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No grading curve here ... these drafts stunk

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Cedric Benson.
Mike Williams.
Aaron Rodgers.
Troy Williamson.

Maybe the Bears didn’t make the worst choice in the first round of the 2005 draft among NFC North clubs.

Scouts Inc. takes an interesting look at the class from three years ago and if you buy into their grading, no one in the division did well.

For the Bears, who earned a D, the most productive player of the class has been traded away to the Carolina Panthers. We’ll find out what they turn safety Chris Harris into in three weeks when they use the fifth-round draft pick they picked up in exchange for him.

Hope remains Benson can return from his fractured leg and become a productive workhorse back. The Bears are so hopeful they’ve been searching the country for a running back to compete with him and odds are probably better than not they use a first-day pick on another back.

Wide receiver Mark Bradley is being counted on for big things this season. He made six catches in 2007.

Quarterback Kyle Orton will be locked into a duel with Rex Grossman for the starting job when the (voluntary) offseason program commences Monday at Halas Hall.

The Lions have a whole lot of nothing left to show for their ’05 class. Predictably, they earned an F with a draft class that only John “Bluto” Blutarsky could be proud of on his report card. Did Williams ever do a thing?

Minnesota also checks in with an F according to Scouts Inc. Williamson has been traded to Jacksonville and defensive end Erasmus James, another first-round pick that year, has been invisible. You can’t blame Minnesotans for not wanting to pour taxpayer dollars into a new stadium with draft picks like these.

The Packers drafted 11 players in ’05 and the one that matters most—Rodgers—will finally get his chance this season. If he’s a solid replacement for Favre, the draft is a hit. If he’s not, it’s so-so. Right now, Scouts Inc. pegs it with a C. Offensive lineman Junius Coston has been productive as a fifth-round pick. Free safety Nick Collins, a second-round choice, is a rank-and-file guy as is linebacker Brady Poppinga, a fourth-round choice who was a standout special teams player before moving into the lineup.

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You know what? It may be dull in the offseason for us Bears fans, but there is an upside: No more Marriotti columns. Even as I speak the Sun Times sports section is headlined by Marrioti's take on the Bulls coaching situation. His typical the-sky-is-falling-on-your-team rants mixed with an I'm-so-very-clever style of writing will make even Dennis Miller wretch. Fellow Bears fans, amirite(am I right)?

Hey Mike Marrioti doesn't really rip on the cubs. But boy does he hate the Sox. He ripped on them when the won the world series. But I actually can't blame him for ripping the Bulls. Everyone is ripping the bulls, and they deserve it. Cause they quit on the season before it even started. Marriotti just likes to feel clever, after all he is on around the horn, big star a huge star.
He told me to give you a message.

Marrioti to Mike:
I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal.
People know me.
I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

Biggs the 05 class was never considered a good class. But some good players have come out of it. Demarcus Ware, Shawne Merriman, Jammal Brown, Derrick Johnson, Mark Clayton is not a bad player, Marlin Jackson, Lofa Tutupa, Justin Miller, Frank Gore, Marion Barber, Jerome Mathis, Trent Cole and Derek Anderson.

There where some good players in that draft.

Marrioti's columns make me burst into giggles. He tries WAY too hard to annoy with his attempts at witticism. Makes it obvious that hes clearly the one who's annoyed and floundering desperately to agitate and sound clever. Oh well. - He may not be worth taking seriously, but he is indeed fun to laugh at. Like that hyperactive moody kid back in grammar school who would freak out at nothing and exercise futile attempts to grab attention. Oh Jay, never leave us. ;)

Creighton- love the Anchorman line. LOL.

That draft class was downright awful! Just look back and almost every top-10 pick was a bust.

Jerome Mathis isn't even in the league right now.

I always skip Marriottis column and wish he'd go back to the detroit free press. He whined when the bulls were setting a record for wins. This draft class stinks and you'd think someone would be fired for so many bust. Angelo likes to trade down and take lesser players who bust out like d Manning, R Grossman,d Davorick, michal Haynes, D bauzine. How about if we have a hostile takeover of the bears and give ownership to Jimmy Johnson who could park his boat on lake michigan and walk to soldier feild to coach on sundays. Lets bring Singeltary home while were at it.

I think it's extremely unfair to label Buzaine a bust he hasnt seen the field yet. He was drafted last year and Daniel Manning has contributed quite a bit for a second round pick. The only true bust you mentioned is Haynes

Peter Yeah I know he isn't, but not because he couldn't play, but because he got busted.

He was still selected for a pro bowl. So he had talent.

Paul who is this Anchorman you speak of?

Just kidding saw it last night again and I couldn't resist. Some of the one liners in that movie just kill me.

Kyle D. Manning is not a bust yet but a safety he is not maybe a nickel I still insist Tilman should be moved to safety, with McBride (a late round choice) maturing now is a good time to move Tillman and his playmaking ability to safety were he can be around the ball more often. I hope JA doen't go reaching this time and gets at least 3-4 SOLID picks.

djssr finally someone else who thinks Peanut should be moved to Saftie. There are people on this board who think it's an insult to move him to saftie. In a Tampa 2???

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