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UPDATED: Piccolo awards to be announced this morning

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The Bears will host the annual ceremony for the 2007 recipients of the Brian Piccolo Award this morning at Halas Hall. It’s something that means a lot to the franchise and there’s plenty of good that comes out of it. Typically, the NFL forks over a six-digit check to the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund, and that’s a worthy cause. It’s a little known fact that the Piccolo fund benefits from player fines, so that money for horse collar tackles and other infractions gets put to good use.

Center Olin Kreutz has won the veteran award three of the last four seasons, the only three-time winner. Returner Devin Hester captured the rookie award last season. Tight end Greg Olsen would figure to be a good bet for the rookie award this time around. Who’s going to bet against Kreutz for the veteran award?

We’ll check back with details a little later on after some fun on the Tri-State.

As most now, Brian Urlacher was selected as the veteran recipient of the award and Greg Olsen was chosen as the rookie winner. Urlacher made some brief comments and then left the building without addressing his contract situation.

It was an important day for him to show up. The McCaskey family is very proud of the tradition of the award and it means a lot to the organization. Urlacher knew as much, but this doesn't change the tenor of his standoff with the team. At least it shows his teammates appreciate him.

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It's Olsen and Urlacher. Well Brian said he wanted to feel appreciated now shut up take your raise and be happy your a rich guy who gets to play a game for a living. If you're not a part of the solution, you're a part of the problem. Quit being a part of the problem and get with the program.

Brian urlacher? is it aprils fool day again? He should get an award for being not too bright and gready, though you can't deny his talent he should shut up and take the money.

Brian Piccolo had class, played the game with honor, was a team player and always gave 110%. Brian Urlacher, while a much better athlete and player at his position does nothing more than shame the award. Maybe there should be a new award created to honor his greed and egocentric character - "The Brian Urlacher it's all about me" award.

Posted this in original article but worth repeating:

What the article failed to mention is that Urlacher actually shoved his hand up Jay Glazer's butt and had him give the acceptance speech.

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