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Bears-Packers to tangle on a Monday night in December

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The Bears-Packers rivalry in the post-Brett Favre era is the stuff worthy of prime time.

When the NFL releases the schedule today at 1 p.m., included will be a December meeting between NFC North foes on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.”

That’s two prime-time games, at least, for the Bears, who will open the season Sept. 7 at Indianapolis in a game nationally televised by NBC. It will mark the first regular-season game at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The Bears were on “MNF” once last season in the Dec. 17 meeting at Minnesota. The club is 6-15 in its last 21 “MNF” appearances dating back to Dec. 23, 1991, a 52-14 loss at San Francisco.

Stay tuned for more details on the schedule as they become available. The league will unveil the schedule on its network starting at 1.

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Can't wait to see the Packers this year. Thompson and that team aren't near as talented as Milwaukeeans think. This talk of such a talented young team is hogwash except for Greg Jennings (that's right AJ Hawk is a decent starter but will never make the pro bowl). Only difference between 4-12 and 13-3 is Brett moving from 17 td's and 29 pics to the best season of his career. They have two decent O-tackles, a good middle linebacker, a good D lineman, and two good but not as great as they think corners. They have lost the fewest starters to season ending injuries the last 3 years in the league. They're due for normal injuries. Grant won't be near as good now that D's play run first and pass second. They won't dominate ball control which will expose their Defense as mediocre. And Rogers will start only 11 of their 16 games.

It will be usual Packerdom - all excited when Kampman gets 4 sacks and Grant runs for 100 yards against Detroit. Then against an upper tier team they'll both be shut down.

At least we won't have to hear excuses anymore for bad playoff games by Brett - "two of his four pics were tipped balls" "his recievers ran the wrong pattern" "the coach called a play that caused him to have to throw into double coverage"

We will still hear excuses though like "if woodson had played against Dallas we would have won" "if we played them at lambeau in the cold we'd win" "had Jones not fumbled we would have won" "if philly hadn't made 4th and 23 in the nfc semifinal we would have won the super bowl"

Packer fans are the biggest "iffers" in the world. They act like they really won 3 superbowls since 1996 but the score just didn't come out right and the other team got lucky - Denver, St Louis, Philly, Atlanta, & NYG.

I for one was very happy to see Favre retire. He was a heck of a QB, but he was on the wrong team.

Wasn't Favre a 2nd rd pick that Atlanta traded to GB after they gave up on him? It just shows QB's can be found in any rd.

I'm just hoping when the schedule is released we'll have some noon games for once.

With this upcoming schedule, can our team possibly have some grace and poise to its appearant disfunction? I just hope I don't have to stoop to emotional vicodine thanks to the recent moves made by the cheap organization. Please let there be some success to this "rebuilding"!!!

Landing on Monday Night Football means little since they moved the games to ESPN.

Hardly the institution it was in the past.

Montana 3rd round

Brady 6th Round

Farve 2nd round

Staubach 10th round

Johnny U rd 9

Fran Tarkenton RD 3

Ken Anderson RD 3

Fouts RD 3

Jurgensen RD 4

Starr rd 17

Moon Undrafted

D Anderson 6th RD

Garrard 4th rd

I hear some of those guys where pretty good.

Art Shell RD 3

Jakie Slater rd3

Dan Dierdorf rd3

Jon Runyan rd4

Matt Light RD2

Jason Peters Undrafted

Running Backs.
Payton RD1

Sanders rd 1

M Faulk RD 1

Jim Brown rd 1

E Smith RD 1

Sayers Rd 1

Eric Dickerson rd 1

Tony Dorsett rd 1

Marcuss Allen rd 1

Franco Rd 1

LT Rd 1

I know everyone knows how much I want Williams or Otah, gosh there studs but it is now clear to me that Offensive linmen and QB's can be found later. Only top flight Running backs exist in the first round. It must be Mendenhall aka hall of fame. Da Bears.

The road to 10-6: 6-2 at home, split your road games. Very reasonable given the schedule. Too bad about stsrting 0-1 vs Indy. Not a big fan of the trend of opening on the road against AFC powerhouses (SD last year).

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