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Harrison addresses character concerns

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Arkansas defensive tackle Marcus Harrison, the third-round selection at No. 90, addressed the off-field concerns stemming from his arrest last summer. Harrison was pulled over for speeding and found to be in possession of ecstacy and cigars with marijuana in them.

On why he dropped in the draft:

“I have made a really horrible mistake and of course I have seen how it has cost me, especially today. That is exactly what it was. It was a mistake that I made in the past, but I’ve moved on from it and right now just being positive about the whole situation and taking care of my business as far as my counseling going on and the classes I have to attend in order to get past the things that I went through. The situation is pretty much behind me and I’m moving on.”

On changing associates/lifestyle changes:

“I’ve made plenty of those, especially just being around my family, being around my parents, and my sister and also my girlfriend who I’ve been with for a long time. It has made our relationship even better because my free time is with her.”

On slipping in the draft:

“I can’t be mad just because of the mistake I made. I knew I would have to face it. With the injuries, when you play the game of football at the position that I’ve played at, you are going to get hurt, so it was expected. It does make you want to work hard and prove to other teams what they missed out on. It’s sort of like a chip on my shoulder.”

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What, no guns? Maybe the Bears can help him turn his life around like they helped Tank!

Poor guy didn't know drugs are illegal, Jerry Angelo give the poor felon a couple million he feels bad that he knowingly broke the law, I am sure it will never happen again. What a good character guy.

I've seen this young man play. If you don't know him will come Sept.-Oct. He is a beast!

Tom the guy has had major knee problems in back to back years. I will make it 3 years in a row that he will go down that is if he doesn't get suspended first.

I agree with Tom a 100%. This guy is a beast. He was the best D player on Arkansas last year. Again we needed another D Lineman. Tackle rotation is very big in Lovie's D. I am saying Lovie's D because Babich does nothing.

He's a great friend of mine and has changed towards the better for sure! He is now a starter for the Bears 2010 season and will show up this year! People make mistakes!

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