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Bears one of 7 teams at workout for Wheaton's Studebaker

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Wheaton College defensive end/outside linebacker Andy Studebaker waited as long as he could to put on a show for NFL scouts on Friday.

The road to recovery following a torn Lisfranc ligament suffered last season playing for the small Division III school was a long one, and he only had four weeks of training for his pro day that was held in Evanston. The Bears were one of seven teams in attendance (Baltimore, Denver, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, the New York Jets and Philadelphia also showed up) and interest in him is on the rise. He’ll have a private workout for the Cleveland Browns Monday.

Studebaker checked in at 6-3, 248 pounds, and had a 40-yard dash of 4.60 seconds. He’s expected to play at a higher weight, maybe closer to 260. His time over 10 yards was 1.59 seconds. His broad jump was 10-feet, 7 inches, and his vertical jump was 36 1/2 inches. He did the three-cone drill in 6.81 seconds.

He’s already visited Baltimore, Jacksonville and Kansas City. Studebaker, who is from Downstate Congerville, burst onto the scene as a junior when he had 17 1/2 sacks. He’s an interesting prospect given his measurables. The injury isn’t going to help him but he’ll get a chance to stick somewhere.

Here's a look at the workout.

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Studebaker is a very intriguing prospect for the Bears since they have so many picks in the later rounds. Angelo and Lovie are always looking to upgrade their defensive line. I'm sure they realized the Giants D-line set a great precedent for defensive prowess.

This guy is a player. Give him a shot and get rid of that Big Baby Urlacher. He is a throwback.

The Bears have been more than fair to Urlacher! I agree with Jay M. Call his bluff and trade him. Miami would be a good spot for him. Trade for Miami's number one pick. What he make's for one season, I haven't made in my life time and I'm seventy years old. So dont look for any pity from me Urlacher. Mr. Philips dont let this man extort any more money from the Bears. Please let him go, so the Bears can get on with the business of football without disruption.I've been a Bear fan for fifty-five years and I'm sick of these crybabies.

wheaton college? this has to be a joke. I know 20 normal people who are 240 and can run a 4.6...and this guy has never tackled or hit ANYONE if he plays at wheaton. They are all like 8th grade boys in DIII. In DIII 17 sacks is not impressive. what is that like 2 a game?

he's basically playing against highschoolers. he hasn't even hit someone who got there college payed for to play ball.

and choosing to go to whaeton means he's pretty lame in general.


Billy, did you ever play any Football? Do not tell people that it is a joke. There have been has many success stories coming out of small schools compared to your large schools. Also who says the Bears are going to be wasting a late round draft choice.

I tell you what Billy I know guys that have played in either D III or NAIA Football and I would dare you to say that they are little boys. Also if you know 20 guys who are 260lbs and run a 4.6 tell me there names.

Billy I think maybe you are a little boy to make such stupid comments like that.

Dear Jim Martin,

I would appreciate if you rescinded your comment regarding division three football players. I played Division Three football, and I can assure you that there were many fine atheletes on that field. There were many high school all-conference and all-state players on my squad, who at the time, were either a step slow or a few inches too short for major college football. However, division three football was not a joke, especially if one dedicates 20 hours/week to play a sport at a high level.

Now, just because a player may not be good enough to play in the NFL because they came from D3, it doesn't make them a joke.

Lastly, I played at IWU and Wheaton was in my conference. Although Wheaton was a rival, I can assure anyone that both schools were committed to excellence on and off the field. If you do your research, you will learn and appreciate the reputation of both the schools and their students and faculty.

Football teaches character, responsibility and preparation. Through your submission, it shows that you never played football at any level because you lack all three qualities.

6'3" 248 lbs
benches 445 lbs
squats 630 lbs
4.6 40
36.5" vertical

Your right, that sounds like one lame dude. haha.

by the way I can find 20 normal people who are in 8th grade and can spell "payed" correctly.

P.S. the correct spelling is paid.

John Ulrich I agree with almost everything you said. My one disagreement is Football does not teach character. Football reveals character.

I think the Bears are smart to beat the bushes for players. They could grab this kid, keep him on the practice squad for a couple years and see what happens.


I have personally seen Studebaker in action, and he is a force who disrupts an entire offense. I play DIII football for Illinois Wesleyan, and we play Wheaton every year. DIII football is not a joke, just because we don't get money to play doesn't mean we don't have the talent or determination to play in the NFL.

Try not to sound like such a blowhard next time you post.

John Ulrich that was not Jim Martin who made those absurd comments but little boy Billy. The same little boy Billy who said that he knows 20 people who are 260lbs and can run a 4.6 /40.

Also if Billy could spell, he would probably would not even be accepted to a Wheaton, IWU or Millikin.

As I said, this kid from Wheaton is a player and he would not be anymore of a wasted pick then a player from your Football factory schools like Ohio State or any of your Pac 10 schools.

My aoplogies to Jim Martin. Billy has accomplished a very difficult thing. He made me root for a Wheaton (Crusader) Thunder. Good luck, Studebaker.

A stat I once heard is that less than 5% of the male population can run under a 4.75-yard dash. 4.6 is fast for anyone, especially if you weigh 240 lbs. I believe that Urlacher ran a 4.55 at the 2000 combine weighing that much.

I think that urlacher from Chicago Bears should be traded to the best team their is the seattle seahawks.

I understand all the talk about D 111 football and it's competition level but I think that you guys are getting away from the point. The point is what should the Bears be drafting. Is this guy worth a draft pick. I would have to guess probably not. I would bet that he will not be drafted and the Bears and several other teams will give him a non-guaranteed offer to try-out for the team. Then if he made a team he would have to be able to contribute on special teams to see the field, at all. Is he that good and will he continue to grow as a player; if in that situation are the questions that need to be answered.

Pine "conehead", this is not a spelling bee. Studebaker looks promising. But Dallas, Denver, New England, or Pittsburgh will get him. They have more openings on their roster right now, so he will have a better chance with those teams. Angelo and Lovie Howell/Smith will ever go for a local hero...

Buhbuhby the way, Buhbuhbilly boboboy, my cousin played DIII college football in Wisconsin. He ran a 4-4 40 yard dash. He was a defensive back who made All American. Although he was not blessed to be trying out for the NFL, he is now an executive VP for the YMCA in Las Vegas, Nevada. You? You're probably a 5-9, 260 pound beer chugger who hides behind blogs...

actually 6a state championship...and i ran a sub 4.4 40, went to a d1 school for track and wheaton IS lame. our highschool team could have beaten any d3 team the year we won. spelled well enough to earn a scholarship to Illinois in champaign. are the bears recruiting from wheaton warrenville south now? it is a joke

only the losers went to d3 from our team

i am 5 9 though you got that right

on our high school team at least ten kids ran under 4.6 get a clue

and i can smoke your boy in the 40 AL guaranteed.

Anonymous you are the same whiner that has clogged the blog with your worthless self serving B.S. and you should quit if you did so well went to school why are you such a intolerant braggard with a barroom mentality? You act like a elitist who thinks the only opinions worth any thing are yours, well Bud your opinion has the same value as anyone elses on this blog and you are a jerk. The article is of local intrest because professionals are looking everywhere for talent which obviously you had none of shorty [you said you are 5'9"] your Al Bundy complex is amusing did you score 4 touchdowns in high school?

and that was last comment was me, billy, greatest bears fan of all time

wow...Y-M-C-A.....quite an accomplishment ..

studebaker might be a baller but his stats aren't that freakish, and he definitely has only played against 4 players at the most that have any kind of talent at all. he could be a complete waste of a pick because after he has his first nfl contact he may never want to play again. if you run a 4.6 a guy 100 pounds less can stand you up if he runs a 4.4... it's simple physics. he has no idea what its like to go against real hitters

d3 (95% of them)sucks unless they had some kind of off-field problems or grade trouble that landed them there.

and i blog because loser bears fans got rex benched last year and it ruined our season. griese? now THAT was a joke for real

I would give anything to watch your team play a CCIW D 3 Team. That game tape would be the greatest hightlight reel of all time for any of the CCIW teams. You are living in dream world if you think any high school team could play with a team like Wheaton.
So you can run a 4.4.... and you are 5'9" great...wonderful... what is your weight? I knew a bunch of skinny, little fast kids in high school.
Studebaker is a monster! He was only 210 lbs coming out of high school.(where he was also a all state high jumper 6'8" and a all state basketball player just for the record)So maybe he did not get the looks that maybe some larger guys received, but that doesn't matter anymore. His size and numbers put him up there with the best in the draft. He has been clocked by an NFL scout at 4.5 in the 40. On his pro agility drill he clocked a blazing 4.15!! Check your stats... That would be a great time for a running back. There's only one thing... He is a DE or OLB.... That's sick!
He will still have to prove he can play at the next level but I think passing this guy up could prove to be a big mistake. His potential is huge.

There are two types of people that post on blog boards like the one we see here. 1) People who love the game of football and want to learn as much as they can as the draft approaches. 2) People like Billy, who talk jack from their computer because the have proven nothing to no one (double negative in honor of Billy's 8th grade grammar skills)

Teams get to have 30 players visit their facilities each year prior to the draft. Studebaker has made several of these trips this year. Although Billy doesn't see much in Studebaker, members of a multi-billion dollar a year organization (i.e GB Packers, Jackonville Jags, KC Chiefs and others..) seem to think he a something they can use, like a giant, fast, explosive body, with a great football mind. Wierd.

We probably should listen to Billy though.

As for Studebaker, Studebaker is going to get picked up by some team, if not in the draft, then quickly after.

Billy, enjoy being incorrect on Sunday April 27th, when Studebaker gets taken off the draft board, and you sit at your computer wishing your speed/athleticism was just a bit better, rather than jst good enough to be a "fast" high schooler.

D3 or not, 4.6 at 248 lbs is fast..for anyone. Studebaker had 4 weeks, pre pro-day, to train coming off of a surgery that was supposed to tak 6 months for recovery.

He ran a 4.51 in front of a scout at his junior pro-day.

I think that's enough.

Billy are you actually that dense or was that a joke. Wrecks Grossman is NOT a NFL caliber QB he's short, slow stares at the reciever and can't take a snap from center but I don't fault Wrecks it's that blowhard Angelo who thinks he is smarter than everyone else. This is his make or break year if he louses up the draft HE SHOULD BE OUT OF HERE!!Maybe you can give him a lift out of town while you kiss his ring. This team needs it's offense fixed and the defense re-aligned you just need a drink, oopps !! too many of those already.

The guy just came off of an injury,if he was 100% and was able too train more he would have ran faster,in fact some were saying after his junior season that he may run in the 4.4's. If the Bears spent one of there 4 7th rounders I would be happy. Oh yeah one of the toughest safeties too play the game came from a D2 school.Remember Tyrone Braxton from the Broncos,yep he went too the weak and a waste of time North Dakota State.

You guys cannot be serious wanting the Bears to get this guy. HE PLAYED DIII FOOTBALL. DIII football is barely a step up from Highschool football, many programs would lose to accomplished highschool teams. There are plenty of very good athletes in DIII football and there are some very good football players in DIII. But there are no very athletic and very good football players, none. The jump from DIII to the NFL is impossible, name me someone whos done it in the last 15 years if ever. Idiots, this is why its so annoying going to Bears games and listening to you fools when you get a couple beers in you.


I went to college with 2 guys who made the NFL from D111 and that was Jeff Query and Aric Anderson. I am not saying that d111 is the greatest league at all but I would rather take my chances with one of these guys compared to some stiff from a Football factory school.

Dan, there have been plenty of D111 or NAIA standouts who have accomplished a great deal in the NFL does the names Dave Kreig,Kenny Anderson and Steve Tasker ring any bells. You would rather draft dopes from Miami or Ok State who can barely read or write.

Dan's guys are annoying. Hitting is the only thing that matters for a defensive player and this guy has never hit ANYONE. He won't get off blocks and will whiff on every skill position player in the NFL.

Billy, you're truly a moron. I've seen Andy in nearly every game he's ever played. Billy, was it you that mentioned that you played for a high school state champ? Did you actually play or were you one of those guys on the roster that players like Studebaker used as tackling dummy in practice? Chances are good that's the case........but if it's not, why aren't you playing somewhere? First of all, I'm guessing you're one of those guys that creates a player with his own last name in Madden/NCAA and lives your dream in that regard. I'm also guessing Al hit it on the head.......grab your 7th beer before noon and good luck with your electronic dynasty.

Billy is one of those clowns who just has to have the last word no matter how stupid it is. He's the type of person who lives for moronic arguments. he has probably never played the game and only knows the what his small mind can hold. Studebaker no matter what level has been good enough to be looked at by several teams are they all stupid and you are the only wise man. You should stop wasting peoples time and space if you want attention get a dog.


I went to Wheaton College and was QB-1 for the runner-up squad on elite IM football league. We had ton of respect for Wheaton football because we know how hard it was for even IM.
Height - 5"9
Weight - 158
Bench - 185
40 - 4.58
Shuttle - super damn fast I bet
I'll give Grossman a run for his money..

That's pretty awesome that you made the IM football squad bro. I was cut second season but I did make the IM Dodgeball team. You want to talk about athletes and dedication, there were some ballers on that court. After a battle with "supplement" abuse and my GPA suffering I had to take a Senior year off.

Wheaton is truly the Harvard of community colleges in IL.

Respect. One Love. Mark

P.S. - Grossman goes down easy. Every time.


I took a one-credit 'Strength & Conditioning' course in college, as well as a one-credit racquetball course and a one-credit tennis course. My electives were a joke... which isn't a shock considering I did my final two years at the University of Florida. (Ouch.

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