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Continuously updated blog for draft

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We'll be fully staffed at Halas Hall this afternoon and do our best to have a continuously updated blog starting a little while before draft -- probably some time after 1 p.m. -- and carry through as much of the action as possible.

Check back often.

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Did you see that catch last night? With the first pick in the draft the Bears should draft Reed Johnson, wide receiver for the Cubs.

Good Choice Andy! I have more colds this year then Bears wr who caught passes last year.

Finally seeing what offensive linemen are left at pick #14 will be a relief and what they do after that pick will be interesting as well. Wide receiver seems more criical to me than running back because Wolfe is going to provide some solid competition this year. No question that offensive linemen are the most critical need for the Bears though.

Hey nobody is gonna post Rick Gosslin's final Mock draft. Ok I will.

Albert is the pick, so it looks like there is a good chance the Bears get him. Me I don't think he will be there but hey taking a Guard at 14 to play LT sounds like an Angelo move. He played a game there once so now he is a stud LT. To bad there isn't a RT on the Board at this pick Angelo could take him and make him a LT. He loves to do that. God forbid the guy actually every finds a LT and plays him at LT. That said at least we have a really good guard I like Albert just not sure if he is a LT, and If he is he is a project, so good luck Tait and whoever is playing the right side. Go Bears.

One last thing to say before I go. Ellis to the Pats????? Has Rick lost it????? They are not going to switch to a 4-3 scheme on defense, no chance. They will take a corner or Rivers or maybe Albert but not Ellis. Ellis will be a Bungle.

Creighton- Angelo said recently that he thought Otah could play LT. It just depends on how much the Bears want to run the ball this year. I'd say Williams or Otah. Williams gave up 1 sack last year in the ultra-competitive SEC. That's saying something!

Keyshawn Johnson just compared Mike Vick to Dan Marino. He said that Matt Ryan going to Atlanta would be a lot of pressure because of all the great things Mike Vick did kinda like replacing Dan Marino.

In related news, Keyshawn has been snorting coke, drinking heineken, and taking for 72 hours straight ... What a farking moron!

*taking acid* (typing too fast)

Prophet: Jerry Angelo tried the same thing with Marc Columbo as well. Aside from the injuries, Columbo is now a starting RT for Dallas. Re-learning a position is difficult. John Tait compares it to being right handed then having to re-learn everything as a lefty. Throw in the fact that anyone we choose will have to learn the playbook and adjust to the speed of the NFL, I'd rather see us take someone who is a natural LT. I am still really high on Sam Baker having watched him over his last 4 years at USC. I'd rather see Chicago grab Mendenhall in the first if he's available.

Go figure the Raiders just signed Fargas and already have Rhodes and Jordan what are they thinking. Now comes the run on offensive lineman.

Coach I agree and get his line mate in the 3rd!!!

Michael Vick better then Marino or the same level? This is the most a##ine statement that I have ever heard. Go figure the source and the network this moron is on.

Part of me hates watching ESPN or any networks with Deon, Irvin or Keyshawn. All were prima dona players who caught a break playing in the decade they did because if they played in 60's and 70's they would have been killed.

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