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Dollars and sense: A look at the Davis deal

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We’ve got the numbers on the Rashied Davis deal.

It’s pretty much what his camp was seeking when it went shopping in restricted free agency. Davis turned down an extension from the club during last season and the move paid off. He had signed a one-year tender for $927,000 this season and would have been an unrestricted free agent next March. Signing now gets him some security and keeps him where he wants to be.

The base value of the three-year contract is $3.87 million. Escalators can max it out at $5.87 million.

Click below for all the details.


$1.1 million signing bonus
$50,000 workout bonus
$520,000 base pay

Total: $1.67 million
Cap figure: $936,667


$400,000 roster bonus
$50,000 workout bonus
$765,000 base pay

Total: $1.215 million
Cap figure: $1,181,667


$50,000 workout bonus
$935,000 base pay

Total: $985,000
Cap figure: $1,351,667

The escalators in the contract are tied to receptions and there are three tiers. Davis can trigger the first tier with 45 receptions.

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Forty-five receptions for the first tier? Haha. He hasn't had that many combined since he's been a Bear. Obviously he's not counting on ever hitting that.

thank you Rashied Davis for showing the Bears fans and the rest of the Bears players how a NFL player should act.
the Bears organization and Bear fans now have a good player and teammate signed through 2010!!
A good deal all the way around!! I look forward to watching you play!
I also believe Devin Hester will be signing a new deal soon as well. things are looking up!!

Any performance-based incentives for a WR on this team is money in the bank for the McCaskey's.

What an examplary display of how a MAN should handle his business affairs. Good For Him!! Hopefully this will trickle down to his peers. He should write a book titled "How To Not Act Greedy In A Greed Filled Sports World. I think he should get a bonus for setting an example! Everyone wants to make as much money as possible in their careers, especially short ones like the NFL (Not For Long). But there is a dignified way to handle oneself and he proves it!!!

davis took it quite well like urlacher should do it instead of mouthing off about not getting a newer contract sad sad sad.but bears rule!!

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