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Making sense of the Urlacher dollars and cents

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Here is a look at the Brian Urlacher contract numbers so you can boil the situation down to the dollars and cents because no matter what is said ... it is all about the money.

Urlacher currently has four years remaining on the $56.65 million, nine-year contract he signed in 2003. That extension came with two years remaining on his rookie contract.

There is $22.4 million remaining to be paid in base salary. He’s passing on a minor workout bonus of $50,000 by skipping the voluntary workout program.

Here is how it’s divided:

2008 $3.95 million
2009 $4.95 million
2010 $6.15 million
2011 $7.35 million

The offer the Bears made Urlacher would add $18 million to the existing deal with a one-year extension that would carry through the 2012 season when he would be 34 years old. It would adjust the contract as such:

$5 million signing bonus

2008 $3.95 million base pay plus $1 million play-time bonus*
2009 $4.95 million base pay plus $1 million play-time bonus*
2010 $6.15 million base pay plus $1 million play-time bonus*
2011 $7.35 million base pay plus $1 million play-time bonus*
2012 $9 million base pay

* Urlacher would need to be on the field for 85 percent of the defensive snaps to trigger the bonus in each season.

So the new money breaks down with $5 million guaranteed as a bonus, $9 million in base pay in 2012 and $1 million payable in a play-time bonus in the next four seasons.

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If the guy ever brings up retiring again, trade him. Dont keep the guy just because he sells jerseys. People will get over the trade after about a year if we do it right and get people we really need to bridge the gap. Briggs is the man right now. If the guy cant appreciate what the city of Chicago did for his career here, then let him leave. I sure he will regret it.

what more does the guy need. here is a guy who says he wants to win a super bowl but is not willing to sacrifice self. look at tom brady this guy could legitimately demand a ridiculous contract fromt the pats but no he sacrifices for team. tom brady makes more money in edorsements than he does on the field. why? it's called winning super bowls. when you win super bowls you can put your name on a napkin and fans will pay top dollar. not to mention if you have a really good PR guy that could set you up with modeling and hollywood contracts. anyway my point there is money to be made when your in the nfl.

hey look at tony romo dating popular women it helps with PR as well. urlacher just needs to shut up and get on the field. stop reminding everyone of your 5 sacks, 5 ints when the team played as bad as it did. urlacher the so called face of the organization. each int or sack he had this season came one play one game at a time it's not like he had a beast of a game in any of the 16 gms he played in 07.

Now I see why 07 season was a disater a cheap organization mixed with unhappy players. contract issues last yr... alex brown, lance briggs, a year before that nathan vasher, this year brian urlacher, bernard berrian, devin hester, tommie harris. look at the names of people who are unhappy or were unhappy about there contracts and that's not to mention how many more that hasn't come out to say anything yet. this team is fighting itself and nothing more. get rid of the cancer because it spreads fast.

$18 mill more? That's 74 million total dollars( $56 mill +$18 mil) easily making Url the highest paid Lb ever..and he thinks bears not treating him right or respecting him?. I've been a huge supporter of urlacher, but that is more than generous!.. bears giving more and protecting against injury makes sense from both sides.

Urlacher has a contract. Be a man and stand by what you agreed to.

With every team having a salary cap, that means if you pay Urlacher more, then who will earn less? If you give more to one player, than another one will have to earn less. The Bears pay already pay more to their LB's and to pay more will hurt other areas of the team? It is nice to have two pro bowl LB's, but it would sure be great to have an average WR at this point.

Trade the guy now. I have been a tremendous supporter of Urlacher, own several jerseys, etc. I would have considered my own advice blasphemy had I uttered it at any point in the past. But something changed, Urlacher cares not about the Bears but only money. More importantly, he knows other players are currently up for extensions and nevertheless, with years remaining on his contract, he now has begun negotiating through the media for a new contract. Finally, he wanted the security of a long-term deal and got it. Now he wants to eat his cake too and get a new contract b/c he is aware his skills are diminishing and he wants to cash in even more while he can. Please trade the man and get value while we still can.

I don't mind that Lach asked for a different deal, it can't hurt to ask, I don't care that he skipped workouts, but the Bears made him an offer, it's a fair offer and he turned it down. Thats just stupid.

Well maybe Urlacher should have been more careful off the field. He is going to have to pay allamony to his first wife. Then child support for the ex-stripper he had a kid with. That is a big chunk of change each month. Do you think that has anything to do with it? :-) 18 million more that would make him the highest paid lb in the NFL. "He says it is not about the money. He just wants to be rewarded for his hard work." Being the highest paid LB in the league in my opinion is pretty rewarding.

The offer on the table, from the Bears, is more than fair!!!
Urlacher, " wipe away the tears " and be a grown man and sign the MORE THAN FAIR contract!!! OR do us all a favor and never play another down for the GREAT CHICAGO BEARS!!!!!!!

Rewarding a player for 85% of plays will naturally make him tentative on any one play. We'd be getting a neutered Urlacher. Uggh.

What we want is a reward that unleashes a BEAST on the field. Game leader in tackles does that.

2008 - $4mil signing bonus

2008 - $125K/gm for most tackles. Tot: $2m
2009 - $100K/gm for most tackles. Tot: $1.6m
2010 - $75K/gm for most tackles. Tot: $1.2m
2011 - $50K/gm for most tackles. Tot: $800K
2012 - $25K/gm for most tackles. Tot: $400K
Total reward: $6mil

2012 - $8.5mil salary

All total it's $18.5mil, but it's even better for Brian because he has a chance to earn more now while his base is much lower.

As long as he's healthy, an aggresive Urlacher has better odds than any one to be the leading tackler in any game.

Whats up with Urlacher? Its not like the guy is starving or anything. Yes he is one of the top 3 MLB's in the NFL, but when he signed the contract he was one of the top paid LBs in the NFL. What good is a contract if nobody honors them anymore. Nobody put a gun to his head and forced him to sign the deal he has now, and lets face it $6 million a year is a pretty darn good salary. The Bears are honoring their side of the deal, by paying him according to contract, so come on Brian, honor your contract by playing it out. When the contract is up, thats when it should be time to renegotiate, not when its not even half way through the time table.

My response to this mess that Urlacher has made, easy, trade this "has been" to the Bengals for disgruntled Chad Johnson. Chad would bring a homerun threat to an offence that quite frankly needs an upgarade at each of the "skilled positions"(WR,RB,QB). This move would in turn fill one of those needs instantly going into this Saturday's draft.
That would leave the fron office with only two more to really turn the corner come the '08 season. Next, draft Mendenhall at 14, or play against the guy for the next 10 years. Now were left with one major need,QB,and my advise would be to trade up in the early second to get Flacco (who absolutely has a gun). The guy is a perfect fit for the windy city.
How's that for GM of the year Jerry?

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