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Could the Bears go into 2008 with 2 quarterbacks?

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At this point it's a real possibility the Bears could start the 2008 season with two quarterbacks on the 53-man roster.

About a quarter of the league went that way last season and it provides more roster flexibility.

Without a third quarterback at this point -- the Bears are the only team in the league with only two under contract -- why carry a seventh-round pick on the roster? Stash him on the practice squad and go from there.

Of course, Tampa Bay will probably cut loose Chris Simms and about four other passers at some point.

But right now, it's Rex and Kyle or bust.

"A lot more teams are doing that," offensive coordinator Ron Turner said of the possibility. "Especially on Sundays. If you do that, you obviously have to have one on your practice squad that must be ready to move up at any time.

"You can't go into it with just two. You have to have more depth to get through camp and everything else. We'll take a look at it. We will look at all of our options and see what's out there."

With Matt Flynn of LSU joining Brian Brohm in Green Bay, look at Caleb Hanie of Colorado State and Nick Hill of Southern Illinois as options at this point. They could be undrafted free agents.

Ten more picks until the Bears go again.

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Aaahhhh, but you forget one thing, oh wise Offensive Cordinator:

2 medicocre QB's does not make one good one.

Angelo loves to grab other teams scraps, kinda like a dog. So he will probably wait till teams cut players and sign a free agent Guard and QB, he can't draft a guard because there is no easy pick to make, if there are no easy picks to make he just drafts D.

I was in love with this draft up until the fifth round. I think the last three picks have been arrogant. We need o-line help and a third QB. They never cease to amaze me.

There is only one thing that will make me feel better after this draft. F the diet I need Popeyes spicy fried chicken.

Yes!!! Oh, boy, oh, boy. Chris Simms! Chris Simms!! Super Bowl, here we come!

The problem is that those teams that do go with 2 QBs only on its roster are teams that are usually good, with solid O-lines (Indy, New England, etc.). We'll have a rookie LT starting that will make some mistakes, as well as 2 questionable guards (Garza, who regressed last year, and probably St. Clair). Grossman and Orton are going to be killed - then what happens? Are Jonathan Quinn and Henry Burris available off the street? Geez!

Why take a crappy QB when a better one will be available next year?

And we all know the Bears will suck this year, so they'll be able to grab Tebow next year.

Of course the Bears didn't draft a QB, Florida didn't have an entry. You'd think they'd learn after, Rex, Chris Leak, Danny Wureffel, and Shane Matthews. Carl Brumbaugh was the only productive UF quarterback they ever had!

Dave, you got it exactly right. Why waste a pick on a lame qb to have them sit on the bench and never amount to anything. We tried that with Moses Moreno a few years ago. Like it or not, the Bears are going with Grossman and Orton this year. Better to use their picks for players that will help them. What I don't get is picking another TE and a useless LB.

Dave have you seen next years QB class, it makes this one look good. Next year is not the Year for a QB, Next year Rex will be here with his sub 70 QB rating. Angelo is staying with Rex he figures Rex may bloom by his tenth season and then he has a good QB for a year or two.

ESPN 1000 radio was having a lot of fun at the Bears expense today, saying how they where not the monsters of the midway, but more like the hot air from the windy city. Talking about the QB issue, talking about how cheap the team is, saying outside of the 85 Bears sense Halas retired and passed that the team was a joke with a sub 500 record. They said the real stars of the Central and North has been the Packers the last 40 years not the Bears and there fluke team from the mid 80's.

Two QB's to start the season, Oh my gosh, both of them are going to feel like Pinata's after Jared Allen and the Williams brothers finish hitting them during a game. With your O-Line, they will get hit more then a Pinata'. How could the Bears pass on hometown player???? Williams is going to be a bust and Medenhall will be awesome.

I understand JA's rationale (although I disagree with it), but if you're down to your 3rd QB, you probably aren't going to win any game(s) anyhow.

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