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Briggs due in court to explain why he's left state without permission

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Not only is Lance Briggs skipping out on $250,000 by passing on the voluntary offseason program, his absence has caught the attention of the courts.

The Bears’ linebacker is due before Cook County Judge Earl Hoffenberg June 19 to explain why he has left the state without the court’s permission.

Michael Sneed details the situation in today’s edition.

Briggs was ordered to get permission to leave Illinois and according to the court has not done that. This following his high-stakes crash on the Edens Expy. last summer when he wrecked his Lamborghini. Briggs called 911 and lied, reporting his vehicle had been stolen. Later, he fessed up to splitting the scene of the accident.

Hoffenberg also wants to look into how Briggs’ community service is coming along. Sneed says he’s completed two of 120 hours thus far. That leaves him with 118 to knock out in the next five months. That means he’s roughly has to do eight-hour days for three weeks to bang it out. So when he returns to the area, football won’t be the only business venture he’ll have to occupy his time.

We’ll see if the team has comment. A message has been left. This can't sit well with the club after handing him a $36 million, six-year contract last month. General manager Jerry Angelo has talked about needing to evaluate character, and said he was comfortable with Briggs after the incident with the Lamborghini.

The Bears have protected themselves in the deal. That is why the club, as the Sun-Times previously reported, delayed the $3.3 million roster bonus in 2010 until June 10. Typically, roster bonuses are paid at or near the start of the league year in March. In this instance, the Bears will not have to make a decision with regards to paying (and keeping Briggs) beyond the second year of the contract until well after free agency and the draft. If the Bears deem it's time to cut ties with Briggs, they'll have opportunity to replace him. At that point, they will be able to cut him loose and turn the $36 million deal (really $35.75 million now) into a two-year, $14.9 million contract.

Perhaps this is the type of thing Angelo was worried about when he insisted on the delayed bonus.

UPDATED: Team spokesman Scott Hagel said the Bears would have no comment on the matter at this point.

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Maybe our coach is too lax, maybe Angelo's Epiphany about character is late, but urlacher and briggs are spoiled veterans who overvalue their time over the teams need.Thank GOD FOR PLAYERS LIKE Tommie Harris who put their time in with class.

It wouldn't be a normal offseason for the Bears if players didn't continue to do stupid things. I wonder when the whole character thing comes into play for Angelo Can't wait to see what Lloyd does this year.

Cut Briggs AND Urlacher. They are two of the biggest pains in the katankers Chicago has seen since "No Tippen" Pippen, Quinton Daily and Sammy Sosa...

There is a place, my friends, where complete trash is welcomed: The Dallas Cowboys. After taking Tank Johnson and "Pacman" Jones, Lance would seem to fit right in there.

I honestly wonder if Lance is trying to play manipulator here by developing a criminal record AFTER he signed his guaranteed money, so that the Bears can release him and he goes to a different team. I wouldn't put it past his greedy ego to do something like that. If in fact he is doing it for that reason then the Bears should cut him without the guarenteed money. These players are ruining the spirit of the game.

The team needs to address this situation. He's going to pay is fine both with the Bears and Cook County. The team leaders will set him down and explain why his actions are hurtful to the team, oh wait there is no leadership from this team.

The problem with Urlacher and Briggs is that they are supposed to be team leaders and "lately" they have been doing a lot more complaining than leading and that doesn't bode well for a team that doesn't have a QB as its leader.

Can the commissioner suspend Briggs for any games because of actions detrimental to the league or Bears? Any thoughts?

Remember when Olin told the Defense to STFU about Grossman? We know who the TEAM leader is.

There is no way to slice and dice this info. The Bears are in trouble right now. They got to re-sign Harris, Hester, and Gould. They have no Running back, no quarterback, they need two solid o-linemen. The bears did absolutely nothing in the off-season to help this team. If I'm Urlacher or anyone else on the defense I would want out too and want more money. The defense of the Bears has carried this team for the last three years. Angelo has done absolutely nothing to upgrade the offense thru the draft or free-agency. He thinks that he is going to get four players in the draft that can immiedately help the offense. How stupid is he. Four rookies are not going to take a 7-9 team to a playoff team. All of you fans that are angry with Urlacher and Briggs should wake up and smell the coffee. Name one offensive guy that has helped this team in the last three years? The only one that worked his ass off was Jones and Angelo Traded him! He is ruining this Team! Put yourself in Urlachers and the defenses shoes. I would be upset myself.

maybe the NFL should suspend the three stooges(mccaskey-phillips-angelo) for a season. This would let DABEARS come back to normalcy...popskoenig

I think that Lance Briggs did want to stay a Bear, especially when he figured out that there was not the demand for him like he first figured. I just don't know how serious Briggs is about being a Bear. The Bears give Briggs 36 million and how does he repay them, by not even having the common courtesy to show up for the off season workouts. Give me a break, the common man like me or you have to get up every morning and go to work and these guys act like it is so hard to go and work out and train a little in the off season. See, me and you don't get an off season so I fail to feel Briggs pain. Also Briggs needs to take the law a little more seriously and try and be a professional, if not the Bears need to cut there losses and pay some players that do ie Tommie Harris. I don't really care because we already got Jamar Williams who proved last season he could be a good replacement for Briggs GO BEARS!!

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