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It's mocktastic! Clady falls to Bears in forecast

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Here’s another mock draft to digest ... ESPN’s Todd McShay released a full seven-round mock from Miami’s Jake Long at No. 1 to Danny Lansanah, an inside linebacker he has the St. Louis Rams tabbing from Connecticut as Mr. Irrelevant.

In between are 250 more picks.

Let’s review who he has the Bears taking:

1.14 Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State

I think the Bears would be excited by the opportunity to get Clady, who seems to have slid a little lately and is available after McShay has Denver selecting Vanderbilt offensive tackle Chris Williams at No. 12.

2.44 Chris Johnson, RB, East Carolina

If Cedric Benson was healthy and was the back the Bears envisioned they were getting when they chose him in 2005, Johnson would be a perfect complement. He’s got terrific speed and the ability to go all the way. But he’s not a rugged runner between the tackles. The way McShay’s board falls, I think the Bears would be more likely to choose Miami safety Kenny Phillips or maybe even Arkansas defensive tackle Marcus Harrison, who coach Lovie Smith likes. But the second-tier quarterbacks are all off the board and this is too early for Tulane running back Matt Forte.

3.70 Andre Caldwell, WR, Florida

Could he be the one to shed the rap on Gators receivers in the pros? On the board here is Rutgers guard Jeremy Zuttah, who the Bears like a good deal, as well as Forte and USC quarterback John David Booty.

3.90 Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky

College scouting director Greg Gabriel has seen him in person at least once. Woodson is a real project. McShay has USC guard Chilo Rachal falling so far he’s available here. Would he be too good to pass up at this spot?

4.110 Athyba Rubin, DT, Iowa State

He’s a powerful man who fits the mold of what they’d like in a nose tackle. A trio of good backs are available right here—Central Florida’s Kevin Smith, Georgia Tech’s Tashard Choice and USC’s Chauncey Washington. Ditto UTEP safety Quentin Demps and San Diego State quarterback Kevin O’Connell, who quarterbacks coach Pep Hamilton likes.

5.142 Chad Rinehart, G, Northern Iowa

He’s a big guy who’s smart and versatile. Given the needs on the line, I’d think there is a chance a second lineman is chosen before the fifth round. Keep in mind Angelo could deal down once or twice and add some more mid-round selections.

6.175 Jamar Adams, S, Michigan

Big, physical guy who doesn’t run real well but can bring the lumber. The Bears might need a safety with more coverage skills than ability as an eighth defender in the box. Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon is still on the board as well as South Florida linebacker Ben Moffitt and Arkansas guard Robert Felton.

7.222 Travis Brown, WR, New Mexico State

Good size and good hands are combined with questionable speed. Hawaii’s Davone Bess is on the board here and the Bears like him.

7.243 Ryan Wendel, C, Fresno State

Little undersized. This is where the Bears will begin working through their list of priority free agents and locking in some guys at the top of the chart.

7.247 Mark Bradford, WR, Stanford

Ran a 4.71 in the 40-yard dash at the combine.

7.248 Andrew Larson, P, Cal

Somebody needs to share the workload with Brad Maynard in training camp. The Bears have yet to use a draft pick on a specialist in Jerry Angelo's tenure.

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GREAT if things shake out like that except I'd like to see the Bears go DT in the second (Harrison) if RB Charles is off the board and RB and G in the 3rd. Outstanding picks though.

They need to stay at 14 in the first and get the best ava OT .Trde up in the sec rd and third.they should Pick a OG in the 2nd or 3rd RD.Then concentrate on a rb or Saftey.

Clady is an offensive lineman, so I would be happy with this pick. The selection of Clady unlocks the scenario in which Tait moves back to RT (What happens when Tait is cut for salary cap purposes at the end of 2008?).

The national "experts" obviously do not appreciate the fact that this team needs TWO STARTERS to replace Brown and Miller. While I would be excited about Rinehart, the Bears can not expect a 5th rounder to start in '08. For this reason, Angelo will draft a second O-lineman with immediate starter potential on day one.

I would be happy if all of the players listed in this mock draft ended up in Chicago...if it wasn't mandatory for us to rebuild the ENTIRE offensive line for the 2008 and 2009 seasons.

Bears need to go with Clady in round 1, he will drop to them, then with Sam Baker in round 2 and move him inside to guard, move Beekman to the other guard, and tait to the right side and now were talkin, forget about the glamour positions, we need an O-line, then maybe Flacco drops to round 3 and ive seen some senarios where Manningham drops if so we go with either of those then, I also saw a ridiculous rummor of Urlacher to cleveland for Derrek Anderson, dont know how reliable it is but it said it would be announced in the next couple days, oddly I wouldnt mind that trade

Where is the tight end that we all know the bears will choose late in the draft? Is there something wrong with our punter that we have to draft one? You would think that another OT for security and safty because their defense scheme never has enough (let alone, Brown might not make it and Archuleta might be gone when the season starts)in the later picks. What are the Bears going to do with 3 Wide receivers added to the starting bunch that they already have? Yes, I know they need special teams members but they will still have to find roster room. How about drafting with the thought that these picks will stick around.

I am a little suspicious of this mock draft.

Hahaha, he has Ryan Clady fall to the Bears at 14, what a clown, I would love it if Clady fell that far, but there is no chance that happens. The picks after that all suck, Andre Woodson??, Booty and Zuttah are on the board and he takes Caldwell. Funny thing is outside of Clady this actually looks like an Angelo draft. Oh and Chris Johnson, please he's Reggie Bush jr. We already have Garrett Wolfe. We need a starting Running Back not a guy who isn't sure if he is a WR or a undersized Halfback. This guy is going to be stripped all day and night in the nfl, have you seen his hands. Nice speed and great in the open field, but he will never get there on this team.

I would have to agree that I don't like the Johnson pick at 44. I would be thrilled to see the Bears trade the 44 and 90 to Miami for 32, where in McShay's mock we have our choice of Flacco, Henne, and Brohm. If we stay there at 44, our better options include:

Duane Brown, OT--VA Tech
we could also reach a little for Ray Rice, Eddie Royal, or Anthony Collins

I think Caldwell would be a wasted pick. The WR group is abysmal this year, and we just brought in Booker and Lloyd, re-signed Rashied Davis, and have Bradley and Hester healthy and prepared to step up. We also have Mike Hass, who has better hands than any of these stiffs in the draft, including Caldwell. We have a speed guy in Hester, a #1 type talent guy in Bradley, and a slot receiver in Davis. Take Booker's hands and route running, and add in a Mike Hass, and we have a solid group. Besides, how often will a 3 WR set be on the field if we run Olson and Clark on the field at the same time? Not too often....McShay ha the Bears wasting 3 picks on Wide receivers? I just don't see it.

Instead of the players we pick from round 3 on, let's look at who was on the board according to McShay, and go closer to our needs:

3.70--Zuttah is almost a no-brainer. He can play center, guard, or tackle in a pinch. We need depth like this
3.90--Andre Woodson? Are they kidding me? John Greco, Chilo Rachal, Tashard Choice, Kevin Smith, and a #2 Extra value meal at McDonalds would all be better choices than Woodson. Think of him as a less talented Byron Leftwich, with an even slower release, and absolutely no field vision. More athletic, but so was Kordell Stewart, and Henry Burris. besides, if we take a better option at 44, we need Kevin Smith at 90

4.110--I like the Rubin pick. I think we need a little insurance at DT, just in case our current string continues.

5.142--Rinehart--not a bad pick, but I am intrigued by Eric Young from Tennessee, who is going a few picks later. Before he was injured, they said he was a beast. Barry Richardson, Lavelle Hawkins, Josh Johnson are all on the board here.

6.175 Adams--Michigan safeties seem to have trouble in the NFL. They are linebackers in smaller bodies, and are usually liabilities in coverage. I like Roach from TCU if we are going to take a safety. How about J Leman from Illinois here, as a backup LB to replace Ayanbadejo? He will be a special teams juggernaut. Maybe not as fast, but just as fearless and relentless

7.222--Travis Brown--again with the WRs. Tommy Blake could be a big improvement over Bazuin if his disorder is under control. Lovie and Tommie Harris would be an excellent support group, and we could get a guy who can generate 4-8 sacks in a reserve role. Shawn Murphy from Utah State is ranked a lot higher than this by Sporting News and Pro Football Weekly at guard; we still need at least 3 OL out of this draft, preferably 4 or 5 as we start to rebuild

7.243--Ryan Wendel-I like this pick. We need a backup center as well as we rebuild the line. He is a bit undersized, but a year or two in an NFL weight program, and he can be up to snuff

7.247--If we are going to take a WR late, why not Marcus Monk? huge target, and a tremendous value here. We could lose Brandon Lloyd in about 4 seconds once this kid gets to camp.

7.248--throw away pick, so why not a punter? Just not sure this punter is the right guy. Says leg strength is limited. we need a boomer at the position that can direct kicks.
But somewhere in the 7th round, why not draft Darrell Strong from Pitt as our 3rd tight end? McShay has him undrafted, so we could bring him in as a street free agent in this scenario, but why not take him at 248 and not have to compete?

All in all, a decent draft, except for the WRs. Nobody drafts 3 WRs, especially in this class, when they have 2 free agents, 2 up and coming "stars" in the eyes of the team, a re-signed contributor, and 2 guys that have been back and forth between the practice squad and active roster. Not to mention 2 pass receiving tight ends who will be the focal point of the passing attack if Ron Turner has half an ounce of sense.

I say OL, OL, and OL needs to be the mindset of Jerry and Gabriel. If Clady falls to us at 14, that would be pretty good, but I still think Jerry is in love with Cherilus, and will trade back to get him. I would prefer Clady to Williams and Otah, as he would be a left tackle, but I question whether he can start from day 1 over there. Cherilus is a RT, but can start day 1 over there. With Jared Allen in the division, KGB, and the other pass rushers we are going to be facing, we need a polished player to play opposite Tait on whatever side we put him. Cherilus is the only guy ready to play the NFL game on the right side. Jake Long was the only guy ready to play both sides, and he just got taken #1.

I'd love to have Clady at # 14. But in Round 2 I'm taking Matt Forte because when you look at his production from last year, then realize he was still coming back from a significant injury, his accomplishments were very impressive. I think he will be a bargain, even in the 2nd round.

With the 1st Bears pick in the 3rd round I'd take an offensive guard, like Mike McGlynn, Roy Schuening or Chilo Rachal. After all, the O-line is still the # 1 need and there is very good value available. With the 2nd pick in Round 3 I'd take a WR, such as Caldwell or William Franklin of Missouri. I see Franklin as a Dennis McKinnon type of receiver. His is big (6 ft 203 lbs) fast (4.44 in the 40), and caught 40 or more passes for 3 consecutive years on a team that was deep in receivers.

In the 4th round I'd like to get Josh Johnson from San Diego. While his arm may be average, he has a good feel for the game, which is something Bear quarterbacks always seem to lack.

How about this one using the players picked in McShay's order
1. Clady (LT)Boise St
2. Phillips (SS) Miami
3. Forte (RB) Tulane
3. Rachal (OG) USC
4. Rubin (DT) Iowa State
5. Smith (QB) Tulsa
6. Bowman (WR) Oaklahoma St
7. McDuffie (OG) Clemson
7. Wendel (C) Fresno State
7. Monk (WR) Arkansas
7. Bishop (TE) Nevada
Undrafted free agents positions LB,P,WR,QB,RB,FB,DL

Mariotti is out of his mind with the Mendenhall thing. Just ask the Dolphins how it worked out to draft a top notch RB before fixing the O-line. Maybe he just wants the Bears to get the first pick . . . SO THEY CAN TAKE AN O-LINEMAN!!!!!!!! it!

We already have Josh Johnson. But for some reason he goes by Kyle Lifetime backup Orton. If we cant get a QB in Early Rd.2 then DO NOT DRAFT ONE. Use that pick on other players. Josh Johnson = Not what we need. We need a proven QB who played against better than local Highschool talent. Inflated stats = not worthy opponents.

With the exception of Clady falling in our lap, this has to be the worst-case scenario for a Chicago Bear draft right? RIGHT?

This is what happens when national publications project their own biases onto teams with very little insight into team chemistry, needs, etc. I like Matt's version about 100x better where he predicts by NEED and FIT rather than throwing darts at a board or pulling names out of his arse.

One more thing, who the f#%k thinks Chris Johnson is a good 2nd-round pick for Chicago? He's an undersized speed back who cannot be a load carrier in the NFL. Here's a list of roles he could play:

Complement Back - This would be great if we actually had a bonafide #1 RB but we don't. We also have Garret Wolfe who we drafted last year in the 3rd round.

Return Man - We already have a guy who does nothing but return in Devin Hester. After that, we have solid returners who can actually contribute on the field in other positions such as Rashied Davis, Wolfe, and Danieal Manning.

Special Teams - Great, let's use our high 2nd-round pick on a guy whose best shot at getting on the field this season will be on special teams coverage. It's not like we cannot find a wealth of LB's and CB's in the late rounds to fill those roles.

Most of these "Mocks" make me throw up in my mouth. Are our front office guys really this retarted/Inept? This franchise is being led right into the toilet by the bums we call GMS and coaches. Its depressing to follow your team year in and year, out fly across the country, spend $600-$800 for each seat every year and the best news about our offseason is that Clady MIGHT fall to us? This is pathetic. 06 was clearly a FLUKE and stroke of luck in a weak NFC. Watchout guys, Vikes are coming up quick and at this rate Rex will be dead and good old Lifetime backup Orton will be on life support. We have not made one SOLID move this offseason is no one else upset?

At least some people know that a LT is the only choice the Bears can make in the 1st round. Why on Earth would the Bears consider any other position in the 1st round?

It was very difficult watching last season seeing whatever RB was playing and only gaining 3 yards per carry becuase no holes were being created. Or watching whatever QB was playing having no protection or time to throw the ball.

I would like the Bears to wait at least until round 3 to pick a RB. John Tait needs to be moved over to RT. This draft has many RBs who can be drafted in the later rounds and be productive. Why should the Bears pay big money to another 1st round RB like with Benson or Salaam with no OL? Have you seen what Grossman can do if he has some time to throw the ball? With just a decent offensive line, the Bears can get back to the playoffs no problem.

Da Church of Da Coach: Cmmon man tell us how you really feel about Chris Johnson.

Clady may fall that far.

Word on the street is that he isn't very bright, based on his wonderlic. and he's also the smallest of the linemen.

People like Albert and Otah's potential, while Williams is seen as a safer pick by some.

I don't like Clady at all, and would rather see them trade down or even take Mendenhall if that was the option.

I think the Bears should trade up to 11 if Clady or B.Albert is still there. Trading 14 and 44 to Buffalo for their 11,72,114 and 179 would give them a small edge pointwise,but you would have the OL on the left side so needed. At 70 you could get Zuttah,72 E.Bennett,90 Craig Stevens the blocking tight end to replace Gilmore,110 Zbitkowski,114 J.Hester to get the tough yardage Benson cannot get.He would be your FB of the future and a dynamite special teamer,142Paul Smith,175 Cory Boyd and 179L.Dotson.

Interesting article over at ESPN it seems that some of the talk that OT is a safer pick than running back in the first round is a little overblown. This isn't about what the Bears need just a point about some of the misconceptions floating around that OT is a safer pick. In fact the chances of getting a good one at either position is equal. Dan Palmaid over at the trib wrote an article a couple of weeks ago stating that 90% of OT taken if the first round are highly successful players. It appears Dan lied again with his facts. Then again the moment he said Robert Gallery was a highly successful player I new something was wrong. So it looks like both positions are safe picks.

The Bears aren't going to trade up. Angelo has never traded up. Why would he start now when he knows he can get Williams or Otah. I do not think the Bears will get lucky enough to have Clady slip to #14.

Time for some Wonderlic Scores.

Clady 13

Johnson 10

Caldwell 8

Woodson 14

That Clown basically gave us the dumbest player at each position. No joke they all scored the lowest in there positions.

By the Way D Brown who I have bee pushing for OT in round 2 scored a 29/32. People have been questioning if he is smart enough. Well I guess he is. Also Williams scored a 32 and Otah a 28/16/35 which moves them up a notch in my book, Albert scored a 23 and Pollak a 24, Mendenhall had a 23, and Stewart a 20, Zuttah got a 26, Sullivan a 35, Booty got a 14, Manningham got a six, Flacco a 27, Henne 22.

I hadn't really looked at the Wonderlics much this year, but I got curious about Clady because of Boise so I went and checked out the ones out there. This clown gave us team D-D-D. We have enough problems developing players, like we need the little yellow bus draft.

Nice work Creighton. I still like Clady but the rest of the picks I hated and even more now. I may be in the minority but I'm still no fan of Vince Young and he's another QB that scored very low on Wonderlic, so why would we waste a pick on Woodson who is a project ... And when have the Bears been known for developing QB's.

I think there is a good chance that Ryan Clady will fall to #14, and the Bears should nab him up. Heck there is a good chance that both Chris Williams and Ryan Clady could be there. I love the bad wonderlic wrap, it could allow one of the most athletic pass protectors to fall in our laps in Clady. I wouldn't put to much stock in this wonderlic test. Just because a guy is a bad tester does not mean he is necessarily stupid. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, maybe Clady was nervous that day,remember this test is timed and these players are under a lot of stress after just being put through all the athletic testing and led around like live stock. I say take Clady or Williams and give the Bears a good young athletic left tackle, one more thing, Clady can't be that stupid he is in college.

I like McShays mock but here is how I hope it turns out saturday for the Bears.
1st rd Chris Williams ot Vanderbilt
2nd rd Matt Forte' rb Tulane
3rd rd Tom Zbikowski ss Notre Dame
3rd rd Earl Bennett wr Vanderbilt
4th rd Owen Schmitt fb West Virginia
5th rd Kevin Oconnell qb San Diego State
6th rd Maurice Murray dt New Mexico state
7th rd Jamey Richard c Buffalo
7th rd Geoff Schwartz ot Oregon
7th rd Adam Kraus og Michigan
7th tr Jason Rivers wr Hawaii
oh ya GO BEARS!!

Da Church of Da Coach,'s good to see some of us still retain common sense. Why would McShay have us draft a complimentary back? There is no answer to that. With Garrett Wolfe, who led the nation in rushing at college and with reliable hands, designated as the complimentary back, why would we go with ANOTHER complimentary back???

Mike, haha, that's got to be the first time Creighton and I have ever been accused of having common sense.

Seriously, it really doesn't make sense for Chicago to draft like that. I am of the opinion they should go after Mendenhall in the 1st round and Baker in the 2nd. Mendenhall is a rare back with speed and power. I also realize though that we need a good LT and Clady or Williams could fill that role. Using our 2nd round pick on a running back not named Felix Jones or Mendenhall is a reach in my opinion when you can get Baker or Gosder Cherilus or even a reciever like Early Doucet or (hope, hope) James Hardy. Granted if we do take Mendenhall, we need to find an OT in the 2nd round even if that means trading up to get them.

If anyone can come up with a place to have a live draft discussion I am all for finding a place. Click the link with my name (see above) to get my blog and e-mail if anyone is interested.

Da Church of Da Coach is absolutely correct. You have to take Mendenhall because if not, Detroit takes him. The cover-2 has two weaknesses, the deep middle of the field and run defense. No one on this board doubts that he has talent and would fill a need, plus he would deny the benefit to a division rival. That could be two extra wins next season. I'd rather not have a rookie to block Jared Allen or KGB no matter how good he is. Especially since Benson can't block. Then trade up to the back of the 1st round or beginning of the second to get a good lineman or guard. I mean hell, we've got 4 lineman on the roster, if one of them can't start, trade them for a draft pick. Receiver, safety and defensive tackle are problems, but they can be filled with 2nd day picks. Quality is better than quantity here.

Kevin you have to stop, your man crush on Williams was funny at first but it has gotten out of control. He called me and he is scared to come to Chicago so he is going to Denver. Thanks a lot Kevin. As for Forte I like him except for one thing, he fumbles a little to much. They go for the ball a lot harder in the NFL and I have already lived through Enis and Salaam. I think the top 5 OT will be gone, there just to hard to come by and to many teams have needs at that position. Lots of trades to come. The count down is on ONE MORE DAY, ONE MORE DAY, ONE MORE DAY. OH IT'S ON BABY, IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. WWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Creighton, whats up with the hostility toward me? I mean come on just because I have consistently stood by the player I think the Bears should take, it some how seems to anger you and why is beyond me? You consistently disagree with some of my opinions about the Bears, to me its no big deal but to you.....yeah? Creighton, I notice you argue with a lot of other fans on this blog also. You do realize other fans might have different opinions than yours right? So take a deep breath and calm down, the Bears might very well take your boy Rashard Mendenhall and if they do I'll be his biggest fan because as a Bears fan I'll stand by whatever they do instead of crying because they did not do what I wanted. Creighton, I just differ in my opinion than you I think the Bears should go offensive lineman, I'll take Williams,Clady, or Otah. I just want to see the Bears get this o-line right by doing it in the draft. I'm not trying to argue with your great opinion which is always right " now take another deep breath" I just happen to have my own opinion GO BEARS!!

I would agree with Creighton, that we don`t need players that can`t think on their feet, if you remember, that`s how Dave Wannstedt used to draft players, and we all know how that went. If we can`t get our o-lineman with the first pick, and they can`t find a trade partner, then they will have to pick the best rated player available, based on football ability, and personality, and the wonderlic score. I see all the mocks, and all the blogs focusing so much attention on the offensive side of the ball, it just makes me wonder if Mr. Angelo will pull the trigger on a defensive stud, if he falls to 14, such as Gholston, or McKelvin, or Rodgers-Cromartie?

Kevin: "it just makes me wonder if Mr. Angelo will pull the trigger on a defensive stud, if he falls to 14, such as Gholston, or McKelvin, or Rodgers-Cromartie?"

It doesn't seem like you're advocating more like asking the question. The answer: it would be highly stupid if he did. Why take a DE when we already have 3 solid ones in Mark Anderson, Alex Brown, and Wale Ogunleye? Also, you still have your 2nd round pick from last year, Dan Bazuin, coming back from injury. Why take a CB when we have Nathan Vasher and Charles Tillman locked into long-term contracts? Also, Trumaine McBride is a solid CB and supplanted Ricky Manning Jr. at the nickel. Corey Graham has loads of potential and you still have Danieal Manning who can play Safety and CB.

I am going to tell you this:if Chris Williams is gone by 14, then the move is to trade out or take a defensive player, period. The other players are not worth picking this high, and can be found later in the draft. I would not have such high expectations of a player like Bazuin either, he was probably drafted to high last year, and has shown nothing up to this point. I would not hesitate to draft Gholston at 14, he would be a good value at that pick, and would allow the Bears to do alot of things on defense, especially in today`s "hybrid" defenses, like the 4-4, or the 3-5, or even the 5-2, teams need players that can be moved around to confuse opposing QB`s, and make teams burn up timeouts. I am truly hoping that Williams is there at 14, so the Bears can plug him in at left OT, and move Tait to the right side, but if he`s not there, and we can`t trade, then some of these other options would not be "highly stupid".

"I am going to tell you this:if Chris Williams is gone by 14, then the move is to trade out or take a defensive player, period. The other players are not worth picking this high, and can be found later in the draft."

So if Ryan Clady is there or Rashard Mendenhall we should trade back? I disagree whole-heartedly with your statement. Williams is the 3rd-best tackle in the draft behind Long and Clady. Mendenhall is the 2nd best RB in the draft and could be argued he is the best. If we cannot move back then taking Jeff Otah is not a bad reach at all.

"I would not have such high expectations of a player like Bazuin either, he was probably drafted to high last year, and has shown nothing up to this point."

That is 100% not the point. Bazuin was a 2nd round pick, he's "shown nothing" because HE HASN'T PLAYED A DOWN IN THE REGULAR SEASON. We used a 2nd round pick on him and have 3 very good DE right now who could start for any team in the league, so we should use a 1st Round pick this year when we have glaring needs on offense?

"I would not hesitate to draft Gholston at 14, he would be a good value at that pick, and would allow the Bears to do alot of things on defense, especially in today`s "hybrid" defenses, like the 4-4, or the 3-5, or even the 5-2, teams need players that can be moved around to confuse opposing QB`s, and make teams burn up timeouts."
OK, now we are going to draft a DE so we can change up our defense from a 4-3 to a "hybrid" gimmick? Really? We'll just change our entire defensive scheme because we have the 14th pick and Gholston is available and not Williams?

"I am truly hoping that Williams is there at 14, so the Bears can plug him in at left OT, and move Tait to the right side, but if he`s not there, and we can`t trade, then some of these other options would not be "highly stupid"."

You're right, it wouldn't be "highly stupid." For a team whose GM says they need to find at least 3 starters in the first 4 picks, using your #1 selection on positions where you have bonafide starters locked in for years (DE and CB) it wouldn't be "highly stupid" it would be absolutely-farking-retarded.

A little news flash boys and girls, looks like Benson is no longer going to be a Bear. His injury is worse off than first though and he is out of shape and hte Bears are tired of his attitude and poor work ethic.

Don't know when it will be made official but the score is reporting on it.

Not gonna say I told anyone so but I told you so.

Kevin it was a total joke man, relax I am not made at you in anyway sorry if you got the wrong idea.

Creighton, I've been at Gold's for the last hour and a half so I wasn't listening - I am big Scorehead (aka Paul Edinger's Chess Set) ... Anyhow, who reported it? Is there any link to a story or is it just on air?

Thanks for the update. If this is true and not just a rumor then Mendenhall is looking better every minute.

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