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UPDATED 10:39: Bears tab DT Harrison with No. 90 overall

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The Bears went for Arkansas DT Marcus Harrison with the 90th overall selection, finding a player to help solidify the middle that was troubled last season.

Coach Lovie Smith met with Harrison in a trip to the pro day at Arkansas and liked him. Many projected him to be a second-round pick.

More soon.


The Bears departed from GM Jerry Angelo's character push after drafting two Vanderbilt players with the first three picks.

Harrison is sorting through legal issues after being pulled over for speeding last summer and being found in possession of ecstacy and marijuana. The Bears believe he will work through the situation but like it or not it's going to draw comparisons galore to Tank Johnson, the defensive tackle he's trying to replace.

Harrison also has a history of knee injuries with surgery to repair his torn left ACL last spring.

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Great pick finally! You guys will love this DT.

D Tackle? what about QB or Zuttah at guard...hell, wat about another saftey? i thought we were looking for starters w/ our first four picks...if Harris and Dvorack stay healthy (i'm not holding my breath but it would be ideal), dude will never play.

that said, i can't lie like i've watched a ton on Arkansas games, how good is he in comparison w/ the other tackles that have been drafted

What are they doing the defense could have waited this guy is a injury machine, ankle, knee, ligament surgery. This is typical Angelo/Smith b.s. they cannot stay on task. They now run the risk of not getting anyone.

I stand corrected...Zuttah was already gone. still, an evaluation on Harrison? i still figure we'd have need o-line and QB still rank ahead of DT. was this a matter that he was simply the top guy available on our board?

would like to see another ol next. Mcglynn?

Well Angelo is done with offense, it's all fixed now it's time for him to grab some more good character guys for the Bears. Harrison busted on a Felony drug charge, and has major injury issues. He makes Johnson look like a boy scout. Is a 2 tech run blocker. But a scum bag so he should fit perfectly with Angelo. Character guys, how often does JA lie.

The Bears needed anothe D -lineman and especially a Tackle. Come guys you watch the games. How many times did your so called vaunted Bears D give up over a 100 yds rushing to a RB. Who knows what is going to happen to Harris and Dvorack or wahtever because he has not played more then 2 series in a meaningful NFL game.

I would have liked another lineman. I would say 4th round o-lineman or safety.


Is it me but are you people getting sick of watching the 4 letter network.

Another stupid comment when Cris Carter said Harry Douglas out of Louisville is a better WR then Wes Welker. What is it with Irvin, Keyshawn and the rest,do they like white football players. What next because I am waiting for a Tom Brady stupid comment by this trio of idiots.

lololol, It's all fixed now!!!
Hey we coulda kept Tank!!! and used that !@# pick on someone w/o character issues lol
Give me character issues and a Super Bowl any day over good characters that ain't worth a crap. Mean streak is a character issue btw
Do you think JA said that about character crap just so other teams would be misled?
I have to admit lyin is good before the draft.
I thought we were gonna draft Offense?? We needed another OL! wtf?
We could signed Turner and kept that pick as well though
Overall I like the draft though, which is unusal for me. does Harrison play??

ok, Paul that makes sense - they were injured alot it's just for me we need more Offense this year.
But it depends on how good Harrison is (I could care less about character issues) I want a GREAT PLAYER not a NICE GUY.
I felt we shoulda kept Tank he wasn't that bad and he filled that hole for Brian perfect, now they are still trying to replace Tank damnit and Cowboys looked at Tank and payed him.
I know alot of people disagree but hey Tank is playin and we still need a DL? Whats wrong with that picture?

Almost on the clock and there is some talent still available.

Erin Henderson OLB
John David Booty QB
Anthony Collins OT
Carl Nicks OT
Roy Schuening G
Eric Young G

I agree Da've got some good OL listed

`He should have been a first-round pick," college scouting director Greg Gabriel said. "He's already paid his penance. We feel we're getting him at a bargain rate."
Wow, I have read 1st/2nd and we got him 90th, Character issues are worth throwing out on that chance. One thing: Lovie gets close to his players and I think in his trip to Arkansas he put out the feelers on this guy real heavy probly talked to family/friends as well. I think we'll be ok and he will play alot first year. I am thinking Harris/Dvoracek better not be injured much or start job is in jeopardy.
I can't wait to see these guys in action, maybe awhile but I have some interesting draft players to watch now at OT/WR/RB/DT
Bears trade down w/ Miami ok JA stays the same. probably a good trade -
Would have like to trade up for RM but JA always trades down not up.

Harrison reminds me a lot of Ellis Wymms from Tampa and aside from his so called character issues he is a lot like Tank.

Yeah character guys suck, and drug users rule. Remind me how are Pac Man Jones and Vick doing? Goodell loves tough guys who break the law. Also how are Harrison's knees what was it knee injuries in 06 and 07. Yeah JA loves injury prone guys they work out real well for the Bears. How many starters where down last year on defense who have a history of injuries on the Bears. Yeah real good pick. Helps out offense there biggest need a lot. Wate of a pick.

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