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Deion: "Hester isn't happy with his contract"

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From Devin Hester’s mind to Deion Sanders’ lips ... or something like that.

Everyone knows the sensational return man has a close friend and confidant in Sanders, and his buddy did the talking for him appearing Tuesday on the NFL Network’s “Total Access.” Sanders was discussing the slate of games the league will televise, including the Week 15 meeting between New Orleans and Chicago Thursday, Dec. 11 at Soldier Field.

“Come on, the quarterback problems of the Chicago Bears are still there and then they gave away every receiver they had that was halfway decent,” Sanders said. “They’re looking for tremendous things from this guy, Devin Hester, but Devin Hester isn’t happy with his contract and he deserves to be paid amongst the league’s best.

“So I look at a myriad of problems for the Chicago Bears and they’ve got to address those issues now.”

There you have it. Add Hester to the expanding list of employees at 1000 Football Drive who are unhappy with their paycheck. Get in line.

The Bears have had only preliminary discussions with agent Eugene Parker, and with two years remaining on Hester’s rookie contract, this isn’t going to be an easy problem to solve. Hester desires to be paid among the league’s elite players and he bolsters his case with the fact that he’s scored more touchdowns the last two seasons than anyone else on the roster. He can point to games in which he directly impacted the outcome. Hester’s case is that he forces the opponent to adjust every time he steps on the field. If he makes strides as a receiver this season, his price will only go up.

Want a safe bet? Hester is aiming to get money in line with the $42 million, six-year contract Bernard Berrian received from the Minnesota Vikings. But he’d surely settle for fewer years. Parker has been setting up his clients with shorter contracts to get them back to the bargaining table sooner. He did just that in Arizona with wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals were on the hook to Fitzgerald for more than $32 million over the next two seasons. Parker brokered a four-year deal worth $40 million that includes $30 million guaranteed. The beauty of it? It gets Fitzgerald back to free agency in four years when he is 28, ready to take another bite from the apple.

The Bears have $16 million in salary-cap room and would like to extend Hester and defensive tackle Tommie Harris. They’re nowhere near that goal right now. The good thing is we are five months until the season begins.

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As much as I love Hester the last thing we need is a d-bag like Sanders acting as his mouth-piece. If Hester can take the next step and become a productive receiver I say a big money contract is in order otherwise let him finish out his contract and then make him an RFA with a high tender offer.

I want to see Hester get paid, but nobody on this team is worth what Berrian signed for. Hester is amazing and he does change games; I just can't see paying someone to just be a return specialist knowing the short-lived success of those who have come before him.

Great...another player wanting top money on a team that still has no future QB. I love Hester, but the Bears have to get their priorities straight.

You know, I love Hester and he makes a great case. Without going into major analysis of last season, can you tell me how many games the Bears would have won without him? Hint, we'd probably be entering the Matt Ryan era. The Bears have far too few talented players and they better start paying the ones who actually prove they're capable of game changing plays, and start cutting loose the ones who don't. Berrian money? Give it to him, he's a bigger game changer than Berrian will ever be.

the windy city flyer is the only game changing player on the entire bears roster.

with that being said, i couldn't agree with you more DC of DC. the bears don't need to give some insane amount of $$ to hester if he can't pick up the receiving aspect of his game. it's very true that return specialists don't last long in the league...

although i never want to see this scenario play out, if hester were on another team he wouldn't have the type of return success he has had. toub is the best special teams coach in the game and i guarantee he can fins a replacement for hester in our return game!

Hester is a one-of-a-kind player. The most thrilling player in the NFL.A Gale Sayers. The Bears have down-played his value. The Bears better be careful, we are so lucky to have him but one injury could change everything. Show him a lot more respect (and give him some more money)!

Hester's great but Sanders is overplaying it. Hester's the best return man ever and he's underpaid. But he's not one of the best football players in the league. A return man simply doesn't get the contract Peyton, Adrian Peterson, or Ray Lewis get. It's absurd. He does need to get paid up though to what he's worth cuz he is underpaid.

He'll never be a reciever. He isn't smart enough to pick up an offensive playbook. He proved it time and time again last year. Even though he ran very few offensive plays, he was lost. I don't see it getting much better.

Hester does have a case and the team is looking at re-doing his contract, but the line has been established, and for people to try and butt the line would create additional havoc for the team. The problem with Chicago players is they let too many outsiders influence their decisions when it comes to $$$,and management (McCaskey's) in the past have proven to be CHEAP...I like the way the team is doing business right now, and I think its time to recognize that the nickels are no longer manhole covers in Chicago, they now are just bricks...Let's see what happens for the offense in the draft, and how many catches Hester makes, but he is a top-line Play-maker no doubt about it, he should not be allowed to walk!

I love Hester as much as anyone. Next to Mike Brown and Urlacher he is one of my favorite Bears. But does anyone think the Colts or the Patriots would pay big bucks for a return specialist/possible receiver? The bottom line is that these Bears can't score and can't stop anyone from scoring, which makes the return game that much more pivotal.If Hester can pick up the slack for Berrian(Berrian?)THEN pay him.

sign Devin Hester NOW, before his value goes up even further!!!
He IS going to get better at the reciever postion AND when that happens his stock is going up,up,up,up!!!!!
any team would love for Chicago Bears managment to mess this up and have Devin hit the open market. listen up!!!! redo the Windy City Flyer's contract before he blows out of town!!!!!

What? More good news? Ha! Well, I think it's kinda funny how our return guy has had more TDs over the last two seasons than any other player on the Bears' roster. That is really funny! That being said, yeah, he should get "B Scared-to-block-a-linebacker" $ (Berrian). Hester's actually worth it.

Oh yeah, Deion, I know you got a mouth but so does Hester. Let him use it, huh?

Besides Harris, Hester is the only one on our roster that deserves an extension. I'd love to make the man rich but we haven't seen his full potential on offense. I love how Sanders said we got rid of our best receivers but didn't mention Booker can be much more productive than Moose. Berrian went with the better paycheck and Vikings only paid him so much cause the WR market was weak this off season. After the draft, the extension should me a top priority

If Brad Biggs or anyone else would post the actual 2007 salaries paid to the (non-productive) Bears players; such as Adam A. and Cedric B. AND THEN the salary of Devin Hester. WELL, I DON'T THINK THERE WILL BE ANY FURTHER DISCUSSION. END OF BLOG!!!! GO BEAR'S!!!!

I forget. Is it Parker or Sanders that's Hester's agent? I don't recall Sanders possessing the credentials, nor the linguistic skills to place such a judgement on the topic of contracts. These NFL persoanlities, really should stick to anaylizing the games rather than providing a non-credible aspect to a persons future, regardless how close they are to the person. Hester's a big boy, and I'm confident the administration, though cheap is not THAT foolish to let the man go.

I think many of you are missing the point.

Neon Deon is a clown first of all, secondly, Hester never came out publicly and said he was unhappy with his deal. He did say publicly that he loves Chicago and would love to remain a Bear for his entire career and his agent is actively working with the Bears on an extension.

This announcement is just sport talk blabber. Hester is and will go down as the greatest RETURN SPECIALIST in NFL history. Not the greatest football player like Neon Moron put it......

He may actualy pan out to be a good WR with some more reps and experience, but, it would be a mistake to tear up his comntract now because the media say's so.. The Bears are onre of the best franchise in the league at rewarding and retaining their own talent. Every team in the NFL losses players or cuts high priced players to get cap friendly but the Bears have made it a point to take care of as many of their own, core, FA players as possible. Berrian was just way overpaid by Minnissota and I would be first in line to bash the Bears if they signe bernard for that rediculous amount of money.

Hester has 2008 and 2009 left on his current contract, that's half of his rookie deal to play through. If by some weird act of fate the Bears and Hester's (people) can't agree on an extension before Feruary of 2010 then the Bears still control his rights by virtue of Hester being a RFA. They can tender Devin an offer and let the market dictate what he is worth or they could Franchise tag him for a few years.

Either way, it is WAY too early to get all worked up over this now. Tommie Harris, Devin, Goulde and Urlacher all have been approached already about contract extensions so let the Bean counters do their thing !!!!

Hester will get his money, maybe this year, maybe next year but he will get paid as will Harris and even grumpy urlacher.....

The best kicker in the NFL is only worth so much. The same can be said for the top return man. Yes, Hester “is” a game changer, but not a starter on offense. Being only a return man, they seem to have short careers in the NFL. Why invest heavily in someone that looks to be here short term. If he develops this year into a starting WR that makes plays, Pay him, if not, trade him at the end of the season if he’s still unhappy.

You got two big problems here.

1. Sanders is speaking for Hester. Has anyone ever seen what happens when a not so bright guy with a world of talent gets involved with someone like PrimeTime, it's usually a train wreck.

2. A return man isn't worth the Money BB got however lets say Hester takes to being a WR really well and Puts up 1200 and 8 TD's, plus he still impacts the return game, then how much do you pay him. I will tell you this he will cost more than Barrian and he will have the Bears over a Barrel.

Between him and Harris the 16 mil is gone, plus a mid first round draft pick is gonna cost some and Lach wants a raise. Oh and lets not forget the Kicker. This organization is maxing out it's payrole on a 7 and 9 team. I got an Idea you want to save some money cut Benson. Dieon was right about one thing we have no WR on this team, and we have one offensive impact player and he is a special teamer, not to mention a major problem at QB, Oline and RB that all need to be addressed. No wonder they don't want to give Brian a raise, they can't afford it.

Personally I think it would better for the Bears to go into full rebuild mode instead of this half @$$ed job they are doing.

If they want to save a little money here are some players they may think of doing something about.

Benson Made 7.5 million in 06 Pathetic.

Olin Kreutz Made 9 mil in 06 Not worth it for a 10 year vet

Metcalf MADE 4 MIL IN 06 For real. This has to be a joke.

Hunter Made 5 mil in 06, Im sorry, he is decent but that is over paid.

Archuleta 5.6 million in 06,

Mike Brown 2.5 mil. to do nothing.

Urlacher 4 mil. Thats less than Hunter?????
Ricky Manning Jr. 6.5, no way is he worth that.

This was in 06 and I can only assume most Salries have gone up or are relativly close to what you see this year.

I know Till and Vash got new paydays and the Bears got good deals for them and Brown got a decent payday and again it was a good deal, Harris wants to be the highest paid Defensive lineman in the League and Hester wants money big money too.

The Bears have some strange Contracts on the Books.

I think the problem here is that a lot of fans - many on this thread - still think in terms of marketability rather than worth. Hester is marketable. Let's face it, the guy is the most electric player in the NFL. However, he's a draw, an attraction. He is not the Bears. Throwing money at him makes little business sense. I want the guy to be happy, healthy and rich, but giving him Berrian-like money would be plain dumb. Anyone who thinks this a wise decision is thinking with their navy and orange heart not their brain. So what if we wait a year - he's got two years left on his rookie contract - and sign him AFTER he's become a stud, #1 wide receiver. We have to pay more? WHO CARES, we have a bonafide #1 stud receiver!!! But if we give him big-time money now and he never pans out, we're left with an overpaid return specialist and nothing more. With a salary cap of $108 million, would you allocate nearly 10% of that for one player who can't even crack the lineup in this pathetic WR corp?

A.) Deion is not an agent! B.)If Hester want's big $$ he should be a big enough man to speak on his own behalf. C.) There are TWO years left on this contract. Both parties would benefit to see if Hester can become an effective WR. Hester might be short-changing himself taking a re-write now if he goes on to become a quality receiver along with his special team talents, or the Bears might end up being forced to overpay for a potential that will never become realized. Someone tell Deion to "shut up and sit down". There in no, reapet "NO" urgency here now, and nothing positive will benefit either side from fabricating one.

WE NEED HESTER!!!!! As a great movie character once said "that's all I got to say about that."

Plain and simple - update his current contract with plenty of performance bonuses for playing offense (and why not - return touchdowns). If he can play receiver, he'll be paid generously. If he's stuck doing return duties, then he'll be paid for being a returner.

No reason to pay him for a WR position where he's untested, but I can't see why he shouldn't be getting bonus money for some of the great things he's done to keep the Bears alive.

We are getting ALOT of negative publicity from ourselves (the fans) and our Players. With that being said, why would anyone be excited about coming to the Bears? We are cheap, our own players complain on what seems to be a year to year basis and it seems to be more and more true that the famed super bowl run was a fluke. We are weak or considered lowest in the league in some of the most important positions QB,OL,RB,WR. ANYONE who complains about a 6-10 prediction is an idiot. I think 6-10 is a bit generous. I mean seriously take a look at those positions listed above and then realize that we are also garbage at Safety. I am die hard Bears as any of you, I fly from California to Chicago at least twice a year for games and I for one am tired of a horrible front office and BAD BAD BAD BAD coaching. Anyone who does not believe QB is PRIORITY #1 IS STUPID. Even when Rex,Orton or Griese had time they still all looked like trash. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY QB ON OUR ROSTER WHO IS CAPABLE. How do they not realize this?

Deion is right, Hester deserves a raise to be paid as the best special teams guy, but as a receiver, put down the pipe!! At this point, Hester runs a go and that's it. His wide open drop cost against the Vikes, but he made up for it against the Broncos (but then that's why he's out there). Sanders is best leaving ploys like this to Drew Hosenhouse.

Sorry, Deion but Hester is headed for the "franchise" tag. This is the smartest move the Bears can make. The tag pays him comparable to his proven skills as a return specialist & his unproven skills as a WR.

Bradley will be a better receiver than Berrian, Hester IS better than Berrian, and Booker is better than Moose. Before Bradley's injury, he was on his way to having a great year for the Bears. By losing Berrian, Hester will have a lot more opportunities to touch the ball, and I like that idea alot. Hester will command the kind of attention that Berrian will NEVER draw. Let's see what Hester's ALL PURPOSE YARDS are at the end of the season and pay him accordingly.

Rex will get a second full year to start and make a lot of people look foolish in their judgement of him as a QB (i.e. Eli Manning). If Rex gets the same amount of time to start as Eli did in his developement, the Bears will be fine at that position.

They better get an O-line and give Wolfe an HONEST chance to play RB. At least he's WILLING to block, and is a good receiver out of the backfield.

Ron Turner needs to commit to all the things he TALKS about doing, but seems to know...the TIGHT ENDS. Work in some roll out plays away from the pass rush, draw up some 'empty backfield' plays, put Hester and Wolfe in a T formation and make the defenses cover the whole width of the field. Both of them can make tacklers miss. I would PAY the Bears to let me call the offensive plays.

They may already have the weapons they need at WR,RB and QB. Until they give a fair shot to those players THEY drafted, we'll never no. Maybe that's why they didn't have a lot of activity in the offseason. Maybe they know something the armchair GM's don't.

I can't wait to see!


This could get interesting, because I remember after Nathan Vashers 2nd season he wanted to get paid also and Angelo made him wait till after his third season. Angelo has some policy about players being in there third season to get more money that I kind of agree with. It gives the players a couple seasons to prove there worth. In Hester case I wouldn't pay him as high of a deal that Berrian got till Hester proved he can play receiver better and more consistent. Hester can do this in the upcoming season, if he does come on at receiver the Bears should give him his pay day, if not pay him as much as the highest paid return guy is getting. I however think this is more Deion than Devin, Sanders has a habit of running his mouth, like I said let Hester prove he can play receiver in the upcoming season then pay him, if the Bears pay him now it might not bold well with some of the other veterans like Vasher and I don't want to see any unneeded friction created in the locker room that isn't needed GO BEARS!!

With so many needs to fill on offense and two stars let go for money (ayebendajho & berrian) Hester, Harris, and Urlacher want to gobble up the money the bears have under the cap. we need some money flexibilaty to add training camp cuts from other teams after the pre-season and these players should keep in mind contracts depreciate every year but pitchman money from being on a superbowl team can last a lifetime. Come to camp urlacher and be a team first player. Endorsements will follow. If not how abought a trade of Hester for Chad JOhnson? With chad we'd get a legitimate polished receiver who gives you a couple T.D.s a game!

Benson Made 7.5 million in 06 Pathetic.

Olin Kreutz Made 9 mil in 06 Not worth it for a 10 year vet

Metcalf MADE 4 MIL IN 06 For real. This has to be a joke.

Hunter Made 5 mil in 06, Im sorry, he is decent but that is over paid.

Archuleta 5.6 million in 06,

Mike Brown 2.5 mil. to do nothing.

Urlacher 4 mil. Thats less than Hunter?????
Ricky Manning Jr. 6.5, no way is he worth that.

This was in 06 and I can only assume most Salries have gone up or are relativly close to what you see this year.

I know Till and Vash got new paydays and the Bears got good deals for them and Brown got a decent payday and again it was a good deal, Harris wants to be the highest paid Defensive lineman in the League and Hester wants money big money too.

The Bears have some strange Contracts on the Books.

You'r kinda of looking at it the wrong way. Many of these contracts were back loaded, Urlacher already cashed in almost $35 million of his extension dollars and that is why Hunter earned more last year then Urlacher. Ditto for Kruetz, Benson, Ricky and Archuletta. Arch got most of his dough last season, he is on the books for 2008 to the tune of the league Veteran minnimum of $750,000. If my memmory serves me correctly I beleive BUMSON is only going to cost $3.5 million in 2008. Ricky will cost around $4 Million.

I would definetly try and trade or just cut Benson, Ricky Manning jr. and Metcalf, they are not worth the money now and we have Ricky's replacement on the roster already in Trumaine McBride. Metcalf just sucks bad and he needs to go.... Benson will be even slower if that is even possible with those screws still in his ankle....

We are kind of stuck with Olin since he is the best O-lineman we have and with potentially (2) rookies starting on our revamped Line this year, we need all the Veteran leadership we have left to help these youngsters out.

Lots of interesting things in store for us these next (5) month's. Should be a wild ride and hopefully Jerry has a sure fire plan for this looming draft !!!

What I don't understand is why we the fans are allowing a simpleton like Sanders perform such trechory on us. I feel like I'm watching these news organizations that take such things as Obam's "bitter" statement out of utter context and letting the flame blow out of control. Yes we should keep hester, but we also must stop allowing people like Sanders get into our heads through his deliberate manipulative tactics. If it is true and Hester wants to remain a Bear, then a deal will be done, but it should be between the Organization and Hester and Parker. NOT SANDERS!!!! We as the fans are smarter than to let a single person who does not even have media credentials nor agent representative credentials cause such ulcers in our systems. Let the organization deal with this. They know the importance of Devin and his desire to remain. GO BEARS.

first of all packa killa....dont dis olin. he is one of the best lineman this league has to offer and he has unprecidented leadership skills...second off...benson had a bad year, so what...i love walter payton to death but he had 3 seasons where he didn't rush for over 1000 yards and that was with a much better and younger o-line that what benson is faced with. the offense first and formost needs an offensive line...grossman got pressured far to many times for him to drop back and pass...look back to the beginning of the 06 season and how his numbers were compared to the amount of sacks opposing teams had on him...then look at later that season and how the o-line fell apart.
the bears must draft an offensive lineman in both the first and third rounds of this draft and re-negotiate with hester. no dont pay him top dollar simply because he s nothing more that a return man and will never be anything else.
disagree??? feel free to email me, no one i know has any knowledge of football

Deion? Where did you go with your "I've been saved by Jesus" lie? Shouldn't you let Devon speak for himself? Good God, Hester is a PART TIME PLAYER! He is being paid very well for that. Do me a favor, Devon. Show me you can CATCH A FOOTBALL!!!!!!!! How quickly we forget about when the football thrown by Grossman, you know, the scapegoat that everyone wants to blame for all of this, bounced so easily off your shoulder pad while you 3 yards past the nearest defender, and harmlessly to the ground last year? I WISH ALL NFL PLAYERS WOULD REALIZE THAT THEY ARE GETTING PAID TO PLAY A GAME, AND THEY ARE NOT THE 2ND COMING!!!!

Bill what are you talking about Rex will get a second full year to start and prove us all wrong. If he wins the QB compitition, then it will be his 5th straight year of attempting to start and go a full season. He has 5 seasons under his belt already. He has a carrer qb rating of 70. In his 5 year career he has only thrown 30 td but has 33 int. This is year six for Rex not year two or three. He also has 19 fumbles in 32 games. He has fewer td than games played in and more interceptions than games played in. What guy have you been Watching?

Eli has already played 3 full seasons, in a year less time than Rex he has 25 more games played, thrown for more than 3000 yards 3 times has 77 td to 64 int's. Eli was considered a borderline bust until Shockey went down then all of a sudden he exploded. His career numbers are better than Rex's and he was considered a bust until the second half of last year. Rex has actually been in the league longer. His nubers as a bust where better than Rex's. Eli saved his Job the second half of last year and he did it in style against the best teams under pressure situations. Have youo ever seen Rex react to pressure. It's not pretty, the guy gets geeked out of his mind. His own coach says he gets over excited before every game. It's been 5 years if he could have calmed down he would have. Also unlike Eli Rex has injury issues. Rex was also benched last year after he swore he would play better in 2007. His numbers were not as good as Griese or Orton.

Why compare the two. Last year at the end of the season we saw Eli totally change once Shock Jock was out of the lineup. The Giants are currenty shopping Shockey.

I am a huge Packers fan, but do admire and respect good players from other teams. I know that Hester is good but we have to also mention that is not just him on the field against 11 other opponents. The whole specials teams for the Bears is awesome and something to be afraid of. But let's also be realistic he is not a complete player. Give him another year and if he is able to perform as a receiver and special teams return man, go ahead and give him the money. For now let him prove that he is worth every penny. I hate Dion and his big mouth, in my eyes he was good but not great. So what if he played 2 different sports and was good at both. Maybe he should have just played one and become great at it. Dion stop advising Hester all you are going to do is making quit and send him to another team to become a back up for someone else like many before him.

I just can't stand all the player's in the NFL crying about how little they make campared to so and so. I need to get paid cry, cry. The NFL needs to grows some balls and stop paying the insance numbers and lower the costs so people can actually go to a game. I can go on a 3 day vacation for less then a day at a Bears game.

The rookies first rounders are some of the worst. Rookies should get small contracts and get paid based on performance, with some guaranteed money based on when they are drafted. Have you ever noticed that bad teams don't seem to get better with all the high frist rounders they get?

I have heard some idividuals on the NFL network (I love the sport but damn they are over paid) say how because of the risk of injury they deserve the money. It is not like there aren't a million careers out there that risk there lives every day for a fraction of what these guys get paid without complaining. I that guy working on the high rise was to get paid what they are I really really don't think he would complain. The average joe are the people paying for the tickets, buying the merchandise and basically paying the player's salaries. Can you imagine an electrician stopping work in the middle of your house and saying damn did you see how well I hung that light fixture, I deserve more money. You would tell him to go pound sand.

I am not saying that Hester isn't one of the best returners of all time, if not the best. But I feel they should play for the money they agreed and live up to thier end of the deal and ask for more money when they can show they have earned. AND after the finish the deal they agreed to. I am sure if whey they were signing the contract they weren't saying and after half the term is up I will want more money. No, they were saying damn they are going to pay me how much to play football AND I am gonna be on TV!

Anyway, it just makes me sick hears them cry about how little they are paid. They need to leave the NFL and live like the rest of us to see what real life is like before they cry about thier huge pay checks!

I say just pay the man. Leave Hester a signed blank check. On the bright side the bears do have 3 players that would be a fit on any other team. Hester, Urlacher, and Harris.

here here orlando.Players should have to honor their full contract,because teams never have a way out of a contract when a player isn't living up to one.

The last I heard Sanders wanted `BOTH' well thats kool cause we want `BOTH' from Hester. Hester is a game changer and from what I saw of his crossing patterns last year that guy can catch the ball! and Yards after Catch? Forget it, he's gone! He will be a Pro Bowl WR in time. He gives us the same (and a lot more) that Gault did, he will open the field for Bradley, Olson etc...
Yeop, sign Hester as as fast as he runs!

i think that hester deserves evry sincgle cent of a new contract. look at this: a couple of days after the season ended i saw something on videos tht said he was only one td away from tying the all time return specialist for most returns in a career. then think about this HE IS IN HIS SECOND YEAR!!! it took only 2 years to be 1 td away from the all time return leader. plus he is the most talented player on the bears team( maybe, just maybe brian urlacher is more talented), and the most talented player in their division!!! i say big money!!!

I agree with some and disagree with most. Hester is the best return man currently in the NFL. He will likely be one of the best receivers, if A) He have a Quality QB to throw the ball; and B) learn his route and blocking schemes. I think the Cheap Bears organization, should make him the highest paid return man with a contract stipulation that if he proves himself as a top receiver, then they (Bears) will pay him accoringly. Deion does not dictate Bears policy. I think the Bears should trim some of the dead weight their carrying on the roster and reward the players who produce.

Roger from Cali

Hester can wait a season. He has two years left on his contract, give him a performance bonus this year for his work the last two years, he has earned it big time. Wait to see if he is actually a reciever, right now his list of routs is a go route. It took him all of last year to learn that route, Moose had to tell him where to line up and where to be everytime he came on the field. Moose also had to work hard to stay out of Devins way as he would get lost in anything but a go route. I don't know how good he will be at reciever but the Bears don't plan on starting him, he will play more than last year I am sure but right now he is not even a rookie WR he is a gimmick player on offense used to distract the other team. Once other teams adjust to what he does in the offense he will have problems. Last year teams figured out all he could really do was run straight so the brought in a Saftie over the top and that was it for him. Crisp routs and how to create seperation are things WR actually have to work on. It's not just natural ability. TO may be a clown but have you ever heared a coach complain about the guy at practice or his work ethic, same with Chad Johnson he hates his team(and who could blame him)but he never misses practice works hard at his game. Hester has all the tools but does he have the mentality to learn the position. On special teams he always said he didn't really no the play but just tried to avoid the wrong color jersey. I know he is a hard worker but can he grasp the position. The best WR are usually pretty smart guys.

Is it me or has no one else noticed that all of Dion Sanders "friends" are begging for more money and whining about their team? Dion is a HORRIBLE influence on current NFL players,
whoever he "befriends" becomes a money hungry and attitude wielding player. For example, Devin Hester and Chad Johnson. I'm sick of hearing how great he (Dion) thought he was and it is clear that money is his true motivation. I hope the teamplayers that are still in the game, remember what they are doing for a living and how much people look up to them... Note: they are already paid well.

the Bears are smart for the league's sake by not driving up the price of every position player like Minnesota and Oakland has done so far...the Bears are willing to be patient and evaluate talent for what it is actually worth, instead of what Deion Sanders or whomever else says....Paying Berrian 42 mil was not the smartest of moves, and i'm sure with Tavaris Jackson who barely can hit a receiver in stride, it will be bad $$$ spent....Give Devin another year to develop and see what he is worth as a WR before the Bears fill out a blank check with his name on it....he is a priority, but not the only priority at this point..........I do agree with Juan above in this thread with his assessment of Bradley, the tight ends, and the possibility of Wolfe and Hester on the field at the same time....the intriguingness of such scenarios is great.....Hester and wolfe in a Shotgun 2 back set with Bradley/Booker on the ends and Olsen at TE could throw fits with defenses too...they just need the necessary BLOCKING from the o=line

i have very mixed feelings about this issue. hester asking for more money is only going to be a distraction. while i don't think he will ever be an elite receiver in the nfl, i do think he is one the most explosive players on any roster. he deserves more money, just not top receiver money. but i think chicago should worry more about the o-line and a solid qb before securing the furture of a return man. i don't eonugh credit goes to the other players on the return teams. hester wouldn't get far with bad blockers.

I dont understand the Bears sometimes, but they do have horrible management. The coaching could be better but its still not bad. The only problem I have with the coaching staff is Ron Turner. He's probably the worst offensive coordinator I have ever seen. The team would be better off just running the ball and rolling out and throwing bombs all day.

The Bears team/staff is bipolar, they have truly great hearted men and then the money chasing-in-it-for the politics type. They should have kept Ron Rivera and Brian Griese. Griese WAS the best QB on the team. Cut Grossman and Benson, draft a QB and RB and address the O-line. Peterson can produce as well as Benson on the ground, and is better out of the backfield.

The Defense isnt that horrible, that will work out over time, if you look at the tape they were shaping up into a league best D.

If the Bears are so intralled by paying the players what they deserve in terms of production, then they are also hypocritical by not taking money away from the players that are causing a bigger impact in the salary cap.

Devin Hester is the most electric situation player in the NFL right now-bar none. That being said, he is a situation player, and although I think he has the potential to be a great reciever, he hasn't exactly proven he can do that yet. The Bears have always stood by their policy to let rookie contracts play out before resigning young players to huge contracts, and looking around the NFL, that is a very wise decision. Hester has huge talent and huge potential, but lets wait till he proves he can be a top RECIEVER in the NFL before we start shelling out $60 million, because as good as he is, there is no kick returner or gimmic player worth that kind of cash.

Tack a million more on a year that they wanted to sign Randle el to and call it a day.

Hester is one of the greatest return specialists ever and one of the most exciting players to watch. Don't worry about the words that come out of Deon's mouth. He probably is right about Hester being underpaid but he just needs to mind his own business and shut his piehole. I can't believe Hester looks up to him like he does. I could see maybe admiring him for the way he played the game but not the loudmouth that he is. I think Deon is trying to turn Hester into a complete showboat like he was. If anything Deon should be kissing Hester's a23 and looking up to him.

What really made me mad was hearing Deon talk smack on the Bears. The think the receivers the bears had are better receivers than Deon was honestly. I don't know the stats deon had when he was playing but I think moose and berrian are not half way decent and for deon to talk down on them like that is bs. Deon must think he was like Jerry Rice or something.

Now lets talk about the bears offense for a second since people talk too much(like deon) about the bears offense. The bears offense did suck last year as a whole. They didn't have much production at all. Does that mean that a certain player sucks or just everybody on the whole offense sucks? I am sure there is a few that actually do suck and the bears probably could do better without. People cry about the QB situation. What situation? The situation is that they don't have a line that can protect those QBs. Somebody mentioned something about Grossman fumbling all the time. If you watch the first game last year he was sacked and blindsided how many times? I don't care you could put any QB in the league behind the bear's o-line and they would be hurt by the end of the season guaranteed. Now does there o-line suck. As a unit yes but not all of the players suck. The offensive line last year had a breakdown in their protection of the QB resulting in poor production of the offense. I am sure there was some combinations of other things like receivers dropping balls but for the most part I believe it was there blocking and pass protection. So I guess you could just say that their whole offense sucks now but you probably should mention something about the o-line if you are going to rag on the Qbs RBs and WRs. Sometimes I think that it doesn't really matter what the bears offense accomplishes. They could go to the super bowl and win next year and people will still be talking trash on their offense.

Ok now back to Deven Hester. Oh ya he is the greatest return speacialist ever. He needs to get rid of Deon like a bad habit. Thats all folks...

I've been a bears fan for as long as I can remember, so as far as letting someone like Deion Sanders allow everone to get riled up is absurd. We all know that J.A. has said that hester, harris, and gould were high priorities as far as extensions go. But since Angelo has been G.M., he is notorious for making players earn their value before handing out hefty extensions. Guys like Urlacher, Brown, Vasher, etc all had to play out 3/4 of their rookie contracts before they got their money, which is a brilliant move rather than giving money out early and the player ends up not living up to the contract.

So in this case, I say that Tommie is of highest priority because his contract is up at the end of the year and he is one of the top tackles in the game, so he should get his money first, then gould. I love Devin and never want to see him in another jersey, but I feel that Angelo will hold off on talks until next season so that he can evaluate Devin's WR progression. If he makes strides there, he will get the money that he deserves, even tho I will say that he is underpaid for a return specialist considering what he's done, but it goes back to Angelo's philosophy of wait and see.

i think devin deserves big money...sry folks hes not going away soon so give him what he has earned

ok the stats speaks 4 them selves.....Heaster has more TD's in the last two years then all of the bears and even some of da top paid recievers.....everyone talks about his receiving skill and return specialist don't last long.....if the bears keep thinkin like that u best believe someone in the league will pay him what he worths....Berrian showed up 1year he got 42million...hester is a 10 times better football the man are u best believe he walks...and far as 4 primetime the best corner 2 ever play he knows what he's talking about so someone better listen

Bill Lockwood --I agree with you almost 100%
I think that Rex can be better than Eli because when you look at it Eli was good not great
I disagree with you
your saying Eli has 3 FULL seasons, but your saying Rex had 5 attempts at full seasons?
in reality Rex has only had one REAL FULL season and you have to factor in how the team around him didn't do much to prevent him from getting benched
you should know the QB gets most of the balme and therefore logically would get benched when a team struggled a lot
and I will admit he has had injury problems, but I don't hold that against him.

oh and by the way pay Hester
he WILL be a good if not great WR
Hester has natural talent
he can play WR just give him time ....and maybe start him

some of you people are completely retarted. Deion Sanders was one of the best cornerbacks/athletes to ever step onto a national football field. he may be stepping overline by saying hester is among the leagues best but you still gotta respect what he says because he sure as hell knows a lot more about football than any of you fools sitting on your fat a** and blogging all day. Until you can go out there and score a touchdown and hit a homerun in the same week, respect what he has to say because Hester still has time to develop into one of the best in the league.

hey i dont think that they will pay him to much money because he is a return man but they should look at using him more at receiver with dat speed a zone defense cant keep up with him. but the bears better pay him are someone else will and then they will really be in trouble

Uhh...the Bears would be really really really REALLY awful without Hester. The Broncos would have beat you without HIM (now that's bad!). Quit crying and pay your biggest TD threat! Just put him at QB and let him run, he doesn't have to throw.

I won't get down on Deion because I have a Dallas 21 jersey with his name on it. Plus the year we went to the Super bowl he backed us all the way. He was the only announcer/mouthpiece who believed in the BEARS. Even when we had so-called fans doubting us that year he was the dude saying we were good. Is he a big mouth? Hell yeah. But that's why he's still in demand to do whatever he wants to do. Some of you guys will tune in to his reality show because he hits a few home runs out every once in a while. And you can't compare his stats with Jerry Rice because his job was to shut down the opposition's best player and he did it time and (prime)time again. Why are you guys so POed that someone else is in the owners pockets again. It's a trickle down affect I know but there will always be some fans paying whatever ridiculous sums of money to attend games and sponsor games some way. You'll spend 70-300 dollars on a jersey and never do anything remotely with it that a player will. And for the record I paid about 30 dollars for my 21 and I still wear it. Being a fan of anything costs money. Are players worth those bloated contracts. No way. But since someone is bound to shell out the dough they might as well ask for it. Military people get a flat rate of pay regardless of how many hours they work. Not one of you is willing to picket until they get paid like rock stars so be quiet on pay demands and worth.

I love Hester just as much as any other Bears fan. I think that the Bears should wait another year to give him more money. He needs to prove that he can be a #1 reciever and be a game changer on offense as well as special teams. I strongly believe that Heaster will emerge as a #1 reciever in due time and I think the Bears are playing their cards right by not putting too much on Devin and letting him learn at a even pace and limiting the chances of an injury. Like one fan said on this blog, "Fans are thinking Orange and Navy Blue and not with their brains" As far as Deion goes, I like the guy but he needs to kick back and let Hester do his own talking. Hester is still young and he does'nt need to be corrupted about making more money. You haft to earn everything you get and prove you are worth every dollar. Devin is one of those players that plays this game becuase he loves it, not becuase he is making alot of money.

I am very encouraged about the 08 season and after getting knocked down hard to the ground in 07, that only makes this team more hungry, determined, and dangerous to return to the Superbowl and come out winners. We have unfinished business!!!!!!

The Bears NEED to sign Hester to a long-term contract extension TOMORROW.

He is not only the best return specialist in the NFL, he is probably the best ball carrier in the NFL. His speed, quickness, vision, agility, instincts and even tackle breaking are top-notch. Plus, he has the ability to accelerate WHILE cutting. By the time defenders realize they missed the tackle, Hester is 10-15-20 yards down field.

He is not the best receiver, illustrated by his wide open drop against the eventual NFL Champion Giants. For him to get paid as a top NFL receiver (i.e. Fitzgerald), he needs to become the "go-to guy".

Hester is due to earn $800,000(?) over the next 2 seasons combined. If he WHERE to sign a 6yr/$42mil contract as a free agent (Berrian), then he would essentially earn roughly $43 mil over 8 years. Instead of $7mil/year as an Unrestricted Free Agent in 2 years, the Bears can extend his contract now and pay him the same amount over the same period of time at $5.4 mil/year ($1.6 million less against the cap per year). Hester benefits by receiving a $5 million+ pay raise during the next two years.

Waiting another year will take that cap number up to roughly $6.2 million/year.

I'm not suggesting that you have to pay him as much as Berrian, I'm simply trying to point out the benefits of extending a player's contract before they become unrestricted free agents

Devin Hester is an amazing player, but let's face it; he sure as heck is not an elite receiver. I agree that we should give him an impressive bonus, or re-work his existing contract for the next two years, and give him roughly $3-4 million per year in roster bonuses, and TD bonuses. There is no way you give him WR money yet. Like Creighton said, his route list is so limited that Tecmo Bowl had more options in the passing game. He is, like Deion, not the smartest guy out there, but is extraordinarily talented. Deion is only involved in this because he hates being not relevant, so he sticks his nose into as many of these situations as he can so people talk about him again. But to say he deserves Berrian-type money is ridiculous. If he doesn't pan out as a WR, no one in their right mind would give him 7 million per year. Make no mistake, he is going to be a sought-after free agent if he makes it to the market, but what if he is still just a special teamer who plays a little WR? What will he get on the market? No one will give a guy who is on the field for 10-15 plays a game $7 million per year(except Al Davis, who will probably be dead by then). That's why I say re-work his 2 years, and tell his agent that you will re-evaluate his progression as a receiver after this season, and if he proves he can make the transition to WR full time, and be a game changer at two positions, then the bank will be re-opened. But before you do that, you need to cut Ricky Manning Jr, so you have 3 mil a year to give him without screwing up the remaining cap room you need to sign Tommie Harris and re-work Urlacher's deal.

Devin has earned a review of his compensation plan, but he has in no way earned the pay of $7 million a year. If he can make the strides necessary to keep Rashied Davis, Marty Booker, and Brandon Lloyd on the bench, then he should get the money he wants. If he doesn't, then we will still pay him like the best return man in the history of the game, but not like a WR.

Again, Deion Sanders is to be respected for his opinion but it's antiquated. Hester has no leverage with the Bears. They can use the "franchise" tag until the next CBA where the union is likely to vote against it.

Hester will only hurt his image with fans & his pocketbook long term if he attempts a hold out.

Bret Favre says he still wants to play. Let him play in a Bears uniform. Just a thought, could be interesting, BUT?????????????????

would never happen Farve is a packer at heart

Okay, Devin is the most elusive return specialist I have ever seen! More so than Daunte Hall and I'd have to compare him to Gale Sayers of his Generation...only a lil better. But with that being said this team can't win 10+ games on special teams alone. If I remember correctly, although they haven't done what Hester has done, Azumah and R-Dub did a great job while they were returning kicks. If he is going to complain about getting paid and is going to demand some rediculous amount of money, I say trade his ass! Get in some B+ to A- type of players who can help this team win in the future! We can stick a guy like Garrett Wolfe back there and he would probably score 3-4 Return TD's a season.

With all of that said, Hester is my fav. player on this team! I hope that he doesn't act like his "mentor" and demand some obscene amount of money before he does anything in the WR game. If he gets 700yrds receiving and 6-8 TD's and keeps up on the return game, than yes he would be worth 42MIL over 6yrs. Hell if he does that I'd pay him 50MIL over 6yrs. Until he does that he should be happy with whatever money the Bears offer him. I'm sick of this team whinning about their contracts. Lets do what the Pats do and keep guys who want to win and cut those like TY Law who only want to get paid! This sport is turning into something I don't like (a game of whinning babies who only care about being paid and not the love of the game) and if it keeps it up I might have to become an avid Hockey fan (GO HAWKS by the way!!) Take a look at my favorite player in the NFL Jason Taylor. That guy is a guy who wants to win and has class about it! I wish all of our players would act more like him and play like him too!! GO BEARS...I hope we have a play-off Season this year!!

First of all, I agree with Deon that Hester should be getting paid more but I disagree with what he said about the bears problems. Hester should get more money but not the big money yet. What he said about the bears receivers and the qb situation was out of line. First of all, Bernard and Mushin are not half way decent receivers. Although they did drop a few passes last year they are decent if not better. I don't think Minnesota would pay 42 mill for a half way decent receiver. I think it was a mistake to let both of them go. They should of at least tried to keep the moose. They should have also kept Thomas Jones. I thought he did a great job running the ball for the bears in the playoffs during their run to the super bowl. Hopefully, they are not dumb enough to let Devin Hester go and not pay the man. But they have a lot of players on the team wanting more and more money. The QB situation isn't is bad as people are saying. I think Grossman has a great arm and is a lot better QB than the bears have had in the past. For the last time, the o-line is the problem. If they can't block and protect the QB how is the offense suppose to be productive. I wonder how many times the bears QBs were sacked last year. I know the bears QBs can't scramble for s$@$ but I know they can throw the ball well so stop bashing the QBs Deon. It is the O-Line.

I'm sorry, I love Hester, but you guys are crazy if you think he's worth top reciever $$$. He has HUGE potential, for sure. But as of yet, he has proved nothing at reciever. And also lets remember, Dion Sanders is making these statements, not Devin. Dion single handedly changed the NFL from a team oriented league to a "me" oreinted league. Hester has been with the orginization long enough to realize that the Bears do what the Bears do - they wait till signed players are proven before they pay them. Makes sense right? To pay people for what they have done, not what everyone hopes they can do? Hester is an amazing kick returner, and has shown flashes of potential at reciever, but lets also remember that he mostly played KR and CB at Miami, not WR. Maybe the coaches know something that we armchair QB's don't. And as far as players that are overpaid now (Cedric Benson) were high draft picks, and thats what you have to pay when you draft high.

I can stop Hester 75% of the time, if I were still in High School football shape. Jon Hittman, our coach at Wheeling HS, emphasized that all you have to do on Defense/Special Teams is watch the ball carrier's belly button. He can Jook, fake cut, stop and go, anything he wants. But if you are in front of him, all you have to do is watch the belly button and you'll bring him down. Simple tackling 101. Anyone in the NFL teach that to overpaid idiots???

Hester = touchdowns
Touchdowns = wins
give him the money and for god's sake get a QB because if the bears do not get one hester = your only offense PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

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