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Need for a receiver to wait for Day 2?

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While it’s impossible to say how things will fall on draft day, one source who has been on the money in the past said this weekend that it’s doubtful the Bears will address their need at wide receiver in the first two rounds.

That’s not surprising given what are probably more glaring holes on the offensive line and at running back, but there’s no telling what could happen April 26. If a receiver the Bears covet falls there could be too much value to pass up. What the tip does do is give you an idea where the team is looking for help at the position.

The group as it’s constituted right now—Marty Booker, Mark Bradley, Devin Hester, Brandon Lloyd, Mike Hass and Brandon Rideau—is considered one of the weakest in the league. Booker is the only member who has proven anything on a consistent basis. Bradley and Lloyd barely played last season, Hester is still learning the offensive game and Hass and Rideau are completely inexperienced.

One player the club checked out recently is Mount Union’s Pierre Garcon. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported the Bears’ interest last week. The team sent a scout, presumably Jeff Shiver who covers the Midwest, in to the Division III school known for the powerhouse teams it produces each season more than the prospects it prepares for the pros. The meeting was for an interview.

Garcon ran a 4.42-second, 40-yard dash at the combine, the 11th fastest time among the 55 receivers at the combine. He was also one of only three receivers to have 20 or more reps in the bench press at 225 pounds as Garcon put up 20. He also helped himself in the Texas vs. The Nation all-star game, returning a punt 62 yards for a touchdown. Coming from such a small program, there are no scholarships in Division III, Garcon is viewed as a late-round prospect.

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Angeloose will love him if he can convert him to a cornerback or something. He comes from a D3 school which also bodes well. Daniel Manning is really doing well isnt he? Do you remember that was our so called first rounder a few years ago. We cant DRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have read about this Pierre Garcon guy before if the Bears scouts like him I don't think it would hurt to spend one of there extra 7th round draft picks on Garcon. Also he has extra value as a punt returner. The thing I liked about him that I read was he is strong running after the catch. The 20 plus reps with the bench press shows Garcon is strong so he should be a good blocker from his wideout position. I would like to see the Bears use one of there 3rd round draft picks on Vanderbilts Earl Bennett, nice size at 6-1 205lbs and not a bad 40 time at 4.5. Bennett is the SEC career receptions leader with 236 catches. Also the scouts say Bennett is not afarid to go over the middle. I also like the fact that Bennett has the strength to fight through tackles after the catch and uses head and shoulder fakes to help create separation from defenders even those with superior natural athleticism. I also like Jerome Simpson of Coastal Carolina and Houstons Donnie Avery nice size to speed combo at 5-11 186lbs and a 4.3 40 any of these wideout would be good picks in the 3rd GO BEARS!!

The Bears need to raid the player personel and scout depts of the consistent winners in talent evaluation like the Pats, especially college. I dont know where the Bears get there scouts etc., but I am guessing ebay, Wal-Mart, flea market, Valpo and Butler, Israeli football league, Canadian hockey...

amazing how people who never played or started for any college teams at any level or played in the pros, or has GM experience are so opinionated about GMs and players. that's why your a fan aka fanactic.

I don't believe the existing receiving corps is a bad as it may look based on 2007 productivity. Booker still has some plays in him, Hester has 'big' play capability to spread the defenses, and Hass can be the possession receiver they have looked for years but sometimes is stereotyped.

The WR position, in my opinion, is the hardest position in football to evaluate. The Bears would be wise to draft a receiver on day 2 of the draft an, but their are some enticing choices that will be available in the 3rd and 4th rounds. The Bears first 4 draft picks MUST be a running back, 2 offensive lineman, and a quarterback, with running back and offensive tackle taking top priority!

I don't understand how Bears fans can throw our existing "inexperienced" recievers under the bus for more inexperienced draft picks!!! We're not going solve the WR issue through the draft. We need to develop what we have and look for an intriguing young prospect to upgrade from what we have...there are no magic fixes from rookies. Some make it big, some don't so lets watch what unfolds. My thoughts are that the offense will play as good as the offensive line allows them. Give Rex or Kyle time and we'll see new recievers emerge from the talent we already have and hopefully we'll strike gold during the draft and actually keep the reciever on the payroll for a change!

Mr Biggs,

This column has prompted me to comment for my very first time on ANY sports blog.

Specifically, I find your comment describing Mike Hass and Brandon Rideau to be totally unfair when expressed in the context you have chosen. While having a minimum of NFL experience, I feel it ridiculous to call them 'completely inexperienced'. Both players have played football at a college-quality level that while not at an NFL level of competence, qualifies as far more than the description you assigned the aforementioned players. They should be given a realistic opportunity to prove their worth for the Bears.

Is there there anyone here who didn't dazzle at the play of Mike Hass in the 2007 preseason? The kid has great hands. Could he be the sleeper that Wes Welker was? I sincerely hope that the Chicago coaching staff gets both players involved early and often. Must I watch another year of the Lovie-Turner-Angelo consortium ignoring potential talent within their very midst?

Mr. Douglas

It is hard to evaluate any positon by last years play. Was it the Offensive Line? Was it the QB? Was it the WR? RB? ??
Hmmm, All of the above to varying degrees. But as someone else wrote `It begins and ends in the trenches' - He who controls the line of scrimmage controls the game. So we must start the draft with the Offensive Line since all positions sucked. But in rds 4-? after OL/RB have been picked then go after WR as I feel that is our strongest Offensive position. (pretty bad huh) but don't forget how strong Bradley was when healthy, he can control the WR position if healthy and with Hester commanding the opponents fastest Corner Bradley and (gulp) old man Booker should take off.
JA in the past has loved small time schools/injured players that dropped - Garcon sounds exactly like a JA type of player which is not a bad thing.

Hey Jerseyboy it don't take a GM to tell the Bears have sucked at drafting offense, it don't take a GM to know Angelo has never been good at drafting offensive talent. It also don't take a GM to tell me when a team losses more games than it wins. It's not that hard to tell when a guy has talent and when he doesn't have talent. You ever watch David Terrell Play? No talent and look he proved it with his play. It's like I don't need someone from Jersey City to tell me Jersey City smells bad, I can just take a wiff and I know it stinks.

1) The Bears will probably run a lot of 2TE formations. Clark will be used to motion in the backfield as a lead blocker for the power running game, Olsen will be put in motion outside to the split/flanker.

2) The Bears WR will be used more in a tradition "west-coast" style, running slants, ins and crossing routes underneath the TEs.

Based on these two factors, I wouldn't be surprised if Hester and Bradley have excellent years because of their ability to Run-After-Catch. Booker should prosper in this role as well.

I believe that Angelo has always liked Bradley more than Berrian.

Any receiver drafted will need time to develop, which is why they will not use a first day pick on a receiver. They need impact players, and WR tend to require a year or two to make that impact.

Additionally, there appears to be a great number of small school WR prospects with NFL measurables and talent, their lack of competition being their biggest weakness.

Forget WR concerns. Ours aren't our priority. A good QB with time would make our receivers adequate. Peyton Manning made Brandon Stokely look like an all pro. Marino and Elway each played with 20 recievers in their career yet were consistent every year.

All WR's are inexperienced until they get reps on the field and become familiar with the system and the QB due to the fact there has been QB carousel in Chicago we don't know what could be until the OL and the running game is solidified. Hey jerseyboy I'm piling on your irrelevant statements were ignorant, you donot know any of the bloggers personally so how can you make a statement like who played who coached whatever, just by your comments I can tell you have done neither. These are fans and opinions from observations, if you want to be all high and mighty why don't you buy a franchise or apply for a GM job? Until you are hired and are the descision maker for a professional organization where when you say something it matters and someone cares keep it to yourself. GO BEARS!!

I agree that our WR corps is not as bad as people think. Tons of untapped potential. I think given a chance to play the young receivers (Hester, Hass, Bradley) can become very solid for our team. W/out consistent playing time none of the players will be able do develop. Nobody knew anything about Berrian until he became a starter (which didn't happen until Mark Bradley who was starting at the time tore his ACL). I say we give these guys a chance before we start bashing them. The bears biggest needs as always is running back and youth on the O-line. Hopefully the bears draft mendenhall. He's the exact opposite of Benson. He's got speed, he's a workout machine, and he only played one real season so he's like a gently used car. I think he's a thomas jones type player with more power and smaller biceps.
People who bash Angelo and Lovie are the same one's who praised them and were calling for extensions when we were on our way to the superbowl. But honestly i think its good when everybody thinks the bears are gonna suck, thats when they play there best football. They can't carry the load when its a ton of people on the bandwagon at the start of the season.

Mark bradley? This is his last chance with most fans as far as I am concerned. With the Bears you always hear alot of "what could be" or "If he realizes his potential" It is about time for some results. Rex will never be our long term QB solution and Orton is a lifetime backup. I would like to see the Bears Draft Henne or Flacco. I like both of those guys and think either one is an instant upgrade.

Can anyone tell me of one player this coaching staff has developed into a better player?

The WR corp this year is exceptionally weak. And that isn't good for a position that's largely a crapshoot anyway.

We all know the Bears need a WR, but I wouldn't care if they don't take any until the fifth round or later.

All of the players this year are short and fast, or tall and slow. It's pretty much pick your poison.

jerseyboy: "amazing how people who never played or started for any college teams at any level or played in the pros, or has GM experience are so opinionated about GMs and players. that's why your a fan aka fanactic."
Wow, THAT IS truly amazing! I mean less than 0.00001% of the world's population has never played at the pro level and yet message boards are filled with opinionated people. Brad Biggs isn't a pro player either what a schmuck! Guys, it's obvious we are all wasting our time here. Let's thank Captain Obvious for his invaluable insight and all head over to the NASCAR board because we've all driven cars.

OK, now on to something more amazing. I actually disagree with this article. I've done my own boards (FWIW) and looked at several experts as well and it seems that there are a LOT of good wide receivers who will be available at the #2 pick. However, most running backs grade out into the 3rd round after Mendenahall, Stewart, Jones, and McFadden are gone. Guys like Ray Rice, Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles, and Matt Forte would all be reaches at 44. This seems like a good place to snag a late tackle - Sam Baker or Gosder Cherilus if they should fall - or a solid WR like Early Doucet, James Hardy, or Mario Manningham. Also to keep in mind is that some of the 2nd-tier QB's could still be on the board such as Joe Flacco or Chad Henne. Just some names, but the best WR values IMO seem to be found in the 2nd and 3rd round not on day 2.

I agree that RB is strong, however if you look at what JA did in FA it would appear that he is going for OL/RB first. The 2 WR FA signings and the fact we have our starters set (?) for this year plus a couple journeymen seems to indicate OL/RB first. I am not saying our WR are great just that we added 2 in FA and with Hester/Bradley/Booker set it seems JA is content. It would not surprise me to go OL/WR/RB as a strong WR would be nice IF Benson shows strong this year but....

I am Coach,GM, and President of The `Podunk Poontangs' FFL Indianapolis, which I feel qualifies me to state my opinions on NFL GM's, etc....

Sniff sniff, what is that disgusting smell?? It smells like Jersey. Someone light a match.

Hey DJ the QB's are not the only ones on that Carousel, the whole offense except for Olin have been on that ride the last 10-15 years.

Dear Mr. Angelo
It's me Creighton your arch enemy, do you think it would be possible to get some actual regular decent starters on offense for oh lets say 7 years. Musical chairs is fun and all but after 7 years of playing it don't you get sick of it. I don't care who you draft this year as long as we can build a offense around it and there is maybe a legit focal point to it. I know this may sound strange to you but you can actually have talent on both sides of the ball, not just defense. For real, other teams do it all the time. No this is isn't a joke really so stop laughing, Brando, Kevin A and Jr. all still believe in you, me I think you blow, but hey you can't please everyone. So how about some talent on offense this year, you know if you get to legit starters for the offense this year that will be your best draft for offense in 14 years. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

angelos nemesis has been injuries that kept players like columbo and bradely from developing. Olsen was descent last year but turner quit using him when he should have force fed him.the list of high defensive picks on injured reserve was crazy last year. I hope for a top rated defense but expect the offense to rate at the bottom again.prove me wrong rex, PLEEASE

I don't see a #1 receiver in the upcoming draft. Not that they couldn't develop, or be a #1 on another team. But they would have to beat out Hester, Bradley, Booker and, dare I say it, Lloyd on the Bears to become #1 WR in chicago this year. Not seeing anyone who can beat them all out. I think those 4 are better than people are giving them credit for. Definitely not in the later rounds when we would be (or at least should be) picking them. I like a guy like Garcon... he's got the physical talent (4.42 40, 20 reps on bench? I'm ok with that in a 7th round pick...we have 3, or is it 4? not checking right now...), he would have something to prove, and would push the rest of the WR corp from the bottom for a really good price. I mean, at worst, imagine that guy on special teams...

I have yet to see anyone address our need at FB

Would it be a mistake to NOT draft one?

There are two DII players to watch in later rounds Jerome Simpson Coastal Carolina 6'2" 199 lbs. and Micah Rucker E.I.U. 6'6" 217 lbs both run [-]4.4 Simpson has returned kicks. Hey Paul I would like to see the Bears draft Jacob Hester he would be the perfect back-up FB and he is great on special teams could replace Brendan A. and be good short yardage man has great hands also.

Can someone please tell me why Mike Hass has not received any playing time? All he does is catch footballs and if he was given the chance he could turn into the next Chris Carter where all he does is catch touchdowns.

Sure, he's white, undersized and supposedly slow. But that didn't stop Ed McCaffery.

Mr. Douglas' comments are right on. Mike Hass is but one example of the Bears failing to recognize talent.

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