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Bears in good company with five night games

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So, do you put the Bears in the same class with Dallas, Indianapolis, New England, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and San Diego?

Apparently the NFL and network executives (to the extent they have say over who plays and when) do. The Bears join those seven teams as the only clubs to have five games scheduled in prime time for the regular season. Sunday night games on NBC starting in Week 11 (like the Bears Nov. 30 date at Minnesota in Week 13) are subject to be swapped out in flex scheduling.

The Bears are the only team in the group not to have a winning record in 2007. They happen to play two teams on the list—Indianapolis and Philadelphia in night games.

The Super Bowl champion New York Giants have four games set for prime time. Same goes for the defending NFC North champion Green Bay Packers.

Of the 16 teams with three or more dates in prime time, only the Bears, Denver Broncos and New Orleans Saints had losing records in 2007. All three were 7-9. The Broncos and Saints appear three times each, with the Bears hosting New Orleans Dec. 11 in a Thursday game broadcast by NFL Network.

Just goes to show that the league’s second-largest television market has pull. A lot of it.

Prime time appearances by team:


Bears 5
Detroit 0
Green Bay 4
Minnesota 3

Dallas 5
N.Y. Giants 4
Philadelphia 5
Washington 3

Atlanta 0
Carolina 1
New Orleans 3
Tampa Bay 3

Arizona 2
San Francisco 1
Seattle 2
St. Louis 0


Buffalo 1
Miami 0
New England 5
N.Y. Jets 2

Baltimore 2
Cincinnati 1
Cleveland 5
Pittsburgh 5

Houston 1
Indianapolis 5
Jacksonville 3
Tennessee 1

Denver 3
Kansas City 0
Oakland 2
San Diego 5

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With this many primetime games it would be nice to have a competent offense. With so many games in the spotlight you'd think the Bears would have an offensive playmaker. I'm excited about the defenses potential once again, but if we have to count on defense to get take aways and points this year I'm going to puke having to listen to the wack team by team commentary that comes with these primetime games. It could work brilliantly in showcasing what could be the leagues best defense, or it could backfire having the NFC's worst offense (again) on TV too much.

Hmm...I'm surprised the Vik-queens don't have more than 3 considering their superstar RB. But Miami's # is just about right.

Wow cleavland has 5 night games how did that happen. The Bears get five because, well, there the Bears. Giants only got 4 that is a surprise I would figure NY a lock for 5 but then again the schedual is flexable now, so if the Bears are bad there is a good chance they get bumped. Philly got 5???? The Igles. They will get bumped.

San Diego
New England

All have huge markets and are popular=5 games, same reason Bears are opening against the Colts TV loves it's numbers. We close against Texas though, don't understand that at all. All I know about the Texans is they are no instant classic. Oh it's true, it's damn true.

The Browns and the Eagles have 5???? I have no clue.
New York has 4, this will change.

Well, the world will be watching. Angelo's draft class better be a good one!! Sure would be nice to showcase some prime time offensive talent!! Nothing like getting you tail kicked under the lights for the whole league to see.

Championship Defense+Championship Special Teams+Devin Hester= Big Money for the NFL. Heck Hester alone will bring in 3 prime time games. I wouldnt be surprised if the Bears lead the NFL in the most veiwers in the season. I will predict that Urlacher and Hesters jerseys will be the the most sold than any other 2 players on the same team. I relish the fact that the Bears have a group of player that can say they are the best at their possitions. Lets not forget Gould, he has been as importan then anyother player on the Bears.

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