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Majors to Bears done deal

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Just confirmed that Thornwood graduate Leslie Majors, the Indiana cornerback, agreed to terms on a free-agent deal with the Bears.

The club had been in contact with him all last week and they came to terms within minutes of the draft ending.

Off to Halas Hall for the Chris Williams press conference. Hopefully we'll turn up some more news there.

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Brad, I heard Mully and Hanley talk to the Vanderbilt Head Coach and according to him, the Bears have drafted 2 very good football players, that fans will be glad we have on our team. The comparison of Earl Bennett to Hines Ward is a little off, because Earl has enough speed to separate from defensive backs, and Hines Ward is slower. Chris Williams is being described in one word: smart, he is very intelligent and will be a good technician at left tackle. The Head Coach at Vanderbilt is saying that Earl Bennett is "the steal", of the draft.,also interviewed was Houston Nutt, who knows of Marcus Monk, and says Marcus will be a very good player for the Bears, he works very hard.

Wow Kevin the head coach at Vandy didn't bash his own players, what a shock. I heared the interview too as well as the Williams interview, Williams is moving up in the world in my book after the interview, but I don't think the head coach is going to say a bad thing about his players because it would implicate him. Bennett was also a solid pick but speed isn't everything. Hines is a legit player who the Bears liked a lot back when he was a resricted free agent. I don't think the two are very similar but I would not go knocking ward because the Bears have a totally unproven WR out of a bad WR class.

Anybody up on the health of Chris Simms down @ Tampa Bay, I think the 3rd QB on the roster this year will come from June 1st cuts, once they passed up Brohm and did not get Booty, it became obvious to me the BEARS think Orton's ready to step up this year. REX is strictly insurance in case Orton has a bad camp, and we know what we would have to work with with him... Got some good football players in 7th round happy with Monk and Barton they will make team and get some snaps... what about Adams the big cheese, saw some Georgia games he could fit in at guard if Beekman does not work out, and GA always has a good ground game..

Didn' the Bears just sign Hill as the third QB.

Yes, I feel Williams is a smart player after restraining from retaliation and saying it was due to the big picture, I thought that alone was intelligence.
Monk, I feel after rehab is secure, can be our WR of the draft (no put down to Earl, who I am happy with as well)
I thought JA did a very good job considering past Offensive drafts but we will see.
It will be interesting to see about the QB situation - I think Orton will get the nod (hope) Purdue fans around here feel he can get it done.

Yes, Creighton they did sign Hill, but I'm not convinced yet that he'll stick. I still think there will be a few guys cut with NFL expeirnce available once the June cutdowns hit, and we might find someone who was actually drafted elsewhere to fit the position. What do you know about Hill? Can he play? I understand him not being drafted coming from small program, so that to me does not matter if a kid can play!

Ahhh table scraps JA's favorite time of the year, maybe will get another Garza. I ams ure he is hoping for something like that. The Bears have signed a couple of undrafted QB's they believe they have found two Romo's. I think they have found two Romo's, to big Romo's. Simms is still under contract with Tampa, no word on how he feels but I am sure has bounced back by now.

Hill is another weak armed QB, good size, put up big numbers, he is an accurate passer. He likes to compare himslef to Romo. Thats not a joke he actually does. What you should have said is I understand the Bears not drafting him, lots of other teams scout small programs. The Bears tend to avoid it. When they do go in it's usually not a good thing.

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