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Dragosavich can't wait to get his kicks with Bears

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The rule in Mike Dragosavich’s family is you had to be 8 to attend your first real Bears game.

With five season tickets in the family through his step-father, the Richards product and North Dakota State punter has long been a fan of his hometown team.

``I just bought some Bears’ Zubaz off Ebay for 50 bucks,’’ Dragosavich said Friday morning. ``Of course, I’m a fan.’’

The Inside the Bears staff is not sure whether or not Dragosavich was joking about the Zubaz. We’re going to operate under good fashion sense and assume he was.

But he’s a real character and has a little quirkiness to him you expect from kickers and punters. The Bears will get a close look for themselves when he works out for them next Friday, April 11. first reported he has a workout with the team.

``I always wanted to go to the Packers game every year,’’ Dragosavich said. ``I loved going to those games because they were the most fun. You’d hear all of those funny [deleted] Packer comments and that kind of stuff. But you could go to a preseason game before you were 8.’’

Dragosavich was recruited to North Dakota State, where Bears defensive coordinator Bob Babich was head coach from 1997-2002, as a wide receiver. It was the only program to offer him a scholarship, so off he was to Fargo, which is where he was when we caught up with him. Dragosavich, known as Drago, kind of fell into the role as a punter and is considered one of the best in this draft class. He was invited to the Senior Bowl as well as the Texas vs. The Nation all-star games. That doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily be drafted. Punters often go unselected.

``It would be a great blessing if I am drafted,’’ he said. ``But what’s really important to me, and what my priority is, is to just get on a team where I have the most opportunity to succeed. When it comes to the draft, or being a free agent, it’s not as important as people want to believe. It’s about having the best opportunity to take over a starting job.’’

Because Dragosavich is a local product, he will not count against the Bears’ list of 30 players who can make pre-draft visits. Currently, the Bears have veteran Brad Maynard and Glenn Pakulak under contract.

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Brad Maynard is the best punter the BEars probably have ever had. Dragosavich, I feel sorry for. If he has any hope of making an NFL team, why is he trying out for the Bears? Bob BoBITCH is an idiot...

Al's right, Babich did seem overmatched last year and not all due to injury to his "D". I noticed a lot of play calling that left something to be desired and I would'nt give him any more than this year to bring our defene back into the top 5 (hopefully # 1) if our health holds out. I've heard sedrick ellis is falling due to other players rising and would have to take him if he slides that far(doubtfull) despite more pressing needs. whoever gets him will get a steal and probably defensive rookie of the year. Now that we stole two sanfrancisco picks how about Mike Singeltary?

Hey Al, what's wrong with having backups in camp in case your punter pulls a hammie? You won't find too many camps that don't have backups at both kicker and punter. The time to try them out and evaluate them is not during the regular season after an injury.

I am from North Dakota and this kid kicks it a mile...he would be worth a look just for competition sake.

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