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It's still a mock draft world; Bears to grab RB Stewart?

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The prevailing feeling of late has been that the Bears will address their needs on the offensive line before anything else when the draft begins Saturday.

But in Rick Gosselin’s mock draft Version 2.0, the Dallas Morning News football big foot changes directions. Gosselin, who annually is the most accurate or among the most accurate in forecasting the first round and the top 100 players chosen, has the Bears selecting Oregon running back Jonathan Stewart with the 14th overall pick. Yes, the same Stewart who recent had toe surgery and could be sidelined when training camp opens.

Gosselin, who will have one more mock draft Friday, paired the Bears up with Pittsburgh offensive tackle Jeff Otah in his first mock April 11. This time around, Otah remained on the board until 17 when the Minnesota Vikings nabbed him. Of course, if they swing a deal before the draft for Kansas City defensive end Jared Allen, the Vikes won’t own that pick. For what it’s worth, Vanderbilt offensive tackle Chris Williams went No. 18 to Houston.

A look at Gosselin’s mock right here, which included Rashard Mendenhall going 12th to Denver. Inside the Bears doesn’t see general manager Jerry Angelo going with another running back in the first round for some time to come given the fallout from Cedric Benson’s injury-plagued first three seasons, but the chance to debate mock drafts is the beauty of this time of year.

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who cares!...the bears are terrible @ picking in the first round.jerry angelo is gonna trade down 7 or 8 times & select a 'bust' from division 1a.

rick gossalin needs to scout the bears a little more. If we don't look to offensive line you will get your 6-10 prediction and our defense will get worn out. Mendenhal might move the chains for us but stewert sounds more like a project who struggles to stay healthy,still most mocks do have him rated as the second best runner. does anyone know if he ran a pro style system ? I know mendenhal ran a spread which gave him short passes and pitch outs to gaps in the defenses line.

A healthy Stewart is a good choice but I am suspicious a toe surgery doesn't sound good for a power back with speed. The choice has to be in camp and ready to go to be of any value to the team. I have began to like Ray Rice, Tashard Choice and Washington from USC even though he has some baggage he ran in a pro style offense is big and fast can run inside and outside.

Hahahah, "Stewart can be a 2 back compliment to Benson" hahahaha yeah right, Benson couldn't carry his jock. It's a good mock but there is no way Vern goes #1. It will be Jake Long. I also cant imagine Chris Long dropping to the Raiders. I like Stewart but unless Mendenhall is there I can't see them take a back with OT's still on the board. Stewart is awsome but has questions about his ankles, I don't see Angelo taking a Back with questionable health ans minor as it is to help out a back with major health issues. Unless Benson is not recovering very well, which I have stated I think there is a deeper health issue there and that the Bears may not have Benson for much longer. Then again I know this mock will change a lot, but I also know people are not as in love with Otah and Williams anymore as there stock has been dropping. Again I will point out don't be surprised if the Bears take a running back at 14 because of value if they can't trade down. By the way take note, Gosselin based this mock draft on team need. Looks like Gosselin thinks the Bears need a back more than a Tackle, why do you think he thinks that?

Ok people here is the dish on Stewart, he has Turf Toe, Sanders played with this most of his career. The only time you have surgery on turf toe is to remove a bone Spur. He ran at the combine with Turf Toe, he is actually faster than his number posted and for a 235 pound back he ran as fast as Mendenhall. If not for the Toe he would going before Mendenhall. He has had a couple of small injuries. If his ankle check out he is a steal at 14. When his weight is around 220 he has 4.3 speed. He is stronger than mendenhall and moves better in space. Great hands and a good blocker, he is like a young J. Lewis but better in space and has a stronger cutback ability. This guy is the goods. Until he had toe surgery he was rated over Mendenhall.

Chip Kelly in Oregon runs a spread offense combined with a power run game. That is the system Stewart played in.

It makes very little sense to select an injured running back in the first round to compete with another injury-prone former first round running back.

given the depth at OT and the Bears' desperate need for talented blockers, there can be no "debate" surrounding these picks.

Angelo's neglect of the offensive line in the 2006/2007 drafts is regrettable. He will present himself as truly incompetent by failing to recognize the glaring absence of bodies and talent needed to maximize the production of HIS prized quarterback (Grossman) and running back (Benson).

Offensive linemen or die.

Creighton, Creighton again with the stats, but by now you should know Jerry he spent 1st round money on Benson and the money is earmarked for the OL. As I stated @ 10:49 today there are very good options out there in the 3rd and fourth round Ray Rice is a solid every down back as is Tashard Choice and Washington they are strong can run inside. Washington interest me a lot could be sleeper big can run between the tackles and outside with home run speed could be good second day gamble. I am off the Mendenhall bandwagon, I like his ability.

With Chris Williams able to play LT for years to come and possibly extend John Tait's career by switching him back to his more natural RT spot, why would Chicago gamble on Stewart returning from surgery? That makes absolutely no sense. And even if Williams isn't viewed as the choice then Jeff Otah could be a fixture at RT for years to come.

I'll take the word of quite a few people who say this guy knows his business but this makes no sense to me. Chicago needs someone who can contribute from the word go in this draft and taking a guy coming off of injury who may not even be ready to go at training camp sounds ridiculous.

I've said before I think the pick comes down to Mendenhall if he's on the board, followed by Williams, and rounded out by Otah. I'm sticking to that. Stewart may turn into a great NFL running back, I just do not see him making an impact his rookie year which is what Chicago needs someone, ANYONE to do at that position.

I think Stewart is a more well rounded back than Mendenhall, but that is neither here nor there at this point. Sporting News and Pro football weekly are billing Stewart as rising again, and neither think he will be around long past 10. I have heard several reports out there about teams looking to trade up from the late teens/early 20s to get one of the tackles or backs. While most teams from 6-15 are usually content to use their picks, everyone knows Jerry loves to trade down. There will be phone calls coming for that pick.

If Benson's ankle is worse than they are saying, then I would put running back ahead of offensive line as far as needs. But whether or not that means Stewart or Mendenhall is another story. Figuring the drop in Williams and Otah's stock, we could potentially have Mendenhall, Stewart, Williams, and Otah all on the board, not to mention Cherilus and Baker. The phone is going to ring, and probably several times if they are available. I would like to see 3 OL drafted out of this year, and if we can do that and still take a game-changer at 14, I am fine with that. But what if we can get Felix Jones later in round 1, and get an extra 3rd or 2nd rounder, and get 3 OL by the end of round 3? Or Cherilus in round 1, who can start on the right year 1, and get the RB, QB, and another OL in the first three rounds? I would be fine with that too. I just don't think we can go wrong with the right strategy, and that strategy has to be that in the first 3 rounds, we need an OT, a RB, and another OL out of the first 4 picks. If Flacco ends up in there too, all the better.

Can Kevin Smith do all the things Mendenhall can do? Maybe, maybe not. Can Matt Forte? Probably not, as he is too slow out of the gate. Can Felix Jones? Not inside the tackles, but if Benson is healthy enough to play, that would be a nice 1-2 punch.
As long as we are loading up on the horses up front, any additions we make at the skill positions will be better off in the long run.

I've said this before but JA won't take a RB in round 1 because he's already committed so much money to "Ced the Sled." I also think JA is much more comfortable taking linemen (offense or defense) on round 1, they are lower risk of bust (dont remember Michael Haynes and Mark Columbo). JA's track record with his number ones is pretty poor. One pick was great (Tommie Harris), one looks pretty good (Greg Olsen), one bust due to injuries (Marc Columbo), one total bust (Micheal Haynes) and two very probable busts in Grossman and potential top ten all time bust in Benson.

I think JA will take an offensive tackle with the first round pick. There's an outside chance of a Wide Reciever or a QB. He has money to spend at those positions.

I'd like to see the Bears trade Urlacher and Wallaye to St. Louis for their first round pick, #2 overall, and take DT Glen Dorsey. The Bears have a glut of Defensive ends and a second stud DT would make the defense outstanding. Jamar Williams is ready to play and he's not belly-aching about his contract.

Angelo will probably go with Ryan Clady if he falls past Denver and Carolina, I don't know if he will but you never know. If Clady is not there I say go with Pittsburghs Jeff Otah. If nothing else the Bears will have a legit right tackle who could eventually move to the left side, his position at Pitt. This is the reason I am such a big fan of Otah, conventional thinking is why take a right tackle at #14 when the Bears could move down and aquire picks and take someone like Gosder Cherilus later, but with Otah you have a player that might be able to move to the left side. At Pitt Otah went against some top flight DE's like Chris Long and S.Floridas George Selvia and held his own against them, this shows me he might be able to be a left tackle. I think if not for the bum ankle Otah would have benn higher rated and would have gone to the Chiefs at #5. I say take Otah and upgrade that offensive line GO BEARS!!

Dj, someone asked about Stewart and I gave a short overview, not much in the way of numbers though. As for Stewart you do notice the hahahahah at the very begining of the post, and the fact that I talk about his injury issue. I also talk about money allocated to the running back position and said I can't see Angelo drafting Stewart. I just said he was a good back and would not be a Benson back up. As for money, I think you may find it interesting that most of the reamining money the bears have allocated for offense is torwards and this is by amount, 1. QB, 2. WR, 3. Oline. There is more money for WR and QB than there is oline. Benson chews up most of the pay at RB. I also posted earlier that I Cannot see the Bears being able to afford a stud pair of OT's, QB, WR, most of there money is already in long term deals all three of those positions require a lot of cash. So I am kinda wondering who's getting cut. I did ask a question that no one has answered yet. You will notice I did say this mock will change a lot next week. He is just having fun with the fans right now. He does it every year. Oh and DJ Rice is considered a 2nd round guy now. I like him too, so do lots teams. I have already said OT is the biggest need unless there is something we do not know about. But I have also said Angelo will do what he always does and draft for Value. He has never not done it. Never, it who he is.

Kevin, Clady to the Bears at 14???

Da Coach who says Williams is gonna start at LT next year. Most seem to think he will need time to develop into the position and will probably start at guard. Same with Otah, it's the reason there stock has dropped.

I will say this, with round 3 now on day two I think that will be the steal round, thats where the hidden gems are going to be found. Cmmon D. Brown.

The Bears are on the clock in about 118 hours. Can't wait.

Djssr my only question about this Mock draft is why does the best Mock projectionist in the country feel that RB is the Bears number one need?? He based this draft off of a teams biggest need. You think he knows something we don't about Benson? It's a strange mock draft.

Kevin Otah is considered a project that may have to sit a year even for RT he is very raw, he has no tech but is an athletic freak of a big man, teams like him because he could be special in a couple of years Niether him or Williams is expected to make an impact this year, thats the problem with those picks, the Bears need guys to come in and start day one. Otah's ankle was 100% at his pro day when he turned in a below average performance. Williams Pro day was also below average. Clady on the other hand had a real good pro day, he ck if he falls I would take him too, but he is not falling, cause he is actually good. There are to many question marks with Otah and Williams. Gosder is a RT with pro bowl potential, he will probably never be a LT but he is a solid pick who could start from day one and be very good.

Creighton is right on with his information. Stewart may be the best available running back in the draft. Has it all, size, speed, strength, huge desire and work ethic to be the best,great blocker, decent hands, few fumbles and a team leader type. They did a full spread on his work ethic in the local papers when Oregon played Cal earlier this year. The injury is minor. The question is do you pick a lower rated OL at fourteen or do you pick the best available athlete at #14? Stewart would and should be the pick. Lets face it OL is a huge need but a great running back is even more of a need, Benson is not getting it done and wouldn't even get it done with 5 all pro offensive linemen in front of him.

What ever happened to taking the best player on the board? Mendenhall or Stewart would be more of a value at 14 than Otah who is projected to be a right tackle. Jerry aint paying #14 type of money to a right tackle!! Williams is a bit of a gamble at 14 but has the highest upside. Too much of risk though. This type of risk would get JA fired if he doesn't pan out and we go like 6-10 this year. There will be good tackles later in the draft. TAKE THE BEST PLAYER ON THE BOARD!! You'll get the best value and the sexy pick for the fans looking to buy a jersey of someone other than Urlacher.

Typical of the Bears in drafting a guy who is hurt. Cheap organization. I do not care about this guy. This guy reminds me of the RB who played for the Vikings who had trouble putting certain things in his luggage. I don't care what value this clown is if you are looking at value for this postion I would rather have Mendenhall.

Creighton, I never said Clady to the Bears at #14, I said if he happens to fall to #14 which you never know, who would of thought Greg Olsen would of fell to the Bears last april? Also Creighton I can answer you why a lot of projectionist think the Bears are going running back. I'll use Rick Gosselin as an example, you did notice that this was mock draft version 2.0 right? That means this was his second choice to who Gosselin thinks the Bears are going to select, his first choice was Jeff Otah that means that is who he thinks the Bears are going to take first of all. I've noticed a lot of these draft experts usually have a couple different mock drafts versions 1 throught whatever, there 1st version is who they think the certain team will take then #2 is the next player they think the team will select get my drift. These writers aren't going to stick with just one player they think a team is going to pick, they are going to change it up all the way to draft day, that way it is not to boring and in the end they will look right because they can say "hey I said that the Bears were going to take so and so in my mock draft version whatever" get it. So with that being said, Rick Gosselin thinks the Bears need an offensive tackle first off then runner secondly. So Gosselin agrees with me that the Bears need to address the o-line before skilled guys because without a line these skilled guys aren't going to be doing Angelo any good. Yeah it will be a prettier pick but not during the season when the top pick is still injured or caught up enough to know the play book to even contribute because he was injured during training camp. Also answer me this, what would be the sense in bringing in another 1st round back then not having an o-line to help them? And no you are not going to get immediate help on the o-line waiting till the later rounds. Also Creighton, Otah actually improved some of his number at his pro day, he shaved his 40 time down to a 5.1 from a 5.6 not bad. Another thing creighton I have heard a lot of experts say that Otah could come in from day one and contribute at right tackle, which there is no reason to think other wise because the same experts have Chris Long rated the top end and Otah held his own against him. Stewart looks the part but has been injured most of his college career and that is the last thing the Bears need is another injury prone running back. So creighton I still think the Bears need to start adressing the o-line on the 1st day and build an o-line, then worry about the skilled guys later GO BEARS!!

One more thing creighton, there is no way the scouts consider Otah a project, no scout would give Otah a 1st round grade if they considered him a project no way. If that were the case Otah would be more a 2nd to 3rd round prospect vs 1st. Example Virginia Techs Duane Brown is considered a project, not Otah. Also you are takeing just as much of a chance with any of these runners as you are these tackles to come in and contribute. Otah and Williams both have three years of college starting experience, other than McFadden, who of the 1st round projected runners has that much starting experience? So you see this is why I think you are takeing just as much of a chance with the tackles like Otah and Williams as the runners to come in and contribute GO BEARS!!

Creighton is an Oregon fan. He has proved that with his enamoration, and his constant chatter of Stewart. I believe that Mendenall had the better all around game against USC. That was by far the best Defense in the nation last year. So what does that tell me? NOTHING. Nobody knows what the Bears are gonna do. Only suspect and hope. Bears arent trading Urlacher. I would love to see them trade down with Seattle for the rights to Shawn Alexander. That would settle things. Then they could go after all the OL they want. Maybe even get Henne.

I do agree that scouts to not give out 1st round grades to projects, but there are very few prospects who are ready to step in and play at a high level. If you look at Joe Thomas from last year for example, scouts considered him the surest thing in the draft. There were no teams that had him graded as anything other than a 1st round prospect. If you look at this year's crop, just about any player on the board, and the teams evaluating them are pretty diverse in their assessment. Otah could be rated as a first, second, or third round prospect by different teams because of his upside, raw technique, and physical ability. Depending on what the team needs, the player could slide all over the place. If you look at a left tackle prospect, the most polished kid in the draft is Sam Baker. 4 year starter in the PAC-10, sound technique, good pass blocker. His grades are all over the board. The Sporting News has him as a third round pick, and Stevenson's has him as a late first round choice. Is Otah ready to play? Probably he could play on the right side, but he has major holes in his technique, and is very raw as far as a pro tackle, and the best situation for him would be Philly, where he could spend a year behind Jon Runyan and learn the ropes. The most intriguing thing to me about the draft process is that if you don't have 32 first round grades on your board, then you start moving 2nd and 3rd round guys up. I think that is what is happening this year for a lot of players.

Even Matt Ryan is getting mixed reviews. Some reports said they wouldn't give any of the QBs in this year's class a first round grade, but others call him a Franchise QB. There are no finished products in this year's draft, not even Jake Long. He struggles with speed rushers, and is not as natural in space as he should be to be the #1 overall pick.

This should be an interesting week.

The two big surprises in the top half of rd 1 could be QB Ryan and DT Ellis. Both players could fall to 14, especially Ryan. The Bears need O-Line, RB, QB, WR, DT, SS. What do the Bears do?

My 1st rd O-Line in order are Long, Albert, Clady, Otah, Williams, and Cherilus. Assuming Long and Albert are gone, the Bears should grab Otah. He plays with a mean streak. He has long arms. He is strong and on his pro day 4/16 he reduced his 40 from 5.57 to 5.28. Not a "wow" time, but it does give some credibility to the complaint about the ankle.

Six OL going in the 1st rd is a lot, but it is a deep class. The only way I don't see the Bears grabbing one of the top 4-5 O-Linemen is if DT Ellis falls. Ellis fits the defense perfectly and would be a big upgrade in the DT rotation. If Ryan falls I would pass. He does not have an overpowering arm and is not that quick.

Saturday and Sunday should be exciting!

Creighton I think they are trying to say the metal plate in his leg is going to be a bigger problem than expected and not expected in their opinion to be able to make it. My question Mr. Stats is how much of Bensons money is guaranteed and how much cap damage would it cause. Has Jerry pidgeon-holed himself with Benson? All of the linemen in the draft there is little difference its the speed and the schemes they are good athletes and some are just going to be guards. I like the way the Vikings have built their OL they are huge.

I'm not a Benson fan but without blocking it does not matter who you put back there, they need OL 1st and formost!!!

The Vikings run game is a man-on-man, matchup-based blocking scheme. The Coryell offense (which we run a pretty uninventive variation of) is designed for movement by the OL, which is why injuries and age killed our line performance in such a big hurry. As soon as they lost half a step, the defense could beat them to the hole. Run plays are mainly trap, and on the edges (outside the guards). Heck, we were running trap plays with Aaron Gibson a few years back, the most immobile lineman on the Bears since Noah Jackson. Ruben Brown, Terrence Metcalf, and John St. Clair were not the ideal candidates to do quick pull trap plays. Ruben Brown was the best run blocker we have had since Mark Bortz, and we moved him around so he couldn't block the man in front of him. If we were to run a straight ahead run game like the Vikes do, I would be thrilled. Metcalf is a straight ahead blocker, so that would be an instant upgrade just by changing the scheme. If we stay with our current blocking scheme, we need smaller, mobile blockers, and there are very few of the guys out there that are good blocking in space. A straight ahead scheme also protects the QB, because when an interior lineman gets out of his stance moving down the line, the defense can attack the line of scrimmage. If they stay put, they attack the QB. By keeping our blocking straight ahead, they block the man in front of them all the time, and the defense has to read the ball, not the line. Any decent play action will sell, and the pass rush will be half a step slower.

I can't stand our blocking scheme. I would love the man on man approach, if for no other reason than we will see how good or bad our line really is "in the phonebooth," as the scouts say.

Dj, Benson is in the 4th year of his front loaded contract that was worth at max performance 35 million. 17 MIL is guaranteed. "(Cedric) Benson, who has pocketed nearly $13.8 million for three years of remarkable mediocrity, has a cap number of $3.35 million with a base salary of just $820,000. He's coming off a broken left leg that required a small metal plate to be inserted to hold bone together. One source said the injury may cost him a step. Imagine, a slowed-down Benson, slower even than the one who couldn't find top gear last year. Benson missed a $1.73 million conditional bonus by 27 yards in 2007 and has the same potential this year - if he gains 701 yards or makes some other escalators he'll make a $1.73 million bonus. It may be the better part of valor to absorb the cap loss and start the hunt for a productive RB, since it also appears that the other AP ain't the guy I thought he was. This does not include his bonus.

Benson missed a $1.73 million conditional bonus by 27 yards in 2007 and has the same potential this year - if he gains 701 yards or makes some other escalators he'll make a $1.73 million bonus. It may be the better part of valor to absorb the cap loss and start the hunt for a productive RB, since it also appears that the other AP ain't the guy many thought he was. Personally I can't believe Angelo placed the escalator clause on going over 700 yards. How lame is that could he have made it a thousand.

I think we all agree Oline is the biggest need, my point is will there be value at the pick. I am not trying to predict what I would do, I already know what I would do, I am trying to figure out what the Bears will do. You have very big very athletic big men who need work and 3 stud running backs who are ready to start. Both are huge needs. If you look at the Bears needs just in terms of filling out the roster and what they have said they want out of this draft this is what you get. They want a future starting franchise QB, a RB to compete for the starting job, a DT to fill out there defensive line, a Saftie, a LT, a near future RT, a OG, a future Center and a number 1 wr. That is what they have said they are looking to get out of this draft. That is a lot, and I mean a lot. The strengths in this draft OT, and RB. The weakness, Saftie, QB, DT(DE is strong but DT is weak after the top two guys), OG is not deep at all. Personaly I think this draft will be very interesting with lots of surprises on day one. Not a lot of trades, but more like picks no one saw coming. Well Except for Jake Long I hear that deal is all but done in Miami, buy the way I called that one a month ago.

You know what. I wouldn't mind if the Bears did select Stewart. It's better than Otah. The Bears ARE NOT rebuilding, we are gonna give it one more shot with the good core of players we have right now. A good running back is the best choice at #14.

Mr Angelo go ahead and do it.

Why draft a RB in the 1st round when he could possibly be there with their 2nd rounder? They may have to trade up for him in the 2nd, but not worth it without a starter at OT. How much help can a stud RB be without good blocking? Not much...

i think we all agree on certain positions of need but this is what i would do to.

1.clady,williams,otah,or felix jones
2.if oline in first then matt forte or jamal charles
if runner then i would choose sam baker or anthony collins
3.trevor laws,jerome simpson,roy schuenning,chilo rachal,tony hills,duane brown,earl bennett.
4.owen schmitt,johnathon goff,jamar adams,barry richardson.
5.craig stevens,dj hall,jordy nelson.
6.kevin o'connell,paul smith,erik ainge,xavier omon,adrian arrington,wr,cb,dl with these picks.

As an Oregon alum who has seen Stewart live in many, many games, I have to say, I'd absolutely LOVE to see him in a Bears uni in '08. The last time I was so sure about a Pac-10 RB I'd seen in person was Stephen Jackson. That turf toe he just had surgery on...he played on that most of the season, including the Sun Bowl where he ran for 253 yds...not to mention his 4.44 at the Combine on the same turf toe.

Thing is, I'm not too blind to see the Bears need to draft a LT in the first round. The Bears line needs serious help. As much as I'd love to see Snoop at RB for the Bears, he'd be just as doomed as anyone else if the Bears don't fix the line.

And hey, JD, go search youtube for Stewart's 3rd and 13 run for a 1st down vs. the USC Defense this year. Anyone who can do that is hard to argue against.

Joe you and Creighton read into my point the Bears need to feed into the players strengths. This draft is loaded with large strong linemen that if you line them up let them attack the man in front of them with a good back it would be a rejuvenation. When everything was working they were using a all-pro guard and a all-pro center and two solid veteran tackles Garza was a bust last season as he was dominated on a regular basis. My cure is get young, get big and keep it simple. Then this draft will be good for today and the start of the future. I think the rating system for linemen is flawed and controversial because they are rated by a combine [which they train for] and by people with agendas, (i.e) sports writers who are looking at their hometown or favorite team needs. Big strong road graders who can move the pile are the thing and it gives young players a opportunity to play sooner. The Bears schemes are very suseptable to the defensive schemes employed by the majority of the NFL. They occupy Kreutz and shoot in behind him that's why so many plays are blown up in the backfield. Last but not least no more Texas running backs, Matt Forte stands straight up Felix Jones is not a every down back. Take a peek at Chaucey Washington see what you think.

DJ there have been plenty of first round Oline busts so lets not pretend that every guy who plays oline is a stud, there have been a ton of can't miss OT's that have been busts. Interesting enough the Bears and Angelo have excelled at drafting bad OT in the first round. It's a draft, I am looking at the strengths of who is doing the drafting and there weaknesses, not the players. There is no proof that anyone drafted will be good in the NFL, it's all hit or miss from the point of the players. The chances that the bears will draft a first round Oline bust is really big. No one can say with a 100 percent certaintee who will be a all pro and who will be a bust at this point. All I can do is look at draft history to make a educated guess. Thats all I am doing. Also don't forget this is Olin's 11th season last year I saw him on his back an awful lot, Tait is almost done, Garza is bad Miller is gone, Brown is gone. Also don't be surprised if the top 5 oline guys are gone, Long is already gone, his contract is done, if anyone else in the top 5 takes an OT it will start a run. My guess is KC will take either Clady or Albert, after them Baltimore will take either Clady or Albert, the Eagles are going to trade up, maybe with the Saints and grab Otah or Williams, the either Carolina or Denver will grab who is left. Who do the Bears take then, they may not be able to trade down. It will not be easy to do this year. By the way I gave you your numbers on Benson.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with the Bears rookie lineman from last year? I would imagine they have confidence in them otherwise they wouldn't of drafted them. Plus their a year older in the system. If they can step up, drafting a OL in the later rounds would be ideal and draft a RB in the 1st round, WR in the 2nd and beef up the defense for any that's available.

If Mendenhall is still on the board at 14 and the Bears dont pick him, they will be kicking themselves for years to come. Mendenhall is the best back in the draft this year, and he doesn't have alot of wear on him. Also, he doesn't have any major injuries ( Mcfaddens colorbone, misc leg problems and Stewarts toe), which is extremely valuable in a 1st round pick. We can address the needs at OL with our 2nd and 3rd round picks, since Jake Long is already signed, and there is a whole slew of 2nd tier offensive linemen this year.

With the Vikes getting Allen and now having one of the best if not the best D-Lines in the NFL, the Bears have no choice but to go OL-RB-OL in the first three rounnd.

They really cant afford a QB untill round 4 or later my guess woulds be Colt B. in round 4. If Matt Forte is avalible in round 2 they will jump on him if not look for OL-OL-RB because they need a power back and Matt F. is one of the few that would be availible without him they need to protect the QB to give him time.

Chicago should draft Tommy Z out of Notre Dame. He is a hard hitting Strong Safty and can control the feild sideline to sideline like Brian Urlacher. I've watched him for four years at Notre Dame and he would play good next to Mike Brown. Can you imagine Mike Brown and Tommy Z at the safty position, two hard hitting D backs on the Bears Deffence with Urlacher, and Briggs. If I was looking at that line up as a different team I would run the other way. GO BEARS!!!

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