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Hester's agent Parker arrives for talks

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It was not surprise to spot agent Eugene Parker at Halas Hall this afternoon.

As expected, he made the trip to Lake Forest from his base in Indiana, showing up to discuss the future of wide receiver/returner Devin Hester with management.

Surely Parker’s arrival was relief for general manager Jerry Angelo, who was at least mildly irked by the barrage of questions centered on the face of the franchise, Brian Urlacher. That’s a face that is no doubt frowning in his contract staredown with the club. More on that situation later on.

But hammering out a deal with Parker will not be an easy thing. Hester has lofty ambitions, and justifiably so given his performance the past two seasons. He also has two years remaining on his rookie contract and it will be an interesting situation to follow.

“These are very, very difficult things to do,” Angelo said of longterm extensions.


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Wait another year before giving Devin Hester an extension, see how he preforms in his second year @ reciever, THEN the Bears will KNOW if he can be a Steve Smith type

I want to see Hester on the news screaming "Show me the money".

Its a little of topic but with the seahawks releasing shaun alexander and the bears severe need for a running back what do you think are the chances of the bears to sign him.

Hey Connor, it looks to me that Alexanders legs are not what they used to be. I agree with Brad no speed to the hole.There were a number of holes that opened and closed last year that he could not get to in time. I am sure the loss of Hutchinson the year before took its toll on his production.

Angelo, get er done with Hester long term, his legs are incredible and he is a game changer on special teams and his impact is altering how defenses play the Bears when he is out on the field.

The opposing defenses now know however that they don't need to play the Bears for the run, because the only place the Bears run is on the bus not when they get off of it.

mrmick...why would u want to wait another year to give hester an extension???...if he shows he can be a good receiver he will want a lot more money so i dont understand your logic

Completely disagree with giving DH a new deal this early. He needs to play out his 3rd year then ask for more. if GA pays him this early it sets a standard that will come back to haunt not only the Bears but the entire league. Do not get me wrong, DH is all that and a bag of chips but the fact remains that he made a commitment and he needs to follow through. Same with BU, these guys need to understand the difference between financial success and greed. Good luck to all and GO BEAR!

creighton, signing a 30 year old back is retarded he had a better oline last year and did nothin about hester i believe you pay him as the best return man in football but not as a (wr),give him a deal if he has 50 or more catches he gets a bonus,if he starts he gets a bonus,and i hope he does but you cant pay a guy that hasn't proved anything yet

Wildman what are you talking about I never said anything Alexander, the names go below the post not above, you want connor.

Jake Devin already wants top 10 WR money he wants to be paid like one of the Best recievers in football already. So it really won't matter when the Bears sign him he still wants a ton of cash.

Hey all you Urlacher bashers shouldn't Hester honor his contract and not ask for more money? Isn't that the big grip with Urlacher he should Honor his deal but then you come over here and say pay Devin and ignore the two years he has left. Make up your minds. I say make them both wait, there not starving.

That should stir the pot.

wildman why do you listen to crayon he does not have common sense.

Devin Hester has proven his worth (Big$$$) to the Bears, regardless of his contract status. Look at the $30M guaranteed that Miami just signed Jake Long for based on future potential, and he hasn't played one snap for them!! Normally I would tell a player who comes looking for more dough to shove it, but his situation is so much different than Urlachers. He doesn't have any downside; injury free, 3rd season, etc. Tommy Harris wants top $$ but has possible health issues. Urlacher crying for more $$ after all the money he's made on and off the field is completely ridiculous. After what Hester has shown in his first 2 seasons, I would want to lock him up just like they did with Urlacher. To me it just makes so much sense to make an exception for a truly exceptional player like Hester.

Jake: "mrmick...why would u want to wait another year to give hester an extension???...if he shows he can be a good receiver he will want a lot more money so i dont understand your logic"

Jake - though I'm not MrMick - let me take a stab at it. Right now, Devin Hester is a great return man but he couldn't crack the lineup as a receiver last season. If you pay him top receiver money (roughly $7.5 million per year) and he never cracks the lineup, you are out a whole lot of money that could be used to get a good receiver or fill other holes. If you wait a year and he becomes a stud receiver, you may end up paying him more money but you are paying it for a reason. It's rather simple.

Your comparison to Jake Long is apples-to-oranges. Jake Long was a stud for his entire career at Michigan. Hester was never able to crack the starting lineup in College and that has continued in the pros. I am not Hester bashing by any means as I love this guy, but I am using my head to think through the situation. Throwing a bunch of money at an unproven commodity - when he has time left on his contract - is ridiculous. I wouldn't even throw #2 receiver money (roughly $5 million per year) at Hester until he proves himself.

At best right now I could see a $2.5 million per year contract with escalators based on performance and offensive playing time. I don't want to see Chicago mortgaging their future just to keep the guy happy.

Signing Hester now is a prudent move while the $$$ is available under the Cap. We need to pay for performance, and Hester has defintely performed, I remember at my Superbowl party getting a friend of mine a coldone when took the opening kickoff back...I still am pissed about that, and will be more pissed if he isn't signed. Doing a deal right now will be able to get it done at a resonable price range for a legitimate superstar player! Let's make a DEAL !
I sure am glad Farve's retired.......

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