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Can you say Otah in mock drafts? Oh yeah

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April not only brings showers but also invitations to join mock drafts. Lots of mock drafts.

I participated in one Tuesday for the Sporting News which will be published soon. I won’t spill the beans on the whole thing—they probably wouldn’t look kindly on that—but I will reveal what I did for the Bears with the 14th pick of the first round.

Can you wrap your mind around Pittsburgh offensive tackle Jeff Otah?

That’s who I grabbed for the Bears.

Off the board when the call came to me were fellow tackles (in order) Jake Long, Chris Williams and Ryan Clady.

Gone were running backs Darren McFadden and popular local choice Rashard Mendenhall.

Gone was quarterback Matt Ryan.

Long gone were defensive tackles Glenn Dorsey and Sedrick Ellis.

So it was either grab Otah, take Virginia guard Branden Albert, reach maybe for Boston College tackle Gosder Cherilus or do something off the wall and take Michigan State wide receiver Devin Thomas.

I selected Otah. What would you have done? Keep in mind, trading down wasn’t an option.

I’ll tell you this, too, I did a draft last week for Patriots Football Weekly. I encountered the same scenario. Long, Williams, Clady, McFadden, Mendenhall, Ryan, Dorsey and Ellis were all off the board. I took Otah there too. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how the rest of the draft fell because I don’t subscribe online. What am I going to do for my Pats news?

Makes you wonder what the chances are Jerry Angelo encounters this situation on April 26. Surely, the Bears have a plan in place. Who knows? Maybe they’re thinking a name not mentioned.

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I'd make the same choice in that scenario. Hope Angelo is reading

I like the Otah pick. But as you may know, Kiper has the Chiefs taking Albert and moving him to tackle. Its a real possibility.

Either Jeff Otah or Branden Albert would be a good pick even if Ryan or any of the RB's are available at the 14 spot.

I'd take Albert.

What about USC OT Sam Baker?

The scenario on draft day is undoubtably going to be VERY close to your SN mock draft. You could not trade down. Mr Angelo if you find yourself in this position here is what I recommend:
Trade down and get as many of these fine players as you can.
Stock up on OL and DB's and a DT or two.
One Otah does not equal a bunch of good young players.
The Bears do not need a whole lot to get lucky again and go back to the Super Bowl.

Otah makes a lot of sense at 14. That pick would be acceptable. No Devin Thomas.

Jerry Angelo:

pick up that qb from Hawaii.

I agree with fan55, in that I think when push comes to shove, Mr. Angelo will not feel that any of his options at 14, are not something that he can`t get by moving down, and aqcuiring the mid round picks. We as Bear fans have seen time and time again, that Jerry Angelo`s real strength as a G.M.,is on the latter part of the first day, and on the second day, when he can find those few hidden gems, that other G.M`s may have missed on. I also feel that the Bears are currently putting alot of money down on players that have been here for a while, and had SOME success, but not been able to win the Super Bowl. I think as a Bear fan I am ready to move on from past draft picks that just aren`t getting it done, such as T.Metcalf, Rod Wilson, and J.D. Runnels. I really think that IF, and I do mean IF, Mr.Angelo can hit a grand slam with this next draft, which by the way is what I think he needs to do in order to justify paying any player on a 7-9 team, more than 5 million dollars a year, but IF he hits a grand slam this time around, then we should have at least one more good run a Super Bowl title, if not two.

Sam Baker was not impressive at the Senior Bowl, nor did he show much strength at the Combine. I see him as a very poor man's John Tait. Otah and Williams look like the real deal, with Williams most preferred because you could return Tait to RT.

The bears need to re-establish a solid running game and that starts up front. Drafting O-line is exactly what needs to be done with the high picks. There is no point in picking up backs to get pounded on by the defense.

Trade up to 11. get Buffalo's spot.Get the OT you want instead of the one thats left after other teams make thier pick. Trade a 4th and 6th. get Williams.

If its between B.Albert or Otah, I'll take Albert. He is more versatile, polished and has a mean streak that OL need!

Yeah I would go with Albert too. Otah's a good choice as well, but I like Albert better. He's shown some very nice ability.

Gene Treacy - I agree 110%! It would be a beautiful thing to get OT Long by trading up but Otah is a good choice given who's gone at that point and after reading the way the mock draft went it sounds like a real possiblity of happening like that, of course with no trade downs. Hopefully JA won't trade down. I really like our chances if we take a OT 1st and a OG 2nd as I like our WR, TE, and who knows what Benson/Grossman/Orton can accomplish with some real blocking and of course our D should be AWSOME this year!

Either Otah or Albert would work at 14. In my mind, the Bears are in for a two- to three-years of rebuilding rebuilding process, and the O-Line is fundamental to that process. I think that three of the Bears first five picks should be lineman. They need to come away with three building block-type lineman out of this draft.

Since the Bears want "run coming off the bus" they should focus on players who more comfortable with power game. The CW on Vandy's Chris Williams is that he's more of a finesse player. Both Albert and Otah fit that "road grader" archetype. Albert is supposed to more athletic, but Otah has more of a mean-streak.

I think I would lean more towards taking Albert, though he's a guard, he's considered the stud of this year's class at the postition. This year's group of tackle's is much deeper, so could snag up a value-pick like Va. Tech's Duane Brown (a potential LT, in the long run) in the second or third round. The Bears might also want to look at a player like Toledo's John Greco who could swing as a tackle or a guard.

In 2009, the Bears should take the same approach in making the line a priority. It worked in the early 80s for Jim Finks. I don't see whay it won't work now.

Otah is very raw and the Bears lack the ability to develop Oline talent. The Best you could hope for would be him starting at RT mid season.

I would have drafted Stewart out of Oregon or Albert, but Albert like Otah is a very raw talent that needs development. Something the Bears are really bad at doing.

I would go RT in the second round, Collins or Brown don't have Otah's up side at LT but would be just as good at RT as him.

Brian S. Sam Baker showed more power, strength and explosion than either Otah or Williams. Williams is considered weak for the position in terms of strength and has never had good explosion. Baker is considered a mauler type.

As for people who keep picking on Tait, I think people better remember that Tait was the highest rated OT in his class was the first OT taken in the 1999 draft and was considered one of the best RT's in football. One guy who has been compared to him is Jake Long the highest rated OT in this so called deep OT class. Deep yes, Elite no.

The Bears are bad at drafting Oline and Offense in general and have been for a long time. Has anything changed in there scouting department? Is Angelo still the GM? This will probably be a bad draft for the Bears given Angelo's history of Drafting offense but I am sure this year will be different because????

I would lean toward Brandon Albert because of more natural ability and versatility. The first 3 picks need to be 2 O-Lineman and a Running Back, all capable of starting in '08. C'mon the Bears are not scaring anybody with Benson, we need a bona fide threat with a top prospect from the draft.

Id do an ANGELOOSE move, trade the pick for another second and forth rounder or something ridiculous. Then take a Div 3. guard and try to make him a left tackle. Lets face it fellas we thing Jerry baby has had good drafts(some of you) when you see Mark Andersons and others. Lets also face that we have drafted Turnoversaurus Rex, Mike"No real position"Haines, Marc"Not the detective, but defective"Columbo,Cedric Benson who plays like a Fredric Henson. The list goes on. No wander we Blow!! Who is drafting offense in that war room.......Wanny? Not to mention John Thierry or Rashaan"one more hit" Salaam.UUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!

I like Albert and Baker in the second! We need a guard as bad as we need a tackle. These two guys are badasses! With regard to the Urlacher deal, I'd like to see him stay for one more year and the Bears trade him for the 1st pick in next years draft and pick up Tim Tebow. That would be worth getting rid of old man Urlacher.

I'm with most here I'll take Branden Albert over Otah.He may be able to play LT,but,he's a promising future all pro guard.Either way he's less of a risk than the tackles that will most likely be available when it is our selection.


Worst-case scenario, you end up with a solid prospect at guard who could start day one.

Or you may have a RT or LT.

Otah is tempting, but he could be a collosal bust as he is very raw.

If Albert wasn't there, I would say trade down and try and get Williams, the guy from BC, or see if Otah slips.

As far as Baker, I am happy he has slipped, and would target him in round two.

I don't buy into this combine/workout garbage. If they were productive in college, they will usually be productive in the pros.

I would reach for Gosder Cherilus because maybe Otah is rated higher in most mock draft, his slow footness has him has one of the biggest bust/boom prospect in the first round.

Mendenhall. Mendenhall. Mendenhall.

The Bears are out of their minds if this kid falls to them and they let him slip. Pick up a right tackle in the 2nd round and get your franchise left tackle next year.

Mendenhall. Mendenhall. Mendenhall. Mendenhall.

Please, Mr. Angelo dont screw this up.

Most mock drafts I've seen have Chris Williams(vanderbilt) still available and I believe he will fall to us perfectly just like Olsen did last year. We also need a player of Otahs talents but left tackles are harder to come by and Otahs been touched by Wanstatd down in Pittsburgh, a definite knock against him. I also wouldn't be surprised if Mendenhal is still there and goes to Detroit at #15. Don't be dumb and trade down in the first. If anything, trade up back into the #1st later when you could get Gosder Cherolious or Sam baker to compliment Mendenhal. or stand pat and take 3rd best tackle. DON"T TRADE DOWN!!!!!!

Given the circumstances, this one's a no brainer. You take the best available player on the board..........With the 14th pick of the 2008 NFL draft, the Chicago Bears select Running back----Johnathan Stewart---University of Oregon..........and the crowd of Bears fans in New York go WILD!! Otah projects as a right tackle. They'll be a good tackle still available in Rd 2.

I can't argue with Mendenhall, followed by 2 O-linemen, then trade Benson for 7th round pick. However, I think Mendenhall will be gone before 14.

I would also take Jeff Otah of Pittsburgh all day. Otah could come in his rookie season and be the Bears right tackle and instantly help the Bears run game there by helping the team as a whole. What I mean is if the running game is working then the passing game will follow, a good running game is a QB's best friend. A good right tackle like Otah who is also a mauler could pave the way for whoever is carrying the rock for the Bears. Otah has played the best and beat the best includeing Chris Long who might very well be the number 1 overall pick by Miami. To me that is enough proof Otah can play. I even think Otah could develope into a left tackle for the Bears, after all that was Otahs position at Pittsburgh, whose to say he could not do it in the NFL in one season. Otah reminds me of other bigger tackles that came into the league and were thought to be to big and slow for the left side but showed other wise. Players like San Diego's Marcus McNeill and Dallas left tackle Flozell Adams to name a few. I noticed a lot of draft experts are starting to move Otah up draft boards lately. I think the bad combine hurt Otah draft wise but that was not even his fault he had a bum ankle. I think if Otah would have been healthy he would of been a top 10 draft pick easy. Like I said earlier Otah played the best and beat the best so I say take Otah at #14 and the Bears will have a good, young, and strong lineman GO BEARS!!

Given the scenario, this pick must be Branden Albert. He is considered to best interior lineman prospect (which is a serious need) with very real potential to play either Tackle position. This versatility would allow the Bears to select the best O-lineman, regardless of position, in the second round.

Otah would make an excellent choice as well. I won't be mad if he becomes the pick. Otah would help to revive the running game (Power-O counter cutback) at RT, with potential to develop into an adequate pass protecting LT.

Offensive linemen will make the most immediate impact in 2008.

Mendenhall will probably be a top 10 pick.

It will take Devin Thomas 2-3 years to develop into a legitimate #1.

Ummm just gonna remind some people that the point of this blog is a mock draft that Biggs did. In this draft Mendenhall, Williams, Clady and Long are all off the board. So maybe address that and then go off about the real draft.

If anyone is interested in Williams the latest word on him is the Eagles are talking about trading up with the Bills to get him before Chicago does. There offering a number one and a CB.This is just a rumor though.

In the real draft you can pretty much bet that Williams, Long, Clady, Dorsey, Ellis, Mendenhall, C Long, Mcfadden, Cousin Vern, Ryan and maybe even Otah are gone. If not I doubt the Bears take Otah, he has a huge upside but is a major boom or bust prospect. I think Angelo knows himself well enough that we will not see Otah in this town. He is too much of a risk. Albert at 14 is just to high for a Guard. In reality the Bears will do what they always do and try to trade down. If they can't strike a trade, don't be surprised to see Brohm, Flacco, or Stewart taken and OT adressed in round 2. If they trade down, then maybe you get Albert or Gosder, depending on how far they go down. They may even reach for Nicks who has a huge upside but again is boom or bust type. Cowboys may try to trade up if Mendenhall is there and steal him from the Lions.

There is one other thing that could be going on with the Bears. The last few years people have traded up on the Bears grabbing players they like. The Bears may be playing possum, Benson may be worse off than we believe or the Bears are saying. We have not heard from Benson on how his leg is. The only thing we have heard is he needs to get in shape loose wait, has not performed well, has lost a step, is going to be motivated this year, wear bringing in competition to play against him, every major sporting news agency says he is a bust and is done, the Bears haven't said anything good about him but say he is there starting running back. Everyone says he sucks, the Bears have basically said he sucks, so why would you name him your number one guy, even though you say you are not penciling in guys. Also the Bears basically said it was a deep running back class and actually said they would look for a back later rather than sooner. If that is the case why would you be looking at McFadden, Mendenhall and Jones if you where not interested in the guys?? These guys are not going to be in the second round when the Bears pick. Maybe they want a team to trade up or maybe they really like these guys and need a back more than they are saying. If they look at Stewart something may be up. If they start looking at Brown, Baker(I think they already did) and Nicks. Things will look a little strange for a OT in the first round.

There is NO way that Angelo takes Flacco, Brohm, or Stewart with the 14th overall. He flat out will not take a QB in the 1st and I doubt the Bears are going to tie that much money up at the RB position. It will be Oline no matter where we are picking.

I would rather have Albert over Otah because from what I've seen, Otah lacks good hips/lateral movement and stands up too straight, no bend. And for whoever said that Otah played the best and beat the best, you do realize he played for Pitt in the BIG EAST right??

I agree totally with the statement that this team does not do anything to develop line skills. Could not agree more.

If it was my draft, I say Albert at 14 or trade down in to the early to mid 20's and hope Kenny Phillips is there and if not, take Gosder. Behind Phillips, I really like DaJuan Morgan S from NC State and think he could be a steal in the 2nd Round. However, that is just dreaming because I think they're pretty content with Brown, Manning, Payne, and McGowan at the safeties.

In this draft with not being able to trade down I'd have taken Albert, plugged him in at guard and gone for the best RT left in the second round hoping he can start in his rookie year. Third round I'd pick up a back and a DT if any have slipped or had a look at the pool of QBs still there.

Branden Albert,

Assuming no trade down or up of 14 and the big guys are all gone, you DEFINITELY take Albert. He along with Clady and Jake are the only 3 guys who will start year one on O line. And he has the potential to play tackle. Otah is the number 4 -5 OT on the depth chart. Albert is number 1 and arguably as solid and as "guarenteed" as Long and certainly Clady. He will be a multiple time pro bowl OG and Otah may not even develop into a starter for 2 years. And won't be pro bowler.

The Bears won't trade up for Jake. Too expensive in picks and contract dollars against the cap. They may trade down though.

I like the Bears pickin Otah he is a good player with good size who would fit the mold of a younger Fred Miller. He'd play right tackle right away and could move to the left side eventually. I'd like to see us move up in the second round to get a top running back or wide receiver. Chris Johnson, James Hardy, or Felix Jones would look great in a Bears uniform. Its also possible Kenny Phillips could slide into the end of the first round and we should make a deal to get him if we can. Trading up isn't as hard when you do it in the second round and with all the mid round picks we have why not get top prospects that slide out of the first round. We aren't gonna need 11 picks.

I think the speculation about Albert is wrong. He's shooting up the board and may be the 2nd OL taken. Most scouts are convinced he is a OLT. Clady will be gone as well. Otah is probably gone before Williams.

Williams is considered soft. He has short arms and did not lift well at the combine. If a player has short arms 32 1/2 compared to Otah 35" he should be able to do a lot more reps. If not he hasn't spent a lot of time in the weight room. The strength problem is a concern on bull rushes of the QB and ability to run block. Baker compares to Williams physically, short arms as well, but he did a lot better with the lifting. He might be around in the 2nd rd.

I think the Bears really need to invest in OL, but won't in the 1st rd, Otah will be gone, Williams is a bad fit and 14 is too high for Cherilius or Baker. They will probably go WR, or RB. The most likely pick WR Thomas. The 2nd rd is the RB, (Charles or Forte). The 3rd rd is RT (Barton, Grecco) and DT (Pressley, Moore). The 4th rd is the QB (OConnel).

Albert is a solid Pick but again like Clady, Williams and Otah he will need to Develop. If he just plays guard he still need work, but could start but if you want to move him to LT then that is a major project and that is above the Bears proven ability to do.

Otah, all I will say about Otah is Dave Wannstedt loved him. Thats enough to make me sick to my stomach with worry. I think Otah could play guard or RT in the NFL but really needs some time to develop. He is also soft and not very strong for his size, but he is really big and Athletic. But he does have slow feet so no LT for him in NFL. Here is a guy rated the 26th best offensive linemen is Junior College. I Junior College?? I wonder What he will be rated in the NFL?? Otah is also known to give up some sacks and losses for stops. He had bad games against Michigan State, Louisville and Rutgers.

There is no chance the Bears take a wide reciever in round one, oh and what I said about the QB and Stewart was if they are unable to trade down and the top OT's are gone they may look at Brohm and Stewart. They will not reach for Gosder or Baker. I do not seethe Bears taking a project or a OG in the first round. How does a project help them get better and Angelo has never rated OG very high so I do not see Albert at 14. Then again I don't think Albert will be there. Long, Clady, Albert and either Williams or Otah are gone. Also Angelo has proven in the past that if a player blows him away he will draft him not matter the greatest position of need. Anyone remember Anthony McFarland? Tampa's major need that year was Oline. In fact Tampa's major needs always seemed to be Oline, WR, and QB and DE. Sense being here the Major needs have been QB, Oline, RB and WR, DE (Yes he has had his problems at the position in Chicao, he brought in Goon, does not seem to like Brown or maybe thats Lovie and Anderson is not an every down player)DE is not the strength od our Dline it's good but should be better in a Tampa 2 they need more pressure off the edge. Wow no pattern there at all.

Ryan: "What about USC OT Sam Baker?"
Baker is a late 1st-round or early 2nd selection. If we don't take tackle with our first pick, I'll be crossing my fingers that he falls down to 44 and we can take him there. I have to go with Briggs on this one and Jeff Otah would be the pick. Unless of course you want the Bears to go QB and then I say grab Brian Brohm. Since I am in the "win-now" mentality I'd rather see them spend the 1st pick on someone who can contribute right away.

Windy City Guy: "They will probably go WR, or RB. The most likely pick WR Thomas. The 2nd rd is the RB, (Charles or Forte). The 3rd rd is RT (Barton, Grecco) and DT (Pressley, Moore). The 4th rd is the QB (OConnel)."
If they do either with the 14th pick - aside from Mendenhall - they would be reaching. Thomas isn't even the best WR in the draft much less worth a high 1st-Round pick; the WR class is weak this year but has plenty of 2nd round value. With guys like Hardy, Doucet, and Manningham available in the 2nd Round Chicago needs to go for an OT, Mendenhall, or trade back. I like the idea of swapping with San Fran sending 14, 142, and 175 for San Fran's 29 and 39 (yes the I did check the math). That would give us the 29,39, and 44 which are full of value and good players to boot. There we could get a Baker, a play-making WR (I like Hardy) and a RB - possibly Chris Johnson or (cross fingers) Felix Jones.

"Given the circumstances, this one's a no brainer. You take the best available player on the board..........With the 14th pick of the 2008 NFL draft, the Chicago Bears select Running back----Johnathan Stewart---University of Oregon..........and the crowd of Bears fans in New York go WILD!!"

Yeah, I would be going wild fricking RIOTING!!! Let's spend our 1st pick on a guy who's not going to be able to play his rookie season ... or did you miss the part about 4-6 months recovery time from the surgery he had?

I swear there are a couple of boneheads who want the Bears to take Jonthan Stewart and Colt Brennan at 14? You people who are suggesting that are just ignorant to Bears biggest need which is Stanley but the O Freakin Line.

I like Mathew's choices in Hardy and Felix Jones in Rounds 2 thru 4. James Hardy will be the Best Wide Receiver in this year's draft. Big Time Player Maker.

Please there are posters who want Jonthan Stewart. Please Stop. There are at least a a dozen Running Backs who are better. Who said that Stewart's performanace was better then Chris Johnson's bowl performance is crazy. I think Oregon played a MAC school?

Chris Johnson is also a playmaker who is Lighting Fast and with skills.

Chipper34, what I meant by played the best and beat the best was not strength of schedule, it was the individual players Otah went against. Here are a few examples: DE Chris Long Virginia most scouts have him as there top rated DE in the country, DE George Selvie South Florida, was a first consensus all-american who had 31 and a half tackles for loss which was second best in the country, and a sleeper end Johnny Dingle of West Virginia who is a projected 4-5th round draft pick. These are just a few of the top rated ends in the country and Otah held his own against them. So you see what I meant was the fact that Otah did good against top level DE's shows me he could be a good tackle prospect. I do however agree with your #14 pick Branden Albert but I would leave Albert at his more natural position guard. In the end you are takeing just as much of a chance with Otah who played and beat the best there by proven he can play tackle as you are with Albert a college guard you would be trying to make an NFL tackle. Now your second round pick I do not agree with, I think the Bears need to address the running back position vs the safety position. Kenny Phillips is injury prone and speaking of strength of schedule Phillips had 4 of his 7 career interceptions against Duke and Florida International. Some scouting reports also say that Phillips didn't always produce when he should of which is an indication Phillips takes plays off. I think between Mike Brown and Daniel Manning the free safety position will be okay and at strong safety I like Kevin Payne and the Bears also have Brandon McGowan who looked good at the end of the season. This is why I think the Bears do not need to waste a draft pick on safety, especially in the second round maybe on the second day GO BEARS!!

Tackle in round one. Running back in round two. Keep an eye out for QB Kevin O'Connell of
San Diego State...I've watched him play and like him. (So does Mel Kiper). Pick up more help
on the O line, RB and wide receiver as the draft progresses.

I could not agree with Creighton more. Bears need to look at o-line in first round which will make the qb and the rb better this seaseon.

Actually, when I said take Albert at 14, I was not insinuating that we move him to Tackle. I don't want our staff trying to help players develop at a position other than their normal position. Now, if Albert takes to Tackle like a fish to water, then you can check it out. But nonetheless, I take Albert with the intentions to make him a guard. I get tired of hearing, "You don't take a Guard that high". If the guy is gonna be a stud at Guard, then he's worth that pick. When did people start diminishing what a Good/Great guard means to an offense.

I would like to see us pick up a WR in the 2nd or 3rd... I have been reading about this kid Jerome Simpson and I think with his leaping ability (41" vert at pro day) and a 4.42 40 time I think he would be an ideal replacement for Berrian. But I agree with most everyone else on rd 1... Top available OT or RB.


Some very valid points have been made, now for my two cents. Knowing JA will not spend 1st round money on a RB and this year trading down could be a problem I see him drafting a player for another team to keep Mendenhall away from Detroit at 15 if he is there if not they stand pat at 14 and grab the best OL availible guards are hardly ever drafted in the first round and I think JA is smokescreening and Nicks or Collins wiil be the pick at two and at 3a Chris Johnson a playmaker who is versatile enough to take some of the load off Hester in the return game as he will have more offensive responsibility next season at 3b. Johnson of SanDiego is more atheletic than O'Donnell but O'Donnell is bigger (toss up) at 4. Best WR on the board 5. best OL left on the board, after that Jerry will start to reach but I would like to see J. Hester (LSU) find his way to the Bears he has a Bears mentality could be great special teamer and back up FB. JA will also go to the scrap heap and pull up a Dorsey(Clev) or a Steussie(STL) to shore up the OL.7-9 is deceptive the offense betrayed them last year the defense is getting tackles back and should be better I still insist Tillman is the hidden jewel at safety and Mc Bride showed improvement all season with Vasher back R. Manning is still around, start D. Manning in camp day one as a corner cause a safety he is not let him settle in at corner he could be good cover guy or nickel.

Umm Da coach where did you hear that from about Stewart? It's Turf toe, he had surgery for Turf Toe and will be ready to play in 2-3 months not 4 to 6. Which means he will be ready to go by training camp. How would 4 to 6 months for surgery in march force him to miss his rookie season anyway??

Sluggo Grossman got benched, and he deserved it, why would you compare him to Manning of all people. Also the Bears big problem was not passing, it was running. They can't run. D oyou know why Rex gets so much pressure. It's because teams blitz him. Teams blitz Rex because he does not respond well to pressure. Rex is like Happy Gilmore not Manning, he can go long but his short game stinks, he never hits his dump off and steers down his WR. Him and Orton are having a QB compitition this year. Thats like having a compitition between a Gremlin and Edsel to see who is worse. Rex a Pro Bowl QB hahahahaha and Maybe Benson is the next Payton.

Creighton:: "Umm Da coach where did you hear that from about Stewart? It's Turf toe, he had surgery for Turf Toe and will be ready to play in 2-3 months not 4 to 6. Which means he will be ready to go by training camp. How would 4 to 6 months for surgery in march force him to miss his rookie season anyway??"

Ummm Creighton, you ever do research yourself? He had the surgery in mid-March. The surgery takes 4-6 months to recover. That would put him back in mid-July at the earliest and have you ever heard of anyone coming back from Turf Toe surgery that quickly? Also, that's just the time table for coming back. That does NOT account for learning the offense and being medically cleared for playing.

If it takes 6-months to comeback that would be mid-September return which would be Week 1 or 2 of the season. Do you really want to take that gamble with the 14th overall pick?

Source (since you're search engine is broken):

Coach thats an old interview, he did one on espn two weeks ago and said it would only take three months to heal. Also I believe it says in the article you posted that he would be ready by training camp. So I ask again, how does his turf toe surgery make him miss the whole season? The article you have posted says he will be ready to go by training camp. So about 3 and 1/2 months. So how is he missing the whole season?? You did read the article didn't you?

See here is where you say he will miss his rokkie season.

"Yeah, I would be going wild fricking RIOTING!!! Let's spend our 1st pick on a guy who's not going to be able to play his rookie season ... or did you miss the part about 4-6 months recovery time from the surgery he had"?

And this is from your Article

"But his agent, Ben Dogra, said the 45-minute procedure went smoothly and Stewart would be ready for training camp in July".

"He sustained the turf toe injury against Arizona on Nov. 15 and it hadn't healed on its own. NFL general managers and scouts recommended Stewart have the surgery now rather than risk missing training camp or games, Dogra said".

Thanks for supporting my argument with your article. It says right there that he will be ready by training camp.

Gosh my research is so bad and yours is so good. Where is the part were he is supposed to miss his "whole rookie season" Captain Research. You said he would miss his "whole rookie season", where does it say that? I guess you must have been wrong oh great research king.


I've seen far too much misinformation from you on these boards to begin to take you seriously. You are what is referred to as "NFL-retarded". Do you remember how many athletes have ended their careers because of turf toe? Do you know what turf toe is? Have you ever played organized sports namely football?

His AGENT and STEWART himself say he will be ready by training camp? No way! That is the best information I have ever read!!! I mean, there is NO WAY he or his agent would LIE about such a thing in order to save MILLIONS they will lose by him dropping in the draft. There is just no way on Earth they would lie about such a thing!

Medical facts are that it takes 4-6 months to recover from the surgery alone. That is my point. I'll side with medical doctors, common sense, and business acumen instead of an agent and athlete who stand to lose millions.

But then again, I'm not as smart as you are. I'm sure you've had extensive experience in the matter and your PHD, sources, and research tell you otherwise. I guess we'll see what happens on draft day and - MORE IMPORTANTLY - this season. Since you tend to post your stupidity on here every day without fail, I'll look forward to your mea culpa come September when Stewart is sitting on someone's bench or on IR.

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