stand up there and smile while they collect an NFC trophy every 20 years or so. So that leaves the Bears fans with RD - I have to agree about RD being not that great but he is what Da Bears have so he is OUR best 4TH WR (not other Teams best) so therefore we have to keep him - sad but true. btw I have been a Bears fan for 44 years and seen 2 Super Bowls. The last one made me want more! But I have faith again this year.....our D will once again be mighty. If we sign Harris lol

Most of you guys on here realize how valuable Rashied Davis is to the team. Well, except for Sir William R. Donald III. Davis not a playmaker? Sir, Rashied is the definition of playmker making those clutch catches on 3rd down and even getting a lot of YAC.

Where are Mike Haas and David Ball?

First of all, Devard Darling has not done anything for the Ravens in all the years he has been there. He is not proven or that great. He has been, at best, a number 3 reciever because of injuries. Davis has speed and size the chiefs could use. The chiefs are really bad at acquiring big names and only go after project players. Carl Peterson is the man that does this and keeps the chiefs from being great. Teams like the Patriots who pick up young and at least somewhat proven guys are the ones who have been reaping benefits instead of the chiefs who pick up guys like Darling, Bell, etc.

Earlier this off season I had made cases for Haas and Rideau as options and I still think one of them will surprise you. With the present condition of the running game and the OL you cannot say either way about the WR's. If not playing the other draft picks is how you are judging them then the draft after Wolfe was a waste

Davis had 17 catches for under 9 yards per catch. Where is playmaker written all over that. Ced Benson had 17 too and just 2 yards less per average. Who thinks that he's great at catching? So what Davis didn't have many chances. Only you guys-HOMERS- think that he's anything special. Cluth? A few times but he's not great like you guys want to believe. In the overall scheme of things you can say that Tank Johnson was more important than Davis and who is crying about his loss, regardless of the circumstances. Receiver wise you should've missed Bobby Wade who was better but couldn't hold onto punts. You think Davis is better?

If KC is desperate for WRs what does that say about Davis that they can pass him up like that? If he couldn't help the BEARS how will he help anyone else? And it is sad that we try so hard to hold onto okay players. You don't think that management is keenly aware that they escape unscathed from being blamed from getting subpar WRs because you guys are so geeked about WRs who get 25 catches and average less than 10 yards? They can always say that RBs won't ever amount to anything around here in comparison of Walter and that makes it easy to sell getting wasted 1st round picks like the ones they've had the last 20 years. You guys don't even realize that Neal Anderson was very good because of those unavoidable comparisons. Last great RB that we drafted.

Who cares what the ESPN huckster's say?

You don't pay Bernard Berrian $42 million dollars under any circumstances.

As far as Davis, I don't know why here recieved SO MUCH playing time last year.

When healthy, Bradley is a better reciever, and Hester is a potential deep threat.

While Davis made some big catches in 2006, he is nothing more than a marginal slot reciever/ST player.

He averaged all of nine YPC last season. That won't cut it.

I hope he comes to camp, but if they draft a WR high, and Hester, Bradley and Lloyd get their heads out of their behinds and play to their potential, he is the odd man out.

Between the QB play and the horrible blocking , the Bears didnt have enough offensive plays to utalize Davis. The guy is only 2 years removed from CB. I like his play on special teams and on offense. The running game wasnt steller last year also. That all factors in that RD only had 17 catches, oh yeah and Hester transition to WR.
For less then a Million I do believe RD is a valuable asset to the team. He came alive in the last 3 games on special teams. Made som big hits and was part of a unit that allowed the opposing teams the worst field possition on Kick Offs. He cam mentor the young guys on the Special Teams Unit. If Im wrong someone correct me but isnt he the 2nd oldest guy on the current roster on the Special Teams unit? Patrick Manely being a couple of years older.
By the way David Ball is long gone.

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