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Bears to speak on draft Tuesday, think anything else will come up?

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The Bears will come out of a draft meeting or Brian Urlacher spin session, whichever is on the late-morning schedule, and meet the media for the annual pre-draft gathering Tuesday at noon.

This is where general manager Jerry Angelo is likely to announce his top three wishes for the 14th overall pick in the draft. If he spilled the beans no one would believe he was doing so and it would be considered a great ruse. In fact, I can’t think of a greater smokescreen on the day created for smokescreens.

Check in during the day as we provide updates.

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BEARS are trying to pull one over everyone's eyes. They know that they need a LT more than a RB but they are trying to make teams nervous but they are card players trying to bluff with their cards reflecting on their glasses. They are trying to force teams to move up and I don't think it's going to work.

I would laugh my tail off if Jerry came out and started preaching that we were interested in loading up on Defensive ends and tight ends, and a few CBs. I love this week from the perspective that nothing that comes out of the mouths of front office guys can be taken at face value. I would find it even funnier if teams started being upfront and honest, and people still didn't buy it.

The Bears have to face one serious fact though. If they don't do this one right, within the next 24 months, we will be meeting a new GM and head coach. The offense has been decent, but has not been good in years, and the defense has been the bell cow. The defense is pro-bowl caliber, and if they stay healthy, we can compete for the division on that alone. If the offense gets to middle of the pack (12-18th in the league), we can be Super Bowl contenders. If we can't get there, our window will shut in a hurry, and we will be back to also-rans until there is a management change.

Jerry needs to prove he is as smart as people say he is, and Lovie will have to get more out of his coaching staff than he ever has to put us in a position to make a run for it this year. If we miss the playoffs again, we need to shut the door on the Cover 2 era and move on...

If the top 5 oline guys are all really good then they will not be there when the Bears pick. That is the Bears greatest concern at this point. Long is already gone, his contract is done in Miami. The Eagles will trade up and grab a guy. Carolina needs a LT really bad and has been working there Oline all offseason, and so does Denver, Baltimore, KC and St Louis. My guess is that if the Eagles trade up all top 5 oline guys are gone if not the Bears will get Otah the last big name OT on the board, a project and a guy who projects more as a RT in the NFL. This will not help the Bears at LT this year or probably next year. If the OT's are gone it will be a running back, the Bears will not have much of a choice at that point. I do not see them being able to trade down this year, unless it's a bad deal for the bears.

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