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Bears in prime time five times; schedule released

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The networks and the NFL must feel pretty good about the Bears bouncing back in 2008 as they have been given five games in prime time.

That’s the same number they had when the schedule was released last spring coming off of their appearance in Super Bowl XLI.

But it won’t be an easy start to the season as the Bears go from Indianapolis, where they will play the first regular-season game at Lucas Oil Stadium, to Carolina. The team has not started the season with two road games since 2003 when they didn’t play at Soldier Field until after two road dates and a bye to allow for the final construction of the rebuilt stadium. The home opener is Sept. 21 vs. Tampa Bay. The makeup is having three of four games in December at home, including consecutive night games vs. New Orleans on Thursday, Dec. 11 (NFL Network) and Green Bay on Monday, Dec. 22 (ESPN).

The Bears host Chicago native Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles on NBC in prime time on Sept. 28 in Week 4, and also are slated for NBC’s evening telecast on Nov. 30 at Minnesota. That last game is subject to flex scheduling, which begins in Week 11. The other four night games are locked in.

A look at the complete schedule:

Sept. 7 at Indianapolis, 7:15 p.m., Ch. 5

Sept. 14 at Carolina, noon, Fox-32

Sept. 21 TAMPA BAY, noon, Fox-32

Sept. 28 PHILADELPHIA, 7:15 p.m., Ch. 5

Oct. 5 at Detroit, noon, Fox-32

Oct. 12 at Atlanta, noon, Fox-32

Oct. 19 MINNESOTA, noon, Fox-32

Oct. 26 Bye

Nov. 2 DETROIT, noon, Fox-32

Nov. 9 TENNESSEE, noon, Ch. 2

Nov. 16 at Green Bay, noon, Fox-32

Nov. 23 at St. Louis, noon, Fox-32

Nov. 30 at Minnesota, 7:15 p.m., Ch. 5

Dec. 7 JACKSONVILLE, noon, Ch. 2

Dec. 11 NEW ORLEANS, 7:15, NFL Network

Dec. 22 GREEN BAY, 7:30 p.m., ESPN

Dec. 28 at Houston, noon, Fox-32


Aug. 7 KANSAS CITY, 7 p.m.

Aug. 16 at Seattle, 8 p.m.

Aug. 21 SAN FRANCISCO, 7 p.m.

Aug. 28 at Cleveland, 6:30 p.m.

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Unless it's just me, but do the schedule makers have it in for the Bears? 4 of the first 6 on the road? I realize we have 3 of the last 4 at home, but come on...!

Looks like the Bears have a good shot at 10-6, even if they split with the Packers and the Vikings.

great...0-4 before we play Detroit. so exciting.

I would love to say 10-6 but with what we did last year it is as hard to predict as ever this year. So many variables, will the D be back? Will the Line play good with rookies? will Orton step up? The only thing I am sure is the TE will be good. I really feel the D will be as dominant as ever but - what our DB's do will decide that as I have faith in LB/DL.
Damn, we shoulda got our OL help before now!
I think 3-4 by the bye (if we're lucky)
and 8-8 over all
sorry guy's but no faith in JA offense again. If the DB's show up we can go 9-7

10-6 maybe...

I feel the schedule is nice for us we have 2 3 game streches in a row at home with the bye in between one of the streches. I feel the D will be dominate again and if the O somehow finds a way to move the ball we have a great chance to contend. I feel if we are 5-2 or 4-3 at worst by the bye we have a shot... I see us beating carolina T.B. the falcons and vikings before the bye and maybe even the Lions. I feel we will lose to the colts even though i hate to say that and the eagles on prime time. But i have a weird feeling about the game in solider field.

Go Bears!!!

Now don't be down y'all!

Lose to the Colts? Lol WHAT???

Sure, they're a great team. But you're all forgetting that Mike Brown and Tommie Harris will most likely be in this one: the guys we missed in SB XLI that surely would have changed the outcome on that one.

Don't worry, think should be a good game.

It's a soft schedual why are people complaining. They only play five winning teams from last year. PAC don't have Farve but we beat them twice anyway, Bucs who are over rated, Jags well there good, Titans there good, Indy=real good, Atlanta sucks, Rams suck, Detroit sucks but they beat us twice, Viks are decent beat us twice, Eagles are older than us (close game), Saints we can handle unless Duece is healthy, then they can be a problem, The Texans are ok and Carolina sucks. All those games the Bears have a shot in even Indy if they stay healthy through preseason that is, this team is a couple of injuries away from a train wreck. But the schedual is not tough by any means. It's 2away, 2 at home, 2 away and then 3 at home plus a by week, that is crazy soft. 4 weeks at home in a row, then 3 away and then 3 at home. It's soft anyway you look at it. Unless some of those teams improve and we continue to go backwards, then the Bears are up the creek.

I agree with whats his face. No way the Bears will lose to the "My little Ponies". Mike Brown is the best player on the Bears defense. He will play in this game. He will be healthly. No way can he continue with his bad injury luck. The bears defense was ok with all the injuries last year. This year look to have Brown, Harris, both corners, Dusty who could be as good as Harris, Urlacher, whats his face Dan Bazuim who we drafted in 2nd round last year and was a wasted pick all healthly. With Dusty and Harris at tackles and our end rotation of Ogunleye, Harris, Alex Brown, and whats his face we are going to pound quarterbacks rushing 4 linemen. I predict Peyton does not finish this game and Sorgi hears footsteps the rest of the day. The Bears will dominate defense and special teams every game. Its just that offense thing that they need to find an answer to.

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