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It's a mock draft world, we just live in it

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With 12 days until the start of the draft there are hundreds of mock drafts popping up all over the place. They’re spreading faster than paparazzi on the tail of Britney on a weekend bender.

Look long enough and you can find the Bears selecting just about any player you want in the first round with the 14th pick.

Chad Henne? I found it.

DeSean Jackson? I’m not kidding.

Look long enough and you’ll find about anything. I’ve poured through so many, I can’t remember where and how, just some of the who’s.

The Dallas Morning News’ Rick Gosselin is widely regarded as one of the kings of the inexact science. His projection of the top 100 players every April is generally as good as or better than anything else you can get your hands on. That will not come out until April 25, the day before the draft.

The first of three mocks by Gosselin came out Friday and he projected the Bears to choose Pittsburgh offensive tackle Jeff Otah at 14, passing on Illinois running back Rashard Mendenhall (No. 15, Detroit) and Vanderbilt offensive tackle Chris Williams (19, Philadelphia).

To satisfy your wildest mock draft needs, here are links to some data bases dedicated to the guessing game. Go crazy.

Some Redskins fans claim to keep the largest data base and have broken it down with everyone’s projection of Washington’s pick.

Walter Football has a chart of 175 mock drafts.

The Football Experts have a long list of their own.

Bengals Zone provides a striped version (no, I’m not talking prison stripes) of what the Skins fans have collected.

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All this hype that leads to the draft is so crazy. All these predictions and some much time wasted, with a blink of an eye the draft is over. Don't beleive the hype!

Jay: "All this hype that leads to the draft is so crazy. All these predictions and some much time wasted, with a blink of an eye the draft is over. Don't beleive the hype!"

Now that's contributing. Really. I'd been on the edge of my seat wondering what Special-Ass Internet Jerry's Kid thought about the NFL draft and the media surrounding it, and I was so excited to see you'd favored us with your opinion I peed a little.

Now on to the subject at hand. Each year I create my own value board and draft by value and what the Bears are most in need. I then compare it to several mock drafts (the Redskins database aluded to in the article is excellent) and see where my value board stacks up against scenarios over the first two rounds. Here is what I found FWIW:

14: Reshard Mendenhall, Jeff Otah, Chris Williams, Brendan Albert
44: Early Doucet, Chad Henne, Brendan Albert, Mario Manningham

Keep in mind these are the majority of picks with mine thrown in as well. The strange thing is in a couple of professional Mock Drafts, writers had Chicago foregoing Williams and Otah for Albert. In others, Albert was still available with the #44 pick. Personally, I believe Albert will still be on the board at #14 but Chicago can't pass up Mendenhall (who should be a top 10 selection) or Williams if they are there. In every mock I looked at, the big guns like Jake Long, Chris Long, Darren McFadden, Sedrick Ellis, Matt Ryan, Glenn Dorsey, Vernon Gholston, and Ryan Clady were already off the board by #14.

In the second round the names of Early Doucet and Chad Henne kept coming up. Personally, I had James Hardy ranked ahead of both but he seems like he's a late 1st or early 2nd round pick.

It's all Kiper's fault if ESPN had never hired him the craze would have never taken off the way it did. Now everyone thinks there getting a job at ESPN. Including me.

Kiper is a lot of fluff now but back in the day prior to ESPN that guy new his stuff. He used to name the best players in every draft on a consistant basis and he used to pick the busts. It was freaky, now he just collects a fat check.

Walter football is insane. The worst mock I have seen had Jake Long falling to the Bears in round one, Mendenhall in round 2, Dorsey in round 3 pick a and Albert Pick B. I thought it was a joke but the guy actually tried to justify it and claimed he wasn't even a Bear fan.

I still don't see Otah being taken by the Bears, the Bears are hyping up there interest in Mendenhall for a reason, they want someone like Dallas to trade up and take him, so they can trade down and grab Gosder at 22 and pick up a second round pick. They get a RT and extra number 2 pick and they keep Mendenhall out of the North. Now that would be a move. Otah will never be a LT in the NFL anyway, the guy is a project and will play RT. I would rather have Williams than him.

I lived in Dallas for 30+ years and reading Rick Gosselin's column in the Morning News the day before the NFL draft was like reading the NFL draft results on the following Monday. The man is a psychic; I also believe he is the person who developed the point system for what is fair trade value when trading draft picks (how many 2nd or 3rd round picks may be equivalent to a particular first round pick). I can't wait till the 25th find out from Rick who the Bears will pick at 14. GO BEARS

Just please Jerry don't pick a WR in the first three rounds. We have far, far more pressing needs that need immediate impact. And none of our QB's could get the ball to Berrian very much when he was here.

I agree with Da Church of Da Coach, Jay, get a life and take your pessimistic thoughts with you.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what "Mock" in Mock Draft means? Yeah, something along the lines of made up. So, let the rest of us real fans continue to waste our lives on these Mock Drafts. This is the only thing I can put my sports passion into until August, so let me have my Mock Drafts and read about them too.

In my opinion, if Mendenhall is available, the Bears have to take him just to avoid having to play him twice a year. Even if he rides the bench the length of his contract, we will never have to hear the "what if Chicago had taken him at 14 instead of Detroit at 15?" So please, let me enjoy the Mock's out there and let me be exited about something.

Go Bears!


The Bears could do that but they would have slim pickens. Here is the list I compiled based on the pick values. If Dallas was going to move up, that would take away the biggest potential trading partner for Chicago. Also, included on the list is San Francisco, but with the offseason problems between the teams, I can't see San Francisco Angelo anything but the finger.

Swap 14 to Philly for 19 and 80
Swap 14 to Washington for 21, 84 and 96
Swap 14 to DAL for 22,61 and 163
Swap 14 to Tennessee for 24 and 54
Swap 14 to Dallas for 28,61 and 92
Swap 14,142 and 175 to San Francisco for 29 and 39

The teams missing I either omitted because they were in Chicago's division, had too few picks, or moving up would make little difference. That's not to say I didn't overlook someone but these seem the most eligible suitors.

Some of the mocks are pretty good and have a handle on the various teams needs and tendencies. Some of them are frankly insane. I remember one mock had the Bears taking a cornerback in the first round. Another had them picking not one but two linebackers in the third round.

Draft Tek is the one that I like the best. They seem to have guys in every NFL city making the picks and the draft is constantly shifting as players move up or down the board. I don't know how accurate it is, but I think it gives a good idea of how things change as the draft approaches.

Da Coach, I agree with your assesment of the draft trade, I like Dallas at the trade with the 22 because Dallas would take Mendenhall, sounds crazy but if the Bears wont grab him I don't want him in Detroit, Philly would go after Otah or Williams, I agree San Fran no chance.

Personally everyone knows I am a big Mendenhall guy. But I don't see the Bears pulling the trigger. I do know one thing about the Bears they run Coryell, the 90's cowboys ran Coryell and so do the current Chargers. The Chargers built there team around LT not a Left Tackle, and the Cowboys became champions by drafting in 83 Tuinei(Undrafted) 86 Newton (undrafted) Irvin in 88 order Aikman, Johnston, Stepnoski(RD 3), in 89, Smith in 90, Maryland and Williams(rd 3) in 91. There also a bunch of other guys to name from dallas. St. Louis Rams Issac Bruce 94, 97 Orlando Pace, 98 Marshal Faulk, Kurt Warner, 99 Tory Holt, LG Tom Nutten(7th rd), Adam Timmerman RG(7th rd), Fred Miller (we all remember Fred 5th rd), You know how long the team was good for. Till Faulk was gone and Warner was gone. Just one first round OT between the 2 teams, take a look at the Pats not a lot of first round talent on that line. The Giants not one first round pick on there oline, they got good when Manning got good.

Here is my point it doesn't matter who you draft as long as you draft really well. Thats what all those teams had in common they new how to pick players that fit there system weather it was the draft or free agency they new who fit and how to use them. They all understood how to build a team for extended periods of times that where excelent. On defense the Bears have drafted very well, but on offense they have been horrible, until they fix there scouting, until there talent evaluation is up to speed not a lot will happen. Also you have to take a player to build around, who your system runs through. The Ravens had a great Defense and a Great Oline but until they got Lewis they where not contenders. St. Louis based there system around Faulk and Warner, Dallas around Smith and Aikmen, the Chargers use LT, remember how bad the chargers where last year until they started running more plays through LT. Maybe Mendenhall is not the guy, who knows, but if the Bears don't learn to draft better it wont matter, if they have no focal point on offense, there is no offense. If the Bears can't find Oline talent past the first round there not gonna be able to build an oline for 5 years. If they can't identify free agents who can help the offense then it's all through the draft. Look at those teams they ran the same offense but knew how to build it. It's not about the rounds it's just about finding the talent that best fits your teams neeeds.

Mike Mayock does the same thing every year, maybe he reads Ricks column, I believe all the clubs know who their drafting the night before so Rick just has inside info. Has to be as they can't be that right by guess and by gosh.
My true feeling is Pick the BEST player available not pick by need. Picking by need will leave the great players on the board for the other teams. The Bears put themselves in this hole by not drafting OL for years. If they choose RM I will not be mad either - just get the best player available.

i also enjoy this free agency/ draft time of the year the mock drafts and all the bs on the nfl network and espn anything to hear about football!!! creighton if your still here what about atlanta they have i think 3, 2nd rd picks and the same # in the 3rd rd they would make and interesting partner. in my opinion if our favorite ol prospect is gone and mendenhall is there you got to take him or trade down, maybe pkg benson somehow.

You're right clown. The draft is vital for building a TEAM. For last years Super Bowl winner ALL 8 of their April picks made the team and contributed. They had 8 NON-division I players and the PATS had 6. The Greenbay Poopers who made it to the NFC Champ game NFL, report says, had 32 players on the active roster who were drafted no earlier than the 5th round or not at all! Tom Brady 199th pick in the 6th. Tony Romo? Don't let me go there.
The Giants solved a problem moving a 5th rounder to LT. The Bengals guard 4th-rounder, Stacy Anderson was given the franchise tag. 7th round DE Greg White led the Bucs in sacks last year. The Cowgirls 9th ranked D had nose tackle Jay Ratliff also a 7th rounder. The Bears need to beg, borrow, and steal talented scouts from winning systems from other teams, computer systems, film systems, data bases-- whatever it takes to learn how to draft for need and depth for the long-haul. And they need to get coaches that can develop talent because our history there sucks. If they aint great when they arrive from the git-go, they die as Bears and develop on a new team or leave the league.

Aarg, Word is Atlanta is not going to give up there picks, they have to many needs. The draft is deep but not elite you can get guys in round two and 3 that are almost as good as round 1. Unless someone like McFadden, Ellis, Dorsey, Mendenhall are there not a lot of teams will trade up to take Williams or Otah if any. Maybe the Igles.

Kirk yeah if the Bears can't spot talent deep in a draft on offense how long will it take to build the offense? Look at the top teams the last 20 years and they have some real good first round guys but 3/4 there starters came out of later rounds. Lots of guys where undrafted. The Bears have a problem finding talent on offense in round one. It's insane. I get the feeling they are not spending the chedder on the scouts like lots of these teams are.

The Nickle/Manhole Bears/McCaskey's not spending cheddar on scouts?? No Way!!

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