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Bears kick off dominating seventh round with DE Baldwin at No. 208

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The Bears, who own the seventh round with five selections, got their first one when they selected Ervin Baldwin at No. 208. He's a defensive end from Michigan State.

The remaining selections are Nos. 222, 243, 247 and 248.

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The Bears stockpile seventh-round draft picks the way the Patriots stockpile championships.

And Green Bay has now selected their 2nd QB of the draft, and we refuse to select even one.

D Fence, D Fense, D Fense,

Bears 2008 offensive plan:

First down — Take a knee
Second down — Take a knee
Third down — Take a knee
Fourth down — Punt

Bears 2009 defensive plan:

Pray for a miracle.

Let get this draft finished correctly so Angelo can keep his job. Lets pick up a back up punter and kicker to be sure we have quality backups.

This draft has turned out to be absolutely ridiculous- meanwhile Creighton is giddy since the draft turned out better than he could have imagined... ;-)

Look for the Bears to draft Safety Nate Lyles pf Virginia (Hubbard) in the 7th round to make up for not drafting another Hubbard player Michael Hayden (Illinois). Hayden intercepted Rex Grossman's pass in the Super Bowl XLI for a TD and put the nail in the Bears coffin.

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