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McGowan signs RFA tender for $1.417 million

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Safety Brandon McGowan signed the one-year tender the Bears made him as a restricted free agent.

McGowan will earn $1.417 million this season as the team tendered him at the mid-level because of how they felt about his play at the end of last season and the lack of depth the Bears have at the position.

McGowan made nine starts, including the final four at strong safety, and was second only to middle linebacker Brian Urlacher in tackles during that span. McGowan is expected to compete for a starting position, something that will no doubt be impacted by what happens with veteran Mike Brown, who is returning from a torn ACL and his third serious injury in four seasons.

Wide receiver Rashied Davis has yet to sign his offer sheet. Davis was tendered at the low level for $927,000. The deadline for another team to sign him to an offer sheet is April 18. Because Davis was not drafted by the Bears, they would receive no compensation for him if another team signed him and they declined to match the offer. Because McGowan was tendered for $1.417 million, a team would have had to surrender a second-round draft pick for signing him away, something that just wasn’t going to happen.

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my cats breath smells like cat food.

I simply wonder what the Bears are going to do not if, but when Mike Brown gets injured and if they are going to do the Safety carousel as they did with the QB carousel last season. I have no idea why it is so difficult for them to develop a trustworthy relationship with with some of their positioned players, or simply why they cannot pick succesful players. Then again that is my opinion I could be wrong.

To be honest, I didn't much care for McGowan early on. But the stats have him w/ 80 tackles for the season while appearing in only 14 games with 9 starts. That's awfully good. He may just pan out.

McGowan will be the starter because Mike brown will get hurt again. The future of the bears safties will be Mcgowan and Payne!

McGowan might be just fine. The defense finally in the last three games of last year started to show signs of life and McGowan played well. At least he can put a lick on the wide receivers and they will feel it, particularly coming across the middle. If only McGowan was not out of position as often as he is and sometimes he bites on play action and is burned like my morning toast. I do like him though.

I just hope that everyone understands the value of Mike Brown as a player and a leader. I had the opportunity to watch him at training camp last year and he seemed to be the undisputed team leader. I feel terrible for him and the Bears that he has endured this string of bad luck.

I get a Mcbellyache watching this cat. If the Bears defense played the Bears offense every week then we might be o.k. Guess what they only play in practice and the last time I checked it don't count for McMuch...ooh the pain! The horror. The McGowan!

I think Jayson said it all in the first post. My God, no one has summed up current Bears management and coaching so concisely and eloquently. Is it too late to hire Ralph Wiggum as GM?

I hope the future of the Bears at safety involves Payne and Manning. McGowan is getting better, but we need more size in a strong safety considering our run stopping problems, and McGowan would be a nice 3rd safety to play the run package when Vasher comes out, and a 3rd safety comes in as the 2nd corner.

So is there a therapist out there that can help the Bears staff with their mental block at certain positions? I think we have drafted reasonably well at most of these positions (except offensive line), but none of the players have panned out. So is it a developmental thing, or a talent thing?

When we draft Garrett Wolfe in the 3rd round (Antonio Pittman, Darius Walker, Kolby Smith and others still on the board), I have to question our talent evaluation. Jerry always made a point to say he preferred to look at players from established programs who produced against solid competition. Northern Illinois is a decent program, but when confronted by good competition, Wolfe did not get anything done.

When we fail to get anything out of Mark Bradley, it makes me question our development abilities. A guy who is supposed to be our #1 option this year, but doesn't even see the field for more than 6 catches in a season?

When Greg Olson is not on the field more than 15 plays a game, it makes me question our coaching staff and game planning. He was our best option in the passing game, because he could actually create a mismatch for the defense.

Sooner or later, we have to start looking at the sidelines and owners box. They are not getting the job done as far as getting the most out of the talent they have. Either they are not on the same page, or they are not capable of teaching. It can't all be on the players.

Joe, you make some good points and I too wonder at what happens in the development offensive players after they're drafted. I'd just like to point out that Wolfe had one of his best games at the then no1 ranked Ohio State rushing for 171 yards on 26 carries and catching five passes for 114 yards and a score. I dont think he was given a fair shot at showing us what he can do or more importantly used in the right ways in his rookie season. Hopefully Ron can ask his brother Norv how he plans on using darren sproles next season as to a guide for garrett.

Smith, Turner, Babich are incapable (or refuse to) devise game plans that attack the weakness of the opponent. Example: vs. Raiders last season (worst run defense in NFL) we did not try to attack them on the ground.

C'mon. Garrett Wolfe? The guy is smaller than most guys on frosh-soph teams in High school. The D looked better during the last 3 games because the offense didn't go 3 and out every down. That is a great correlation to our team's success more than anything else. The D got beat up last year just being on the field so much. Go back and look at the game where Vasher got hurt. They showed him huffing and puffing 2 plays before he grabbed his "area". CBs don't huff and puff like that. I don't hate McGowen or Payne. I've seen some pretty good hits from both of them that I've liked. And how could they beat the Raiders when they still had Benson the dreaded plunderer carrying the rock. If not him, his 2nd rate understudies. Including, Garrett Wolfe.....

William R. Donald...You say you don't like Wolfe, but you're stressing that the defense played better in the final games of the season b/c the offense didn't go three and out so much. Hmmm, if memory serves correctly, Wolfe saw extended playing time during those last games and played a part in this "improved" offense. So...yeah. Also is his size really a problem? Wolfe is listed a 5' 7" but weighs 186. Warrick Dunn is 5'9" but only weighs 180.

Mike, what was his YPC during those games. Wolfe is no Dunne. Dunne broke tackles, Wolfe goes down on the first contact. The overall execution on offense was better in the later part of the season. It's the minus 2 inches that kills him. And I won't for a minute believe the tale of the tape unless they weigh in before every game. Some guys just tell them what they want to hear. Plenty of people who met Walter Payton say that he was not too close to 5'10" as the tape said. Wolfe looks closer to 170. He can eat at Old Country morning, noon and night and he won't be 186 pounds. Devin Hester is close to 190 and he's about 6' or a little more and he's slightly bigger than Wolfe in musclature. He can't run anybody over either. He's great because he run away from them so well. William Perry was always listed at 306 even when he was close to 400 pounds. The huge wants to seem smaller and the small want to seem bigger. I think Benson on the field just sucked the air out of the offense because he wasn't doing his job when it came to being an overall RB. A little less expectation went a longer way. The other guys knew that he wouldn't pick up a blitz so they overextended themselves on who they were supposed to pick up.

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