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Report: Bears mull move up for QB Ryan

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Could Jerry Angelo be fixing to make like George Jefferson and go “movin’ on up” when the draft begins Saturday?

Well, if you’ve checked out Armando Salguero’s story today in the Miami Herald, maybe it’s in the cards. Salguero reports that the Bears are among four teams considering options to move up and snare Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan. It’s a pretty good bet that any of the teams holding a top four pick—Miami, St. Louis, Atlanta and Oakland—would love the opportunity to move down and collect more selections while getting out from under the burden of a massive rookie contract.

The Inside the Bears staff will believe this scenario when we see it (that's not to say it isn't entirely possible for the other teams mentioned). There’s more smoke being created now that we’re five days away from the draft than you’d get at a four-alarm blaze at a lumber yard. Angelo has yet to trade up on Day 1 of the draft in six years, and moving into the top few picks to snare Ryan seems implausible. Remember, Angelo traded out of the No. 4 spot in 2003 and did all he could to deal out of it again in 2005. The problem is, it’s hard to find takers for those spots.

But if he believes Ryan is THE SOLUTION, the one who can put an end to the quarterback carousel in these parts, then he’d well served to look long and hard at all options. Angelo saw Boston College in person at least twice. He could have been scouting offensive tackle Gosder Cherilus as much or more than Ryan. We’ll see soon.

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I don't see him making the move unless its to grab McFadden. Matt Ryan MAY be the best QB in the draft but trading up for him doesn't seem realistic

Oh my god my head hurts. I saw Angelo and move up in the same sentence and I passed out. Angelo trade up right and the Democratic party is about to declare Bush the greatest president ever.

No chance, there is no chance this happens he was looking at Gosder and walked into the wrong room where Ryan was working out, he quickly left and ran back to Gosder as the idea of a good QB scares him almost as much as trading up does. However Gosder would be a trade down, which seems to fit his MO more than anything, It's all about Value. Heck Angelo probably never heared of Ryan, he has a mental block to learning about good QB's.

The best trade the Bears could do is trade the 14th pick and a 4th (or even a 3rd) to Dallas for their 2 #1 picks. Take Cherilus and RB J. Stewart with those picks. If Henne, Brohm or Flacco are available in the 3rd, take one, if not get the best OG left. Then get WR, OG or best available with 3rd rounder. Dallas may do the deal if Mendenhall is still there at 14.

I hope not. Grossman/Orton will put it together for the 08 season. OL or RB

I would prefer the Bears build the team with 2-3 OL and a great Running Backand fullback obtain WR Chad Johnson from Cincinnatti and pick up Tom Brady's brother in the 6th round. How many first round draft pick quarterbacks are not as touted by the so called pundits? If Matt Ryan is a no miss then maybe and I would rather get a sharp stick in the eye then watch a Bear quarterback not live up to the expectations of a top 4 pick. Some famous QB's not first rounders, the afforementioned Tom Brady, Brett Favre and Joe Montana to name a few, all hall of famers!!! not hall of shamers!!! Build the team's infrastructure and pick up a project QB in the middle rounds. Lets let Grossman and Orton have a chance one last time.

The Bears would probably not find any takers to trade out of the 14th pick; Dallas wouldn't want to make that trade with the Bears because there is no one they are dying to jump up to get at number 14. If Dallas is going to trade away those two picks, it will be to jump up and get someone like McFadden or Jake Long.

I would seriously rather have Rex or even Orton. Ryan is not that sweet and DEFINATLY not worth trading up to get. We need OL/RB before QB.

sounds like J A is doing more "due diligance" as any pro would and we have the money to sign Ryan but with so many needs on our O line,running back and reciever I'd only do it if I was sure the top 4 o-lineman are going to be gone. We played 3 good (thats right I said it) QBs last year and they all failed because they were backpeddeling for their lives. All super bowl teams have 1 good lineman and we need to build from the lines out.I still think Williams or Otah will be available and I still hope mendenhal don't go to detroit. I'm sure there is a reciever bust for the hated Matt Millen to draft.

This makes me so nervous. Drafting QB's in the 1st round is so hit or miss. This team has so many needs and if Ryan never panned out...this organization may go back into the crapper. Wow. I was gonna watch the draft but now I may get a late tee time just so I don't have to watch this.

Kansas City I can see takeing Matt Ryan at #5, if not them then the Baltimore Ravens will most certainly take Ryan at #8 especially with the recent retirement of Steve McNair. I really don't see Angelo tradeing up for Ryan, not with all the needs the Bears have right now at o-line and running back. I think with the extensions Grossman and Orton got shows that Angelo will go with them and maybe take a QB in either the second or later in the 4th-5th round. If Flacco or Henne are there in the 2nd I don't see Angelo passing on either of them. Althought I don't see either of them being available because I see a run on QB's in the early second with teams like Miami, Atlanta, Kansas City, and Baltimore all looking to upgrade at QB. Which ever of these teams does not take Ryan will most certainly go QB in the second, this is why I see a QB rush in the early second. I say its for the best anyways, because I am not a big fan of Ryan. I like Ryans accuracy in the short to intermediate passes but what scares me about Ryan is the 24 interceptions the last two seasons. Not the fact that Ryan threw all of them but because 19 of them were on long balls. I would like to see Chicago select San Diego States Kevin O'connell in the 4th or 5th and stick with Grossman and Orton, because I feel with a good running game and a healthy defense one of these two will be fine as the Bears QB GO BEARS!!

The draft is like a hollywood film. You have all these advertisements for the movie, critics give it rave reviews, and when it finally comes out and you see it, 9/10 times you'll be disappointed. Actually, it may be so bad you just want to injure somebody. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you: "The Blair Witch Project," "Epic Movie," "Cabin Fever" and (shudder) "Peter Jackson's King Kong."

Brad Biggs posted an article a few days ago about historic busts. You look at the past drafts the Bears had over the years, even in recent memory, and a lot of those players are simply GONE. What will make this draft any different?

With that being said, the best thing to do in the draft is to take the best player available. If Angelo is so good at taking defensive players, he should do that rather than pay an offensive guy to do nothing and then quit the leaugue. I know we have needs, but teams can still make trades after the draft and pick up in FA. Just my thoughts.

I think rumors the week of the draft are about as verified as Bigfoot. If we were to try and get into the top 5 for Ryan, we would have to give up 14,44, and our 5th in the new value chart just to get to 5. On the Cowboys chart, we would need to give up 14,44, and 90 to match the value. I can't imagine that Jerry is interested in moving into the top 5, but I can imagine that he is interested into the top of the second round. We can use 44 and 90, and get into the 31,32,33,34 range. That would get us a second player that would essentially be a second first round pick, especially at 32. Parcells would love to get out of the #1 overall and build his new team in a hurry, but there are no takers. But at the top of the second round, he can move out if any of the QBs are there, and get multiple picks in the next 2-3 rounds, which is where you rebuild your depth in a hurry. If Jerry is going to move, it sure won't be into the top 5 overall. He has to consider the possibility of moving to the top of the second for a running back, QB, or OT depending on what he does at 14.

Now let's add one more wrinkle....we get an offer from Philly at 19, who wants to move up for Otah (figuring Mendenhall is gone, and Williams, Clady, and Albert are drafted). Rumor has it that they are interested in Otah to groom behind Runyan and Thomas for the future at tackle for Kevin Kolb. We would get 19 and 80 under the new value chart, and 19,80, and 152 under the old chart. We could conceivably have the 19th, 32nd, 70th, and 80th picks in the first three rounds, and still have our 4th, 5th, 6th, and 4 7ths. There could be an awful lot of value if we do that. Cherilus and Stewart could still be there at 19, which would not be as big of a reach as at 14, and that would give us lots of options at 32, 70, and 80. All in all, not a bad day at the office if Jerry can pull it off.

Armando is correct that there is lots of interest in one of the Dolphins selection, but the spin master himself is making it seem like it is the #1 overall, and not the 32. He is trying to generate interest in the #1 by making it sound like people are after Matt Ryan. People are after Flacco, Brohm, and Henne at the top of the second, and Parcells is using that to create a stir from Baltimore, Kansas City, and Atlanta to move up for the #1 spot. If Parcells was able to convince Atlanta to give up 3,34, and 68 for the #1, that would be a major coup, and he could probably still get Jake Long, Gholston, or Chris Long at 3.

He got his reputation for a reason, and we can see why when he gets to pull the strings. Negotiating with Jake Long, the "slip of the tongue" by Sparano in the press all adds up to one big smokescreen by the Fins, and we will all get to see what they have in mind. They may end up taking Ryan themselves. That would be funny....

I saw this on East Coast Sports (one of my favorite sites)

"Draft Buzz...The latest buzz around the league has the Chicago Bears being very interested in Michigan quarterback Chad Henne...don't be surprised if the Bears move down a bit in the first round and make Henne their first round pick...the Bears organization fell in love with Henne during Senior Bowl week."

Henne a first round pick? This sounds like maybe a Dallas/Chicago trade. Maybe 14 for 28?

The idea of Jerry Angelo drafting a QB in the first round is freightning. I'm more afraid of him taking someone like Brian Brohm at #14 than moving up to get Ryan. He will take a QB in the second or third round. He has to. Grossman is only signed for one more year and there is no third QB on the roster. If the draft gods smile on the Bears a good Offensive Tackle will be there at #14 and Angelo will have the good sense to take him.

I still say it is horribly sad that so much is riding on this draft. Last years draft was one of tweaking to what was deemed to be a very talented team. Nero Jerry Angelo fiddled while our team burned! Now, for this team to be competitive as many as four rookies will have to contribute alot.

The only way the Bears shoud trade up is with Buffalo at 11 if Clady or B.Albert is still there.They could trade #14 and #44 to the Bills for #11,#72,#114 and #179.By including #44 they could get an additional 3rd,4th and 6th to get the mid level talent that Angelo seems adept at finding.

If the two biggest needs for the Bears are at OT and RB, why wouldn't they take Mendenhall and kill two birds with one stone? Keep him from Detroit and draft the best value for us.

Then trade our second and one of the thirds to move up into the bottom third of the first round and take the best tackle available.

Go OG with the third round pick that is left.

Go with WR kid from Appalachian State in the fourth.

God with SS Josh Barrett from Arizona State in the fifth.

Then my favorite: Kevin O'Connell QB from San Diego State in the sixth (look this guy up...size, speed, and intangibles.

In the seventh, go for more beef and special team players.

Another scenario I like is:

-Best available tackle at 14 in the first.
-Trade up in the second by swithching picks and throwing in one of the thirds and take RB Chris Johnson 4.24 forty)
-Take a decent WR in the third with the other pick.
-Then OG in 4th
-SS Josh Barrett in the 5th (size and speed)
-QB Kevin O'Connell in the 6th
-OT, OG, and FB or blocking TE in the seventh.

Take that, Jerry!

Orton is in the best position to be the Bears' future quarterback if Grossman fails.

He is unique for a Chicago QB because he has all of the tools and competitiveness to be a solid NFL QB, including experience as a starter, backup and 3rd stringer.

I thought that Henne played great in last year's bowl game, and believe that he would make a great addition to the team. However, I would prefer a talented middle round selection that could have a few years to "develop" before taking over IF Grossman and Orton fail to deliver in '08 and/or '09.

If Angelo selects a QB in the top 10(?), there will be so much pressure on them to play and play well. How could any QB or RB succeed without adequate blocking? 3 average linemen just won't cut it!

Drafting Matt Ryan just doesn’t make sense because this team has serious needs.

...Maybe if Jerry selected more than 2 offensive linemen in the past 5 years...

Good and/or great NFL teams win consistently because of superior line play on both sides of the ball. Watch Tom Brady sit back and pick apart other teams like a surgeon. Why? He's got all day. Give Rex or Orton or any decent QB the same amount of time and they will flourish!! The Pats lost the Super Bowl because Brady spent most of the game on his back. I'm not suggesting that our QB's are as good as Brady! He is exceptional. If the Bears were to create a great offensive line through this draft, (which I believe they can) I will look forward to many years of watching even an average back like Benson run like a gazelle. After all, it's supposed to be smash mouth, Chicago Bears RUN First football. We need a balanced attack like we used to have. The run sets up the pass and vice-versa. Until the offensive line is great again, nothing will change.

At the end of the day, Angelo will make the right moves to improve the Bears.

The talent level has increased every year since Angelo arrived and after trading down in the draft that netted Devin Hester and others, everyone should be done doubting the drafting prowess of Angelo and his staff.

I just don't see JA trading up for a OLT. If Long, Clady, Albert, Williams and Otah are gone it is very possible that Brown, Nicks, Collins will be there in the 2nd rd. Worst case scenerio those players are gone as well. In that case don't reach for a player take quality and pick up an ORT in the 2nd or 3rd rd and keep Tait at left one more year.

Worst Case with OLT's gone in 1st and 2nd rds.
1st rd. RB-Mendenhall, WR-Sweed, RB-Stewart, RB-Jones
2nd rd. QB-Flacco, QB-Henne, RB-Charles, S-Phillips, S-Morgan
3rd rd. OT/OG-Cousins, OT/OG-Grecco, OT/OG-Zuttah, OG/OT-Rachal, ORT-Barton, QB-Woodson, WR-Avery, WR-Nelson, RB-Smith, RB-Choice

In this scenerio I think the Bears end up pretty strong.
1st Rd. RB
2nd rd. Saftey
3rd rd. O-Line and QB, or WR
4th rd. O-Line

Windy City Guy and draft that includes Woodson and Charles you are nuts. Those are wasted picks, 2nd round QB with the needs of this team is ludicrus. This team needs offensive linemen and a running back or two. If the offense is not extensively addressed they will not be competitive for years to come. In fact it is going to take this year and next in draft and free agency to fix this offense, maybe even the firing of the coordinator, but he is just as handcuffed with the play calling due to lack of execution and overall talent. Jerry give the man something to work with!! Hey Albert how long have you been watching Bears football???

Good news for us...Mike Rucker is about to announce his retirement. Panthers now have a significant need at DE, which could mean that they ignore Mendenhall and Williams/Clady/Otah, and draft Harvey at 13. We should get one more targeted player still there at 14. That gives us another option in the draft in my opinion.

Trading up to #3 would work if OT Long falls to 3, but I'm not sure the price we would pay would be worth it. I like the idea of trading down with Dallas and grabbing Cherilus, but that's only if Mendenhall is off the board by 14.

I just don't see the Bears moving up to grab Ryan. They would have to give up too much and with a QB you are looking at 3 years before you get much return on your investment. To me that means they would be rebuilding. The defense would be getting a little long in the tooth by then and some very important needs on the offense would not be addressed. I see them drafting and OT, RB early depending on how the draft plays out. Maybe a QB in the 2nd round, but more likely with one of the third round pics unless someone they really like slips to them in the second. This is a critical draft for the Bears. Last year was a bust as far as I am concerned. Olsen looks to be a good pick, but Bazuin, Wolf set the team back. They could have addressed OT and WR with those pics last year. If they draft a RB early in this draft that is admitting Wolfe was a mistake. Now they have more needs along. Too bad the Bears traded away or let go of so many DT and Safeties the past two years as those are now needs along with OT, WR, RB. I would like to see Orton get the QB job. I hope they are serious about him getting a real chance and not just blowing smoke. This is a big draft for the Bears and they need to hit on several of the pics or the future might be filled with several more 7-9 seasons.

Hey djssr, we do need to move up for QB Ryan. QB wins championship! look at Manning, I meant the other one(Bears killer.. lol). there is multiple rumors that Rams will trade number 2 pick so they can move down. I know jerry will find a way to get QB Ryan. oh yeah fyi djssr.. jerry is a draft guru!!! he drafted me to play for his team, but I was cut. :(

"Good news for us...Mike Rucker is about to announce his retirement. Panthers now have a significant need at DE, which could mean that they ignore Mendenhall and Williams/Clady/Otah, and draft Harvey at 13. We should get one more targeted player still there at 14. That gives us another option in the draft in my opinion".

Joe thats why the signed Tyler Brayton they are also really big on Charles Johnson.

Albert, what are you talking about, Jerry Angelo has never traded up in 20 years, you trade up you loose value thats his motto, if Jerry could get it done don't you think he would have already have you even seen the list of QB's this guy has drafted? QB's do not win championships, good teams do. The Giants won because of there defense, the Colts won because they could run the ball on us. Miami never won with Dan Marino one of the top 5 QB's to ever step on the field. Elway couldn't win until he got a running game. The bears won because they had a great defense, Jimmy Mac was not a stud QB he was a good QB. Teams win the game not one player.


It wouldn't make any sense to draft a good quarterback with the offensive line they have. They could put Brett Favre in his prime behind that line and they could still miss the playoffs. Hopefully they won't go for a quick fix and will work on the offensive infrastructure first. It would be great if they actually landed a top QB, but the names McNown, Mirer, and Grossman still haunt me in my sleep.

Matt Ryan is NOT the answer. We need to take Mendenhall at 14 and then address our problems at LT and G with our next 3 picks. Maybe pick up a QB in the later rounds such as - yeah, I'm gonna say it - Colt Brennan from Hawaii. I have had a chance to watch him play the last 2 yrs, and he looks to be a QB that can be groomed into our QB for the future. Sure he had a terrible game against Georgia and in the Senior Bowl, but its hard to throw from your back, just ask Grossman. And Mendenhall is the best back in the draft this year, including Mcfadden. Also, Mcfadden is already showing signs of wear,(broken colorbone, leg injuries, etc.) and Mendenhall has low miles, which is very important at the most punishing position in sports.

AGAIN, Matt Ryan is NOT the answer and isnt worth trading up for.
The 3 biggest needs DA BEARS have are:
Matt Ryan isnt head and shoulders above the rest of the QBs in this class.
We have 5 guys of silly puddy at the OL, no WRs at all that have proved not 1 thing, and slow RBs. There are NO game breakers other then Hester, who is a big question mark at WR. The team did absolutely nothing in free agency to address any needs.

Ryan...NO. I think a possibility that could work out but a lot of people here may not like is WHY not trade away Urlacher. Yes i know he is the man, and there is no way he should leave. But why not? Look at his years and wear n tear on his body. He is getting up there in NFL years.
The post from Patrick talks about signs of wear and tear on a body and Urlacher has shown it. And right now the bears could still get a lot back by trading him away at this point in time. Team wise for the Bears, if it improves the team by getting a lot back, do it. But yet for me I love to see guys being life long Bear players so its hard for me to say trade him away.

Jerry needs to do the following:

1st rd: Offensive Tackle (preferably use a pick from next year to move up)
2nd rd: Running Back
3rd rd: Quarterback
3rd rd: Wide Reciever
4th rd: Offensive Guard
5th rd: Safety
6th rd: Defensive Tackle
7th rd: Punter
7th rd: Linebacker
7th rd: Offensive Lineman
7th rd: Back-up punt/kick returner

And lastly, dont be afraid to deal a pick from next year to move up in a round.

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