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Offensive line still a need?

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General manager Jerry Angelo came downstairs into the Halas Hall auditorium Saturday after selecting Vanderbilt left tackle with the 14th pick in the first round.

He explained, in part, the club chose Williams because it identified the line as its greatest need when it evaluated things after 2007.

Apparently Williams is all they deemed necessary. They're headed to the seventh round without a guard yet.

Offensive coordinator Ron Turner, when asked who was running No. 1 at left guard at this point, said he couldn't say. Maybe we'll get a more firm answer from someone else a little later on. Maybe they'll draft another lineman with one of five seventh-round picks.

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BRAD how many seventh round Oline picks have worked out for JA in the past??

This second day makes no sense.

Hey Brad ya think??? This has been some real crap all day they have selected nothing but injured players and none for the offensive line. I find the arrogance of Angelo and Gabriel unacceptable and a slap in the face of fans. This management team has managed a team that was in the Super Bowl 2 years ago to a losing record and then wasted a second day in the draft sticking to Grossman and St. Clair instead of upgrading or creating the competion they drafted players who may not even be able to stay on the field much less even get on it. He drafts a tight end who grades out better on defense and the others with recent knee surgery, how stupid is that? This has been the most deflating draft I have ever observed. Jerry Angelo should leave town immediately and Gabriel should be right behind him. This is the second draft in a row which will produce little or nothing.

I think the Bears offensive line will be fine. With rookie Chris Williams on the left side Tait now moves to the right side his more natural position and the Bears still got the leagues best center Olin Kreutz. At guard the Bears got Garza and I think Josh Beekman will man the left or right side. Usually if the Bears use a 1st round pick on an o-lineman they will go with them early like Coloumbo in 02, where's a 2-7th rounder will usually sit a season or two much like Olin Kreutz did for one season, this does not mean Beekman sucks just because he did not see the field his rookie season just that the Bears usually sit there young guys who aren't 1st rounders. I think Beekman will be a pleasant surprise. I would still like the Bears to bring in Connecticut product Donald Thomas the 6-4 292lb guard who is know for his initial quickness and getting out and blocking at the second level, the Bears like this attribute out of there guards. I would also like the to Bears pick up Paul Smith the QB out of Tulsa. The Bears need a 3rd QB and I like Smith's ability to move around in the pocket and buy time and his accuracy GO BEARS!!

Gotta disagree with you, Kevin. They still need a G. Garza is weak, Metcalfe is awful. Beekman is a C not G. St Clair was our best lineman last year, and he should be the back-up T. I love the Williams pick, but they clearly could use a G.

The Bowman pick is insane to me. Read his profile - he has been injured for like 3 years running. Steltz was probably a reach. Getting a 3rd TE is a good idea, but it doesn't rank above G or even QB.

I love the WR pick. Other than that, just a weird second day so far.

AJ, I do not think St. clair was our best lineman last year, but other than that you are right about the line. Kevin, Coloumbo was a late first rounder, like Thomas, there is no comparison, Williams is a mid first rounder expected to start, Mark did not have that pressure on him.

No comment on the rest of the draft until after at least the 1st season.

Kevin when Olin came out he was considered far and away the best Center in the draft and a future pro bowl player and he sat a year. Lovie and Angelo already said lets not push Williams into the starters role.

If Beekman was decent he would not be third on the depth chart to play guard behind two guys who stink in St. Clair and Metcalf. Tait has bad ankles he had them as a righ tackle and he has them as a left tackle. He is 33 not 23 yet you think he will be great a RT again because you think Williams will be starting at LT and be great. Olin is no longer the best Center in football. He is on the down side of his career.

Kevin explain why the Bears with two games left in the season that ment nothing didn't even dress even though Brown was down. Kevin Olin dressed every game his first year, Beekman didn't dress once. Explain that man. He is good but not good enough to dress, how did he improve on picking up the NFL speed while sitting on the sideline. Olin played in at least 8 games his rookie season. Beekman has played in zero. Kevin what makes Beekman so good in your opinion as an NFL player? Why do you think he is special?? Kevin the Bears run a power O we need big strong Oline guys who can run block. Right now we don't have that.

We drafted two players from Vandy this year. When was the last time Vandy won a game, and what was there record last year. They couldn't help a college team win last year how are they gonna help the Bears??

It's been a bad draft.

Apparently, blowing out knees is a good trait in the eyes of the Bears brain(dead)trust.

Josh Johnson? That would have been waaaayyyy too big a reach for this crew. Why would you want a taller, athletic QB who could actually get out of the pocket? Oh, that's right he played division II competition. They want to concentrate on guys with injuries instead.

Angelo has absolutely no problem "reaching" for defensive players with higher picks, but god forbid it's done on the other side of the ball.

I give St. Clair a lot of credit for being flexible.

News Flash: Kreutz had a bad year. I am looking for Beekman to push him in camp, actually. Plus, the fumbled snaps are 57's fault. How come every Bear QB he has ever snapped to since Shane Matthews has botched snaps under center? Too much of a coincidence for me. Kreutz has to be at least half the problem.

Tait is getting old and was just ok last year, so I give the nod to St Clair. Sad but true.

Creighton, actually Olin Kreutz only played in the season finale and only appeared in 9. So like I said they sat him like Beekman for most of his rookie season. As far as why you did not see much of Beekman yes creighton I can explain this also, the Bears had to see what they had in Metcalf and St. Clair. By the way Olin is still the best center in the league by the way this is a matter of opinion. As far as why Chris Williams and Bennette did not win a lot of games at Vandy, same reason as Denvers up coming QB Jay Cutler didn't, because football is a team sport, it takes more than 1 or 2 player to make a team. Just because a player plays on a bad team does not make them bad come on guy.

aj, Beekman is a guard that can play center. Beekman only played center in 3 games his senior year at Boston college and the Bears list him as a guard, so no he is not a center. No way was swingman Johm St. Clair are best linemen last season that would be Olin Kreutz.

Chuck, you said it yourself both Colombo and Williams were mid 1st round picks and tackles, so yes there is an obvious comparison. Also I got a Lindy's football magazine from 2002 and it list Colombo as the starting left tackle his rookie season, so yes there was the same stress put on him.

Guy's come on I'm just trying to be optimistic about the Bears o-line. Creighton I don't know for sure if Beekman is going to be an all pro or not I'm just being optimistic about him. I know John Tait moving to the right side is not going to make him any younger, but his ankle should be better by now and on the right side Tait won't face as many speed rushers as on the left side so the move should make Tait more effective. I still say GO BEARS!!

Kevin, not trying to be pessimistic - just realistic. Look at the Bears offensive stats from 2007. They were atrocious and it all starts up front. Bears need to overhaul the OL, but they only took one serious player in Williams. I love that pick, but they need more! They should have passed on the injured CB, slow SS, extra DE and TE, okay?

As for Beekman, read a scouting report - he is too small to be a legit G in the NFL. His best position is center, even if he only played 3 games there.

I like the first 3 picks, but it is a probably stretch to believe these late round OL can start next year. They need at least one starting guard - just ask Ron Turner!

aj, Brian Waters Kansas City guard, Chris Snee New York Giants guard, Kynan Forney Atlanta Falcons guard, and our own Roberto Garza, all three are legit NFL guards all three are around the same size as Josh Beekman, height and weight. Although Beekman will probably not get the first shot at starting, Terrence Metcalf will, Metcalf has shown time and time again that he cannot hold on to the starting job. Don't get me wrong I would like to see the light come on for Metcalf I just don't think it will. If Metcalf does falter again Beekman will probably get the next shot at starting, and I think he will be pretty good. I agree maybe someday the Bears could move Beekman to center but not any time soon. #1 the Bears have Kreutz under contract for a few more seasons, #2 Kreutz is way to important of a locker room and team leader, and #3 believe it or not Kreutz is just one year removed from being a pro bowler, so I really don't see the Bears cutting Olin, because if you thought our line was bad last year just think how it will be these next few seasons while the Bears develope some new linemen like Chris Williams and Beekman. Also the Bears will probably keep St. Clair as a swing tackle where he is more valueable, and tackle is his more natural position. Hey I could be wrong this is just my opinion and what I hope to see happen GO BEARS!!

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