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UPDATED: 9:51: Bears select WR Bennett with 70th overall pick

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The Bears stayed on offense to start the third round with another Vanderbilt player, WR Earl Bennett.


College scouting director Greg Gabriel said the Bears had Bennett ranked higher on their draft board than most of the 10 receivers who went in the second round Saturday.

He is the SEC's all-time leading receiver after just three seasons in school.

"He's got great quickness, and he's a very good route runner," offensive coordinator Ron Turner said. "Very intelligent.

"I know some people are comparing him to Hines Ward, probably because of the size and the way he competes. Very productive and very competitive. We'll give him an opportunity to come in and compete right away."

Check back soon for more. We'll have a story on Bennett posted very soon.

UPDATED: 9:51:

As you can imagine, Bennett loved the comparison to Pittsburgh Pro Bowl receiver and former Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward.

"That is a great comparison," he said. "Hines Ward is one of the best wide receivers in the league right now. I'm delighted to be mentioned like him."

But can you throw the ball like Ward?

"Of course I can throw the ball. I've completed two passes in my career, one for a touchdown."

Bennett woke up his former college teammate Chris Williams when he called him this morning to tell him he'd been chosen by the Bears as well."

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nice pick

Are we done at Vanderbilt yet? Let's finish the offensive line and get another QB before we start playing Angelo sleuth games...

Why take Bennett with Doucet and Caldwell on the board? Should take Zuttah, Collins, or Harrison (DT-Arkansas) with 90th pick.

Zuttah is gone. Take Harison or Collins with 90th pick!

I hope he doesn't have cervical problems as well. Seems like a solid WR. I think John David Butty is next...

Nice call St. Louis. Looks like the Bears will wait until 110 or later to pickup a QB. Still hoping we get JDB so I'll be watching the next 19 picks and see if someone grabs him before Chciago picks again.

Jerry angelo is an idiot they could have had a better tackle i dont like williams at all.Forte is a good pick but they should have made some moves up in the draft. they could of got otah and mendenhall and then chad henne. i havent seen this wr from Mich.hope he dose something.wee need another o lineman they better get a good gaurd!!!!

JDB may not be available in the 4th, so I'd settle for Andre Woodson

Pats grabbed O Connell, smart move

Stop this QB Sh##. We need freakin lineman! Bears fans have got to be the biggest idiots!!!!!!!

To qoute Steve Young .."the best QB in the NFC North is John Kitna.....". Kitna, you moron!!!!!If you don't think Orten & Grossman don't need a challenge then you are SEVERELY mentally challenged


Who is going to block for this QB? If you think T Metcalf is a good lineman then you are challenged. Everybody on this border was screaming for O-Lineman. Now I am hearing QB. Thus far the Bears have addressed needs in order. I only question the Forte pick but who knows. We neeed besides O-lineman another D Tackle , WR and Safety.

The Bears can never keep either Dusty or Mike Brown healthy.

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