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UPDATED 1:50: Bears release list of free agents signed

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The Bears released a list of undrafted free agents they have signed to contracts:

OT Cody Balogh Montana
DB Trey Brown UCLA
DE Joe Clermond Pitt
DT David Faaeteete Oregon
WR Curtis Hamilton Western Kentucky
QB Caleb Hanie Colorado State
QB Nick Hill Southern Illinois
K Shane Longest St. Xavier
CB Leslie Majors Indiana
DE Nick Osborn San Diego State

We will have more on this soon.


Like most teams, the Bears put a premium on linemen when seeking undrafted free agents. They landed one offensive lineman in Montana's Cody Balogh, a 6-6, 305-pounder. General manager Jerry Angelo told Balogh's agent the Bears would have had him in on a pre-draft visit if they hadn't gotten on to him so late.

Oregon defensive tackle David Faaeteete is a college teammate of Matt Toeaina, and the Bears did bring Faaeteete in on a pre-draft visit.

Two defensive ends were signed in Joe Clermond of Pitt and Nick Osborn of San Diego State.

So the list from the team ties together the six names we came up with earlier. There will be a host of players in for tryouts over the weekend, too. In the past, they've been divided into two groups with some guys Friday-Saturday and others Saturday-Sunday. Illinois fullback Russ Weil is included on the tryout list.

We'll work to get some more information soon.

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Shane Longest! That is the best kicker's name ever.

Only people on this list with a real chance of making the team are the two QBs. One as the 3rd stringer and one on the practice squad.

I love the kickers name great last name for a kicker. Even though the scouting report I read said he doesn't have a strong leg. I also know that Mel Kiper loves Caleb Hanie.

QB Caleb Hanie Colorado State:
The Sporting News
War Room analysis
Strengths: Is big, strong and tough. Has great leadership skills. Is fairly accurate. Continues to improve. Is athletic enough to move around in the pocket and avoid sacks.

Weaknesses: Takes unnecessary chances, forcing passes into coverage. Is slow dropping back. Shows only average arm strength. Struggles to properly lead receivers. Downfield passes tend to float. Must speed up release.

Bottom line: Hanie is mostly steady but also tends to make dumb throws that cause coaches to tear out their hair. He will struggle to stick in the NFL.

I had thought there was some buzz regarding Curtis Hamilton, but I don't remember reading it. I am surprised that Robert Felton was not brought in as a free agent at G from Arkansas. He is a project, but very talented.

So are we going for the all "difficult to pronouce" defensive line? Toeaina, Faaeteete, Ogunleye, Dvoracek, Idonije, Bazuin...good thing Harry Caray isn't our play-by-play announcer for the preseason...

I like the Balogh signing as well, and would not be surprised to see him beat out Kirk Barton for a roster spot. For some reason, guys out of Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas, and Wyoming (at least the smaller school guys) seem to be tough S.O.B.s that manage to stick around in the NFL. Barton is widely considered a career underachiever, and in one of the scouting guides I read, he was described like this:

"Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane"...not exactly a ringing endorsement of a high profile guy in one of the biggest programs in the country.

hi...what i've heard from a few folks in the know...shane longest definitely has a powerful leg...but the main concern is his ability to keep his composure and focus....shows frustration easily....could be a liability in a pressure situation......

if he could learn to keep his emotions under control....definitely some great potential...

Nick Hill is a monster he will definitely make the roster.

Boy, they really hit the jackpot with this crew. with an Erin Henderson, Eric Young, Ali Highsmith, Andrew Crummey, etc. still out there, they go for the who's who in no name football players. They would be better off picking up some extra mannequins outside Macy's!!!!!

Yeah...his name is definitely perfect for a kicker. Leslie Majors isn't too shabby either. It's kind of reminds me of Homer's alias Rock Strongo.

I saw Hanie play here in Col. and he's decent, but played against inferior talent. Might be OK in a West Coast style offense.

I think a lot of Hanie's bad decisions were as a result of playing for a crappy team, and needing to make a play. Any guy who can throw 15 INTs, but still complete almost 65% of his passes is a pretty accurate passer. Looks like about 13 yards a completion too. I think his arm strength will be the difference in beating out Nick Hill. Hill looks like a poor man's Leinart from the video I saw of his workout. Accurate, light arm, and a southpaw to boot. Kind of scares me that one of these guys will be our 3rd stringer. Maybe the other will stick on the practice squad.

Has anyone heard of Sam Keller? He was a highly touted collegiate QB with Arizona State who for some reason transferred to Nebraska!

Also - I 've read about Tahddeus Coleman (6'8" LT with quick feet a mean streak) he's a homeboy from North Chicago - ya'd think they could give him a hometown discount and an invitation to camp!

BTW - Longest was featured on Comcast Sportsnite a while ago. The fact is - he's got a HUGE leg. This is what I thought the Bears could do for Coleman as well. Even if they don't make the squad - they're ellivated and evaluated by the league.

The Bears would be wise to sign fullback Russ Weil from Illinois. He consistantly blew up every big ten linebacker/lineman he faced, and Rashard credited his success to Russ's blocking. Since the bears o-line is already patched together another solid blocker could do nothing but help.Weil also runs about a 4.6 40 yard dash and has excellent hands.

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