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Bears grab CB Bowman before Patriots can

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If the Bears had not grabbed Nebraska cornerback Zak Bowman in the fifth round when they did, he wouldn’t have been on the board again when their turn came again.

The Bears selected him at No. 142 overall and went back and grabbed Michigan State tight end Kellen Davis 16 picks later with No. 158, acquired in a fourth-round swap with Tampa Bay.

In fact, Bowman would have gone with the very next pick had the Bears passed on him. The New England Patriots had a deal in place with Jacksonville to move up and acquire No. 143 and their intention was to select Bowman. They were paying close attention to the Cornhuskers as they selected linebacker Bo Ruud in the sixth round. New England was going to deal its pick at No. 153 and obviously something else to make the jump.

When Bowman went off the board, the trade was nixed and the Jaguars found a partner in Dallas, who used the pick on another cornerback in Orlando Scandrick of Boise State.

Bowman has dealt with knee injuries but indications from scouts are that he was on his way to being a very high draft pick before becoming hurt in 2006. He worked out well over the winter and should be in good shape for action this summer.

``We feel comfortable with where he can go,’’ coach Lovie Smith said. ``It’s hard getting corners 6-feet tall with [his] type of speed. We are anxious to get our hands on him and start working with him to see where we can help him go.’’

It's as if the Bears had a camera in the Pats' draft room ... OK, that was pretty bad.

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Haha. Nice little jab at the end.

Seriously though, while I'm still on the fence with a few of our picks, I hoping that JA & Co. did their homework and we can see some quick results from the draft. Still, five starters seems like a stretch.

Good Article
shhh no one knows...we might lose our first draft pick

Nicely played, Biggs. If you simply look at physical skills, this kid can be good enough to start, but not here with Vasher and Tillman in the lineup. Hopefully, he has the smarts to go with the physical package. If the Pats were interested, he had to be pretty smart, but they did draft Brandon Merriweather last year, who is as sharp as a butter knife...

Hope the kid makes the team, because we can always use a big corner or two when we play Detroit.

He is a nice kid and was voted his HS VV, but he is not a football player. He has no experience and played in only hand full games, he is a great athlete but his injury list is long deep. He will never stay healthy long enough to get playing time. Thats why he only played in a handfull of games in college, he couldn't stay healthy. Just like most of the Bears defense, so he should fit in. They can all sit on the bench together talking about there needs.

I like the pick because if Bowman can stay healthy he will be a major steal. At 6-1 and the 4.3 40 this guy will be a nice addition to our already strong secondary, and in this league you can never have to many cover corners. I think he will be alright, heck even the Patriots wanted him and they know a thing or two about talent. This also shows that more than one team looked at him so maybe his knees will be alright if more than one team wanted to take a chance on him, I'm glad we did GO BEARS!!

This guy is worth the gamble. Not much of one, since he has great upside. Glad we could steal him from the sneaky Pats.

Sporting News' scout said he will turn out to be this draft's best CB once he's healthy, so let's see what happens

Well, the Bears think he's good enough to draft, and the Patriots think he's good enough to draft. But Creighton doesn't think he's a football player so what do those teams know.

The next time Creighton says something positive about someone on the Bears will be the first time. I secretly think he's a Packers fan infiltrating this website. Either that or it's Dave Wannstedt still bitter about being let go. How do you know he can't play? Are you a scout? I've heard and read from a couple different sources he's a first round talent when healthy. But, I guess those guys don't know what their talking about. They don't do it for a living. Maybe he won't turn out, but give the guy a chance. The fifth round is a great place for taking gambles on guys like this. A lot of fifth rounders don't make the team, why not take a guy that has a lot of upside. I like the pick.

Creighton needs his diaper changed well put!
This kid Creighton thinks he knows most everything.The mantality of a 13 year old and is much like a woman in some ways. He is always right, has to have the last word, Will never admit that he is wrong, Will Argue over something that he is clearly wrong, and when he is right he will use that against you untill you leave alltogether.

Like last year the Bears know who the starting CB are and if needed they are not afraid to use rookies in their defence.This kid look good on film.He seems to have a nose for the football, something you cant teach.Who knew last years 7th rounder Trumane McBride filled in quite well for the injured Nathen Vasher. I dont know what the deal is for Manning Jr. but he better show up this year because the potential for this guy Bowman is pretty high and last year McBride had showed that even being undersized he can play.The 08 Defence seems to be srtonger than the 07 defence, let just hope that the defence will stay healthy and recover from a horrible 07 year.

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