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Bears go with Big Cheese at guard

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The Bears selected Georgia guard Chester Adams with pick No. 222 in the seventh round.

Adams came to Halas Hall in early March for a pre-draft visit and played tackle for the Bulldogs. He projects inside in the NFL.

He's a guy they watched for a while and liked. We'll see how he shapes up.

His nickname is Big Cheese.

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Another SEC guy, guess the Bears don't get out much. Well at least the Bears got some cannon fodder for the practice squad.

Hey Jerry do not forget to draft a backup punter and kicker with the last few picks. We need to make sure we have quality backups at positions of strength and not improve our weaknesses.

another bumbled pick.we grab another player that wasnt projected to be drafted.

Hey - it's a guy who will play guard. As long as he can at least make it through training camp, I am fine with this. At least it's not another DE at this spot.

More OL please.

at least it's a OL
Who cut the cheese? sorry

I love the nickname!

Creighton- Do you realize the SEC is most competitive conference in the country?

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